Why were the out-of-province assignment results not disclosed? Will MEB 2020 out-of-province appointment results be announced today? – Sözcü Newspaper

The waiting for teachers’ out of provincial assignment results continues. Thousands of teachers are waiting to explain about their assignment results. After the appointment applications ended on 10 August, it was in the MEB calendar that the results would be announced on 11 August. However, out-of-province appointment results have not been announced yet. MEB has not made a statement on the issue yet.


According to the 2020 relocation calendar of the Ministry of National Education, the applications of teachers to relocate between provinces due to voluntary and compulsory work obligations were made between 6-10 August 2020. The date for the appointments was determined as August 11. However, the appointment results were not announced on August 11. Although there is no explanation about when the results will be announced by the Ministry of National Education, the announcement is expected to be made soon.


As soon as the results of teachers’ assignment outside of the province are announced, they can be accessed via mebbis.meb.gov.tr ​​and personel.meb.gov.tr. According to the calendar, as of August 12, discharge procedures can be made.




ANSES deposits the IFE and AUH: check when you get paid

Of the 9 million who collect Family Emergency Income, 5.6 million (61.7%) are informal workers or are unemployed; 2.4 million receive AUH or Pregnancy (AUE); 0.7 million (7.8%) are monotax of categories A, B or social monotax; 0.18 million (2.1%) are private home workers and 0.12 million (1.4%) are holders of the Progresar program.

If you received the previous income correctly, a new procedure is not necessary to collect the third.

When is the IFE charged?

  • Monday, August 10: documents ending in 0.
  • Tuesday, August 11: documents ending in 1.
  • Wednesday, August 12: Documents ending in 2.
  • Thursday, August 13: documents finished in 3.
  • Friday, August 14: Documents ending in 4.
  • Tuesday, August 18: Documents ending in 5.
  • Wednesday August 19: Documents ending in 6.
  • Thursday, August 20: documents finished in 7.
  • Friday, August 21: Documents ending in 8.
  • Monday, August 24: documents finished in 9.

Likewise, from August 25, the ANSES will begin to pay the IFE to the remaining beneficiaries who validated their Uniform Banking Code (CBU) in the application of the agency’s website.

  • Tuesday, August 25 and Wednesday, August 26: documents ending in 0.
  • Thursday 27 and Friday 28 August: documents ending in 1.
  • Monday, August 31 and Tuesday, September 1: documents ending in 2.
  • Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 September: Documents ending in 3.
  • Friday, September 4 and Monday, September 7: documents ending in 4.
  • Tuesday, September 8 and Wednesday, September 9: Documents ending in 5.
  • Thursday, September 10 and Friday, September 11: Documents ending in 6.
  • Monday, September 14 and Tuesday, September 15: documents finished in 7.
  • Wednesday 16 and Thursday of September: documents finished in 8.
  • Friday, September 18 and Monday, September 21: documents ending in 9.

In this way, the payment dates will be at the rate of two business days per DNI termination number; this means that the IFE will be paid to approximately 300,000 people per day. This will maintain a spaced payment schedule to take care of the health of the beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, those who receive this bonus must enter www.anses.gob.ar, section Emergency Family Income, to check the collection date.

The IFE is intended to provide economic and social care for the families of the most vulnerable sectors that are affected by the health emergency created by the coronavirus (Covid-19). The bonus will once again reach almost 9 million people.

What are the requirements to collect the IFE?

  • Be a native or naturalized Argentine and resident, with a legal residence in the country of no less than 2 years.
  • Be between 18 and 65 years of age.
  • That the owner or his family group does not have income from: a job in a dependent relationship in the public or private sector; be monotax category C or higher, or self-employed; an unemployment benefit; retirements, pensions or contributory or non-contributory national, provincial, municipal or of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; social plans, complementary social salary, We Make the Future, Promote Work or other national, provincial or municipal social programs.
  • The IFE is compatible with the collection of the Universal Child Allowance, the Pregnancy Allowance and the Progresar program.


Phase 2: Inail-Iss, this is how we will stay on the beach and how we will have dinner in the restaurant. Companies: unsustainable guidelines – Economy

“Unsustainable” protocols, which would reduce restaurant seats by a third and even more in bathing establishments, causing “serious damage” to the whole sector. This is, according to what is learned, the message that the business associations are giving to the government, during the meeting with Minister Stefano Patuanelli. If you really wanted to reopen following the Inail-Iss indications, it is the message, it would be essential to support businesses economically in the restart.

Inail and Iss have published two technical documents, one on bathing, the other on Restaurants. In the first case it is a risk analysis and presents the contagion containment measures in recreational bathing activities and on the beach. The other is a hypothesis of remodeling of measures in the restaurant sector.


Swimming pools closed in the factories – The use of swimming pools in establishments will be prohibited. “To ensure the correct social distancing on the beach, we read, the minimum recommended distance between the rows of umbrellas is five meters and that between the umbrellas in the same row at four and a half meters. It is also necessary to avoid the practice of recreational and sporting activities that can lead to gatherings and group games and, for the same reason, the use of swimming pools that may be present inside the establishment must be inhibited “.

In establishments with reservations – Establishments open with entrance upon reservation, umbrellas spaced at least five meters apart, swimming pools closed and sanitation of the beds if they are given to a new user. “In order to allow a quota access to the bathing establishments and to the equipped beaches, we read in a note from Inail – compulsory booking is suggested, also for time slots. It is also recommended to favor the use of fast card payment systems contactless or through web portals / apps. The entry and exit routes must also be differentiated, where possible, by providing clear signs. To guarantee correct social distancing on the beach – he continues – the minimum recommended distance between the rows of umbrellas is equal to five meters and the one between the umbrellas in the same row at four and a half meters. It is also advisable to privilege the assignment of the same umbrella to the same occupants who stay for several days. In any case it is necessary to sanitize the surfaces before assigning the same equipment to another user, even during the same day. The practice of a ludic-sport activities that can give rise to group gatherings and games and, for the same reason, the use of swimming pools that may be present inside the establishment must be inhibited “.

Distance between beds on the shoreline two meters – For beds and deckchairs not positioned under the umbrella, the distance of at least two meters must be guaranteed. The minimum distance between the rows of umbrellas will be equal to five meters while it will be 4.5 meters in the same row. Deck chairs and sun loungers must be at least two meters apart and distances may “be waived only for members of the same family or co-inhabitant”. For cabins, promiscuous use must be prohibited with the exception of members of the same family unit or for persons who share the same housing unit. It is forbidden – reads the document – recreational sports, group games, parties and events. The swimming pools will be closed and for the use of toilets and showers the social distancing of at least 2 meters must be respected, unless separating barriers are foreseen between the stations.

Sea reservation also for time slots – To facilitate quota access in the factories “booking, even for time slots, preferably mandatory, can be a useful organizational tool also for the purpose of sustainability and prevention of gatherings, also favoring easy user registration, also for the purpose of retrospectively trace any contacts following contagion. ”

Children on the beach with social distancing – “Supervision on the rules of social distancing of children in all circumstances must be guaranteed” – This is stated in the document Inail-Iss on bathing and bathing establishments in phase two of the emergency from Covid 19. The document also reminds that it is necessary on the whole “avoid promiscuity in the use of any beach equipment, possibly proceeding with the univocal identification of each equipment”.

Free local decisions on beaches – Taking into account the specific characteristics of the free beaches “the methods of access and use must be precisely defined locally, identifying the most suitable and effective ones”. Signs in different languages ​​must be posted in the access points to the free beaches – it reads – containing clear indications on the behavior to be followed, in particular the social distancing of at least one meter and the ban on gathering. The perimeter of each set-up (umbrella / deck chair / chair) must be mapped and traced – for example with positioning of ribbons – which will be coded in compliance with the rules laid down for the bathing establishments, to allow users to correctly position their own equipment in compliance with the distancing and in order to avoid aggregation. This provision will make it possible to identify the maximum capacity of the beach even by defining hourly shifts and to book coded spaces, also through the use of online apps / platforms, which will also favor contact tracing in the event of a contagion case. Provisions will also have to be considered to limit the stopping of bathers on the shoreline to avoid gatherings “. Appropriate measures must be ensured for cleaning the beach and sanitizing common facilities, such as toilets, if any. Where possible, the document concludes, entrust the management of these beaches to bodies / entities that can use adequately trained personnel, also assessing the possibility of involving voluntary associations, third sector entities, etc., also in order to inform users about the behaviors to follow “.

4 meters per customer in restaurants, no buffet – The space for each customer in restaurants must more than triple from 1.2 meters to four while the buffet service will have to be eliminated. The Inail and ISS document on catering also highlights the importance of introducing mandatory reservations. “The layout of the restaurant premises – reads – should be reviewed guaranteeing the spacing between the tables – also in consideration of the space of movement of the staff – not less than 2 meters and guaranteeing in any case among the customers during the meal (which necessarily takes place without a mask ), a distance capable of avoiding the transmission of droplets and by contact between people, also including indirect transmission through dishes, cutlery. A predetermined maximum capacity limit must be defined, providing for a space that normally should not be less than 4 meters squares for each customer, without prejudice to the possibility of adopting organizational measures such as, for example, dividing barriers. The shift in the service in an innovative way and with preferably compulsory reservation can be a useful organizational tool also for the purpose of sustainability and prevention of gatherings of people waiting outside the club “. It should be eliminated – it is still read – methods of buffet service or similar.


New Rangers corners with 3B Frazier, Bird Competing at 1B – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Todd Frazier and Greg Bird are at opposite corners for the Texas Rangers and at different stages of their career.

Frazier clearly wasn’t the best third base choice for the Rangers, considering their well publicized search for the best free agent Anthony Rendon this season. But the former two-time All-Star can provide some veteran stability after six different players started on the hot corner for Texas last season after Adrian Beltre retired.

“I’m just trying to be who I am, and I’m trying to maintain that position,” said 34-year-old Frazier, with his fifth team and going into his tenth season in the league. “So for me, play with the defense I know, focus on guiding the boys and the rest will take care of themselves.”

27-year-old Bird signed a non-roster deal before spring training, giving him the opportunity to compete to become the first Ranger baseman after suffering from a string of injuries over the past five years with the New York Yankees.

“He’s an awesome, awesome guy,” said Ranger manager Chris Woodward. “His approach to the pot does not swing the balls, which is good for me. But even when he is hit, he does a lot of damage. And talking to him, that mentality obviously corresponds to the performance on the field.”

Teammates during the second half of the 2017 season with the New York Yankees, Frazier and Bird now have lockers next to each other in the Rangers spring training clubhouse in Surprise, Arizona.

Frazier has spent the past two seasons with the New York Mets. Bird only played 82 games for the Yankees in 2018 after ankle surgery, so he was limited to 10 games early last season before being sidelined by a plantar laceration in his left foot.

The Rangers knew that it would not be easy to replace Beltre. The four-time All-Star and five-time Gold Glove winner with 3,166 career hits retired after the 2018 season instead of playing in his 40s.

Asdrubal Cabrera, a former two-time short-stop All-Star, was signed last season and moved to third base. He filled that place until it was released shortly after the commercial deadline, so he played mostly second base for the rest of the season for the Washington Nationals World Series champion.

After Rendon left the Nationals and opted for a seven-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels in the early stages of free agency, the Rangers were consistently cited as possible landing points for Nolan Arenado from Colorado or Kris Bryant from the Chicago Cubs when it appeared that one of those three All-Star bases could be exchanged.

Frazier signed a $ 3.5 million deal with the Rangers in mid-January for this season that includes a club 2021 option with a $ 1.5 million buyout.

“Todd, he’s been around for a while and brings a lot of energy, a lot of passion to the game,” said Woodward. “It represents a lot of what we preach internally, just his attitude. … He wants to win. He wants to take him every day to the clubhouse. He is relentless.”

His right arm became a free agent in November when he turned down a final assignment for Triple-A, and was somewhat surprised by an offer from the Rangers.

But Texas had five different players starting at first base last season. Ronald Guzman, a young left-handed who is a strong defender, had the most starts with 72, but only hit .134 against left-handed players. General Manager Jon Daniels said Bird was signed up to compete for the job, not just to be part of a platoon situation.

Bird had played a few games in the Dominican Republic this winter, in what he called a normal offseason.

After 11 home games in 46 games for the Yankees when he made his big league debut in 2015, Bird lost all of 2016 following surgery to repair a torn lip in his right shoulder before his foot was injured in the past three seasons.

“One thing that teaches you is patience. Definitely something I’ve had more than one check after each time strangely,” said Bird. “It drives you crazy while you try, to be honest … you learn patience, you learn to work with what you have, you learn a few days that will not be what you want, but you have to deal with that. And, you know, keep smiling and goes on. ”


Atomic Veterans of America – NBC Connecticut

The enemy Hank Bolden
faced did not come from a distant front line.

It came from the skies.

It’s a battle that’s still going on 65 years later. Bolden, who is now 82 years old, is an atomic veteran – one of hundreds of thousands of American service members used in human testing by the United States government during post-WWII nuclear tests and sworn to a secret life.

“They wanted to see how the living soldiers would resist the exposure
to radiation, ”recalls Bolden. “Before using live soldiers they were using
mannequins. But you don’t get real results using mannequins as you would
live bodies. “


While accompanying a friend to a New Haven recruiting station in 1953, Bolden was invited to join the army. At just 16 years old then and already out of high school, he admits that he “pulled down” his birth certificate to move to the age of 18, joining the approximately 200,000 underage soldiers who would have served during the Second World War and the eras of the Korean War.

After basic training in
Fort Dix was assigned to work as a tank mechanic in Texas before moving to Texas
California and becoming a surface-to-air missile mechanic.

Despite an executive order issued in July
26, 1948, by President Harry S. Truman to desegregate the armed forces, the last one
the all black units of the army were not abolished until 1954. And in 1955, Bolden
he says, racist attitudes persist even after the units have been racially integrated.

“The residual thoughts of people were firm
linger, “he says.” My outfit was 800 people strong. Thirteen of us were
black. Ten were from the South, who were more tolerant of treatment
they got racially. But the three of us from the North couldn’t tolerate it,
so I have had many fights over this. So I was the guy they wanted
get rid of.”

It would not be the only race
discrimination Bolden would witness as a soldier.


In 1955, the seventeen year old
he was suddenly ordered to the Nevada desert without explanation.

“They don’t tell you what you’re going to face,” he said. “Nobody
they knew what they were going to face. ”

What he would eventually face was a classified operation known as Operation Teapot at the Nevada Test Site. In a series of 14 bomb throws, or “hits”, military officials tried to test the effects of nuclear bombs on structures and strategies, animals and people.

All races of military personnel
participated in the Teapot operation. But upon arrival in Nevada, Bolden was
astounded to accomplish all the other soldiers in his new specially selected unit
for a mysterious assignment they were also black.

“There was this myth about black people
be able to resist, tolerate certain things more than any other race “, he
He says. “So it was a test on that too.”


One morning in February, Bolden
the unit was ordered in a desert trench. Unbeknownst to them, it was excavated
the expected route of the fallout, only 2.8 miles away from what it would have become
ground zero for the launch of an atomic bomb.

Even though a countdown sounded on the speakers, Bolden says, the soldiers still had no idea what they were about to face. Without protective gear in addition to the normal fabrics and helmets, they waited and looked.

“They tell you to cover your eyes”
he says.

On February 18, 1955, Shot Wasp, the first nuclear test of Operation Teapot, detonated a Mark 6 nuclear bomb dropped by a B-36 exactly at noon. A monstrous cloud of mushrooms filled the sky, reaching 21,500 feet in height.

“With radiation, when you put your arms over your eyes or hands, you actually see the bones, you see the bones in your body from the exposure. You can see your skeleton. “

After the relapse the warning came.

“You swore not to speak
“said Bolden. The soldiers were threatened with imprisonment and fines for violation
The oath.

For 60 years, Bolden didn’t tell anyone. No this
family, not his wife, not his children. Not even her doctors when she spies on her
tumors have started to show. He developed bladder and posterior subcapsular cancer
cataract and in 1990 multiple myeloma was diagnosed.

“They actually gave me three and a half years
four years to live, ”recalls Bolden.
So in 1995 I should have been a statistic. “

But in 1995, Bolden was in remission. He is a citizen
the secret was coming to light.


Government figures estimate between 400,000 and 550,000 US military personnel who participated in a series of nuclear tests between 1946 and 1992. According to the Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency, this includes post occupation forces -Second World War of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, prisoners of war in Japan at the end of the Second World War, participants in the atmospheric nuclear tests in Nevada and the Pacific from 1945 to 1962 and participants in the underground nuclear tests in Nevada from 1951 to 1992.

Many of these “atomic veterans” have succumbed before their own
the stories have become public, their bodies are full of tumors. In
1990, the veil of secrecy began to lift.

After setting up the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments to investigate 10-year experiments, President Clinton made a formal apology to American atomic veterans on October 3, 1995. By order of the president, Congress would repeal the nuclear radiation agreement law. and secrecy, allowing atomic veterans to talk about their experiences without fear of fines or treason charges. And financial compensation has been opened to all qualified atomic veterans.

“Those who led the government when these decisions were made are no longer here to take responsibility for what they have done. They are not here to apologize to survivors, family members or their communities whose lives have been overshadowed by shadow of these choices So today, on behalf of another generation of American leaders and another generation of American citizens, the United States of America offers sincere apologies to those of our citizens who have undergone these experiments. the government is wrong, we have a moral responsibility to admit it, “said President Bill Clinton on October 3, 1995

But the television address has been obscured. The same happened
day when OJ Simpson’s verdict was issued in a live classroom feed, taking
on televisions and news cycles across America.

As a result, many skilled veterans had no idea of ​​the ban
the secrecy had been lifted, nor that they could claim benefits. Bolden no
find out until he researched the Internet, he says, in 2015.

“I was once so angry and so aggravating with the government that I thought I would be murdered to keep me from talking,” he says.

When Bolden attempted to apply for subsidies, he found that the burden of proof was placed on his fellow atomic veterans. The government would give compensation from the date a complaint was filed, but not retroactively, and only if the veteran could prove that he had participated in the tests – which proved to be an almost impossible task after millions of military documents were destroyed in a 1973 fire against the National Staff Registration Center. As many as 18 million documents were burned, including 80% of all army personnel discharged between 1912 and 1960.

“They hoped for it
would have died sooner or would have been one of those guys who surrendered ”
says Anthony Bolden, Hank’s son. “No thanks. Hank doesn’t have it.”

After paying her
own pocket for a polygraph lie detector pouch, Hank eventually claimed
approved, setting a precedent for other atomic veterans whose records were

Photo: Hidden story: the atomic veterans of America

Hit a high note

“The love of music has
I’ve always been there. “

After his honorable discharge
from the army, Bolden went to work as an engineer before deciding to pursue a
career as a jazz musician who works while his family grows. Tell the story
while cradling the tenor saxophone that has been at his side since 1967. The “Rolls
Royce “of tools, he says.

The brand is Selmer. IS
in a strange coincidence, the model is a 6 sign. It is the same name as the shot
Wasp atomic bomb design.

But this is where the
the similarities end. The bomb was his nightmare. Music, his dream and his
outlet to work through the trauma of what lived in Nevada

“It’s like the blood inside
my veins. It takes away all my other thoughts, “he says

Bolden is finally
he receives compensation from the government and is now using it to help make his dream come true.
He returned to school, studying jazz performances at Hartt University of Hartford

“They are like the relic
here with all these kids, you know, “he chuckles.

Professor Javon Jackson
says that the 82-year-old is leaving a unique mark on the prestigious program.

“He has a lot of emotion,” says Jackson. “He is a very bluesy, very full of feeling, a natural player. His life, wisdom and the things he has acquired allow him to play the way it sounds.”


The vast majority of
Today, the American atomic veterans of the atmospheric test era are gone. About
400,000 veterans were present during these tests, according to the veterans
Administration. Survivors’ numbers vary, from around 10,000 to 80,000
still alive.

Bolden believes he is one of only two surviving African American atomic veterans who are recognized and receive compensation from the government. He is on a mission to reach as many survivors as possible and help them request the long-awaited recognition and compensation.

And he’s sharing his story, he says, to make sure the plight of American atomic veterans is no longer ignored.

“When people like me pass by, this won’t be part of the story unless someone makes sure it’s kept alive.”


Platform Unin 78: A national ‘Enough Already’ convene a large demonstration in Madrid against the cessions of the Government to separatism

Rosa Dez, Fernando Savater, Carlos Urquijo, Jess Cuadrado and Mara San Gil, among others, present the Unin 78 platform

Rose D

Rosa Dez, Jess Cuadrado and Fernando Savater, at the presentation of Unin 78.

A large part of those that constituted 2000Enough, acivic platformI was born in himBasque Countryto combat nationalism, they have come together again and have called on referents and representatives of civil society throughoutSpainto raise his voice this time against the cessions of the Government before the separatist parties.

Rosa Dez,Fernando Savater, Carlos UrquijoorJess Squarehave appeared this Wednesday before the media to announce that next March they will convene a mobilization that they hope will be massive in favor of the citizen and theConstitution. And against the fact that members of the Government “consider the Magna Carta a hindrance” or “the mutilation of their legal defenses.”

It was Rosa Dez who first remembered the parallelism betweenUnin 78-the name of the platform presented this Wednesday- and Enough Already because “the Spanish today need a national Enough Now”. Of course, the founder of UPyD has explained that the platform “has no electoral pretensions neither in the short, nor in the medium, nor in the long term.”

Savater has stated that Unin 78 cannot allow “the Government to decide the structure of the country” based on its agreements with the independentists because “we cannot move from a civic nation to a single nation.” “You cannot suddenly empty the whole country to make it a set of territories,” he said.

Among the conveners is Jess Cuadrado, former national deputy of the PSOE and former member of theFederal Committee, which has appealed to all socialists who renounce cessions to separatism to raise their voices and denounce it. “Not a single Spanish socialist can feel identified with this table,” he proclaimed.

The former president of the Basque PP,Mara San GilFor his part, he added that there is “a large part” of Spanish society that is “greatly alarmed and concerned” with what the Government is doing. Therefore, he summarized that “it is time for civil society to recover the role it must have.”

The members of theUnin 78 platformthey have not specified where and when the citizen mobilization they want to convene will take place. But they have ensured that their intention is to be in Madrid next March.

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