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Liverpool Mayor asks to investigate why Liverpool-A was played

Liverpool Mayor Steve Rotheram has asked this Thursday that an investigation is initiated around the reason that led to the normal play, with the presence of 3,000 Spanish fans, the Champions League match between Liverpool and Atlético de Madrid and its incidence on the spread of the coronavirus in the English city.

“If people have been infected as a direct result of a sporting event that we think should not have taken place, It is scandalous”Rotheram said in statements to the British BBC.

While in Spain it was already recommended not to make unnecessary trips and mass concentrations of people were prohibited (football was going to be played without an audience, before the suspension), the English authorities did not declare the game behind closed doors and allowed the massive arrival of amateurs. “Not only fans were put in danger, but also to all health workers and their families who may have contracted it, “Rotheram added.

Increase of cases

So far, 246 people have died as a result of the coronavirus in Liverpool hospitals with a total of more than 1,200 infected. “We have seen an increase in the infection curve. That needs to be investigated to find out if any of those infections are directly connected to Atlético fans. They did not have permission to meet in their own city, but they came to ours and may have spread the virus“added the politician.

The meeting, which took place on March 11, brought together around 3,000 Spanish fans in Liverpool and has been criticized on several occasions in the past for its relationship with the spread of the coronavirus. Already at the beginning of the month, Liverpool’s director of public health, Matthew Ashton, assured that the increase in coronavirus cases in the city could have been influenced by the game against Atlético de Madrid.


The ‘Jimmy case’ is reopened by a witness ignored by the judge

The Provincial Court of Madrid has reopened two years later the case that investigates the death of the fan of Deportivo de La Coruña Francisco Javier Romero, ‘Jimmy’, in November 2014, because there is a witness who could turn the investigation around and point to the perpetrators of the murder.

The Fourth Section revokes the order of June 26, 2018 issued by the head of the Investigating Court 20 of Madrid, Jesús de Jesús Sánchez, who closed the investigation “as there are no indications of criminality against any person”That is, without imputing the death of Jimmy to anyone.

The cause that reopens is the separate piece called “homicide and injuries” for the investigation of the death of the follower of the Riazor Blues and of the injuries suffered by the other fan of Deportivo that was thrown into the Manzanares riverOn the other hand, Santiago A. Does not affect the main piece of the riot fight, which is awaiting the signaling of trial against 82 ultras for allegedly participating in the brawl in which Jimmy died and who face penalties of up to 2 and a half years in prison.

Second time the case is reopened

It is the second time the Court reopens this case It already did the same in June 2017 when it asked the previous investigating judge to carry out new investigative procedures that, once carried out, led to a new closure of the investigation, pending the confirmation of this decision by the magistrates.

But now the Madrid Court reopens the case and orders the investigating judge to carry out a single procedure that they consider of vital importance, the statement to a woman – requested by the accusations – that claims to have heard one of Jimmy’s alleged perpetrators brag about it and that it appears in a police report. This woman did not want to go later to testify at the police station for fear of her safety, but the court did not summon her, nor was she offered protection to guarantee her statement, the car explains.

The magistrates say that “it is a relevant and relevant witness statement for the purposes of investigating the procedure, since it could constitute a source of evidence with the potential capacity to converge with others already recorded in the proceedings, “which is none other than the testimony of the person who was a protected witness in the procedure for minors and charged in the quarrel, that targeted four people as the perpetrators of death.

Corroborate another statement

They warn that “if the witness were to testify before the judge in the terms set forth in the police report, this could represent a significant corroboration of the incriminating statement of the investigated P.V.P.” that in turn “could transcend other investigated” to which this co-defendant also implies. In other words, they point out, “it could determine a modification of the reliability judgment of the incriminating statement of PVP and, ultimately, we could be before a testimony whose effects would be capable of rationally justifying a reevaluation of all the material generated in the course of The instruction”.

After four years of investigations, the investigating judge closed the case because he said that the testimony of the co-accused could not be taken as proof of charge since he did not give his statements under oath and could with his statement seek an excuse. “I consider that the version of the events of the aforementioned co-investigator is not reliable, credible, or worthy of the precise credibility”, which identified five ultras of the Athletic Front as material perpetrators of death, therefore, “it does not serve evidently for the purposes of supporting the prosecution of any person.”

Now the cause can completely change. In fact, the Court rejects all the parties’ requests for proof except one, that of this witness, because they consider that it is the only one capable of giving a full turn to research and shed light to shed light on a death that shocked the country and brought about changes in the fight against violence in football.


Santander League: If the League does not resume, Atlético will play the Europa League: Bara, Madrid, Sevilla and Real, to Champions | LaLiga Santander 2019

The Federation announces a decision that “will be made at the request of UEFA according to the classification of the last day of the First Division in equal number of games played by the 20 teams.”

Simeone, during an Atlético match.

Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Seville and Real SociedadThey would be the four Spanish representatives in the next edition of the Champions League, in case the League could not be resumed and the season had to be terminated.

This has been decided today by theFederation, who has authorized theExceptional extension of end datesof the current season and beginning of the next one beyond June 30.

This means thatYou could get to play beyond June 30, not what will be done.

The RFEF also ensures that, in case of not being able to finish the 38 days of the League,the last classification in which all the teams in the League had the same number of matches would be taken into account. That is, if no match is played again, the table of results that will be used to determine the clubs that compete in European competitions will be thecurrent, in which Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Seville and Real Sociedad occupy the first four places, whileAtlético de Madrid and Getafe will compete in the Europa League.

In the case ofseventh place for Europe, which is awarded to the champion of theCopa del Rey, the Federation estimates that, in the event of having played the final, the winner will go. If that winner is already in the top six in the league, and therefore already classified, it will be the one that will occupy the seventh place.

If the final is not disputed andReal and Athleticare in the top six, the seventh ranked would go. If only one was in the top six, the other finalist would go, and if none were in the top six, the one with the best position in the table would go.

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The exemplary fight against the fear of the legends: “We all have to go to one”

Santamaría (90 years old), Irureta (72) and Rexach (73) face mourning and seclusion with enviable vitality and great mental strength.

José Emilio Santamaría, Javier Irureta and Carles Rexach.

Yesterday, one more day,José Emilio Santamaría(Montevideo, 1929) he got on his exercise bike at 10 in the morning with his usual Spartan discipline. “You have your routines. You always have to be positive to carry everything with dignity and without humiliation », tells EL MUNDO this living football myth, champion of four European Cups with Real Madrid. About to turn 91, Santamaría does not feel like an example of anything, although her extraordinary vitality seems more necessary today than ever.

«You have to obey and that’s it. We have to reach an understanding and perhaps this way we can advance the end of the confinement a little more », predicts this defense of Uruguayan blood and Spanish soul, whose contagious energy seems safe even during the rigors of seclusion. «I know very well that some of my former teammates in Madrid are quite emotionally affected or with physical pain. Despite everything, I still have moments to talk on the phone with them, “reveals the former coach of Spain during the 1982 World Cup.

“Walking alone is not worth it, but exercise has a powerful effect, both physically and emotionally, in older people,” he continues.Mikel Izquierdo, Professor in Health Sciences from the Public University of Navarra. “Ex-footballers, if they don’t let go, can have a successful aging model because great tactical and / or emotional intelligence is often added to their innate physical qualities,” adds this former collaborator of the coaching staff ofPep Guardiola, underlining that the wide spectrum encompasses both the decrepit Ronaldinho and the nonagenarian splendor of Santamaría.

Paddle and tennis in your garden

Of course, the tactical and emotional aspects do not seem to have secrets toCarles Rexach(Barcelona, ​​1947), more pending today to improve his skills as a gardener than the recent convulsions in the Camp Nou offices. «I cut the grass and take care of the flowers. I also run and do some simulation of paddle tennis or tennis in my garden, but when I can’t go out, I’m only aware of what happens in the club through the press, “admits the former Barça coach, with a model attitude in these days when he has lost three or four “very close” friends.

We are more supportive than we thought ourselves.

Carles Rexach.

Far from freezing with panic,Charlylaunches a fluid plea against a crisis that will mark “before and after” in our lives. «It will help us to reconsider and we are going to extract some lessons. For example, that we are more supportive than we thought ourselves “, deepens the great friend ofJohan Cruyff. «Of course we all have to go to one, because it is the only way to face a completely new situation. That is now the priority. There will be time later to fight us », expands Rexach, still overwhelmed by the recent news aboutGoyo BenitoorJosé Luis Capón, so many times rivals on the pitch.

The death of the long-awaited Capon came toJavier Irureta(Irún, 1948) through the group ofWhatsAppwhich he shares with other Atlético veterans. From his home in Getxo, the 2000 league champion with Deportivo, he now points to the “bug” as “the only enemy”. “It is the moment to make everyone pineapple and to put their shoulders close, each one according to his possibilities,” Jabo stresses after one of his daily exercise sessions. As far as I can, I walk on the terrace. Also, before eating I exercise in the living room: 40 minutes of stretching and dumbbell work ».

“They were always survivors”

He has been warning about the beneficial connection between physical exercise and mental health in older peopleMargarita Limón, professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Madrid. “It is like a circle that feeds back. Intense activity multiplies the activity of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, which in turn provide a more energetic state and a more positive attitude “, analyzes this specialist in Sports Sciences.

The worst is uncertainty and lack of control, because they are what generate the most fear.

Margarita Limón. Sports Sciences Psychologist.

A fervent soccer fan of the 70s, Limón highlights the values ​​of a generation hardened in adversity. “All these players, like my belovedPirriThey overcame very difficult situations, but they got ahead with effort and tenacity. They were always survivors. His example should be more valid now than ever, especially for many of our young people, who seem to collapse at the first blow, “says this doctor in Psychology. «The period of mourning is normal for those who have lost their friends. The worst, despite everything, is uncertainty and lack of control, because they are the factors that generate the most fear. But it is the moment in which we must value the effort of these ancient idols who continue to lead by example from home.

Without going any further, the routines of Santamaría or Irureta seem to be taken from the recent study published by Izquierdo in theJournal of the American Medical Association. “We designed a strength training for 370 people over the age of 75 admitted to a geriatric unit and we demonstrated that this program reversed the functional deterioration typical of a hospitalization,” says this professor from King’s College, London. If the fourth cause of mortality on a planetary level is sedentary lifestyle and if the pandemic is going to multiply this risk, nothing better than daily work. “We must rethink that old age is associated with disease. Because with a bike and a gym, many are in better shape than sedentary young people under 30 years old, “concludes Izquierdo.

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Liga Santander: The disturbing traffic light of the economic health of football: the inequalities of the League | LaLiga Santander 2019

The suspension of the league, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, has triggered a wave of Ertes and salary cuts for soccer players and employees. In a competition that increases your income every year. Don’t clubs have a financial lung? It depends. The response of Spanish teams is being very uneven


Napoli: Hirving Lozano would already be in talks to reach LaLiga

The lack of minutes in the Napoli has made things clear to Hirving “Chucky” Lozano, because the Aztec striker would request his departure from the Neapolitan club after his bad relationship with the strategist Gennaro Ivan Gattuso.

According to information from the journalist Fernando Cevallos, the Mexican attacker is already in talks with him Seville from The league, fart besides that, the Aztec has offers of the Atlético de Madrid and Valencia.

Also read: David Faitelson busts Ángel Reyna for his accusations of Chivas figures

In Seville retain the Argentine Lucas Ocampo It will be complicated who has been the most relevant of the Seville so far in the 2019-2020 Season, so that the Sevillian club, seeing the need to acquire an attacker, will seek to bring Lozano.

He Napoli He will not easily let go of the Aztec national team, who became one of the most expensive signings in the history of the club, so he would be asking for 40 million euros to release him.


Liga Santander: The triple war that makes football fight against the virus more difficult | LaLiga Santander 2019

The failure to search for an agreement to cut wages adds to the tensions between Thebes, Rubiales and Aganzo.

FILE PHOTO: La Liga President Javier lt; HIT gt; Tebas lt; / HIT gt; poses ...

Javier Tebas, at the headquarters of the League.

A war within a war is too much for football. The one that frees the entire world against the coronavirus is framed within the one that grips the sector itself, in the middle of a fight of interests and egos. Even the outbreak of the pandemic has not fostered a truce for the common good. The failure in the search for a sectorial cut of the soccer players, the best paid group of workers in the country, is seasoned with initiatives, declarations or supposed agreements that undermine or reinforce the position of each leader in his kingdom of taifa, but undermine a common solution. Soccer today is more money, politics and ego than sport.

Javier Thebes,David AganzoYLuis Rubialesthey are the actors in this war. The first and the second, at the head of the League and the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE), did not reach an agreement on Monday for a cut agreed in the sector. This would lead to unequal situations among the squads, depending on the situation of their clubs. Each raise their cut and their ERTE, as recommended by the League. Those from Barcelona, ​​Espanyol and Alavs have already been accepted by the administration.

Rubiales, at the head of the Federation, proposed, yesterday within the framework of the Delegate Commission, an agreement with the union so that the players do not play, if they return to the fields this season, within 72 hours. They also agreed to limit match times due to the heat in an unexplained summer. Immediately, the League, with voice in the Delegate Commission, denied both pacts. Remember the organization led by Thebes, that the competition to set schedules is yours, not the Federation’s.

“I must think about the day after”

The players’ union has not understood the gravity of the situation, it is out of reality, says Thebes, in relation to the lack of agreement for the salary cut. I think that footballers, in general, are not just aware of the situation we are in, adds the leader, who has been criticized by some voices since the beginning of this crisis for understanding that he was only referring to economic risks in half of a health emergency. The AFE and the Federation refer in the first place to health.

Of course I am concerned about health, more would be lacking, but for the position I occupy and the responsibility I have, I must think about the day after, the viability of professional football, of an industry that means a lot in this country and that now we all play It is necessary that we make the appropriate decisions, responds the employer’s leader.

The calculations of the League show a catastrophic loss in case the competition could not be resumed, a remote scenario, but that cannot be ruled out and has to be foreseen in the clubs’ performance protocols. This is reflected, for example, in the previous agreements reached by clubs such as Atlético de Madrid, which agreed with the footballers the decrease in their wages before finalizing the ERTE for the rest of their employees, as this newspaper announced. It would be about 1,000 million euros, says Thebes, among television rights that could not be collected, plus other affected items, such as box office income, credits to return or losses in marketing.

60% for wages

Under normal conditions, of those 1,000 million, 600 would go to wages, according to employers. That is, 60%. For this reason, Thebes considers that the offer transferred by the AFE was inadmissible, and that is that, in that case, the players lost 20% of their annual salary and recovered 10% the following season. In case of returning the League, they will keep their salaries. If the competition returns, his offer was to lose zero, and that cannot be either, because even if the television rights are charged, there will have been substantial losses, adds Thebes. In the best of scenarios, that return of the matches will be behind closed doors.

Rubiales, for his part, offered to open a line of credit to aid clubs worth 500 million and from which professional teams could also benefit, with their television rights as collateral, but Tebas replied that this solution was not possible. , given the provisions of the Royal Decree of centralized sale of rights.

The president of the League has been facing Rubiales since his time in AFE. Aganzo, who came to the union as the second’s dolphin, is now positioned against his mentor and, due to the refusal to cut back, in a difficult situation vis-à-vis Thebes. Three leaders without a tune in command of the three legs of football. Bad business, and more in times of war.

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Radomir Antic, the creator of the most beautiful Atleti

Radomir Antic greets the Caldern.

There is a whole generation of Athletics, that lost generation among the black and white glory ofPleaseand the heroic rescue ofSimeone, for whichRadomir AnticHe was not a coach: he was the perfect summer love. YesLuis Aragonsit is childhood, the severe and tender father, and the Cholo the maturity, the overwhelming companion,RadoIt was youth: everything quickly, everything in style, everything unforgettable. It came by surprise and left quickly, but in between I left the kind of happiness and beauty that only d

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Radomir Antic, the coach of Atlético’s ‘double’, dies

Has died Radomir Antic. He was 71 years old. Atlético de Madrid, the club he brought to glory with the conquest of the historic double with the League and the Copa del Rey (1996), has revealed the death of the only coach who has led the three greats of Spanish football.

He was first in Madrid where he was dismissed due to the persistence of Johan Cruyff in denouncing that this team did not give a show. But before that, he began his career on the bench in Spain, managing Zaragoza after winning in his country, leading Partizán from Belgrade to win two consecutive Leagues.

Replaced Say Stéfano on the Bernabéu bench when the ‘Dream Team’ of Cruyff cSpanish football began to govern and the echo of the ‘Quinta del Buitre’ died out. But it was short-lived because the then president Ramon Mendoza dismissed him in January, being the leader of the championship, because that Madrid did not give a show. The thesis of Cruyff.

‘Radomir, I love you’

A Madrid that later lost its League on the last day in Tenerife. Then he went to Oviedo, prologue to his brightest stage in the old and already destroyed Calderón when he won a League and a Cup, precisely in Cruyff’s last season at the Camp Nou. He spent two more years in the Calderón. Until 1998.

An eleven that was recited almost from memory with Molina, Geli, Solozábal, Santi, Toni, Vizcaíno, Pantic, Simeone and Caminero, Kiko and Penev. A team that had the cunning of Pantic in the shots to set pieces (fouls and corners) together with the scoring nose of several of his pieces.

Up to four footballers that season exceeded ten goals: Penev (scored 16), Simeone (12), Kiko (11) and Pantic (10). Among the four they scored more goals than 11 First teams at the end of the championship.

“His good work on the Atletico bench earned him not only to become one of our most prestigious coaches, currently being the fourth coach in Atletico history with the most official games led, with a total of 189, but also to gain unconditional affection from a stand that sang the ‘Radomir, I love you’ every time our team played at home, “recalls Atlético de Madrid in its farewell message.

“With the loss of Radomir we lose a little bit of the club’s heart” (Miguel Ángel Gil Marín)

“With the loss of Radomir, a bit of the heart of the club leaves us,” he confessed. Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, the CEO of the rojiblanco club. “We have left a great person and one of the architects of the magnificent golden age that Atlético lived”, he added Enrique Cerezo, President.

Then, he had to return to ensure the permanence of the rojblanco team, something that, however, he could no longer achieve in the 1999-2000 season when Atlético completed its descent to the Second Division.

Six months at the Camp Nou

Antic still ended up passing the Camp Nou bench. It was a hard time. The black years of Gaspart, who did without Louis van Gaal in January 2003 and opted for the former Atlético coach, with the aim of placing the team, which was in a self-destructive process, in the UEFA Cup.

Antic achieved the objective and felt that he had made merits to continue directing Barça. But the virtuous circle of Joan Laporta appeared, who opted for Frank Rijkaard. And the Serbian coach’s stage was really brief at Camp Nou. Hardly six months.

Later, his coaching career led him to Celta, to the Serbian team, which led to the World Cup in South Africa, ending his career at Shandong Luneng and Hebei Zhongji in the Chinese league.