“Holding the Games was turning your back on society”

The Basque Olympics consider the postponement of the Games just, even if it requires new planning The current state of alarm has completely disrupted their preparation for the Tokyo Games or to get a place that allows them to be in Japan. But in addition to that, the Basque Olympic athletes consider the postponement just […]

Who gets the most credit: Brady or Belichick? – NBC Boston

From 2001 to 2019, the New England Patriots have won the AFC East 17 times. The other two years ended in a tie in first place. In that time frame, they went to 12 AFC championship games and nine Super bowls. Six have won. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been together for the entire […]

How Britney Spears is rejecting her conservatory

Britney Spears is doing her best to set limits against her highly suspicious conservatory, which sees her father, Jamie Spears, has controlled its multi-million dollar property, personal affairs and daily activities since 2008. In a report of We weekly, a source has revealed that the 38-year-old pop titan is enjoying his time away from the […]

Relieve back pain with the best selling lumbar cushion on Amazon | Showcase

It is one of the most repeated workhorses over time and worse we endure: the dreaded back pain. It has already become a chronic health problem worldwide: 90% of the population suffers. In Spain, almost two out of every ten inhabitants suffer it regularly. To limit or alleviate this discomfort, a series of recommendations can […]

Chinese lunar mission publishes results of radar surveys

AIn early 2019, China managed to land a mission on the back of the moon for the first time. The Chang’e 4 spacecraft, consisting of a lander and a rover, has since examined the moon crater “Von Kármán” in the northwest of the South Pole-Aitken Basin, the oldest and largest impact structure on the moon. […]