The house of representatives voted for the recognition of Washington the 51st state :: Policy :: RBC

The U.S. house of representatives approved a bill granting the country’s capital — Washington — the status of a separate state, according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

“For” vote of 232 members of the house opposed and 180. If Washington, D.C. will get statehood, it will have representation in Congress (two senators and one member of the house of representatives). As the WSJ notes, car license plates, even Washington is the inscription “we Pay taxes but have no representation.”

However, to bring the matter to the legislative end will be difficult — the granting of the status of Washington state oppose the Republicans, who control the Senate. The US President Donald trump has promised to veto the bill if it is presented to him for approval.

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Trump called Bolton’s wishing all bomb “maniac” :: Policies :: RBC

A former aide to the national security of the US President John Bolton wanted to “bomb people”. This was stated by Donald trump in an interview with Fox News channel.

“Everyone thought he was crazy because he only wanted to bomb the people”, — told the trump. He said that Bolton called “to fight with Russia and China”. The President also noted that during the negotiations the representatives of other countries is always inferior to him if had seen a number of “maniac Bolton”, because he believed that the U.S. was willing to use military force.

Trump said that Bolton do not cope with their responsibilities. “He was not smart, not perceptive. I don’t even remember that he ever smiled”, — said the head of the White house.

What Bolton said about Russia, Putin and trump in his memoirs. The main thing

Earlier in June, Bolton released the book “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house,” which talks about his work on the post of assistant to the President for homeland security.


Minimum wage rises in more than 20 states and cities in the US – Telemundo San Antonio (60)

MIAMI – The minimum wage rose between Tuesday and the first day of the year in 21 states and 26 cities and counties in the United States, according to figures compiled by the National Employment Law Project (NELP).

The first employees to benefit from this increase were those who work in New York City, who as of Tuesday must receive a payment of at least $ 15 dollars per hour, while in the rest of the state it is $ 11.80 per hour.

New York is one of 17 jurisdictions where the minimum wage has risen to as high as $ 15 an hour that unions and organizations like NELP have been asking for for years.

But the increase is not limited to this start of the year, as throughout 2020 another 4 states and 23 cities and counties will reach the desired figure of $ 15 an hour.

In total, 24 states and 48 cities and counties will increase their minimum wages sometime in 2020.

In Illinois and Saint Paul, in the state of Minneapolis, they will increase the minimum wage twice this year, on January 1 and in July, the NELP noted.

In addition to Illinois, states that already have new minimum wages include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey and Washington.

The increase in the minimum wage will benefit about 6.8 million employees, according to figures from the Institute for Economic Policy.

Those who will see no change in their pay are employees under the federal minimum wage, which has stood at $ 7.25 an hour since it last rose to that figure more than a decade ago.

On July 24, 2009, the US federal minimum wage had its last hike and despite various attempts to increase this figure, workers will have to wait until they see the results of next November’s elections to try to achieve an increase.

One of those efforts was the House of Representatives’ approval in 2019 of the “Raise the Wage Act” project, which would have allowed the current federal minimum wage to rise to $ 15 an hour in stages, in addition to other protections.

But the hopes of workers in about fifteen states currently living on the federal minimum wage were dashed in the words of Senate leader Republican Mitch McConnell, saying the upper house was not going to vote on the bill.

Added to this was the White House notice that he would veto the measure if he reached his desk.


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Coronavirus test: ICMR establishes an acceleration mechanism to validate kits that do not have US FDA, EU approvals – BloombergQuint

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For the Sick, an agonizing wait for tests in Massachusetts – NBC Boston

Danni Aubain has cancer, so when she started feeling lousy late last month, she was particularly worried.

Aubain said the disease hit her like a ton of bricks. He had a 103-degree fever and a horrible, dry cough.

“I really couldn’t breathe,” he said, “and that’s scary for anyone undergoing chemotherapy.”

When seeking medical attention, Aubain said that both her oncologist and a Massachusetts General Hospital emergency room doctor pushed for her to be tested for COVID19, the new coronavirus disease that spreads worldwide.

But despite their recommendations, the response they got from state epidemiologists was that Aubain did not meet the test criteria.

“They called the Public Health Department and I was told that if I couldn’t name a person I knew had a positive test and that I hadn’t traveled outside the country, I couldn’t have been tested,” he said.

In response to NBC10 Boston’s questions, Mass. General said he cannot discuss the treatment of any patient.

But Aubain’s story is like so many others streamed to NBC10 Boston investigators in the past week by spectators across the state who have not been able to take a test. Many said they experienced symptoms of the disease, such as fever and shortness of breath. Like Aubain, some have also been seen by doctors who were convinced they need to be screened.

But with a shortage of test kits available in the state until the end of last week and with restrictive guidelines in place by the federal government, many said they were frustrated, scared and confused as to what to do next.

Federal officials are rapidly increasing the nation’s infrastructure to test COVID-19 this week after a series of missteps hampered the country’s ability to control the virus as it migrated from its epicenter in China to destinations around the world. As of Monday, there have been over 4,000 disease cases reported in the United States, which have so far seen over 70 deaths.

On Monday, health officials in Massachusetts announced that around 1,300 people were tested for the disease and 197 tested positive.

The state’s ability to test patients has increased significantly in the past few days when federal officials have granted Massachusetts clearance to begin testing the samples at the state’s public health laboratory, rather than sending them to a centralized, managed location. by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Federal officials also expanded their testing guidelines, offering doctors more discretion to order a test for the virus, and last week they shipped around 5,000 additional test kits to Massachusetts, easing local supply.

The CDC has also published new guidelines that allow doctors and nurses to subject a single nasal swab to tests, rather than a nasal swab and another sample from the patient’s throat. The change is expected to allow Massachusetts to double its testing capacity, bringing the number of tests conducted every day from 200 to 400, public health commissioner Monica Bharel said at a press conference on Sunday.

The Food and Drug Administration, which must approve the test sites, also granted permission at the end of last week to a couple of private companies – Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp – to begin testing samples collected from patients in Massachusetts. Massachusetts hospital labs are expected to launch their testing programs shortly.

“With more and more clinical labs in Massachusetts working to gain FDA approval, more online capabilities will also be available soon,” said Bharel on Sunday.

Federal officials say the United States is now on track to test thousands of patients a day for the virus after falling far behind other countries in its efforts to detect the virus.

Independent research cited by the CDC indicates that the United States had completed approximately 20,000 tests as of March 13. That number pales in comparison to the aggressive testing effort in South Korea, which has a much smaller population, but has tested around 15,000 people per day.

While the United States is ready to learn more about the extent of the pandemic soon, many in the Bay State who fear having contracted the disease say they believe the government has missed an important opportunity to help curb its spread.

“I have a couple of friends in my social circle who are experiencing flu-like symptoms and are just writing it as flu,” said Rita Czernewski, a Cantonese resident who had an unexplained illness a few weeks ago and was frustrated by her inability to get tested for the new coronavirus.

“We are just a little stuck,” he said. “The only thing we can do is just be careful.”


26 new coronavirus cases in Massachusetts take the total to 164 – NBC Boston

There are currently 164 coronavirus cases in Massachusetts, state health officials shared on Sunday, and the number of residents tested went from 475 to nearly 800.

The 26 new cases were announced in a Commonwealth attempt to speed up testing for coronavirus after restrictions have been relaxed on the test protocols.

New guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires doctors only to present a nasal swab instead of presenting previously required nasal and throat swabs. With the modification of the clinical test protocols, the state laboratory test capacity has doubled from 200 to around 400 patients per day.

Massachusetts doctors also now have greater flexibility to determine which patients should be tested without having to call DPH’s Epi Line.

With multiple clinical laboratories in the Bay State working to obtain FDA approval, health officials say that even more testing capabilities will soon be available.

As of Sunday, the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory has tested 799 patients, officials said, compared to 475 the previous day.

Forty-five of the 164 positive state cases were subsequently confirmed by the CDC.

Governor Charlie Baker is expected to provide an update on Sunday night about state testing efforts and what is being done to slow the spread of coronavirus in the Commonwealth.

Governor Baker and Governor Lieutenant Karyn Polito will join Health and Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders and Commissioner of the Public Health Department Dr. Monica Bharel at the State House at 18:00. The Baker-Polito administration says that, contrary to popular rumors, it is not preparing a refuge in order.

Four of the 26 new cases announced on Sunday are related to the employee meeting held at a Boston hotel by Cambridge Biogen biotechnology company last month. Health officials say 108 of the 164 cases are now related to the February 24-27 meeting held at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel, which has since closed “in the interest of public health”.

In new cases, a healthcare professional is included at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The hospital announced the case Sunday morning and said that patients and staff who may have had contact with the infected worker are being contacted.

Eight more cases are associated with travel, bringing the total to 13. Eight remain associated with a cluster in western Massachusetts and 35 of these are currently under investigation, health officials say.

Of the 164 cases in the state, 74 are women and 90 are men. Middlesex County residents still account for nearly half, 75 of the cases across the state. The counties of Norfolk and Suffolk both have 31 cases, while there are nine cases in County Berkshire. There are now six cases each in the Essex and Worcester counties.

The counties of Plymouth, Hampden, Barnstable and Bristol have one case each. Two cases are of unknown counties at the moment.

Two other patients have been hospitalized, bringing the total to 13 so far, although another 36 cases are listed as being investigated, according to Sunday’s data.

The update in coronavirus cases on Sunday came shortly after Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declared a public health emergency for the coronavirus epidemic and announced radical changes for bars and restaurants in the city in an attempt to protect residents.

Boston EMS urges people not to call 911 to request COVID-19 tests. People are asked to call their primary care providers, the mayor’s hotline at 617-534-5050 or the state DPH hotline at 211.

Virus-related symptoms include fever (100.4 ° F or higher), cough, breathing difficulties or shortness of breath.

Do you have coronavirus symptoms and want to get tested? We want to know your experience. Please share contact information with NBC10 Boston investigators here or email


This is what celebrities are claiming in the 2020 presidential election

HOUSTON – While primary elections slowly reveal who shot the U.S. presidency, celebrities announce who they are backing for the 2020 election.

Here are some of the main acknowledgments for the 2020 decision:

Joe Biden

Alec Baldwin, actor

Cher, musician

Michael Bloomberg, politician

Tom Hanks, actor

Bernie Sanders

Ariana Grande, musician

Brandi Carlile, musician

Cardi B, musician

Danny DeVito, actor

Dua Lipa, musician

Emily Ratajkowski, model

Hailey Bieber, model

Lizzo, musician

Mark Ruffalo, actor

Miley Cyrus, musician

The Strokes, Musician

Elizabeth Warren

Amy Schumer, comedian / actress

Constance Wu, actress

Chrissy Teigen, model

Jack Black, actor

Janelle Monáe, musician

Jonathan Van Ness, TV personality

John Legend, musician

Ryan Reynolds, actor

Scarlett Johansson, actress

Shonda Rhimes, producer

Donald Trump

Gene Simmons – Musician

Kanye West – Musician

Kid Rock, musician

Mike Tyson, boxer

Roseanne Barr, actress

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