The last US state decided to remove the symbol of the Confederates from the flag :: Society :: RBC

Фото: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Mississippi is the last in the United States to abandon the Southern Confederate flag symbol after mass protests across the country over the death of African American George Floyd after being detained by police. It is reported by the BBC.

On June 27, both houses of the state parliament voted to begin the process of changing the flag. In the House of Representatives 84 people voted “for” and 35 people voted “against”, in the Senate – 36 votes “for” and 14 votes “against”. If the bill is adopted, the commission will develop a new flag, which will be voted for in November this year.

“The controversy surrounding the 1894 flag has become as controversial as the flag itself, and it’s time to put an end to it. If they [конгресс штата Миссисипи] they will send me a bill, I will sign it, ”said State Governor Tate Reeves. He added that the authorities are faced with the task of uniting society.

Trump allowed the arrest of all destructive vandals

Donald Trump

The symbol of the Confederation is a blue cross with stars on a red background and is considered by many in the USA as a racist symbol. The flag was used by the slaveholding Confederate states of America, which lost in the civil war of 1861-1865.


Rampage because of quarantine: An arrest in Göttingen

NOh the violence in a quarantined housing complex in Göttingen, there has been an arrest. A suspect was identified early Sunday evening on the site and have been arrested, said a police spokeswoman on Monday. The man had been taken to the police station and after identification of his person alien released. Further Details were not available initially. In the case of the riots on Saturday, eight police were injured, officials, emergency workers were pelted according to police with bottles, stones, metal rods, household items, and pyrotechnics.

Since Thursday, the approximately 700 residents are not allowed to leave the building. Earlier, around 120 had been tested positive for the Coronavirus. According to the city, the people live in conditions precarious, the apartments are only 19 to 39 square metres in size – some families are with four children.

On Sunday the tests of the residents have continued, according to the city, this went without a hitch. Results are expected on Monday evening. In the night it was to quiet.

Only in may it was in the 18-storey Iduna-to come to the centre on the Northern edge of the city center of göttingen, a Corona outbreak. According to the authorities, members of several families had private celebrations, the sanitation and clearance rules violated. Schools were closed for two weeks and opened on Monday again.


What happened during the night. Breaking news RBC :: Society :: RBC

The arrest of chief rival Lukashenko, a new low in the number of deaths from COVID-19 in Moscow, the Durov has promised to provide a job Telegram to China and Iran, foreign stocks will leave on the Russian stock exchanges — main news in review RBC

In Belarus arrested the head of Babariko and his son

One of the potential participants in the presidential elections in Belarus Victor Babariko arrested. Previously he was charged. What it accused the former head of the BGB, is unknown.

  • As reported in the election headquarters of Babariko, the prosecution also presented his son Edward, he is arrested. As reported his girlfriend, a young man has been accused of tax evasion.
  • Both Babariko detained on 18 June. Prior to this, Belgazprombank (owned by “Gazprom” and Gazprombank), which Victor Babariko headed until may 2020, were searched. The businessman called the raids raiding and claimed that it is a campaign directed against him. Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August.

In Moscow for the day revealed at least deaths from the virus since April

Over the past day in the capital died and another 20 people infected with the coronavirus, said operational headquarters. This is the lowest since April 16.


The court in London halved the salaries of the former co-owner “Trust” :: Business :: RBC

The Bank representative demanded to reduce the amount from £17 thousand to £6 thousand, indicating that Sergey Belyaev leads too “luxurious lifestyle”. The banker asked not to lower it below £10 million In the result the court chose the middle option

Photo: Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti / TASS

London’s high court decided twice to cut the amount that one of the former owners of the Bank “trust” Sergei Belyaev will be able to spend on the life and legal services. This was reported on the judicial portal Law360, writes Forbes.

The court considered that the current amount of spending Belyaeva £17 thousand per month is too large, reducing it to £8 thousand, the Representative of “Trust” and demanded that the amount was reduced to £6 million, arguing that the fact that Belyaev should not be able to continue to lead a “lavish lifestyle”, but have to get a job or reduce costs. In turn Belyaev, who defended themselves in court, said he in connection with the lack of work you need to spend monthly from the accounts of at least £10 thousand

The Central Bank will have the right to prohibit bankers from leaving the country at the revocation of licenses

Photo: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

Belyaev, along with two other former co-owners “of the Trust” Ilya Yurov and Nikolai Fetisov lost the case by $900 million in the High court of London in January of this year. The court after four years of litigation has ordered them to pay this amount for the collapse of the Bank in 2014. Five and a half years ago, “trust” became the property “Open”, which was engaged in its sanitation. In 2017, after the reorganization of “Opening” both banks were owned by the Central Bank.

In February the London court has banned Fetisov Yurov and spend money with the arrested accounts of the Russian, British, Swiss and Cypriot banks. According to the court, they may have assets, which are not reported, therefore the contents of the bankers shifted to their wives. However, Belyaeva, the court made an exception, believing that the availability of alternative sources of income is not obvious.


House arrest granted to Ronaldinho after payment of bail millionaire

A judge on Tuesday granted house arrest for former Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother, after paying a joint bond of $ 1,600,000, during the review of measures at the Palace of Justice, in the case of use of documents. false for which they are charged.

The criminal guarantees judge Gustavo Amarilla indicated that the measure will be carried out in a hotel in Asunción and with police surveillance, and within the prohibition to leave the country. The bond ($ 800,000 each) was deposited in the state-owned National Development Bank and remains as guarantee for the duration of the process.

The judge added that now the formal acceptance of those affected by these precautionary measures remains and through their lawyers, a communication that will be made by telephone message due to the sanitary restrictions in force in Paraguay before COVID-19. In fact, some of the prosecutors in the case wore masks during that hearing to review the measures.

Ronaldinho and Roberto Assis Moreira, who is also his business advisor, are in the Agrupación Especializada, a headquarters of the National Police, in Asunción, which also functions as a prison. Both men served a month of preventive detention on Monday after being accused of presenting false passports at the Paraguayan capital’s international airport.

The brothers arrived in Asunción on March 4 to support with their image a social assistance program for Paraguayan children. Among the accused is Dalia López, the Paraguayan businesswoman who met them at the airport and president of the charitable foundation that managed the presence of Ronaldinho Gaúcho and her brother in Paraguay. López has been declared in a state of rebellion and with an international arrest warrant since March 18.

There are also a dozen accused in the case, which splashes to officials of the Identification Department, which issues passports and documents, to the Migration Directorate and to the authority of the Asunción International Airport.


Investigators strike against fraud network

Share transactions on the Internet

Fraudsters lured with purely virtual profits.

(Photo: Imago / Westend61)

Frankfurt German, Austrian, Bulgarian and Serbian investigators have successfully struck two networks of organized online crime. At an “Action Day”, a concerted action last Thursday, nine people were arrested and millions of euros secured.

This was announced by the General Prosecutor’s Office in Bamberg and the police headquarters in Upper Franconia, Lower Franconia and Munich on Tuesday afternoon. Bamberg is the central body for the Bavarian investigations against cyber crime.

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France: Arrests after alleged terrorist attack

NA third man has been arrested after a suspected terrorist attack in southeastern France. The anti-terrorist prosecutor said on Sunday that a young Sudanese who was in the same house as the prime suspect was detained the night before. On Saturday, 33-year-old Abdallah Ahmed-Osman, who identified himself as a Sudanese refugee, killed two people and injured five others in the small town of Romans-sur-Isère south of Lyon.

The attacker attacked people in the center of the city of 35,000 in several shops and on the street. According to witnesses, he shouted “Allahu akbar!” (God is great). The anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into “murder related to a terrorist attack” against the arrested prime suspect, who did not resist the arrest. A second Sudanese in custody was a “friend” of the main suspect.

Ahmed-Osman, born in 1987, has been living in France as a refugee since 2017 and was not known to the police before the fact. The counterterrorism prosecutor said on Saturday that initial findings indicated that the attacker wanted to significantly disrupt public order “through intimidation or terror”. During a search in his apartment, handwritten documents were found in which the man complained about “living in a country of unbelievers”.

According to a source entrusted with the investigation, Ahmed-Osman claims that he “does not remember what happened”. A psychiatric examination of the suspect was scheduled for Sunday.

In France, there have been a number of Islamist attacks with hundreds of deaths in recent years. French President Emmanuel Macron said that the background to the attack would be clarified. “The whole truth about this terrible act will be exposed,” he wrote on Twitter. He pointed out that the country had to pass a difficult test due to the coronavirus pandemic with thousands of deaths.


Local agents donate flowers from the canceled event to the elderly in the midst of the coronavirus crisis – NBC 6 South Florida

A group of South Florida law enforcement officers found a positive assessment
side to the cancellation of their big weekend event – donate flowers to
older people in their community.

Jupiter’s police department had its annual policeman
Ball stopped this weekend as part of an effort by government officials
to stop large gatherings. Instead of throwing away the fresh, official flowers
he went around the city and donated them to assisted housing facilities.

“Everyone was very grateful,” David Schultz of the Jupiter Police Foundation told the NBC affiliate WPTV-TV. “They have been very receptive and appreciate it and it has been a really positive thing for us.”

Over 20 boxes of flowers have been donated
in both private city facilities and across Palm Beach County
like Jupiter Medical Center.