Eurogroup unlocks half a billion in credits against coronavirus (Júlia Manresa Nogueras)

Agreement after days technical and diplomatic (and especially telematic) work between governments and embassies. To send, receive and rewrite drafts that pleased mainly the Netherlands and Italy, but also Spain, France and Germany, in order to be able to provide a first economic response to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This is the […]

France has suffered the worst fall in GDP since 1945

The impact of coronavirus on the economy will be truly historical, and official data just starting to publish confirm this. France’s GDP fell 6% between January and March, although the covid-19 crisis was mainly affected by the last stretch of the quarter. According to data released yesterday, it is the worst drop in French GDP […]

The northern harshness postpones the debt debate (Júlia Manresa Nogueras)

“More work is needed. We are working hard to get an agreement. ” With this message from the Eurogroup spokesman, the eurozone’s finance ministers stopped at 19:00 yesterday at a video conference in which they were required to approve a package of economic measures to respond to the coronavirus crisis. The divide between north and […]

Europe is playing (Júlia Manresa Nogueras)

In recent days, presidents, commissioners, ministers, former ministers, MEPs and economists have filled newspaper pages across Europe claiming an ambitious European fiscal response to the coronavirus crisis. Many of them have written in favor of coronabons : A debt issue backed by the entire European Union to finance the tax shield. Making less noise – […]

Flights canceled by the covid-19 crisis threaten to saturate the courts again

From March to June, Flora had scheduled 13 flights between outbound and return flights, but could not take any. He is from Cádiz, he lives in Barcelona and this spring he had to travel to Budapest (a gift for his family), to Istanbul (a getaway with friends), to Copenhagen (for work) and twice a visit […]

The pandemic will empower big companies

In the more developed world, governments and economists are hard pressed to estimate the cost of coronavirus-related confinements. Will the recession of the economy be one-tenth or one-third? Will the decline last three months, six or more? No one can predict it accurately. Equally disturbing and inaccurate is the company boardroom, where companies are trying […]