Copper thieves against the shelter of Casa Molinario in via Di Vittorio in Ivrea

Armed with bars, they were detaching the copper gutters from the ten-meter-long plexiglas canopy of the former collection center of the old Casa Molinario in Ivrea, in Via Di Vittorio, now in a state of neglect.

Two men aged 36 and 41 and two women aged 36 and 31, all Italians and residents of the Eporediese, were arrested by officers of the city police station, who caught them on the fact on the afternoon of Friday 26 June 2020: the first in the course of hitting and damaging the structure, the latter acting as a stake.

Part of the copper, about ten kilos, had already been torn up and placed inside a nylon bag hidden in the bushes along with the two metal bars that had been used to pry and unhinge the gutter.

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Presents the TOP 5 chic tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

“Kruzak” put on a amazing skirts.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Toyota Land Cruiser — a sleek car, a real conqueror of off-road and the legend of the Japanese car industry. Sometimes you can “breathe” a little tuning “Kruzak” and make it more beautiful. We present a selection of the TOP 5 elegant modified Land Cruiser.

In the first place was the SUV with the airbrush on the side of the body. In addition to the image of a lion, the car received new wheels, a mesh grille, redesigned front bumper and bumper guard. Also emblazoned on the hood called “fly swatter” protection from headlight glare.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: Instagram @cruzak_camry

The second place ranking is “Kruzak” with a stylish front part. The car was given a revised grille, new headlights, reworked bumper with larger air intakes and fog lamps.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Next in the TOP 5 tuned Land Cruiser is the SUV body kit Invader. This machine is remarkable for the abundance of led lights in the front of the body, modified bumpers and grille. Individual attention, exclusive wheels of the vehicle.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

In fourth place was tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which looks no worse than a luxurious Lexus. This car is available with two add-on packages — standard and extreme. The first involves aggressive bumpers with skirts, a rear spoiler and LED lights. The second package also includes extended wheel arches with integrated Parking lights.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Finally, the leader of the rating becomes “Kruzak” with “toy” kit. A feature of this car are alloy wheels of black color that contrast with the white body. The body kit of the SUV really gives it a “toy” look. Modified thresholds, bumper, white grille and plenty of LEDs — it looks stylish and attractive.


What is the Barre workout, and what are the benefits

Barre workout it is a new type of workout that draws inspiration from classical ballet.

This new sport allows you to train the entire body, going to tone and lengthen all the muscles, especially of the legs and buttocks.

The bars is perfect for those who want to streamline and tonewithout increase too much the muscles; in fact, all the exercises are held free body without the use of weights and barbells. So, to start this sport you only need a lot of willpower and sports clothing suitable and comfortable.

Barre workout: the benefits

Like all sports even the bar has many benefits, not only on a muscular level, but also on the posture.

With regard to the muscles, this type of workout is very effective because it allows you to simultaneously work different muscle groups, like legs, calves and abs, so going to increase the heart beats and, therefore, the calorie expenditure.

Practice bars consistently promotes an increase in lean body mass and, above all, makes the muscles more strong, thanks to the continuous repeats and isometric contractions that characterize each financial year.

This sport can be practiced by all, because it does not require experience in the field of classical dance.

For those who want to lose weight, however, bars is not exactly the best sport for your child, as not being a discipline, aerobics is quite intense for the heart; and then, unlike running or G. A. G., this sport is best suited for those who want to tone up and improve strength and muscle endurance.


order a drink for the end of containment

Neighborhood cafes and barter shops had to lower the curtain in disaster. On March 14, Edouard Philippe hastily announced the closing of bars and restaurants for midnight, as part of the fight against the coronavirus. Since then, the owners have been waiting and waiting for deconfinement. In order to provide them with a cash advance, the platform “I like my bistro” was created.

The principle is to allow loyal customers to pre-order coffee, wine, beer, cocktail or even a meal, for an amount of 1.50 to 50 euros. Consumption may be served at the end of confinement. On the move, major brands such as France Boissons, Coca-Cola, Pernod Ricard, Heineken, Kronenbourg, Lavazza … For the first 10,000 paid purchase vouchers, the latter will add 50% to the ticket. For example, for 10 euros paid by the consumer, the owner of the cafe will receive 15.

Payments should be possible from this weekend, on site. Bistro owners must register in advance. “The French bistro is emblematic of our culture, it is our heritage that must be helped“, We explain from the side of the platform. “The cash collected will be used to limit the use of government guaranteed loan Says Sébastien Couret, owner of the Ballon Rouge, a wine bar in downtown Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Nothing will be easy to take back, our loyal customers will be essential” In Lyon, the Le Crazy Dog beer bar is also participating in the operation. “This will allow us to pay the salary supplement advance to our partially unemployed employees. And we have a whole bunch of fixed charges that we continue to pay: rent, insurance …

“J’aime mon bistrot” is not the only initiative of this type. The AB iNbEV brewer (Stella artois, Leffe, Corona …) has also launched a platform called “Solidarity bar”, on the same principle.


Airbnb accumulates hundreds of millions of losses due to the coronavirus

Airbnb Inc. is considering raising capital from new investors as the home sharing giant struggles with growing losses due to the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic on its global business, according to people close to the company.

The pandemic also threw Airbnb’s plans to make public this year into chaos, and the company’s board of directors and investors are divided on the best way to go, according to people familiar with the matter.


Online gaming stands ready for casino closure

With casinos closed and many Americans confined to their homes, the online gambling industry is looking to expand in the United States

An industry group, iDevelopment & Economic Association, is pushing states to allow online casino games to replace missing revenue from temporarily closed casinos, including exploring how governors can use large emergency powers to quickly allow online casinos to operate, group leaders said. Online casino games include virtual slots and roulette, along with poker, played for real money.


The New Orleans restaurant kicks off Coronavirus insurance coverage litigation

The first wave of early insurance coverage disputes began as arrests for coronaviruses spread across the United States.

An important seafood restaurant in New Orleans’ French Quarter, Oceana Grill, asked a state court to confirm that its policy with London’s Lloyd’s would cover revenue lost due to civilian actions with restrictions on coronavirus.



Coronavirus requires public health emergency in Boston – NBC Boston

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Sunday declared a public health emergency due to the coronavirus epidemic and announced radical changes for bars and restaurants in the city in an attempt to protect residents.

The emergency declaration will help the city’s marshal’s resources, Walsh said on Sunday at a press conference in the town hall. The city’s restaurant regulations come after a series of South Boston restaurants and bars decided to close on Sunday after people were seen packing them on Saturday.

Walsh has also strongly urged city residents to keep social distances, the practice of interacting as little as possible with others is less likely to spread the new coronavirus, which has already killed more than 60 people in the United States and thousands abroad .

“Social distancing is not a vague and ambitious strategy. It is backed by science,” said the mayor, adding later, “it will save lives.”

During a press conference on Sunday, Walsh launched an urgent appeal for residents to engage in social distancing during the coronavirus epidemic.

Following his Friday announcement that the Boston Public School buildings would be closed on Tuesday, Walsh said two school campuses will not open on Monday due to possible exposure in their communities: the Eliot and McKinley schools.

He acknowledged the difficulties families will face when school closes and said that among the ways it could help, the city will distribute food through places established in the city’s neighborhoods.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has announced that the city’s public schools will close Tuesday, March 17, for over a month, in an attempt to protect students, their families and staff during the coronavirus epidemic.

The changes for the city’s bars, restaurants and clubs in the future are vast, including:

  • They will have to cut their capacity in half by removing tables and chairs to encourage social distancing.
  • No line can form outside.
  • Closing before 23:00, excluding restaurants offering drive-thru, take out or delivery.
  • Any restaurant that has not been allowed to make food can now do so – “basically we are allowing every single establishment that serves food in the city of Boston to take away,” he said.
  • The beer gardens will not be able to open for the season until the crisis has passed.

Violators will remain closed for 30 days, Walsh said.

He explained that he wants people to still be able to get food during the period of greatest social estrangement and does not want the city workers to suffer too much. He also thanked the 14 or more bars and restaurants that agreed to close after Saturday’s full rooms on Sunday.

On Sunday, Walsh gave advice on how best to achieve social distancing.

People arriving at U.S. airports from overseas on Saturday night reported that waiting times were online for the necessary medical visits during the coronavirus epidemic.


26 new coronavirus cases in Massachusetts take the total to 164 – NBC Boston

There are currently 164 coronavirus cases in Massachusetts, state health officials shared on Sunday, and the number of residents tested went from 475 to nearly 800.

The 26 new cases were announced in a Commonwealth attempt to speed up testing for coronavirus after restrictions have been relaxed on the test protocols.

New guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires doctors only to present a nasal swab instead of presenting previously required nasal and throat swabs. With the modification of the clinical test protocols, the state laboratory test capacity has doubled from 200 to around 400 patients per day.

Massachusetts doctors also now have greater flexibility to determine which patients should be tested without having to call DPH’s Epi Line.

With multiple clinical laboratories in the Bay State working to obtain FDA approval, health officials say that even more testing capabilities will soon be available.

As of Sunday, the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory has tested 799 patients, officials said, compared to 475 the previous day.

Forty-five of the 164 positive state cases were subsequently confirmed by the CDC.

Governor Charlie Baker is expected to provide an update on Sunday night about state testing efforts and what is being done to slow the spread of coronavirus in the Commonwealth.

Governor Baker and Governor Lieutenant Karyn Polito will join Health and Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders and Commissioner of the Public Health Department Dr. Monica Bharel at the State House at 18:00. The Baker-Polito administration says that, contrary to popular rumors, it is not preparing a refuge in order.

Four of the 26 new cases announced on Sunday are related to the employee meeting held at a Boston hotel by Cambridge Biogen biotechnology company last month. Health officials say 108 of the 164 cases are now related to the February 24-27 meeting held at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel, which has since closed “in the interest of public health”.

In new cases, a healthcare professional is included at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The hospital announced the case Sunday morning and said that patients and staff who may have had contact with the infected worker are being contacted.

Eight more cases are associated with travel, bringing the total to 13. Eight remain associated with a cluster in western Massachusetts and 35 of these are currently under investigation, health officials say.

Of the 164 cases in the state, 74 are women and 90 are men. Middlesex County residents still account for nearly half, 75 of the cases across the state. The counties of Norfolk and Suffolk both have 31 cases, while there are nine cases in County Berkshire. There are now six cases each in the Essex and Worcester counties.

The counties of Plymouth, Hampden, Barnstable and Bristol have one case each. Two cases are of unknown counties at the moment.

Two other patients have been hospitalized, bringing the total to 13 so far, although another 36 cases are listed as being investigated, according to Sunday’s data.

The update in coronavirus cases on Sunday came shortly after Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declared a public health emergency for the coronavirus epidemic and announced radical changes for bars and restaurants in the city in an attempt to protect residents.

Boston EMS urges people not to call 911 to request COVID-19 tests. People are asked to call their primary care providers, the mayor’s hotline at 617-534-5050 or the state DPH hotline at 211.

Virus-related symptoms include fever (100.4 ° F or higher), cough, breathing difficulties or shortness of breath.

Do you have coronavirus symptoms and want to get tested? We want to know your experience. Please share contact information with NBC10 Boston investigators here or email