“House of Money” Season 4: Hups, they have already taken hostages again

LAuter beautiful cities, Tokyo and Rio, Helsinki, Oslo and Nairobi, Moscow and Denver – and of course Berlin. They are closely related, even if they are geographically far apart. And not only are they fun-loving, spirited and exuberant, they’re also pretty dangerous, sometimes trigger-happy. Because behind the names of these metropolises are criminals, computer hackers, […]

Bank accounts opened by IMM for donation campaign blocked

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) launched a donation campaign with the slogan of “We will succeed together” to help the needy and elderly citizens, healthcare workers and patients living in Istanbul yesterday against the corona virus epidemic that shook the world. Announcing the campaign from his social media account, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “Istanbul will […]

NordLB boss does not expect the property subsidiary to be sold

NordLB In the basic agreement for the restructuring of NordLB, the old and new owners of the Landesbank have stipulated that “alternative scenarios” will be examined for Deutsche Hypo by 2021. (Photo: dpa) Berlin NordLB does not expect to sell its subsidiary Deutsche Hypothekenbank. He assumes that there will be a fundamental decision in 2021 […]

Investing Atlanta Processing Loans for Coronavirus-Affected Small Businesses news

ATLANTA (CBS46) – Invest Atlanta has announced that small business loans are available to help small businesses cope with the coronavirus outbreak. According to a press release from the office of Fulton County Commissioner Lee Morris, $ 1.5 million has been set aside to help capitalize small businesses affected by the coronavirus. Morris’ office reports […]

Commerzbank CFO considers cost reductions “more important than ever”

Frankfurt Bettina Orlopp has the position of CFO of the Commerzbank just taken over a few weeks ago. And she could hardly have chosen a worse time for it. Because of the corona crisis, financial institutions are also under massive pressure. The Commerzbank-Course has plummeted by around 40 percent since the beginning of the year. […]