Amir Tawfiq reveals via the fact that Geraldo is returning to Primero de Agosto

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Al-Ahly club responded to the reports that linked Geraldo da Costa, the first team player, to return to the ranks of his former club Primero de Agosto, the Angolan, during the next transfer period.

The well-known newspaper, Journal de Angola, in the country, according to sources from Primero Club, said that negotiations are still underway to obtain the services of Geraldo.

Report: Negotiations are still underway for Geraldo’s return to the Angolan league

Amir Tawfiq, director of the Contracting and Marketing Committee of Al-Ahly Club, said in exclusive statements to El-Ahly.comAl-Ahly has not received any offers or negotiations regarding Geraldo at this time.

The 28-year-old Giraldo, who is in the wing, moved to the ranks of Al-Ahly club during the winter transfer period last season, coming from Primero Agosto.

The Angolan player participated with Al-Ahly Club in 27 games in various competitions, whether African or local, during which he managed to score 3 goals and make 6 others.

It is worth noting that Geraldo participates with Al-Ahly club naturally during the current period in the red genie training after it was resumed after a long period of interruption following the outbreak of the Corona virus.


We returned from Moscow, the Kyrgyz President coronavirus revealed :: Society :: RBC

Sooronbai Jeenbekov

(Photo: Mikhail Blinov / Getty Images)

Analysis of coronavirus Kyrgyz President Sooronbay Zheenbekov made after returning from Moscow, showed a negative result. However, the President remains in isolation and is working remotely. This reports the press service of the Kyrgyz leader.

Jeenbekov arrived to Moscow for the Victory parade, which took place on 24 June. However, after arrival in Russia two members of the delegation revealed a coronavirus infection. Therefore, the Kyrgyz leader refused to participate in the celebrations and together with his attendants came back to Bishkek.

Arrived in Moscow the head of Kyrgyzstan went to the parade because of the coronavirus

Sooronbay Jeenbekov (center)

As reported in the press service of the Kyrgyz leader, the head of foreign policy Department of the President’s office Daniyar Sydykov and the security guard confirmed the presence of coronavirus infection. They will be treated at home, as the disease is asymptomatic

Other members of the delegation and accompanying persons re-analysis of the coronavirus were negative, but they are also found in isolation.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i


Trump made a part of the US military from Germany to Poland :: Policy :: RBC

Photo: David Hecker / Getty Images

The United States can transfer part of its troops from Germany to Poland. This was stated by the President of the United States Donald trump, taking in the White house of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, reports Bloomberg.

“Maybe we will bounce them out of Germany to Poland,” said trump, speaking about the pieces that Washington is going to withdraw from Germany.

Trump told about it after the dude asked him not to withdraw American troops from Europe. According to the President of Poland, where they are protected from “strong Imperial tendencies” on the part of Russia.

Trump promised to halve the number of military in Germany

Donald Trump

According to The Washington Post, trump said that part of the soldiers, whom he plans to withdraw from Germany, will travel to Poland, some in other European countries, and the rest will return to the United States. He did not specify the number of military that can be sent to Poland.


What happened during the night. Breaking news RBC :: Society :: RBC

Audi broke the contract with Sobchak for her posts in Instagram

Amid mass protests in the US against police violence against blacks in early June, Ksenia Sobchak published in Instagram video with the caption “Minneapolis, I’m with you. To watch with sound”. Against the black screen there was a song “Killed a Negro” group “Forbidden drummers”.

  • Then, according to Deutsche Welle, the German car company Audi decided to terminate the advertising contract with the presenter. The company said that Audi is “strictly rejects all forms of racism and discrimination”, and publication in Instagram Sobchak is unacceptable.
  • Sobchak did not comment on the breach of contract, but in his Telegram-channel lashed out at Business Insider. “The German edition was published with the title “Ksenia Sobchak called black people stupid and lazy” and accused me of racism. This is a direct lie,” she said, promising to demand an apology from the publication through the courts.
  • Sobchak said that it did not support the protests, violence, and does not divide people “into black and white, Caucasians and Asians”. “But people are divided into smart and stupid. For those who have an opinion and those who follow the crowd,” she said.

The operators of inspection asked the authorities to revise the rules THAT

About 120 operators of checkup urged the authorities to reexamine last year, the principles of reform, writes “Kommersant”. These rules allow not to pass THE new cars to four years, and cars four to ten years — every two years and only ten years older every year.

  • The letter’s authors point to several shortcomings of the new rules: now insurance companies have the ability to allow cars on the road without the conclusion about the possibility of its safe use; within four to five years of operation, the machines may have a serious malfunction that may lead to fatal accidents because of “optional” THAT reduced the flow of cars coming to the diagnosis that leads to the ruin of the operators.
  • “Operators have to operate at a loss, condemning your business to bankruptcy, the letter said.
  • To change the situation, it is proposed to repeal the law that allows you to get a insurance policy without proof of inspection, but also include the industry THAT the list of victims of the pandemic and to set tax holidays.

To support the Pension Fund will need more than 20% of the Federal budget

According to the project main characteristics of the budget of the Pension Fund, seen by RBC, in 2021, nearly 21% of all Federal spending will be directed to the FIU. For comparison: in 2019 the Fund was transferred 18% of budget expenditures.

  • Federal support for FIU next year will increase by almost 1 trillion rubles and amount of 4.12 trillion In 2022 and 2023, this amount will grow even more and will amount to 4.3 trillion annually. The share of Federal transfers in the revenues of the PFR reaches of 42.6% of the maximum from 2017.
  • On the state of the RPF has influenced the anti-crisis government decisions on business support: the only reduce the overall rate of insurance contributions from 30 to 15% of salaries above the minimum wage for small and medium business FIU will miss this year 350 billion rubles, and in the next approximately 387 billion rubles. But there are other initiatives that will affect the status of the Fund.
  • The need to increase budgetary revenues associated with the reduction of the national payroll of coronavirus. In 2020 the salary Fund from which insurance premiums are calculated employers to the pension Fund will be reduced by 1.3 trillion roubles.


Unknown broke into the house by the leader of the group Kristovsky Uma2rman the :: Society :: RBC

Unknown criminals broke into the house of the musician, the leader of the group Uma2rman Vladimir Kristovskiy. He told followers in Instagram.

“We returned from the country and found here a little surprise,” says Kristovskiy on video. According to him, soon should come the police, so he wore gloves to avoid grease finger marks of criminals.

The musician revealed that thieves broke a window in the house and went to the third floor, where a large gun safe. Kristovskiy suggested that criminals knew about the box and hoping to find money.

The musician said that he foresaw the break-in of his house, so I made the box the inscription “Dear thieves, this safe, no jewelry, no money. Don’t waste your time”.


The network has evaluated the elegant tuning Toyota LC Prado

The SUV gave a spectacular kit.

Photo: Instagram, @land_cruiser_prado120

Who but the Japanese are better at tuning their own cars? The proof was image “pumped” Toyota Land Cruiser Pradorecently appeared on the Internet. Photos posted on Instagram, where they gathered a lot of user ratings from all over the world.

“Pradik” put on exclusive rim large diameter, making it not only more stylish, but passable. Elegant body kit attracted no less attention – the car was equipped with modified bumpers, a new grille in the style of Lexus and revised headlights with led lights.

Photo: Instagram, @land_cruiser_prado120

Body Toyota LC Prado covers the abundance of chrome-plated elementsthat adds to the car’s premium. With the radiator grille has missing label “Toyota”, instead of plates there is a plate tuning shop who had done the revision.

The side of the SUV decorated airbrush patterns. Unfortunately, the photos do not allow us to look at “Prado” in the back, but we can assume that the modifications affected this part of the body. What happened in the car – we can only guess.

Photo: Instagram, @land_cruiser_prado120

Netizens appreciated elegant tuning Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. “Uhhh”, “Let the will of the Japanese – they will unwind any Lord of the rings. The Japanese have reliable friends who would not give offense, and to develop the technology. We’d come up 50/50”, – commented on the SUV car lovers.


Canada will return to Ukraine of its military trainers :: Policy :: RBC

Canadian armed forces return to Ukraine of its military trainers, which curtailed activity due to pandemic coronavirus. This was reported by the official representative of the canadian military Department Lee Campbell, TV channel CBC.

“After reassessing the situation, including analysis of measures for the protection of health and risk COVID-19, it was decided to return 90 trainers,” said Campbell.

According to him, the soldiers will return to Ukraine in June. On arrival in the country they will undergo 14-day quarantine. After two weeks of isolation, the instructors will resume training the Ukrainian military.

Canada has promised to allocate to Ukraine of $1.5 million to support the police

Another 50 troops will remain in Canada. As stated by Campbell, they return to their mission in Ukraine “as soon as conditions permit”.


Trump accused the media of concealing information about the situation in Seattle :: Policy :: RBC

The American media deliberately ignore the protests in Seattle (Washington), where demonstrators created free from police “Autonomous zone”. About this Twitter wrote the President of the United States Donald trump.

“Anyone notice how in publishing fake media been little discussion of the radical leftist takeover of Seattle? This is done intentionally,” said trump. The head of state added that the silence on the situation in Washington has a strong political influence.

“The mayor and the Governor should be ashamed. But it’s easy to fix,” concluded trump.

The mayor of Seattle has advised Trump to “get back to the bunker”

Protesters against racism in Seattle has occupied several blocks in the Central part of the city, calling the area an “Autonomous area of Capitol hill.” Inside the zone forbidden by the police, they show educational films and distribute free food.


In Texas, eight people were injured in the shooting near the bar :: Society :: RBC

William McManus

(Photo: SanAntonioPD / Facebook)

American police are searching for the shooter who wounded eight people outside of a bar in San Antonio (Texas), reports CNN.

According to the chief of police of San Antonio William McManus, the incident occurred on Friday evening, after the group was refused entry to a bar because they were intoxicated.

After that the shooter has mentioned that he is a UFC fighter from California. He returned to his car, took out a rifle and opened fire outside the bar.

The shooting injured five women and three men ranging in age from 23 years to 41 years. All of them were admitted to a local hospital and are in stable condition.

Unknown opened fire at the airbase in Texas

Photo: NASCorpusChristi / Facebook


In one of the districts of Beijing introduced the “wartime mode” because COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

In Beijing’s Fengtai district, imposed a regime of martial law, after the local wholesale market there was an outbreak of the coronavirus. This was stated at a press-conference acting head of the district Chu Suniva, reports Sina.

Strict control is introduced into situated around the market for 11 apartment complexes, the residents must observe the regime of self-isolation and can’t leave the house. For a course already opened three primary schools and three kindergartens again stop. Educational institutions that have not returned to work must also postpone the resumption of classes.

In Beijing shut down the wholesale market due to new cases of coronavirus

Authorities reported that the tests 45 out of 517 people who visited the market tested positive for the coronavirus.

Large wholesale market, “Sinhali”, located in Fengtai district, temporarily closed on Saturday after they found the coronavirus.