Côte d’Ivoire: After ECOWAS, the UN and the AU, the CNDH demands the lifting of the slogan of civil disobedience

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After the killings of Bonoua (10 dead in a conflict between inhabitants on Wednesday, editor’s note) and the acts of vandalism perpetrated here and there by thugs suspected of being in the pay of the opposition, the National Council of Human Rights (CNDH) yesterday through a statement asked the opposition to lift its slogan of civil disobedience and urged it to join the dynamic of dialogue proposed by the authorities.

The CNDH thus joins the position of the international community which demands the immediate lifting of any slogan and to be part of a dynamic of peace and dialogue.

Its president Namizata Sangaré also asked the authorities to continue the dialogue and “do everything possible to bring all the stakeholders back to the negotiating table.”


“Work, loyalty and honesty, without these values, you cannot exist with Belmadi”

Ouaddou gives himself up to the “Scorer”: “I will be in Algiers in March for another internship with the Greens, I can’t wait to be there”

“Bennacer is a player full of humility, he represents Algeria well on the world stage”

“I hope one day to face Djamel my mentor who is also one of the best coaches in the world”

“Algeria has taken the place of France in my heart. This is my second country ”

The former team captain of the Atlas Lions Abdeslam Ouaddou confides exclusively in the “Scorer” to return to the last training he had spent with the national team in Austria. Amazed by the atmosphere of the Greens, the successor of Abdelhakim Bencheikh at the head of the technical bar of MC Oujda talks about his friendship with Belmadi and gives us plenty of anecdotes about the national coach, his former teammate in Valenciennes then coach at Lekhwiya, currently Al Duhail.

First of all, congratulations on your appointment as head of MC Oujda, your reaction?

I would like to greet all Algerians, as well as all football lovers. After that, I have actually just been appointed coach manager of Mouloudia d’Oujda. I am therefore very honored by this appointment. I would like to thank the president for this confidence and all the people of this city who wished me a warm welcome.

What are the goals agreed with your new team?

First of all, I hope to give them back this confidence placed in me by building them a club with solid foundations that will allow them to perform in the long term. Set up a real sports policy that will bring together the sports project, development of the MCO brand and the development of sustainable economic resources, and without forgetting a training policy with DNA players from the Orient from the training center which is in the project.

An appointment that comes a few days after your internship with the Algerian selection in Austria, tell us a little about this stay with the Greens?

To tell you the truth, I was to join the African Champion National Team last March but unfortunately there was the coronavirus which delayed my arrival. I was looking forward to joining this great team and this great group of African champions. I already had a good impression on this team and I was able to confirm it during this last meeting

What did you find out?

I discovered a team that exhibited values ​​of loyalty, self-sacrifice and hard work. To tell the truth, I was not mistaken in my impression because by living this experience from the inside, this group led by my friend Belmadi was a brave group which conveys the values ​​of loyalty on and off the field.

It is for you a successful training course therefore ….

Ah yes ! I really had an extraordinary week of training, both on a human and sporting level. I reiterate my thanks to President Zetchi and Djamel Belmadi without whom I could not have completed this internship. To be honest, it is not over yet, I will be back in March Insh’Allah in Algeria. I only hope that this coronavirus problem will be over soon to experience this unique atmosphere.

You worked with Djamel Belmadi as a player and then as a coach, did you ever think that Belmadi would become this coach capable of leading Algeria to the African roof?

Djamel Belmadi we did not know each other well before personally. The first meeting with him was in Valenciennes as players. We quickly came to an understanding and established fraternal relationships. The collaboration continued in Lekhwiya and it was there that I discovered the instinct of a great coach. When he recruited me, this team had just moved up to Division 1, and you know what he told me?

What did he tell you?

He told me, the club’s goal is to finish in the top four, but me, with the group I’m going to go up to, I want to win the championship. I looked at him and I said: But are you kidding Djamel or what? The Team has just moved up to Division 1 and you want to pass Al Sadd, Al Gharrafa and Al Rayan. He replied: No, I’m not crazy, with you, Dindane Arouna and Koné, we are going to set up a team that will win the championship. Finally, after a year of serious work, Djamel has succeeded in setting up a favorable working environment based on humility, honesty and loyalty. This is how he managed to win the championship. Moreover, when he was appointed national coach, some expressed reservations, it is normal, but I intervened to declare that Algeria has recruited future champion coach of Africa and the future best coach of Africa. . Wallah, that’s what I wrote in my comment.

Bennacer who also has Moroccan blood distinguished himself in selection and at AC Milan, how did you find him in the group during your internship?

Ismael is a wonderful boy. On a human level, he is a type with a lot of humility, worker who wants to progress and surpass himself. He is a player who loves his country and carries Algeria in his heart, otherwise, if he continues like this with the same seriousness, he can Insh’Allah become a very great player and represent Algeria well on the stage. global. I think he is in a big club but he can still pass a plateau.

You come from emigration, do you understand the choice of certain players who hesitate to choose their country of origin?

I cannot criticize the choice of these players who opt for their country of birth because it is an intimate choice. What I can say on the other hand, it is an indescribable sensation to wear the jersey of your country of origin, especially when you hear the national anthem. It’s an uncontrollable feeling. I take as an example the match of Algeria played in Lille against Colombia. It is something unique.

After finishing the internship, you put on your accounts on social networks, “thank you to my brothers, the Men” why this expression?

I can tell you that indeed Algeria has taken a special place in my heart. I could say go further, Algeria has taken the place of France in my heart. This is my second and France will remain the third. I received a fraternal welcome from Ryad and his teammates. All good guys.

Why ?

Because I recognize myself in his values ​​of fraternity, Loyalty, pride and acceptance of others. Algerians have the “nif” of pride and that is very important. When I joined this team to continue my training, I was able to discover this from the inside. I saw proud people and that’s what I want to keep that I repeat it is very important in the life of a group.

And why do you say the Algerians “the Men”?

Because they are brave people. When they have a mission, they give themselves the means despite adversity and achieve its accomplishment. That is to say, when they decide to face an unrealizable goal at first glance, they never back down from adversity, they go for it, there is no going back, they are together.

Thank you Abdeslam, will we leave it to you to conclude?

I would like to thank all the Algerian people for the messages of encouragement they sent me through social networks. I will never forget their messages of support. Until the end of my life, Algeria will vibrate in one side in my heart. I hope one day to face Djamel my mentor who is also one of the best coaches in the world.

Maybe at the head of the Moroccan selection?

For the moment, I don’t think too much about it, I first want to succeed in my challenge with MC Oujda. I want to give back its letters of nobility and that this club continues to shine in the Moroccan championship with great pride.

Thanks again and see you next time?

It was a pleasure and thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to Algerians and all football lovers.

Interview conducted by Moumen Ait Kaci Ali

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Ivory Coast: Bloody conflict between inhabitants in Dabou, no weapons of war, no militias, 8 dead and a curfew

1- Mr. Konaté Beh, 65 years old, Ivorian, retired, domiciled in Wrod-extension, without further details, who was slain at his home by strangers armed with knives.

2- Mr. Meless Adou Péniel, about forty years old whose skull was fractured with an ax on the road to Débrimou.

3- Mr. Mamadou Diallo, 66, Burkinabe, without further details, died by bullets (buckshot)

4-M. Sawadogo Hach Konan, 36, Ivorian, without further details, shot dead;

5-Dégba Aimé, 38, Ivorian, without further details, died with knives.

For lack of identity document, the 03 other bodies, male, who died with knives could not be identified by the state services on the spot.

In addition, following this attack, we will see that young people from the city of Dabou decided to do battle with those from the surrounding Adjukrous villages who made an armed descent in large numbers on the said city.

Finally, the intervention of the forces of order, Police and Gendarmerie, who have come as reinforcements, will make it possible to restore order and gradually restore calm at the end of the day.

Akissi Kouamé


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Pros: West Ham – David Moyes: “Said is an exciting talent”

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Friday, October 16, 2020 8:22 PM

Hammers coach David Moyes spoke about this acquisition:

“I am delighted to welcome Said to West Ham United. He is a player who has had a lot of recognition for his performances with Brentford in the Championship. He has generated a lot of interest so we are very happy that he has decided to join us. We are looking to attract players who are hungry and determined to progress and improve. Said is an exciting talent with great skill and the right qualities, which will complement the other attacking players that we have at the club. We have to give Said some time to settle in but I have no doubts that he will be able to move on to the Premier League We are really excited to have him here and look forward to getting the most out of him. ” Comments relayed by Goal.

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Hotman Paris in fact, it provides good news to the public after reading the draft all Law Work Creation Act.

This was conveyed through a video uploaded to the @hotmanparisofficial Instagram account on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

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Some article which is inside Work Creation Act claimed to be beneficial to workers and laborers, one of which is about severance pay.

After reading the draft Work Creation Act, Hotman Paris find content that highlights the occasion article about the law criminal for actors who do not give rights to laborers and workers.

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Hotman Paris claims there are 10 articles in the law all Law contains threats criminal to employer which does not fulfill the rights of workers.


three young nuggets choose Algeria

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Friday, October 16, 2020 8:43 AM

Yanis Saïdani, Hussayn Touati and Massinissa Oufella, three young players from the Paris Saint-Germain training center, have officially chosen to defend the colors of Algeria. It is an obligatory passage for any player having the dual nationality. Choose which country to represent when the national selections knock on the door. Three young players from Paris Saint-Germain recently faced this dilemma and made up their minds. Yanis Saïdani, Hussayn Touati and Massinissa Oufella have all officially opted for the Algerian selection. The three young nuggets announced the news via Instagram this Thursday, October 15. Yanis Saïdani, playing as a goalkeeper, Massinissa Oufella, midfielder and Hussayn Touat, former OL midfielder, who has been playing with the PSG U19s since July 2019, announced that they were called for the first time with the Algerian U20 selection. . Young Fennecs will therefore be able to count on these new faces for the preparation of the UNAF tournament, organized next November, reports OnzeMondial.com.

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