After the death of George Floyd: racism-debate TV program

The U.S. streaming service, HBO has gone with the wind the classic film “The wind” for the time being withdrawn – and this is just one example: The Anti-racism protests, change the TV program.

By Katharina Wilhelm, ARD-Studio, Los Angeles

The TV police series “Cops” has been running for over 30 years in the United States. On Monday, the 33 should. Season will be aired, but the Paramount Network, wrote in an announcement: the series will end soon. There are no plans to have the series back on the screen.

The series “Cops” was one of the first that started as a so-called “Reality TV Show” real cops work accompanied. Again and again it rained criticism. Among other things, is said to have been shown in the series again and again, aggressive behavior of White police officers against Black. In addition, the programme often gives people to be guilty, although there had been no court hearing.

Cooperation with the police

In the Podcast “Running from the Cops,” takes a critical look with the item, was noted by Dan Taberksi that the police have set some of the detainees are under pressure, the release of the Videos to agree. Between the production team and the police there had been a cooperation that was of benefit to the police:

“You noticed that, if a TV Show, worked with the police, instead of against it, great Material came up. And the police was portrayed in turn as it pleased her.”

In Germany Cops” for the first time in 2017, delivery “, among other things, in the case of DMAX and RTL.

Gone with the wind

It is not the only Show that was discontinued after the death of the Black George Floyd has sparked a debate about police violence and racism. The similarly constructed police show “Live PD” has been removed from the cable channel A&E from the program.

And it also met a Hollywood classic. The streaming service, “HBO Max” announced that the Film “gone with The wind” from 1939 from the Online library of the platform will be going away. The Film, with actress Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the lead roles, is playing at the time of the civil war in the 1860s in the southern United States. Again and again, the Film was criticized as racist for its depiction of Black, because he is trivializing slavery.

Historical context to come

According to the magazine “Hollywood Reporter” wants to HBO add to the Film, an explanation of its historical context and from the “racist depictions of slavery” distance.

The discussion has also arrived in Europe. The BBC has removed the Comedy series “Little Britain” out of their platform with BBC iPlayer, because, according to the BBC, among other things, racist Stereotypes are supported.


7.1 magnitude earthquake: Another major earthquake in California

7.1 magnitude earthquake: another major earthquake in California |

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A magnitude of 6.4 was recorded in the desert region over 200 kilometers northeast of Los Angeles on Thursday. It was the worst earthquake in southern California in 20 years. Hundreds of aftershocks followed. Seismologists warned that larger quakes could follow.

The earthquake of Thursday was felt by millions of people from Sacramento in northern California to San Diego and from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in the desert state of Nevada and on the northern border of Mexico.

With information from Nicole Markwald, ARD Studio Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Academy Awards: Who Will Get a Coveted Gold Boy?

It is So far again: The Oscars will be awarded in Los Angeles. Which films are the big favorites this year? Who is shining on the red carpet, what surprises are there?

By Katharina Wilhelm, ARD Studio Los Angeles

The “Joker” by Todd Philipps has the greatest chance of winning many Oscars: At least the character study, which wants to explain the origin of the comic villain “Joker”, is going into the race with eleven nominations, including the best film. Whether he will also win in this category is controversial among critics – because the film has divided the audience. But what should be certain: The acting performance of leading actor Joaquin Phoenix should be gold-plated. Phoenix had lost around 25 kilograms for the role, an ordeal that the Oscar Academy often rewards.

War epic “1917”

Even if “Joker” is a favorite, several films with ten nominations are hot on his heels: The war episode “1917” by Sam Mendes, for example. Because of the outstanding camera work, which makes the film look like it was shot in one shot, it also has a good chance of being named best film.

Also “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino, a film about an aging actor and his stunt double – played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt – has received ten nominations. There is also “The Irishman” by Martin Scorsese: The mafia thriller is about an Irishman who is held responsible for the disappearance of a union leader.

Secret favorite: “Parasite”

This year there is a specialty among the nominees: actress Scarlett Johansson has been nominated twice. As the best leading actress forMarriage Story “and as the best supporting actress in” Jojo Rabbit “. But Renée Zellweger probably has the best chances for an Oscar for her portrayal of Judy Garland in” Judy “.

A film is considered a secret favorite because it is the favorite of critics: the South Korean drama “Parasite” by director Bong-Joon-ho. It is the story of a poor family that is gradually nesting in the home of an upper-class family in South Korea. The drama is nominated for best foreign language film, but it could also win the race for “best film”.

Germany has had little luck with the nominations this year. After all, it is SWRCo-production “A Clinic in the Underground – The Cave” nominated for an Oscar in the “Best Documentary” category. The film is about the courageous commitment of a doctor in Syria, who is fighting for human lives there.

No woman nominated

The Oscars were criticized in advance, after no woman was nominated in the “best director” category – the nominated actors were also criticized for lacking diversity. Only Cynthia Erivo was the only black actress nominated for “Harriett”.

So there is once again the accusation that Hollywood is too white and too male.

Influence of streaming services

And it is not only these discussions that put pressure on the filmmakers who make up the Academy Academy members. The influence of the streaming services is again clear: There were 23 nominations for Netflix this year, including the films “The Irishman”, “The Two Popes”, “Marriage Story”, the animated film “Klaus” and for the documentary “American Factory”. By the way, Michelle and Barack Obama are nominated for an Oscar, whose production company “Higher Ground” produced the documentary.

The Oscars will take place again this year without a moderator, instead a wide variety of people from the entertainment industry will lead through the evening.

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Corona pandemic: Trump threatens China with “consequences”

The corona virus could have been stopped in China, says US President Trump. The country must be held responsible if the outbreak was knowingly indebted there. He doesn’t trust China’s numbers either.

US President Trump used his daily press briefing on the corona pandemic to make serious allegations against China again. Trump has threatened China with “consequences” if the country is “knowingly responsible” for the worldwide spread of the novel corona virus. “It could have been stopped in China before it started, and it didn’t,” Trump said in the White House. The whole world is suffering because of it now.

If the pandemic is simply the result of accidental “mistakes”, nothing can be done about it. “But if they were knowingly responsible, yes, there should be consequences,” said the US President, adding the question: “Was it a mistake that got out of hand or was it done on purpose? There is a big one Difference.”

Trump’s government does not rule out that the virus was accidentally spread from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, where bats are examined. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects this theory as “scientifically unfounded”. Both sides have been fighting a propaganda battle for weeks. China’s government is scattering reports that US soldiers may have brought the virus to Wuhan.

“China is first”

The US President also expressed strong doubts about the official Chinese figures on Saturday, according to which there were only 0.33 deaths from the corona virus per 100,000 inhabitants. “The number is impossible,” said Trump. “We are not first, China is first,” said the President. “They are far ahead of us in terms of the dead, we are not even close to each other.” To the journalists’ address, he said: “You know that, I know that, you (the Chinese) know that.” The media did not report this, Trump said.

According to figures released by the US government at the press conference, the number of corona deaths in the United States is 11.24 per 100,000 inhabitants. According to a survey by Johns Hopkins University – which is based on data from other sources – more than 4,300 people have died in China as a result of the pandemic. There are now over 38,000 fatalities in the United States, more than in any other country in the world.

Attack also against governors

Trump again attacked Democratic governors and praised the work of his own government. “The rest of the world looks at us and they respect what we did,” said the Republican. “I know that nobody else could have done what we did.” His government has provided ventilators to the states and increased hospital beds. There is also sufficient testing capacity that the governors just did not use.

Several governors of both the Republicans and Democrats continue to complain about a lack of nationwide tests that are prerequisite for Trump’s gradual reopening of the economy. For example, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said testing will continue to be an issue. DeSantis is considered a loyal supporter of Trump.

Trump also resisted criticism for fueling protests against coronavirus control measures in democratically governed U.S. states. “Some have totally overdone it,” Trump said, referring to the governors. On Friday, Trump had capitalized “Free Michigan!”, “Free Minnesota!” and “Free Virginia!” written. On Saturday, protests against the protective measures were repeated in several states, which are governed by both democratic and republican governors.


Coronavirus: Trump wants to reopen the USA in three phases

Coronavirus: Trump plans to reopen USA in three phases |

Corona locks: This is what the loosening could look like

Schools, shops, major events – today the Chancellor and the country heads decide on easing the Corona requirements. What facilities are under discussion? And what is the dispute about? An overview.

Schools and day-care centers

Not only the researchers at the Leopoldina Academy of Sciences, but also many politicians are calling for schools to open soon. However, there are different opinions about who should go back to school, how exactly this could happen and at what time.

The Leopoldina scientists recommend that classes are initially made possible for primary schools and lower secondary education. However, they do not name a specific point in time. They also call for the group size to be limited to 15 students. However, this should become a problem in many schools if only because of the spatial conditions.

The Robert Koch Institute, on the other hand, is skeptical about opening up, especially for younger people. It makes more sense to look at the older ones first, since they would rather follow the distance rules, said RKI boss Lothar Wieler. Hesse’s Prime Minister Volker Bouffier was also critical of primary schools. He could not imagine that Hessen would reopen it quickly. The opinion of the Leopoldina does not convince him in all areas.

The President of the German Teachers’ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, calls for an early return, especially for students from difficult backgrounds. It is about children with poor knowledge of German who would be left behind by the school closings. Therefore, the school had to be reopened quickly for them. In addition, additional offers would have to be created for this group if regular classes started again. To catch up, offers are conceivable during the holidays.

The Greens, which are involved in numerous state governments, on the other hand, want to send final classes “back to school first”. Grades one through six should also be a priority because the care of younger students is particularly important.

“Day care centers should be opened step by step,” wrote party leaders Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck – first for children with at least one parent in so-called systemically relevant professions, then for others, especially in places with low infection rates. For both schoolchildren and daycare children, the two suggest dividing groups in order to make them smaller.

The deputy head of the FDP, Wolfgang Kubicki, suggested something similar: he is thinking about morning and afternoon operations in schools. In this way, the number of students present at the same time could be reduced and “so-called pack formation” prevented.

The Leopoldina, on the other hand, had recommended that daycare should be left in emergency mode until the summer holidays.

Shops and restaurants

According to Leopoldina, if the infection numbers stabilize and the general prevention rules continue to be observed, retail and hospitality can reopen. The Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE) also calls for a quick opening. “The retail trade must be allowed to reopen nationwide as soon as this is politically justifiable,” said managing director Stefan Genth. In addition, the association wants to ensure that shops are open on Sundays “for 2020 without restrictions and restrictions”.

SPD co-chair Norbert Walter-Borjans also wants to gradually ease the requirements for shops and cafes. “We all have an interest in restoring the supply of goods and services as soon as possible. I prefer a household goods or furniture store that I can only enter with respiratory protection than closed shops.”

FDP Vice Kubicki plans to largely reopen shops and restaurants on April 20. “I would have all shops that are currently closed reopened if the distance rules there are observed,” said Kubicki of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. This could be done, for example, by admission control. From Kubicki’s perspective, restaurants should also be allowed to reopen – “with the appropriate distance between the tables”.


In the course of the easing demands for a far-reaching mask requirement become louder. The Leopoldina speaks in favor of a mouthguard obligation in public transport. “Mouthguards must be worn whenever the two-meter distance requirement cannot be met,” said Gerald Haug, President of the Leopoldina daily topics.

Minister of Education Anja Karliczek said similarly: “All precautionary measures such as distance and hygiene requirements must continue to be strictly adhered to – and mouth-nose protection must also be worn in public spaces,” Karliczek told the “Passauer Neue Presse”. And the chairman of the Association of Cities and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, also spoke out in favor of a protective mask requirement in shops, authorities and local public transport as soon as sufficient masks are available.

However, Landsberg campaigned for regional peculiarities in the easing. The situation in the federal states and regions is very different, one has to take this into account. Federalism had proven itself in the crisis. He stands against almost all federal and state politicians who call for a unified approach. For example, CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer warned that a patchwork should be avoided at the Corona exit. There was nothing else to convey to the citizens.

Major events and demos

Politicians and experts are critical of concerts and soccer games. “At the moment I can’t imagine a major event where people are close to one another,” said Thuringia’s head of government, Bodo Ramelow. In football, Leopoldina President Haug anticipates playing ghost games over a significantly longer period. It would “certainly take many months” before games could again be played in front of tens of thousands of spectators.

Political assemblies are also affected. CDU boss Kramp-Karrenbauer no longer expects a special party conference – at which hundreds of party members would have to gather – to elect her successor before the regular delegates’ meeting in early December. “My impression is that the further we get behind the summer break with a possible special party congress, the less there is a need for a party congress that only takes place a few weeks before the regular one.”

It could be different with larger events that are more important for the functioning of democracy than concerts or sporting events. This is how the first calls for an end to the ban on demonstration are being made. “This is an existential fundamental right of democracy,” said publicist Carolin Emcke.

How are other countries doing?

In Denmark crèches, kindergartens and schools for children up to fifth grade are already open again. Restaurants, cafés, pubs, theaters and other leisure facilities will remain closed for the time being. Meetings with more than ten people are still prohibited, major events are prohibited until the end of August.

Austria allows small shops as well as DIY and garden centers to reopen under strict conditions. From May 1, all shops, shopping centers and hairdressers are to follow. A schedule for the opening of hotels and restaurants is planned for the end of April, the aim is to restart operations from mid-May. Both in retail and in local public transport, the obligation to wear mouth-nose protection applies. In addition, the safety distance of at least one meter is mandatory everywhere.

Also Norway, Lithuania or Spain have partially reactivated public life or plan to do so soon. France and Italy on the other hand, the existing exit restrictions extended until May.


How to delete WhatsApp audios so they don’t take up space | Chronicle

One of the problems of the audio files of WhatsApp is that they quickly fill the memory space of cell phones. Unlike images, videos or documents, they are stored in a specific application folder whose weight is enormous.

However, there is a simple alternative to delete voice memos, without them taking up memory space. For this, it is necessary to download the “Opus Player” application, which is currently available only for devices with the Android operating system. This app allows you to identify the audios, play them and later delete them.

In addition, the tool allows you to view the history of the voice messages of the WhatsApp account and rename them, in case you want to save them for any particular reason.

Another way to delete these files is to enter each user’s conversation and manually delete them one by one. The problem in this way is the time required, which can sometimes be a lot and is not available.

In addition, each user of the online messaging service can delete the conversation history of any chat, in this way any audio file that is there will be deleted immediately.

Before making this last option, one must make sure to save any message, image, video or file that one wants to preserve, since this alternative deletes all the data that is in that space.


Wuhan study: does corona damage the nervous system?

So far, the novel coronavirus has mainly been associated with cough, fever and difficulty breathing. A study from Wuhan now shows that damage to the nervous system could also be the result of an illness.

According to one study, infection with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus can lead to neurological symptoms. Chinese scientists come to this conclusion in a study with patients in Wuhan – the place from which the virus spread worldwide.

The doctors report in the journal “JAMA Neurology”that more than a third of the patients examined had shown signs of damage to the nervous system. The most common symptoms were dizziness and headache, as well as smell and taste disorders.

“We are still in the dark”

There have long been indications that the coronavirus could have such effects. Reports of corona patients losing their sense of smell and taste, at least at times, had accumulated in the past few days. The exact relationships are still unclear. “So far there have been very few examinations of the brain of corona patients. We are still in the dark,” said infectiologist Bernd Salzberger from the Regensburg University Hospital of the German Press Agency.

The study from Wuhan is based on the evaluation of patient files, laboratory findings and radiological examinations for 214 study participants with proven Covid-19 disease. 78 of them showed neurological symptoms. The more severe the overall Covid 19 disease, the more serious the symptoms were.

However, with signs such as headache and dizziness, it remains unclear whether these are an expression of the disease or are part of a systemic inflammatory reaction in patients who were already very ill. Future studies should examine this question.

SARS and MERS nerve damage already known

SARS and MERS, which are also related to a coronavirus, are also known to cause damage to the nervous system. For both infections it has been experimentally proven that the virus can enter the brain via the olfactory nerves in the nasal cavity. In contrast to the SARS infections in 2002/2003, these symptoms appeared with the novel coronavirus at the beginning of the clinical course, according to the current study.

In the case of Covid-19, it is now being discussed whether respiratory arrest could also be the result of neurological damage – for example, inflammation of the brain stem, where the control for the cardiovascular system and the respiratory tract is also located. From a neurological point of view, it is important to clarify how many of the serious illnesses are triggered by the involvement of the central nervous system, said Peter Berlit, General Secretary of the German Society for Neurology.


Greens request: more than 45 million chicks killed in 2019

The number of chicks killed increased again last year. After being around 42 million animals in 2018, it was around 45.3 million animals in 2019.

By Kirsten Girschick and Arne Meyer-five fingers, ARD capital studio

If a male-born chick is born, this has usually been a sure death sentence for him in laying hen breeding. While the hens lay eggs, the males are almost useless for industry – because, among other things, they don’t shed enough meat. That is why they have been gassed or shredded for years. According to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, this happened to 42.1 million male chicks in 2018. This number increased significantly in 2019.

As is known from a response from the Ministry to a parliamentary question from the Greens in the Bundestag, 45.3 million female chickens hatched in 2019. The number of males is not recorded, but a 1: 1 gender ratio is assumed.

The poultry industry confirms these figures, but restricts them: these statistics do not take into account that more and more so-called “brother cocks” are now being raised, so the number of chicks killed is probably closer to 40 million.

Greens: development is “scandalous”

“The chick killing continues unabated, the situation has not improved at all. It is scandalous because the Federal Minister of Agriculture has promised us that this practice will be ended,” criticized Greens parliamentary group Oliver Krischer.

In fact, the grand coalition had anchored in the coalition agreement to end this practice by the end of 2019. But that “could not be implemented across the board, because the alternatives to chick killing are either not yet available to the general public (gender determination in the egg) or demand is not given “, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture informed the ARD capital studio on request with.

Klöckner plans to exit by the end of 2021

That is why Klöckner is now striving to end this practice by the end of 2021. The new target is “feasible with a joint effort”, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture continues. However, the federal government is lagging far behind on older announcements. Klöckner’s predecessor Christian Schmidt had once targeted 2017 as the year of the exit. After all, the CSU politician was able to present a first demonstration device for gender determination in the egg at the “Green Week” in Berlin in January 2017.

In the meantime, two methods have proven to be practical: With the endocrinological method, this determination is made by examining a liquid that is removed from the egg after nine days of incubation. According to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, this process is now used: “Eggs from laying hens that have undergone the process are already sold in some supermarkets”. According to Seleggt GmbH, which works with it in a Dutch hatchery, the process now works fully automatically – as a service provider, the company plans to offer it to other hatcheries in the course of this year.

Science and industry are not yet that far with the “spectroscopic method”. Here the incubated ice is examined with the aid of a light beam examination. The Ministry does not yet want to speak of a readiness for series production. According to its own statements, the department has financially supported various methods with more than eight million euros since 2008 – “which makes killing male chicks superfluous”.

Poultry farming: The new target cannot be reached either

However, the poultry industry already believes that the target issued by Federal Minister of Agriculture Klöckner is no longer achievable. The President of the Central Association of the German Poultry Industry, Friedrich-Otto Ripke, speaks to him in an interview ARD capital studio of an “ongoing process” for which time was necessary: ​​”By the end of 2021 we may have 18 million, maybe 20 million fewer chick kills, but we will only reach the full goal in the years after”. Ripke put the additional costs per egg at 0.5 to 2 euro cents, should the gender determination come across the board.

Tagesschau24 reported on this topic on April 11, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.