Anaïs Nin, the fury for life of the American artist told brilliantly in comics

«If I hadn’t created my own world, I would probably have died in other people’s»Said Anaïs Nin. Free and open to the satisfaction of her desires, the world of the famous American diarist was forged by a long and trying introspection. Married in the 1930s, at the age of twenty to the financier Hugo Guiler, the young woman will feel torn between her narrow life as a wife and a freer and more fulfilling existence. Sincerely in love with her husband, Anaïs Nin will deploy a myriad of double lives and lies to satisfy her quest for freedom.

Fascinated by her diary, since her adolescence, the author Léonie Bischoff, 39, offers a tasty and prodigious adaptation of the early years of the artist in the making: “I didn’t want to do a real biography, but rather an instinctive interpretation of her sensory universe that she sets up through her writing, explains the designer. I circumscribed the narration on the constitutive years of his artistic blossoming, in particular his meeting with Henry Miller and his reunion with his father.»

The album takes us to the beginning of the 1930s. Anaïs Nin lives in Louveciennes, torn between her social obligations and the desire to escape from a world of shackles plunging her into an abyss of depression. Feeling trapped, she finds a loophole in her journal entry.

Léonie Bischoff offers a delicious and captivating immersion in the throes of an aspiring author. Doubting her legitimacy, she struggles to gain the opportunity to flourish in her art. Assiduous exploration of its contradictions, decisive encounters, discovery of the delights of unbridled sexuality, creative bubbling … Interweaving reality and personal vision, the designer highlights the metamorphosis of a woman who will allow herself everything in the name of the writing. An exciting dive relayed by a clean line wonderfully enhancing the sensuality of the one who has put desire and self-acceptance at the heart of her work. Without forgetting the art deco representations of the sea, undulating and bubbling, emerging throughout the work, like superb dreamlike touches.

The BD box: Léonie Bischoff’s decryption

Anaïs Nin’s double, the physical embodiment of her diary. Léonie Bischoff / Casterman

«This plate represents the ambiguity that intrinsically characterizes Anaïs Nin. It was the aspect of this character that interested me the most. To dynamically stage this feeling that pulls her tight, I imagined this dialogue between her and her double, the physical embodiment of her diary. Graphically there is a contrast between the real world woman, pictured with a structured hairstyle, an elegant and decent evening gown, and her more shapeless double outfit. I decked it out with the drape of a Greek statue to accentuate the mythological, allegorical dimension of the character. To visually mark this difference between the two women, I adopted a fairly refined line, without shading to represent the heroine while the double has more substance. As if to illustrate the more mysterious and uncontrollable dimension of this dark side that inhabits it.

The gradual distance of the two characters accentuates this perpetual tug-of-war. Initially, the two women close to each other with their hair tangled in tight planes, gradually move away from each other. This variation of framing highlights the hesitations of the author who will sometimes feel in tune with this disturbing voice and sometimes in total opposition. In a rather abrupt gesture, the heroine will want to silence this other facet more liberated from herself that prevents her from fully appreciating the stability that her husband Hugo brings her. She loves him and salutes his qualities from the first boxes, but in her inner forum, she knows that is not enough for her. Even if this discordant voice disturbs her, Anaïs Nin perceives a door to a more creative world.

Technically, I used a pencil with a multicolored lead, encompassing the three primary colors which mix and change very quickly. I enjoyed using this random tool which I do not master everything. A few digital tweaks did the rest. ”

Anaïs Nin, on the sea of ​​lies, Léonie Bischoff, Casterman editions, 23.50 euros


the perpetrator even tried to rip off his victim … twice

Several people have been victims of a counterfeit money scam in recent days in the Charleroi region. Complaints have been filed but it remains to be seen whether it is the wrongdoing of the same person. In any case, the description of the individual made by the victims leads to a teenager.

Getting handed a fake ticket is always a very unpleasant experience. And for several days, several counterfeit 20 euro bills have been circulating in Charleroi.

Several victims testified: “I found this suspicious behavior and that’s when I checked the ticket”

The Charleroi prosecutor’s office has confirmed that complaints had indeed been recorded by the fraud chief.


Dead Cini Boeri, son Stefano: «Sweet and implacable. He challenged prejudices with the workforce “

Intellectual, feminist, designer, Compasso d’Oro, partisan relay, the most refined expression of a creative, committed and courageous Milan. Cini Boeri (died on 9 September at the age of 96 in Milan), with that beautiful and intense life, the unique personality, the political battles, the meetings, the friendships (Ferruccio Parri was his wedding witness). It wasn’t, says her second son Stefano, an architect like her, talented like her. Cini was a tiger and a hen, attentive and affectionate, relentless, ironic and very sweet, a hard worker and vestal of the family, three children, seven grandchildren, her beloved daughters-in-law. thus died Cini Boeri, in his Milanese home, without suffering, with his boys around. He knew how to keep us all together. And together we were up to the last.

Cini Boeri (1924-2020)

Ninety-six years. There are so many, says Stefano serene and melancholy, the hustle and bustle in his home-studio in the heart of Milan, the telephone calls of condolence, the words of affection. Until a year ago, he went to the studio in the morning, every day. Work was her life, it kept her standing, stimulated her. Even in recent months, despite the effort, she continued to design and draw, even with her hands, my mother has always been a designer of shapes.

Stefano Boeri
Stefano Boeri

Architecture as an engine, the profound meaning of an existence who never allowed herself moments of idleness, who preferred work – always – to a bourgeois existence as a Milanese lady. The commitment to carefree. Nights planning, smoking – he smoked until a few months ago, he never stopped – discussing with everyone. Tenacious and combative in a world, that of architecture, which in post-war Italy was not yet ready to deal with women designers, Cini and Gae (Aulenti), so friends and so different, but always loyal to one of the other, respectful of the work of others. Stefano continues: At the Politecnico Giuseppe de Finetti said to my mother: “You can’t be an architect! a profession for men “. He graduated in 1951. Despite the more or less obvious invitations to give up the construction site, to be a wife and mother. During a meeting at the Tempo delle Donne of Corriere della Sera in 2014, Cini told with his usual irony: Marco Zanuso more brutally apostrophized me: “Cini, you don’t have the balls to be an architect”. Prove everyone wrong.

Work and family, the two pillars that Cini never wanted to give up. Stefano still remembers: She was proud of her Compasso d’Oro (she received it in 1979 and career in 2011), proud of her successes, ready at any moment to develop new insights and collaborations. And yet, despite such an important and all-encompassing career, he was always there for us. Focused on our lives, she never lost sight of us. And the relationship with the architect son, indeed, with the star architect of the Vertical Forest Stefano Boeri?

We have never worked together. By choice. We often talked about architecture, in a sincere, sometimes fiery way. Each with his own ideas in the sign of mutual respect. Ours were very beautiful comparisons. And I knew his door was always open for me. She was my mother. No complex? Nobody. My son is also an architect. And there are no conflicts ….

Progressive, Milanese who dreamed of having a private plane like Norman Foster to escape to nature as soon as possible, secular. Cini Boeri’s funeral will be held tomorrow in Lambrate, ashes as she wanted, as she had always decided, autonomous and strong, independent, stubborn and sweet, as we children like to remember her. Those children for whom Zanuso teased her: Do you know that your children have big heads? It will be intelligence, sorry. And she: Provocations that did not hurt me also because my children were beautiful. And he again: Do you plan the chapel of the Nursery having a father-in-law eating a priest ?. Answer: My father-in-law was just a Republican.

The evening at the Boeri house a succession of tender memories. Memories of an extraordinary life, almost always lived in the Sant’Ambrogio district, near the basilica. Stories of an extraordinary woman (who died of old age, sweetly), and of a wonderful, unique mother. Even if he didn’t know how to cook at all.

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A change of pace on European funds

Sergio Mattarella yesterday sent a message full of meaning to the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio. The crisis forces us to make massive recourse to debt and we must not compromise the future of the new generations with wrong choices, said the President of the Republic. They will look at how resources have been administered. In the event of inactivity or little action, they will ask themselves why generations that have had such favorable conditions have failed to implement essential infrastructures and structural reforms, necessary for the efficiency of the social and economic system, increasing only the mass of debt. It couldn’t be clearer. it is hardly necessary to recall that in the coming years Italy has the opportunity to spend over 300 billion euros made available by the EU. Over two hundred will come from the Recovery Fund, 28 from the Sure fund for support to workers, 36 for health expenditure from the European Stability Mechanism (if we want them) and then there will be the traditional European funds, on which Italy will receive more how much it is called to contribute. This is also a result of the government and its newfound credibility in Europe: it would have been impossible if the country had been ruled by the Eurosceptic coalition in power up to 13 months ago. One third of the funds will be budget transfers, the rest will be loans on favorable terms and the total is worth 20% of the gross domestic product of 2020. To give an idea, the Marshall Plan between 1948 and 1952 was worth the 11th overall. , 5% of the Italian GDP of the time and you change the country.

Actually Barry Eichengreen and Brad DeLong of the University of California at Berkeley have shown that what really transformed Italy and the rest of Europe seventy years ago was not pure and simple financial firepower. These were the conditions that the Americans placed on aid: countries could benefit from it only if they abandoned the corporate models with a mixed economy of the 1930s, to transform themselves into market systems. The Marshall Plan was a turning point for Italy because it pushed it to modernize (at least in part) its economic institutions.

If this is the lesson of the past, we just have to ask ourselves if we remember it. But to answer today is impossible. There are too many aspects that still remain to be clarified, those on which no explanations have been given. Almost nothing is known about the projects and priorities, beyond the titles. We only know that Minister Enzo Amendola was asked to solicit plans by the ministries and more than six hundred arrived: almost all old, some of which were already financed with national funds. It will not be easy to give them consistency. Wouldn’t it have been better to start by indicating a few precise directions from the center, perhaps already in June or July, when the European agreement was already on the horizon? In Spain, for example, the recovery plan started with a call from the government to all large companies – private and public – to ask them which digital projects could have the greatest impact for growth.

It is very clear what form the reforms that must accompany the Italian Recovery Plan will take. According to the conditions set out in the July agreement in Brussels, they must concern civil justice and the efficiency of the administration. They should enter the project to be sent to the European Commission in just over a month, but these topics are hardly mentioned in the political world and in the country. The enabling law on the reform of civil justice has been lying in Parliament for some time, for example.

Finally, a question of method arises. THEthe task of preparing the Recovery Plan entrusted to Minister Enzo Amendola, one of the most capable and dynamic figures in the government. But Amendola, as Minister of European Affairs, does not have directly at his disposal an administrative structure with specific skills and of sufficient size to support him in this work. This is also a knot that will be dissolved in the coming weeks.

Yesterday at the Ambrosetti Forum it was Mattarella who emphasized the important role that Italy had in weaving the alliances to arrive at the European agreement in July. Now we need a change of pace in the government, if we want to be ready for this opportunity which – recalled the head of state – we cannot afford to waste.

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Amazon Stock Splash, Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife Becomes the Richest Woman in the World – MacKenzie Scott who is a philanthropist, writer and ex-wife of Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos, is now the richest woman in the world. Scott’s net worth is now $ 68 billion, beating out his past L’Oréal heir, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire index.

Scott received a quarter of Amazon Bezos’ shares in the settlement of the couple’s divorce in 2019. That is the equivalent of 4 percent of the shares that were worth more than USD 35 billion at the time. Thus, he is currently the 12th richest person in the world.

In July, Scott announced that he had donated nearly USD 1.7 billion to 116 organizations spanning four historic black colleges and universities. He described the organization as focusing on one of nine “areas of need” ranging from racial equality to climate change.

Last year, Scott also signed the Giving Pledge initiative, founded by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates. This initiative encourages the richest people in the world to dedicate a large part of their wealth to charitable causes.

However, Bezos, the world’s richest person, has not signed the pledge, according to a list of signatories.

Amazon shares have jumped about 28 percent over the past three months, and are up more than 90 percent so far this year, according to data from Refinitiv. The jump in stocks increased Bezos’ fortune to more than $ 200 billion.

Scott’s surge in wealth follows a surge in tech stock gains, which has seen other billionaires rise to the top.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk surpassed Mark Zuckerberg to become the third richest person in the world. Tesla sees a 12 percent share gain after the Tesla 5-1 stock split on Monday. [azz]


Death of Lieutenant-Colonel Claude De Bruyn, author of the Feu Vert manual and historical presenter of the “Contacts” and “Trafic” programs

“Passionate about the highway code and fervent defender of good preparation for driving, Lieutenant-Colonel Claude De Bruyn has devoted a large part of his life to training future candidates for a driving license in French-speaking Belgium”, writes the publishing house, which offers its most sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased.

His son Cédric De Bruyn took over the torch about two years ago. “We are delighted that Cédric De Bruyn has continued the work of his father to enrich and develop the Feu Vert method for driving licenses, the undisputed leader in French-speaking Belgium. He is supported in this mission by Van In employees, ”concludes the company.


Supremacist Christchurch massacre perpetrator awaits judgment – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, AUG 23 – The Australian white supremacist terrorist Brenton Tarrant, author of the massacre of March 15 last year in the Christchurch mosque, in New Zealand, in which he killed 51 Muslim faithful in cold blood with automatic weapons. prayed and made about forty wounded, was transferred in conditions of maximum security to Christchurch, where the final hearings of the trial preceding the sentence will take place tomorrow. Various international media write it.

The 29 / year old right-wing extremist, not affiliated with any group, has pleaded guilty to 51 murders, 40 attempted murders and terrorism, and will almost certainly be sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of remission: a sentence so far never handed down by New Zealand justice . In the hearings over the next few days, indictments and pleadings and statements by survivors, relatives of the victims and Tarrant himself are expected.

Tarrant, who wore a bulletproof vest and helmet, was flown to a military plane from Paremoremo prison in Auckland and Christchurch airport loaded, according to New Zealand media, into a white van.