Argentine president wishes Messi return to Newell’s Old Boys

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez believes that Lionel Messi should play on his country’s soil if he is not going to end his Barcelona career, calling for his return to wear the Newell’s Old Boys shirt, in which he started his career.

“You are in all our hearts, and we have never seen you play on our soil, so give us the pleasure of seeing you play here, in Newell’s, your club,” Fernandes said, stressing that it would be his recommendation to Messi if he could talk to him about his departure from Barca.

“If Messi does not end his career in Barcelona, ​​he should end it in Newell’s,” the Argentine president added in remarks to local television. Just like Bielsa ».

Previously, he joked, “Messi should play with Argentinos (the club the president encourages). I asked how the situation was to see if we could bring it. ”

Fernandes highlighted that “Messi formed part of a unique team in the history of world football,” referring to the group in which the Argentine star was under the leadership of Pep Guardiola in Barcelona.

Finally, Fernandes was forced to choose between Diego Maradona and Messi, explaining that “Maradona’s great advantage is that he was alone against the world, I have never seen a player like Maradona. I have a deep admiration for him, frankly more than I liked Messi because he grew up on Argentinos, but also because I saw him playing alone against the world. He was like wrestlers, with incredible power. ”


“If he is an expert, why did he kill him?”: Relatives of the shot in Olaya

The relatives of Julio Enrique Rodríguez Gamero, the man discharged this Saturday by a police shooting instructor in the Olaya neighborhood, assured EL HERALDO this Sunday that, after death, they wonder “Why did they have to kill him?”

According to Yamile Rodríguez, aunt of the deceased, the family learned of the 32-year-old man’s death from a neighbor in the El Bosque neighborhood –Where the victim lived– who was at the scene of the murder. He assured them that they had shot Rodríguez Gamero three times: two in the back and one in the forehead, because he had allegedly committed a robbery in a car wash located on Carrera 32 with Calle 69C in the aforementioned sector.

According to Yamile, immediately the victim’s younger siblings moved to the Olaya neighborhood to confirm that it was Julio Enrique. At that time, the woman said, the police did not provide further explanations, they only requested the identity of the victim and allowed them to quickly recognize the body. Of course, the witnesses assured the relatives that the person who had shot Rodríguez Gamero was a policeman in civilian clothes.

Based on this, Yamile assured this Sunday, from Legal Medicine, that they seek answers.

“We ask the authorities to clarify what they were like and why, being a shooting instructor, did not shoot him in a place that did not threaten his humanity, but could strip him of the weapon, if he had one, and capture him. He doesn’t have a license to kill him, ”he said.

He also confirmed that your relative had a history of theft, but reiterated that this was no reason to kill him.

“Is there no justice for him?” Yamile wondered at the end, also clarifying that they do not know the man’s whereabouts that, supposedly, he was with his nephew at the time of the events.


Jacob Blake speaks from hospital in Wisconsin during protests

Jacob Blake spoke publicly for the first time since he was shot multiple times in the back by a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer, saying he is in constant pain from the shooting, while doctors believe he will be paralyzed from the waist down.

On Saturday, Ben Crump, an attorney for Blake’s family, posted on Twitter the video where Blake says from his hospital bed: “Twenty-four hours, 24 hours is pain, nothing but pain. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to sleep, it hurts to move from side to side, it hurts to eat ”.

Blake, a 29-year-old black man and father of six, also said he has staples in his back and stomach.

“Your life, and not just your life, your legs, something you need to move and move forward in life, they can take away from you like this,” Blake said, snapping his fingers.

“Stick together, make some money, make everything easier for our people out there because a lot of time is wasted,” he added.

Rusten Sheskey, a white police officer, shot Blake on August 23 when he kept walking as officers tried to arrest him. The shooting was videotaped and posted online, sparking several nights of protests and unrest in Kenosha, a city of about 100,000 residents between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Sheskey and other officers at the scene were administratively discharged pending the outcome of an investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. None of them have been charged.

Blake, who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest when he was shot, pleaded not guilty Friday to charges accusing him of sexually assaulting a woman in May and waived his right to a preliminary hearing.


How to Clean a Mask Properly, Observe the Type and Cannot Be Arbitrary

Cloth mask illustration. © https: // – The use of masks in the midst of the Covid-19 case has become an obligation. This is because masks are claimed to be able to be a barrier to catching respiratory droplets or droplets that are released when people cough, sneeze, or talk. These droplets are what carry the virus from person to person, according to Dr. Steve Pergam, MPH, infection prevention medical director at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

If the closest person inhales these droplets or droplets land in their mouth or nose, they are more likely to catch a viral infection. And if someone touches a contaminated mask and then touches their mouth or nose, they also have the potential for infection. Therefore, masks must be cleaned and sterilized regularly.

Here’s how to wash masks of various types that are commonly used again during a pandemic, so you can safely disinfect them. How to deal with medical grade masks that cannot easily be cleaned properly outside of a medical setting, cites Healthline.

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How to Wash a Mask Fabric appropriately

Debra Goff, PharmD, FIDSA, FCCP, an infectious disease specialist and professor of pharmaceutical practice at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, said that masks fabricbandanas, scarves and neck protectors are all types of face masks that can be cleaned and reused.

For how to machine wash a cloth mask, wash your hands first. Then remove the mask, being careful not to touch the eyes, nose or mouth.

Put the mask directly in the washing machine and wash your hands immediately afterward. Goff recommends using regular detergent along with bleach and warm water recommended for this type of cloth mask.

After the mask is washed off, dry it until it is completely dry. If you plan to wash a cloth mask by hand, Goff recommends following the same procedure of washing your hands before removing the mask.

To disinfect your mask, soak it in a bleach solution containing 4 teaspoons of household bleach for every liter of water for 5 minutes. After soaking the mask, rinse thoroughly with water. Let the mask dry on its own.

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How to Handle Medical Masks After Use

Kaiming Ye, PhD, professor and chair of the biomedical engineering department and director of the Center of Biomanufacturing for Regenerative Medicine at Binghamton University, State University of New York, says that certain types of masks, such as N95 and surgical masks, are designed for single masks or single-use use only. .

For most people, this means that masks have to be thrown in the trash after use. Ye said they can be reused in a professional setting if properly disinfected. For example, how to wash an N95 mask can be disinfected with germicidal UVC radiation or vapor phase hydrogen peroxide.

Ye noted, however, that no tests have been carried out on surgical mask disinfection or reuse, due to its low demand. If you can’t change the mask between uses, Goff suggests checking the mask when removing it. If the mask is dirty, torn, or wet with moisture, then you should definitely throw it away.

If they appear clean and intact, Goff recommends storing them in a clean paper bag or other breathable container between uses. Ideally, however, medical masks should not be reused after one use.

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How to Clean the Face Shield After Use

Goff said how to wash face shiel masks or face shields is in a category of its own. Due to the open-side model, the face shield provides no protection from sneezing or coughing behind your back. However, they provide protection for the eyes.

Goff says face shields are often worn in addition to face masks for added protection. To clean the face shield, first clean the inside using a clean cloth dampened with a neutral detergent solution or a cleaning cloth. Then wipe the outside with a disinfectant cloth or a clean cloth dampened with a disinfectant solution.

Follow up by wiping the outside of the face shield with clean water or alcohol to remove residue. Let the face shield dry. Lastly, wash your hands when you’re done.



Case Blake, US Department of Justice Launches Investigation – World

The US Department of Justice has opened an investigation into the case of Jacob Blake, the African American seriously injured by a police officer who shot him in the back in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Federal investigations, aimed at ascertaining whether there have been civil rights violations, will be led by the FBI in collaboration with the authorities of the state of Wisconsin. A similar investigation is already underway in the case that led to the killing of George Floyd.

On the Blake case in the United States “there is an ongoing investigation, which we trust will be carried out quickly – commented a spokesman for the European Commission – All companies must remain vigilant against the excessive use of force and ensure that such incidents are dealt with quickly, effectively, and in full respect of the rule of law and human rights “.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin authorities announced at a press conference that they had identified the policeman who shot seven shots in the back of African American Jacob Blake in Kenosha, seriously injuring him and sparking a new wave of protests after George Floyd’s death. This is Rusten Sheskey, an officer with seven years of service in the police department. It was he, according to the reconstruction of the Wisconsin Attorney General, who fired seven shots in the back of the man while holding him by the shirt after his colleagues had used the taser without success and the young man was entering his car. . Car in which then the police found a knife under the floor on the driver’s side. Blake, the attorney general said, had admitted to being in possession of it. For now, the Wisconsin Attorney General has not announced any charges against the agents involved in Blake’s wounding. “The investigation continues,” he said.

And according to BuzzFeed News reports, Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old arrested for killing two people from the Blak Lives Matter movement and wounding a third in Kenosha, attended a Donald Trump rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on January 30, according to a post on TikTok.

Sport in America stops against racism


HUN joins clinical trial for vaccine against Covid-19

The Hospital Universidad del Norte, located in the municipality of Soledad, was endorsed by the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) to participate in the clinical trial for the third phase of the Covid-19 vaccine, which is developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

The health institution, which is located in the municipality of Soledad, is part of the list of six centers that already have the approval by the health authority to start the tests in the first weeks of September, after they are presented the results of the study in the previous phase.

Diego Castresana-Díaz, director of the Hospital Universidad del Norte, highlighted that participation in this trial is an endorsement of the scientific work carried out from his research center.

“We have participated in a large number of studies through the Research Center. Furthermore, these processes are always endorsed by a very strict ethics committee, which also monitors ”, he stated during a virtual press conference.

While Hugo Macareno, scientific director of the Hospital Universidad del Norte, said that this study seeks to determine the efficacy and safety of the vaccine to prevent the disease, which already leaves more than 23 million infected and 820 thousand deaths in the world.

“The inclusion criteria for this study are very rigorous. These studies will be with people between 18 and 68 years old, mainly those who are more exposed to the virus, “said Macareno.

The medical professional was emphatic in maintaining that among the exclusion criteria to participate in the clinical trial is having suffered the disease.

“The idea is that among the volunteers there are health workers, which is one of the populations that is most exposed to the virus. If a person is chosen to be part of this program, they must continue to use the precautionary measures ”, she indicated.

Silvia Aguilera, coordinator of scientific studies at Hospital Universidad del Norte, indicated that they are waiting for the sponsor of the study to determine the number of volunteers that are needed.

“Worldwide, 60 thousand people will take part in the test. The number that will be treated in each of the centers has not yet been defined and as soon as we have that data we will be able to define the strategies for their recruitment, ”said the medical professional.

Aguilera added that the main objective of phase three of the trial of this vaccine is “to validate the efficiency and safety in a representative group.”

“This test is very important to know how the virus behaves in the region. As a research center we are going to do everything possible so that this vaccine can be reliable and safe ”, he added.

In Barranquilla, the Cimedical clinical research center also received the endorsement to be part of this process.

Juan José Jaller, medical scientist at Cimedical, explained that the idea is that people over 18 years of age in good health and with a high risk of contagion participate. Each volunteer will have six face-to-face visits and weekly follow-ups to monitor if they are infected.

“This previous experience generates security, it also has the backing of the Johnson & Johnson group,” Jaller said in dialogue with EL HERALDO.

It should be noted that the people who will participate in the clinical trial will not receive any financial remuneration.

The invima speaks

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) indicated that the approval for the development of this clinical trial is done “exceptionally”, to advance in logistical aspects related to the importation of the vaccine, medical supplies and training of the research team in the institutions approved to participate in the process.

The entity said that, in this way, the country is expected to be ready to begin recruiting participants from the month of September. The estimated primary completion date is March 2023, although initial results are expected in January next year.

“Colombia’s participation in this clinical trial is thanks to the efforts made by the national government to control the effects of the pandemic and to improve response times in regulatory procedures related to emergency care,” said Julio César Aldana, CEO of Invima.

Likewise, the official stressed that “the measures adopted allowed the materialization of a public health policy, placing Colombia on the world stage of viable countries to start clinical trials with these vaccines.”

In addition to the Hospital Universidad del Norte and the Cimedical clinical research center, the country approved the start of the clinical trial at the Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia (Bucaramanga), Caimed (Bogotá), Fundación Oftalmológica de Santander (Floridablanca) and Solano & Terront Medical Services (Bogotá), Invima indicated in a press release sent to this medium on Tuesday.

9 centers await the endorsement

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) reported that nine research centers throughout the country are awaiting verification of compliance with the requirements to be part of the clinical trial.

The Clínica de la Costa de Barranquilla is part of this small group together with the Valle del Lili Foundation (Cali), Medplus Prepaid Medicine (Bogotá), Pediatric Infectious Disease Center (Cali), Santa Fe Foundation (Bogotá), Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital (Medellín), Fundación Centro de Investigación Clínica CIC (Medellín), Program for Studies and Control of Tropical Diseases (Medellín) and High Complexity Scientific Assistance (Bogotá).

These centers seek to join the six that have already received the endorsement to carry out this study.

Globally, the third phase will initially take place in five other countries: the United States, Chile, Mexico, Peru and South Africa.

The clinical trial is expected to take place with a total population of 60,000 participants, proportionally distributed among these countries.


Officer shoots an African American. The father: ‘He is paralyzed from the waist down’. Second night of protests – World

Jacob Blake, the African American shot by an agent in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is paralyzed from the waist down. The boy’s father reports to the Chicago Sun-Times, noting that his son has “eight holes” on his body and doctors do not know at the moment if the paralysis will be permanent.

There was the second night of protests, despite the curfew, in Kenosha, after the release of the video showing a 29-year-old African American shot and wounded in the back several times by the police. The man had intervened to quell a domestic accident.

Thousands of people gathered around the courthouse shortly after the curfew began, 8pm local time, and some began throwing water bottles and fireworks at the county sheriff’s men. In response, the officers fired tear gas.

In the video, shot last Sunday by a passerby, Jacob Blake, 29, is repeatedly shot and shot in the back by police in front of his three children.

The clashes last night broke out a few hours after other demonstrations repressed by the agents. Blake, 29, was flown to the Milwaukee hospital in serious condition. Local media reported yesterday afternoon, citing his family, that he had undergone surgery and that his condition is improving. Kenosha County, on the shores of Lake Michigan, declared a curfew from 8pm Monday to 7am Tuesday after protesters set fire to several vehicles on Sunday evening and attacked the county courthouse. The National Guard was also called to quell the protests.


In preparation for Tokyo 2020 … Argentina allows its athletes to return to training

The Argentine government gave its athletes the green light to return to exercises in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, which was deported from this summer to the summer of 2021 due to the new Corona virus, according to what it announced Saturday evening, stressing the need to respect health controls.

This measure affects 143 Argentine athletes who guaranteed their qualification for the 2020 Olympic Games, in addition to others who are still seeking to qualify for the Olympiad, which was deported for a year and will be held between July 23 and August 8, 2021.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said he is working in particular with Tourism and Sports Minister Matthias Lameens to amend the health protocols that will be implemented.

“Olympic sport is very important for the country, and we want athletes to train,” Fernandes told local sports channel TYC. “That is why we set protocols with Matthias (Lamines) so that our representatives in Tokyo can prepare.”

Argentina has recorded 20,020 cases of the “Covid-19” virus, which has so far claimed 648 lives in the country, according to the Argentine government’s website on the Internet.


Amir Tawfiq reveals via the fact that Geraldo is returning to Primero de Agosto

Continue Mohammed Al-Dakr

Al-Ahly club responded to the reports that linked Geraldo da Costa, the first team player, to return to the ranks of his former club Primero de Agosto, the Angolan, during the next transfer period.

The well-known newspaper, Journal de Angola, in the country, according to sources from Primero Club, said that negotiations are still underway to obtain the services of Geraldo.

Report: Negotiations are still underway for Geraldo’s return to the Angolan league

Amir Tawfiq, director of the Contracting and Marketing Committee of Al-Ahly Club, said in exclusive statements to El-Ahly.comAl-Ahly has not received any offers or negotiations regarding Geraldo at this time.

The 28-year-old Giraldo, who is in the wing, moved to the ranks of Al-Ahly club during the winter transfer period last season, coming from Primero Agosto.

The Angolan player participated with Al-Ahly Club in 27 games in various competitions, whether African or local, during which he managed to score 3 goals and make 6 others.

It is worth noting that Geraldo participates with Al-Ahly club naturally during the current period in the red genie training after it was resumed after a long period of interruption following the outbreak of the Corona virus.


We returned from Moscow, the Kyrgyz President coronavirus revealed :: Society :: RBC

Sooronbai Jeenbekov

(Photo: Mikhail Blinov / Getty Images)

Analysis of coronavirus Kyrgyz President Sooronbay Zheenbekov made after returning from Moscow, showed a negative result. However, the President remains in isolation and is working remotely. This reports the press service of the Kyrgyz leader.

Jeenbekov arrived to Moscow for the Victory parade, which took place on 24 June. However, after arrival in Russia two members of the delegation revealed a coronavirus infection. Therefore, the Kyrgyz leader refused to participate in the celebrations and together with his attendants came back to Bishkek.

Arrived in Moscow the head of Kyrgyzstan went to the parade because of the coronavirus

Sooronbay Jeenbekov (center)

As reported in the press service of the Kyrgyz leader, the head of foreign policy Department of the President’s office Daniyar Sydykov and the security guard confirmed the presence of coronavirus infection. They will be treated at home, as the disease is asymptomatic

Other members of the delegation and accompanying persons re-analysis of the coronavirus were negative, but they are also found in isolation.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i