Argentina’s GDP will fall 11.8%

Source: Reuters

Argentina’s economy is expected to contract by 11.8% in 2020, in a slightly more optimistic forecast than the previous estimate of a decrease of 21.1%, according to a poll of the Argentine Central Bank of economists and analysts on Friday.

The Bank’s Market Outlook survey expects inflation to reach 36.9% in 2020. The survey indicated that prices are expected to jump 3% in September.

The poll showed that “during the third quarter of 2020, the gross domestic product will increase by 9.8% compared to the second quarter of 2020, which indicates that the period of the greatest impact of the Corona pandemic has ended.”


Argentina, they can’t see their friend with cancer due to anti-Covid restrictions: they rent a crane to greet her from the window

“I knew I would see you, Gabriela”, “We are here, I can’t believe it. They can’t beat us, Gabi”, the friends shouted from the crane. “She fell ill and is hospitalized in Fleming, with the anguish and isolation it becomes more difficult to support the situation. So we came to find her this way. She is a great fighter, she will go on,” one of them told al daily The day.

A friendship that has lasted for over ten years that of the women protagonists of this beautiful gesture. A gesture that users around the world have appreciated: “The best gift they could give her. These are true friendships, not only for the good, but even more for the bad,” wrote a girl on Twitter. And again: “There are no barriers true friendship cannot break down”.


Photo 1: Brutal fight with insults from Messi: The curious images of Argentina’s triumph against Bolivia

The Argentine star starred in a mess at the end of the Bolivia vs Argentina game.

Argentina’s national team won a huge 2-1 victory over Bolivia for the second round of the qualifiers. Messi at the end of the game starred in a tremendous fight that has caused a stir. AFP photos.


FilGoal | News | Messi defeats Argentina against Ecuador in a poor offensive match

Argentina kicked off their World Cup 2022 qualifying campaign by defeating Ecuador 1-0 at La Bombonera, home of Boca Juniors.

Lionel Messi reappeared with the Argentine national team after the end of his suspension from the South American Confederation “CONMEBOL” after his expulsion and his statements in the Chile match in the third-place match in the 2019 Copa America.

The match started early. A penalty kick in favor of the Tango was awarded by Chilean referee Roberto Tobar in the 11th minute. Messi went to it and deposited it in the net, announcing the progress of the home side.

Messi’s penalty kick was the only time the world’s best player six times touched the ball inside the penalty area throughout the match.

A fair goal by Messi, the balance of Uruguayan Luis Suarez, with 22 goals, is the top scorer in the South American World Cup qualifiers throughout its history.

The Argentine and Uruguayan duo equaled the Brazilian phenomenon, Ronaldo, with 39 goals in the official matches of the South American teams as the best scorer.

The first half did not witness many opportunities to end with the hosts’ progress with an unanswered goal.

In the 48th minute of the match, Lucas Ocampos almost scored the goal to increase the difference for Argentina, but goalkeeper Alexandre Dominguez blocked his shot.

The poverty of the match appeared offensively between the two teams, as both of them only paid 10 times together against the other’s goal by 8 for Argentina and 2 for Ecuador, making it the lowest match to witness shots in the South American qualifiers during the last two versions of it.

Substitute Rodrigio de Paul almost scored the goal to boost Argentina’s lead in the fourth minute of time, instead of wasted, but his ball went past the left post.

The Argentine national team will travel to the second round in the capital, La Paz, against Bolivia, while Ecuador will host Uruguay in the next round.


Demonstrations in Argentina demanding the legalization of abortion coinciding with its international day … Police and activists in Mexico have fled and escaped … 6.5 million operations take place annually and 760 thousand women suffer complications in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The issue of abortion is returning to arouse controversy again, and Latin countries celebrate today, September 28, the Day of Struggle for the Right to Abortion, with calls for demands to legalize it, and calls for various organizations to demonstrations in different regions, especially in the city of Buenos Aires.

Argentine newspaper “Diario Argentino” indicated that the demonstrations are taking place in Argentina in front of the Congress, as the national campaign for the right to abortion calls on decision-makers to approve a bill for 2020 on voluntary termination of pregnancy.

In different parts of the country, there will be measures on the streets, taking care of social distancing, but it seeks to stabilize the claim, because the project is at risk of losing power this year.

The newspaper pointed out that on September 28, 1871, Brazil ratified the Freedom of Surrogacy Act, which considered the children of slaves free, and in 1990, it chose an organization V Feminist Encounter In Latin America that date is the day of the struggle to decriminalize and legalize abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean, also known as the International Day of Action for Access to Legal and Safe Abortion.

The only countries in the region where voluntary termination of pregnancy is not punished are Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guyana and Uruguay, which are banned, without exception, in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Suriname, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. On the rest of the continent, abortion is criminalized with some exceptions.

In Argentina, abortion is considered unpunished when pregnancy poses a danger to the woman’s life, and this risk cannot be avoided by other means, if the pregnancy is the result of rape, or if the pregnancy is the result of rape of a woman with a mental or intellectual disability, health workers must ensure the practice of terminating Pregnancy and not hindering it in cases that have the right to access it.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, approximately 6.5 million abortions are performed annually (according to unofficial data, given that they are illegal in most countries, it is impossible to keep a real account) and about 760,000 women suffer complications from unsafe abortions each year. According to the Argentine newspaper.

Under the pressure of the growing feminist movement, the right to abortion has been affirmed among major agenda items in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

In Mexico, a hit-and-run situation dominated the scene in the Mexican capital, after hundreds of activists came out to protest against the move to criminalize abortions in the country..

Activists clashed with Mexican security forces at a time when it is estimated that nearly millions of women undergo abortions annually, and that 15% of women in the country have undergone the operation, many of whom end up in hospitals due to the complications of the operation..

The Spanish newspaper “El Diario” indicated that Argentina and Colombia occupy the first places in the number of deaths of women due to abortion, due to the criminalization of abortion in those countries, so Argentina was supposed to witness in early March the presentation of the bill promised by Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, especially in the situation Currently, Argentine women who wish to interrupt pregnancy continue to put their lives at risk.

And according to the latest report issued by the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), Between 460,000 and 600,000 clandestine abortions are performed in Argentina annually.

The newspaper believes that the enactment of new laws to decriminalize abortion in Latin America will greatly help in eliminating illegal abortion, or the so-called clandestine abortion.

In Argentina, for example, a 31-year-old woman in the province of Buenos Aires died after an unsafe abortion, after the law regulating abortion was introduced in the Congress of the South American country, and Cecilia Carraguesian, a member of the Network of Professionals and General Practitioners, explained that the young woman had arrived To hospital due to an infectious disease in the womb, called Mondor syndrome, “which is caused by infections.

“There is no need to conceal or cover more deaths,” Karaguisian said, noting that the woman had three children and had scarce economic resources. In addition, he found that his home was near a health center, and she decided to undergo a secret abortion which led to her death. .

Thousands of activists in support of the right to abortion gathered in front of the headquarters of the Argentine National Congress in the capital, Buenos Aires, where legislation was passed criminalizing the abortion process.

Last year, the deputies approved the text of the abortion legalization law, but the Senate rejected it, and since then the pro-abortion marches and campaigns to pressure candidates for the presidential elections scheduled for late next October.

The bill, which was approved by the deputies and rejected by the sheikhs, provided for the punishment of imprisonment for a period ranging between three months and one year for officials in health institutions or doctors who “unjustifiably postpone,” or refuse to perform the elective abortion or refuse it, in accordance with the provisions of the law .

The Colombian example is another example, where expert Aura Artiaja says, “Abortion in Colombia is a great and serious crime, as the Constitutional Court in Colombia has not legalized abortion, and there are more than 400 thousand clandestine abortions in the country, compared to 17 thousand operations.


The start of the South American Marathon in the World Cup qualifiers … Argentina begins the campaign with a difficult victory against Ecuador with Messi’s goal … Suarez scores in Uruguay’s victory over Chile … and Brazil begins the campaign tonight against Bolivia, and doubts about Neymar

The first round of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup kicked off after a 7-month delay due to the Corona virus that has spread in the world since last March, and the dawn matches saw Paraguay and Peru tied 2-2 and Uruguay beat Chile 2-1 in a match in which Luis Suarez scored The first goal for his team, and the Argentine team beat Ecuador with the goal of Messi signing in the meeting that brought the two teams together in the early hours of Friday morning, at the “La Pomponera” stadium, in the first rounds of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers on the South American continent. The start of the match from a penalty awarded to the referee after blocking Ocampos, an Ecuadorian defender.

Messi reached the 71st goal with the Tango team in 139 matches he played with the Argentine national team in all competitions, and Messi also became the first player in the history of the Argentina national team to participate in 5 different versions of the World Cup qualifiers..

And the Argentine Barghout became the most goal-scoring player from penalty kicks in the history of the South American World Cup qualifiers, with 6 goals, surpassing the duo of Philippe Caicedo and Chilean Evan Zamorano, with 5 goals..

The star Paulo Dybala, the striker of the Italian Juventus team, was excluded from the list of the tango team for the Ecuador match minutes before its start, due to his suffering from a disease in the digestive system, and Giovanni Simeone will replace him..

The South American qualifiers, which qualify for the 2022 World Cup, were postponed for a full 7 months, due to the crisis that the world is suffering from, through the outbreak of the new Corona virus..

Messi said, after the end of the match, “We knew that it would be complicated, but the important thing is to win the match, and we must work to continue developing.”“.

And Argentine Barghout added, “It was important to start winning, because we know how difficult the qualifiers are. The matches are always difficult. We expected this level and we did not play for a long time, and anxiety makes it difficult.“.

Messi concluded his speech by saying, “It was a complicated year because of what we are going through, to be able to play with the national team again and to give people the joy of victory, after the match, it is something that relieves the pressure a little, and I send a lot of strength to all Argentines.”

After midnight, two matches will be held at the end of the first round between Colombia and Venezuela at 1:30, then Brazil and Bolivia at 2:30 in the morning, and doubts are raised about Neymar’s participation with the Brazil national team due to his suffering from back pain.

Summary of the match Uruguay and Chile 2-1

Summary of the match between Peru and Paraguay 2-2

A summary of Messi’s touches against Ecuador


Corona deaths in Argentina exceed 10 thousand

The Argentine government said that the total deaths from the Corona virus in the country exceeded ten thousand on Monday, as the South American country makes efforts to control the rate of infections.
The country has recorded 10129 deaths out of 48,8007 confirmed cases of the virus, according to government data, and half of the Corona virus detection tests in Argentina yield positive results.

Argentina has been under lockdown since March 20, although cases have increased in recent weeks. Some areas of the country, including the capital, Buenos Aires, are still subject to varying levels of quarantine, although some activities such as exercise and dining in open-air restaurants have resumed recently.


Argentina defeats Colombia and resolves its qualifying card for the Tokyo Olympics

ColombiaAgustin Orezi (49) and Newaine Perez (52) for Argentina. Also tied Brazil national team With his Uruguayan counterpart, with a goal to like him.

Ignacio de Aruabarina scored (40 goals against his team) for Brazil and Manuel Ugarte (35) for Uruguay.

The final stage of the qualifying rounds will be held in the Colombian city of Bucaramanga.

And the first round ended with a victory Argentina Uruguay defeated 3-2, and Brazil and Colombia drew 1-1.

Argentina tops the ranking with 6 points, and Brazil (two points), Uruguay and Colombia (one point) are competing for the second and last card, according to the report. "Reuters".

Colombia will play Uruguay and Argentina with Brazil in the final decisive round on Sunday, the ninth of this month.

Argentina previously won Olympic gold twice, in 2004 in Athens and 2008 in Beijing.


Edwin Citry scored (66 penalty kick) ColombiaAgustin Orezi (49) and Newaine Perez (52) for Argentina. Also tied Brazil national team With his Uruguayan counterpart, with a goal to like him.

Ignacio de Aruabarina scored (40 goals against his team) for Brazil and Manuel Ugarte (35) for Uruguay.

The final stage of the qualifying rounds will be held in the Colombian city of Bucaramanga.

And the first round ended in victory Argentina Uruguay defeated 3-2, and Brazil and Colombia drew 1-1.

Argentina tops the standings with 6 points, and Brazil (two points), Uruguay and Colombia are competing for the second and final card (one point), according to “Reuters”.

Colombia will play Uruguay and Argentina with Brazil in the final decisive round on Sunday, the ninth of this month.

Argentina previously won Olympic gold twice, in 2004 in Athens and 2008 in Beijing.


Do not forget the hexagram .. What happened between Messi and the captain of Bolivia

European reports revealed today, Wednesday, the details of the altercation that took place between Lionel Messi, the star of Barcelona, ​​Lucas Nava, the Bolivian national team coach, and the national team striker, Marcelo Martinez.

Argentina and Bolivia met on Tuesday in the first round of the South American World Cup qualifiers, and the Tango team won 2-1.

After the match, a strong crisis arose between Messi and the Bolivian national team striker, in addition to the team’s loads chart, and matters reached a verbal clash.

The Catalan newspaper “Sport” revealed the dialogue that took place after the match, where Messi and Nava exchanged inappropriate words, and Martinez tried to anger the Barcelona star on more than one occasion, saying: “Do not forget when we defeated you here with a hexagon.”

It is worth noting that the Argentine national team had previously suffered a heavy loss against Bolivia, 6-1, during the match that brought them together in the qualifiers for the 2010 South Africa World Cup.


Messi and Dybala are at the top of the Argentina squad for the matches against Ecuador and Bolivia

Advertise Argentine national team For the list of the final team called up to meet Ecuador and Bolivia.

The Argentine national team faces Bolivia and Ecuador in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers next month.

And the star exists Lionel Messi, Barcelona captain at the top of the Argentine national team squad.

Lautaro Martinez, the Inter Milan striker, Paolo Dybala from Juventus, and Nicolas Tagliavico from Ajax have also been called up.