Torroella’s Espai Ter reprograms half of the shows for the fall

The Espai Ter in Torroella has moved half of the shows from spring to fall for coronavirus, and the tickets will also be used for the new dates. Among the eight shows reprogrammed is the concert by Pau Vallvé (October 3); the Macedonian festival of the Ithaca festival (October 24); The wife of the 600 […]

Bad coronavirus epidemic expected in autumn | Boost your city

Health expert and epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach (SPD) expects a second wave of corona infections in autumn 2020. The epidemologist finds the closure of northern Italy appropriate and necessary. The Italian government is trying to contain the epidemic and thereby prevent further infections. Most of the virus dies in spring. It will come back from autumn […]

Spring for Livermore Libations at This Barrel Bash – NBC Los Angeles

What to know March 21 and 22, 2020 Over 30 cellars $ 45 advance, $ 55 there AUTUMN OR SPRING? We would not dare ask you to choose between two very beautiful seasons, each with its own distinctive merits, but we will meditate aloud on which one draws the most attention when it comes to […]

10 foods high in vitamin D.

You are tired, you can hardly concentrate, you lack strength and you may even have gained weight? You may have a vitamin D deficiency. Because if the vitamin D level is in the basement, it is also our mood and energy. We’ll reveal why the vitamin is so important and how you can get it […]