Arvind Kejriwal announces 1 Crore for the Intel Man Killed family In Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal announces 1 Crore for the Intel Man Killed family In Delhi

Intelligence Office employee Ankit Sharma passed away last week.

New Delhi:

Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced an exaggerated amount of Rs 1 crore for the family of Ankit Sharma, the intelligence officer who was killed in Delhi last week. Her body, with 400 gunshot wounds, was recovered from a sewer in Jaffrabad in northeastern Delhi, one of the areas most affected by violence last week.

Ankit Sharma’s father Ravinder Sharma, who also works with the Intelligence Office, accused the murder of supporters of a Party leader Aam Aadmi Tahir Hussain.

The 26-year-old, who worked as a security assistant in the intelligence office, passed away on Tuesday. His family said he was taken away by a crowd on his way home from work.

His body, with multiple wounds, was found in a sewer the next day. His family said he was beaten and then shot.

Tahir Hussain has been charged with murder and arson and has been suspended from primary membership in the AAP.

“No one, be it left, should be spared if they are responsible for inciting violence,” said Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

In a video, Tahir Hussain denied the allegations, saying that his family and “went to a safe place in the presence of the police on the 24th” and did not return home afterwards.

Kapil Mishra of the BJP, whose demonstration in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act was linked to the onset of Sunday’s violence, also accused Tahir Hussain of complicity in the murder.

“The killer is Hussain. In the video, he can be seen with masked boys carrying sticks, stones, bullets and gasoline bombs. He was constantly talking to the leaders of Kejriwal and AAP,” Kapil Mishra quoted from the ANI news agency. .


Delhi violence: No major incidents reported in the past 36 hours, more than 500 kept for interrogation, says MHA

New Delhi: “No major incidents have been reported since the strike in north-east Delhi in the past 36 hours,” said the Interior Ministry on Thursday night.

The ministry released the statement after Interior Minister Amit Shah reviewed the situation in parts of the city affected by violence in a meeting with senior officials and senior police officers.

The ministry said that there has been no major incident in the past 36 hours in any affected police station in the northeastern district of Delhi.

As many as 514 suspects were arrested or detained for questioning and further arrests were said to have been made during the investigation, he said.

Prohibitory orders imposed under section 144 of the CrPC will be relaxed for a total of 10 hours on Friday in view of an improvement in the situation, the ministry said.

So 48 FIRs covering clashes, loss of life and property etc. have already been registered and further FIRs will be registered in due course and police have arrested or arrested 514 suspects for questioning so far, the ministry said.

Further arrests were said to have been made in the course of the investigation, he added.

Delhi police have separately established two SITs to investigate serious crime.

Almost 7,000 central paramilitary forces have been deployed in the affected areas of the northeastern district since February 24.

In addition, the Delhi police also distributed three special CPs, six joint CPs, one additional CP, 22 DCPs, 20 ACPs, 60 inspectors, 1,200 other ranks and 200 policemen under the general supervision of the Police Commissioner to effectively guide and monitor the police response in order to contain and normalize the situation, says the statement.

He said that a total of 35 people have lost their lives in these tragic accidents since February 24 and that the situation is slowly returning to normal.

However, hospital sources reported that the death toll reached 38.

Among the dead are two members of the security staff. In addition, some 70 police officers and senior officials were injured.

The interior ministry asked people not to give credit to any rumors.

Delhi police have set up assistance lines 22829334 and 22829335 for 24-hour assistance.

These numbers are given adequate publicity so that information about the mistreated and any emerging situations can be passed on to the police, the statement said.

The ministry said that adequate measures were taken to ensure medical support for the injured.

As a measure of confidence building between different sections of society, Delhi police have begun holding peace committee meetings across Delhi to normalize the situation and improve inter-community harmony, the statement said.

Such peace committee meetings would continue until the situation normalizes, he added.

So far, says the statement, nearly 330 peace committee meetings have been held in various districts of Delhi over the past two days.

In addition to this, meetings have been convened with the Residency Welfare Associations (RWA) and the Market Welfare Associations (MWA) in various areas. Various sections of society participated in these meetings, including civil society groups, representatives of different political parties including Congress, the AAP, the BJP, etc.

The East Delhi Municipal Corporation has already initiated measures to clean the streets and repair damaged public property in areas affected by the uprising, the statement said.

Other civic agencies, he said, are also ensuring that civic services for citizens are restored as soon as possible.

Traffic movement on the highway and connecting roads are returning to normal, the note said.

The Union’s interior minister appealed to citizens not to believe the rumors and fall prey to evil plans by unbelievers and groups interested in precipitating community tension.

The statement said that only 12 police stations of the 203 PS in Delhi (about 4.2 percent of the geographic area) were affected by the unrest, while normality and municipal harmony prevailed elsewhere in the national capital.

The Delhi police have a mandate and obligation to provide security to all sectors of society regardless of caste and religion.

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Indian riots: Donald Trump’s visit coincides with protests over the citizenship law

Clashes over a controversial citizenship law brought the capital of India for a second day – coinciding with a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump – while the death toll rose to at least nine.

There have been widespread protests since the law that the critics say is anti-Muslim was passed in mid-December, with over 25 people killed.

“There have been nine confirmed deaths,” said Guru Teg Bahadur hospital official Rajesh Kalra.

People watch the car burn during clashes between hundreds of supporters and opponents of a new citizenship law in New Delhi, India. Image: AP
media_cameraPeople watch the car burn during clashes between hundreds of supporters and opponents of a new citizenship law in New Delhi, India. Image: AP

He said 31 people, including 10 who were seriously injured, were taken to the New Delhi hospital.

Senior policeman Alok Kumar said officers were still receiving reports of violence.

“Protesters are attacking the police wherever they are present and collide with each other where the police are not present,” added Kumar.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) speaks during a meeting with United States President Donald Trump at the Hyderabad House in New Delhi. Image: AFP
media_cameraIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) speaks during a meeting with United States President Donald Trump at the Hyderabad House in New Delhi. Image: AFP

One of those killed on Monday was a policeman, said a senior officer.

Further riots were reported on Tuesday, with a large plume of black smoke rising into the sky.

NDTV said three of its journalists and a cameraman were attacked by a crowd of 20 million people on the northeastern edge of the megalopolis.

‚ÄúThere is hardly any police presence in the area. Rioters rush to threaten people, vandalize stores, “said a resident of the poor and migrant neighborhood of Maujpur Trust of India print.

A crowd throws stones at the police as smoke rises from the burning buildings following the violence between two groups in New Delhi, India. Image: AP
media_cameraA crowd throws stones at the police as smoke rises from the burning buildings following the violence between two groups in New Delhi, India. Image: AP

Delhi’s prime minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who visited a hospital where the wounded were treated, asked for calm.

National Interior Minister Amit Shah, whose ministry controls law and order in the capital region, met with senior officials from the Delhi government and promised to deploy more police officers if needed, Kejriwal said.


Clarifications on U.S. problems on the Melania Trump School event to AAP leaders

The United States issues clarifications on the Melania Trump School Snub event in Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia

Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia were abandoned by a school event attended by Melania Trump

New Delhi:

A day before the visit of the President of the United States Donald Trump, the United States Embassy indicated that Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi and his Deputy Manish Sisodia were abandoned by an event at a school event managed by the Delhi government to be attended by the First Lady of the United States while they did not want to politicize the event.

“Although the American Embassy has raised no objections to the presence of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, we appreciate their recognition that this is not a political event and that it is best to ensure that attention is paid to education, school and the students, “said a spokesman for the American embassy.

Sisodia subsequently released a statement, claiming to respect the concerns expressed by the United States.

“Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal and I would have loved to personally receive the First Lady at the government school in Delhi and inform her about the concept of Happiness Classes and the positive impact it had on students during her visit to the classrooms. However, some concerns were expressed by the American embassy about CM and the deputy CM who accompanied the first lady during the visit of the school. We respect the same, “he said.

American First Lady Melania Trump was expected to attend a “happiness class” at a Delhi government school during their two-day visit starting tomorrow.

AAP sources said that the names of Kejriwal and Sisodia were withdrawn from the event by the central government.

Sisodia has managed the education portfolio and will continue to do so in the new mandate. It was he who introduced the “happiness curriculum” two years ago as an attempt to reduce stress among schoolchildren. It involves 40 minutes of meditation, relaxing activities and even outdoor activities.

The exclusion was classified by the party, which is proud of the work in the education sector – the remake of the Delhi schools. Kejriwal has repeatedly talked about the achievements of government school students.

AAP sees his work in the education and health sector as one of the reasons for his huge mandate in Delhi. AAP had won 62 of the 70 seats in the Delhi assembly. The BJP won 8, a marginal improvement over its score of three in 2015.

The inclusion of a government school in the high-profile visit is interesting, given the bad line that awaits us during the assembly’s election campaign, on the BJP that publishes videos that said they “exposed” the bad condition of the schools run by the Kejriwal government .

The trumpets will begin their two-day visit Monday in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the home town of Prime Minister Modi. They will fly down to Delhi later that night.