Impressive fire in the PIN: they evacuate the area and the tank collapsed

Impressive fire in lubricant company Fire-Tiser-3.jpg Fire in Shell distributor, Tiser, in Industrial Park. Claudio Espinoza Witnesses in the place described and captured a chain of explosions with their cell phone cameras given the combustible material inside the tank. In addition, in dialogue with LMN and a message that it spread through its social networks, […]

Fashion Week: fashion, always more hybrid

Glenn Martens, creator of Y / Project invited us Monday at the foot of the Montparnasse tower, a stone’s throw from the somewhat outdated shopping center of the capital’s most unloved monument. Martens is a manitou of deconstruction, of the mixture of materials and eras (80s and 90s). His fashion is postmodern, made of allures […]

Samsung Galaxy A71: a fantastic fun hat-trick

Samsung Galaxy A71: a fantastic fun hat-trick! – – Manila, Philippines Unlike the era in which the stables of Nokia phones reigned supreme over its rivals, the battle of smartphones today seems to be in an infinite cycle of various gradual improvements that make the new versions indistinguishable from each other. But when we ushered […]