Coronavirus, some districts of Beijing in lockdown – Asia

New cases of coronavirus have been triggered today with the lockdown in different districts of Beijing. Eleven housing complexes in the south of the capital of China were isolated because of an outbreak of Covid-19 connected to the meat market of Xinfadi, according to reports from local officials. Nine of the schools and kindergartens in the vicinity were closed.

Exceeded quota 425mila (425.330) the number of deaths linked to the coronavirus in the worldaccording to data from the american university and Johns Hopkins. The total cases of infection are almost 7 million and 630mila. The most affected country in the world remains the United States, with approximately 115 people dead, more than 2 million cases.

The deaths from coronavirus in the United States in the last 24 hours have been 839. And’ what emerges from the data of the Johns Hopkins University, who speaks of 2.04 million of cases overall and 114.643 total deaths.

It does not show sagging pandemic coronavirus in Latin Americagiven that in the last 24 hours, the infections have increased by another 49.019 cases reaching 1.556.169, while the total general of the dead arrived to 75.661 (+2.115). And’ what emerges today from a statistical processing implemented by the LOOP on the basis of the data of 34 countries and territories in Latin america. The eyes of the analysts continue to be focused on the Brazil, the country widely most affected in the region. Its outbreaks are now 828.810 (+25.982) and the dead 41.828 (+909), with which you place as the second in the world overall, behind the United States. Follow Peru (220.749 and 6.308), Chile (160.846 and 2.870), Mexico (133.974 and 15.944), Ecuador (45.778 and 3.828), Colombia (46.858 and 1.545) and Argentina (27.373 and 772).

Are 6.472 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Pakistan in the last 24 hours, a figure that brings the total of cases to 132.405. This was announced by the ministry of Health. The death toll in the country has increased to 88 (19 in less than yesterday) at an altitude of 2.551. It is the second day in a row where there are over 6,000 new infections. The east Punjab and the Sindh south are the provinces most affected with 50.087 and 49.256 cases, respectively, the 75% of the total cases in the country. The number of people healed by the coronavirus has risen to 50.056 (37,8%), with 9.809 people who have recovered from illness in the last 24 hours. Pakistan announced Friday a budget of 7294,9 billion rupees for the next fiscal year. 20 billion rupees have been allocated to improve the capacity of health facilities and the production of medical equipment.