Chadwick Boseman died last August could receive an Oscar

Netflix demands that the American actor be nominated in the category of best actor.

The announcement of his death had been a big shock for the world of cinema, but also for all Marvel fans. Only 43 years old, Chadwick Boseman was died of colon cancer last August 28. He had hidden his condition from almost everyone.

To pay tribute to him, Netflix, which produced the last two films in which the American actor starred, decided to campaign for Chadwock Boseman to compete for the Oscars, explains BFMTV. The streaming platform wants him to be nominated in the best actor category for these two feature films, “Da Five Bloods” and “The Blues of Ma Rainey”. The first is already available on Netflix, while the second will be there in mid-December.

If Chadwick Boseman receives the Oscar for Best Actor, he will not be the only one to have received such an award posthumously. This has happened in several categories in the history of the ceremony. The last person to receive the Oscar for Best Actor after his death was Peter Finch in 1977, for his role in “Network, Hands Down on Television”.


Mask Fashion Week; the accessory of the moment from Paris to Mexico


Covid-19 is also making fashion history. The largest and most sophisticated fashion event in the world, The Fashion Week Paris, where they parade in luxurious catwalks the most consecrated models, with glamorous trends and renowned masks such as: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Valentino, Hermés, among many others, this year dedicate more importance to “super fashion” masks, than to their timeless dresses, day and night outfits and amazing accessories.

The masks and masks they are the first and most conspicuous garment we display in times of pandemic.

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“Tell me what you wear, I’ll tell you who you are.” This accessory initially used as a practical measure of sanitary protection, today it becomes a guarantee of status and style.

It is not enough to wear a nice dress, an elegant suit or a brand bag, if the mask chosen is common because it will destroy your appearance.

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NOVIRSA PARIS, a pioneer in Mexico in the distribution of pandemic protection items, adapts to the new trend associated with fashion and style, offers all Mexicans to participate and buy directly from the Mask Fashion Week in Paris the masks, face masks and masks that are the consumer fever of the moment, through his page or by phone 800 230 1000, promising to make these incredible news arrive at the door of your house in less than 5 days.

Claudie Bourdeloup, representative of NOVIRSA PARÍS, affirms that during the event that begins on September 28, you will be able to protect yourself with the latest in fashion with prices at all budgets. According to her, luxury is not the opposite of poverty, it is the opposite of vulgarity. Very stylish.

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Ecatepec creates clinic to provide care for covid-19 patients

ECATEPEC, State of Mexico.

Given the fear of the population to go to Hospitals, in Ecatepec a clinic to give medical and psychological care for patients with covid-19, where so far 300 positive cases have been attended.

The honorary president of the DIF, Esmeralda Vallejo Martinez He explained that more than 500 cases have been treated for respiratory problems since last March and to date, after the creation of this specialized office for respiratory diseases.

In this medical unit, people with suspicious symptoms of covid-19 are cared for through a health protocol that allows the detection of positive cases and the application of the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease to more people.

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Vallejo Martínez explained that this office is attended by two doctors, a psychologist and the nursing area, in addition to implementing other measures with the aim of reducing the spread of infections in the municipality.

He explained that doctors Daniel Orozco Fuentes and Jazmín del Carmen Martínez Arteaga have treated cases that have become success stories since the beginning of the pandemic, since the vast majority of patients who were positive for covid-19 who came to the office improved with outpatient treatments. in their homes.

Orozco Fuentes reported that the majority of patients who are positive for the Sars Cov-2 virus manifest pneumonic symptoms in the beginning, which alerts medical personnel, because it is not pneumonia season, in addition to the fact that this condition is not common in young people .

It is not pneumonia season, but worldwide there is a disease that is causing pneumonia, so it is very likely that it is the Covid-19 virus, “said the doctor, who considered that this would be the first warning to provide treatment to the patient.

Right now an important change is coming, which is the seasonal change and with it the presence of cases of influenza, which could complicate treatment in cases of Covid-19 or influenza, as they are very different viruses and require very specific treatments ” he added.

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For her part, Dr. Martínez Arteaga assured that the treatments they use for pneumonic foci and with corticosteroids have responded well, even in cases of patients with confirmed coronavirus.

However, he recommended that in case of presenting atypical symptoms such as temperature above 38.5 degrees, headache and frequent cough, it is necessary to see a specialist and avoid self-medication.

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The 10 best-selling cars in Argentina during August

1. Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux.jpg

With 1,859 units, the Japanese pick-up was once again established as the best-selling vehicle in the Argentine market, surpassing the car segment.

2. Fiat Cronos

Fiat Cronos.jpg

With 1,714 units, this nationally manufactured model reached, for the first time, the number one position in the passenger vehicle category. A great success for the small sedan produced in Córdoba.

3. Chevrolet Onix

Chevrolet Onix.jpg

With 1,484, this model that was renewed at the end of 2019 took third place in the ranking, displaced by the Fiat Cronos this time but, anyway, achieved good results.

4. Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok.jpg

It reached 1,453 units in August. Another pick-up topped the ranking of the best sellers of the last month. In addition, it integrates with Hilux and Cronos, the ranking of the best-selling vehicles of national manufacture.

5. Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger.jpg

With 1,191 units sold, another pick up of national production, the legendary Ford Ranger was installed in the top ten with the highest patents.

6. Volkswagen Gol Trend

Volkswagen Gol Trend.jpg

With 1,119 units sold, another classic on the market, with several years in the ranking (many times leading it), managed to occupy an important position in accumulated sales during the past month. The classic of the German brand manages to survive all the innovations on the market.

7. Peugeot 208

Peugeot 208.jpg

Another model made in Argentina. With 894 units, the car that a few weeks ago arrived in its new generation, also consolidates itself as one of the leaders of the top ten. From this month it will already be in dealerships with a new design and platform.

8. Fiat Toro

Fiat Toro.jpg

Another pick-up! With 878 units, in this case of the “intermediate” segment, the Fiat Toro managed to take over the market and positioned itself as one of the leaders in sales. A great success for a model that last year had several problems (due to the particle filter) and that after solving them grew again.

9. Ford Ka

Ford ka.jpg

With 816 units, the smallest of the Ford family brand reached number nine in sales for August. It is one of the best positioned cars for the entry of the range and one of the few passenger vehicles that survives at Ford, now more dedicated to SUVs.

10. Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios.jpg

With 776 units sold, the smallest car of the famous Japanese brand completes the top ten of the best-selling cars. It is another classic, although it is only 6 years old, but it is considered one of the vehicles with the most loyal customers.


Dollar – TRM today | Price of the dollar in Colombia today Monday, August 31, 2020 | Economy

The price of the dollar in Colombia continues to decline. The US currency registered a drop of 15 pesos today in the local market and traded at an average price of 3,745 pesos, compared to the TRM defined for today at 3,760.

Last week, the currency adjusted a fall during the five trading days of 68 pesos.


23 Countries Celebrate Independence Day in August, Including Malaysia

RINGTIMES BALI – Independence is proof that a country free from colonialism, free to form a government system, to regulate every element in it.

Of course in the colonial era gaining independence was not easy, for that every time country must have a characteristic to commemorate independence day.

As in Indonesia, every month August did the second anniversary of the proclamation of independence, but it was not only Indonesia, several country it also commemorates independence day on the moon August, along with the information;

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Indonesia (17 August)

After colonization for 353.5 years at last Indonesia independence from the Netherlands and Japan in 1945.

Malaysia (31 August)

A Southeast Asian state that became independent from Ukraine in 1957


Iberia foresees a flight program slightly lower than August in September | Companies

Iberia plans to offer a program in September of flights “slightly lower” than in August, which was barely represented 27% of its planned capacity before covid-19, according to company sources have indicated to Efe.

The airline has explained that it has to make almost daily adjustments given the changing evolution of the pandemic and the restrictions travel is being imposed again in many countries to stop the second coronavirus wave.

In fact, some Latin American countries, its main market, that they had closed passenger traffic until September 1, they are expanding it for several more weeks or months, the company added, who tries to be “very in the day” and adjust his schedule accordingly as necessary.

Iberia thus joins many other airlines that have announced cuts capacity due to lack of demand, exacerbated by new restrictions travel, such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Vueling or Air Europa, which has canceled scheduled flights to Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru for September due to the closure of traffic.

According to the European Organization for the Safety of Navigation Air, Eurocontrol, the constant rise in traffic, which began in the mid April, it has “clearly” stopped since August 7 and has increased uncertainty with respect to September and October, as a result of these capacity cuts, the end of the summer break and the absence of restarting long-haul flights.

On August 26, 16,804 flights were made in Europe, a 4% more than two weeks before, 47% of those of 2019, and on Friday 21 August was the day with the highest traffic, with 18,365 operations, exceeding 50.2% of last year’s levels for the first time since 18 March.

The number of flights in the first 26 days of August has stabilized 52% below 2019 levels and in line with the scenario of traffic recovery in Europe presented by Eurocontrol on 24 of April.

Up to 21,000 flights could be reached on some peak days during September, a lower outlook than those presented by Eurocontrol in previous weeks and which is likely to be further lowered, as it largely depends on the evolution of restrictions.

Ryanair, the airline with the most flights in Europe

Ryanair, which is by far the airline with the largest number of flights, with 1,370 last Wednesday, a slight decrease compared to August 12, will reduce its scheduled offer for September and October by 20%.

EasyJet in second place with 922 flights on August 26, an increase of 1% versus the volume of two weeks ago, will close three bases in the UK and suspend some services, while Vueling will cut 20% your offer in September compared to August.

Domestic traffic in China just 13% below pre-pandemic level

Internal flows continue to be the most active both in Europe, where they are 8 out of 10, and in other markets, especially China, which reached a maximum of 12,168 flights on August 25, only 13% below the levels prior to the coronavirus (internationals are still 70% below).

In Europe, the traffic between the United Kingdom and Spain is the busiest, remaining stable, with a slight increase of 1% compared to two weeks before.

Flows between the UK and Greece and Italy grew by 10% and 18%, respectively, compared to an 18% decline between Germany and Spain.

The low-cost segment registered a faster recovery and is at the level of charter flights, with a decrease of 51% compared to 2019 in both cases, while traditional companies are 64% below. By contrast, business aviation is 1% above 2019 levels.


Blue dollar today: how much it closed this Friday, August 28

Thus, throughout the week, the parallel registered a decrease of $ 2, to return to the same values ​​of the end of July.

In this way, the gap with the wholesale dollar yielded to 83.8%. The spread between both prices reached 95% at the end of July, and reached a maximum of 104% in mid-May.

The Deputy Chief of Staff, Cecilia Todesca BoccoHe assured that the gap between the official dollar and the parallel “is an inconvenience” for the Government, so the exchange rate “has to be discussed”.

The dollar gap is an inconvenience, we have structural problems in the exchange market. We do not love exchange controls, but we have to work on this, “said the official in radio statements.

In this sense, he considered that “the exchange rate split has to be discussed” and warned: “We do not rule out anything.”

Since the quarantine began, the blue has accumulated an increase of $ 51.50 (from the $ 85.50 on March 20), a product, among other causes, of greater restrictions, not only in the Single Market and Free of Changes, but also for operations with the CCL dollar and the MEP.


What does the citizen say to the restrictions on August 30 Victory Day celebrations?

Activities to be held on the 98th anniversary of August 30 Victory Day were restricted by the circular sent by Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu to the governorships of 81 provinces. In the circular sent on August 19, 2020, the corona virus pandemic was shown as the reason for the restriction of activities. While some citizens criticized this decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs harshly, some said that measures should be taken but the measures taken should be valid for all celebrations.

Berfin Karakurt (PHOTO: SÖZCÜ)


Berfin Karakurt: There are no restrictions on anything. Shopping malls are full. When it comes to August 30, the restriction begins. Of course it’s ridiculous.

Orhan Şengül: The government already has an allergy to those who govern us feast Ataturk’s Republic of Turkey, I guess. Restrictions on the Republic Day, restrictions on August 30, restrictions on November 10, but we never forget. We love Atatürk, the founder of this country. We grew up with Atatürk. We are Kemalists with our children. We do not feed this country to anyone.


Esen Can: In other words, there should be no restrictions on August 30 and any holidays. This is the truth. Holidays are times that should be used with enthusiasm. So I wish it hadn’t.


Serhan Guner: If we are celebrating Malazgirt, if we are celebrating the conquest of Istanbul, we should also celebrate 30 August. Because there are three major battle in the history of Turkey. One of them is the Battle of Malazgirt, Alparslan 1071. 1453 conquest of Istanbul. The last pitched battle is the Great Attack, that is, the Great Attack launched by Atatürk on 26 August. As long as we do not celebrate this, celebrated holidays and special days have no value.

Serhan Güner (PHOTO: SÖZCÜ)

Mahmut Küskü: I think it makes sense. Because the virus is still not over. Even the current situation of people is bad. I think it’s also a mistake I made personally. Where did I come to travel? I think the restriction of Victory Day is correct.


Gonul Havva: We have a 30 August, our holiday. Most of our holidays are already gone. Unfortunately, as a woman who has lived through the old times, I feel very embarrassed. Why can not, why not? Prayers are performed in such mosques. Why can’t this be done? I can not understand this. Hagia Sophia was opened. Thank you very much. They did something nice. But I don’t know how many hundred thousand people prayed there, there is no fear. But there is fear during the feast. I do not understand this. I wish I could understand. If there is a narrator for me.

Gülay Güneş (PHOTO: SÖZCÜ)

Gülay Güneş: They do the usual things. Of course I find it wrong. There was a virus in the Hagia Sophia Mosque then. So why did they bring people together? Now they are restricting only for August 30th. I did not understand it.

Mehmet Arslan: I think it is wrong to have a ban. Because there were openings with approximately 300 thousand, 200 thousand people. This is our national holiday. Why is this prohibited, I do not understand this.

Ozan Ceylan (PHOTO: SÖZCÜ)


Ozan Ceylan: If restrictions are not imposed on those who need to be restricted, but only on Victory Day, I look for ulterior motives. Previous presidents have always done the same. Someone had a stomachache, he was hospitalized, someone said he had the flu, he did not go to celebrate. Even though it was a celebration, it wouldn’t come anyway. Excuse, nothing else.

It won’t make any difference. We do not only commemorate Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on holidays. Not on April 23rd, May 19th and August 30th. We always remember with longing. So its prevention will not make any difference to us. But as I said, it is nothing more than purely malicious intent because they are uncomfortable. They are seriously disturbed by the value and respect this country gives to Atatürk. All their troubles are to delete everything related to it, to eliminate.


Blue dollar today: how much it closed at this Tuesday, August 25

In this way, the distance with the wholesale dollar stands at 85.6%. The spread between the two prices reached 95% at the end of July, and reached a maximum of 104% in mid-May.

The parallel market had added greater pressure in recent days, after President Alberto Fernández and Deputy Chief of Cabinet, Cecilia Todesca, expressed doubts about the continuity of the permit so that people can buy up to $ 200 per month.

Anyway, from the The Ministry of Economy ruled out for the moment a tightening of the restrictions and estimated that the exchange market will stabilize when the debt swap concludes, early next month.

“The contradictions of the Government regarding the saving dollar do nothing more than stimulate the purchase in the blue and alternative. To believe that the purchase of the dollar for savings will continue the fall in reserves when there is no pressure for the liquidation of agro-exports is to see the reality in a partial way “, said economist Gabriel Monzón.

Since the quarantine began, the blue accumulated an increase of $ 51.50 (from $ 85.50 on March 20), product, among other causes, of greater restrictions, not only in the Single Market and Free of Changes, but also for operations with the CCL dollar and the MEP.