Congress will vote on the question of the transformation of Washington into the 51st state of the USA :: Politics :: RBC

Nancy Pelosi

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The house of representatives Friday, June 26, will vote on the creation of the city of Washington a separate state. This was announced by the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, TV channel Fox News channel.

“We will correct this injustice which confronts our democracy,” she said, speaking about the upcoming vote.

As noted by Pelosi, residents of D.C. pay taxes, serve in the army and contribute to “economic viability” of the US, but they have no right to participate in the vote.

The authors of the initiative the vote were the congressmen from the Democratic party. To date, American capital has the status of district of Columbia and is not included in one of the States that gives residents the right to elect their representatives in the Federal Congress.

The law entered into force, it must support both chambers of the Parliament of the United States, and then approved by the President of the country. If that happens, Colombia will become the 51st US state.

Washington extended the curfew because of riots during protests

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In the capital of the United States has about 700 thousand people — more than in the States of Vermont and Wyoming, and almost as much as in Alaska. In November 2016, residents of the district of Columbia in a referendum, held simultaneously with the election of President of the United States, supported the change of status district in the state. For changing administrative status voted 86% of the population, opposed by 14%.

8 section 1 article United States Constitution establishes the power of Congress over the district which is the seat of government, residents of the district until 1961 even had no right to vote in presidential elections. One of the founding fathers of the United States, the fourth President James Madison wrote that it is important that the capital of the country was not in any state to avoid the risk that he is being treated better than in other States.

The residents of the district have traditionally supported Democrats, so the opponents of the transformation of Washington in the state believe that the change of his status will lead to an increase in the number of representatives of the Democratic party in the U.S. Congress.

Among the opponents of the appearance of Washington — US President Donald trump. In an interview with the New Yourk Post, he said that Washington is 100% owned by the Democrats. However, he noted that its transformation into a state I can only vote “very stupid Republicans”.

“You mean the district of Columbia, state? Why? That is, we can have two democratic Senator and five congressmen? No, thank you. This will never happen,” said trump.

At the request of the office of management and budget the White house (Office of Management and Budget, OMB), which deals with the assessment of legislative initiatives, said that the bill is unconstitutional. If the bill were presented to the President, the trump’s advisers in the White house would recommend that he veto the bill, the document says.


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Germany is preparing a response to possible US sanctions, how many people participated in online voting on the amendments, banks began to buy gold, Unilever will be removed from the packaging the word “white”; main news — a review of RBC

The media learned about the plans of Germany in case of sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”

The administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing retaliatory measures in case of imposition of us sanctions against the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, found out by Bloomberg.

  • In particular, the German authorities are considering a coordinated response of the European Union in relation to possible sanctions. What exactly are these actions has not yet been disclosed.
  • Last week the Chairman of the Commission of the German Bundestag for economy and energy, Klaus Ernst, has suggested several possible measures in response to sanctions: a call to the American Ambassador in Germany, personal limitations against the initiators of the sanctions, the imposition of duties on American LNG.
  • On new sanctions against the pipeline, which was prepared by the U.S. Senate, became known in early June. According to the Ministry of economy of Germany, these restrictions may affect German and European companies, banks and government agencies.

Venediktov said the number of voters on the Constitution online

On the first day of voting on amendments to the Constitution remotely voted for almost half of all registered, have informed RBC head of the public headquarters for the monitoring and observation of elections Alexei Venediktov.


Trump has compared the communication with Russia and the us Democrats :: Policy :: RBC

Doing business with Russia and China and North Korea easier than with representatives of the US Democratic party. This was stated by the President of Donald trump during a speech at a shipyard Fincantieri Marinette Marin in Wisconsin.

Trump said that his friend once asked him, with some of the countries most difficult to deal with, assuming that is Russia. North Korea or China. “I said, “a Nation with which the hardest to deal with is the US Democrats”. With the Democrats in the US is much harder than any of the other”, — said the President.

Trump also called the Democrats “somewhat reckless” and “a little crazy”. He explained that the representatives of the Democratic party prevent the formation of the budget of the country, in particular, find any reasons not to allocate funds for the army and defense.

Trump called the Democrats the party of hate in the case of impeachment

“You have no idea what I went through, communicating with these people,” added trump.


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Audi broke the contract with Sobchak for her posts in Instagram

Amid mass protests in the US against police violence against blacks in early June, Ksenia Sobchak published in Instagram video with the caption “Minneapolis, I’m with you. To watch with sound”. Against the black screen there was a song “Killed a Negro” group “Forbidden drummers”.

  • Then, according to Deutsche Welle, the German car company Audi decided to terminate the advertising contract with the presenter. The company said that Audi is “strictly rejects all forms of racism and discrimination”, and publication in Instagram Sobchak is unacceptable.
  • Sobchak did not comment on the breach of contract, but in his Telegram-channel lashed out at Business Insider. “The German edition was published with the title “Ksenia Sobchak called black people stupid and lazy” and accused me of racism. This is a direct lie,” she said, promising to demand an apology from the publication through the courts.
  • Sobchak said that it did not support the protests, violence, and does not divide people “into black and white, Caucasians and Asians”. “But people are divided into smart and stupid. For those who have an opinion and those who follow the crowd,” she said.

The operators of inspection asked the authorities to revise the rules THAT

About 120 operators of checkup urged the authorities to reexamine last year, the principles of reform, writes “Kommersant”. These rules allow not to pass THE new cars to four years, and cars four to ten years — every two years and only ten years older every year.

  • The letter’s authors point to several shortcomings of the new rules: now insurance companies have the ability to allow cars on the road without the conclusion about the possibility of its safe use; within four to five years of operation, the machines may have a serious malfunction that may lead to fatal accidents because of “optional” THAT reduced the flow of cars coming to the diagnosis that leads to the ruin of the operators.
  • “Operators have to operate at a loss, condemning your business to bankruptcy, the letter said.
  • To change the situation, it is proposed to repeal the law that allows you to get a insurance policy without proof of inspection, but also include the industry THAT the list of victims of the pandemic and to set tax holidays.

To support the Pension Fund will need more than 20% of the Federal budget

According to the project main characteristics of the budget of the Pension Fund, seen by RBC, in 2021, nearly 21% of all Federal spending will be directed to the FIU. For comparison: in 2019 the Fund was transferred 18% of budget expenditures.

  • Federal support for FIU next year will increase by almost 1 trillion rubles and amount of 4.12 trillion In 2022 and 2023, this amount will grow even more and will amount to 4.3 trillion annually. The share of Federal transfers in the revenues of the PFR reaches of 42.6% of the maximum from 2017.
  • On the state of the RPF has influenced the anti-crisis government decisions on business support: the only reduce the overall rate of insurance contributions from 30 to 15% of salaries above the minimum wage for small and medium business FIU will miss this year 350 billion rubles, and in the next approximately 387 billion rubles. But there are other initiatives that will affect the status of the Fund.
  • The need to increase budgetary revenues associated with the reduction of the national payroll of coronavirus. In 2020 the salary Fund from which insurance premiums are calculated employers to the pension Fund will be reduced by 1.3 trillion roubles.


The number of victims of the earthquake in Mexico increased to 10 employees :: Company :: RBC

The death toll in the earthquake off the coast of Oaxaca in southern Mexico has risen to 10. This is evidenced by data the Ministry of public security and protection of citizens of Mexico.

According to authorities, six people were injured in the region, and two others received injuries in Mexico city.

Earlier it was reported about four victims in the earthquake.

The devastating earthquake occurred on 23 June at 9 km from the town of El Koul (state of Oaxaca). The center was located at a depth of 33 km and the Magnitude of the disaster was 7.7.

Subsequently, the authorities announced that the earthquake in the town of Crucecita, one person died. In the locality of Huatulco in the same state because of the tremors was destroyed, the hospital for patients with COVID-19. Hospital staff and patients were evacuated to another medical facility. In total, under the calculations of the National seismological service of Mexico, in the country was 174 quake.


Sobchak has filed a lawsuit against the German newspaper due to allegations of racism : Society :: RBC

Sobchak considered slander the title of the article Business Insider

Photo: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

Ksenia Sobchak in his telegram channel announced the decision to sue the German edition of Business insider for defamation. The reason for this was the article published on 24 June.

“The German edition was published with the title “Ksenia Sobchak called black people stupid and lazy” and accused me of racism. It is an outright lie. Such words I never said. And I will demand an apology” — she promised.

Sobchak stressed that people “are NOT divided into whites and blacks, Caucasians and Asians”. “But people are divided into smart and stupid. For those who have an opinion and those who follow the crowd. I do not support any protest in any country when it is associated with violence. For me the main value is life, liberty and private property,” she said.

Sobchak said that her views are “right-wing liberal”. “Apparently, in our fast levelset world, such views have been outlawed. But I was never afraid of pressure on himself in the country, not afraid of him, and from the outside,” she said.

In the German version of Business Insider June 24 (screen the title contained in the message Sobchak in Instagram) published an article entitled “another scandal with Volkswagen after the racist ad: the Ambassador of Russian brand Audi calls black people stupid and lazy.”

In this material, Sobchak called “what kind of Russia’s response to Ivanka trump.” Indicates that it is “eight years is a brand Ambassador of Audi in Russia”, appears at events of the German company and publishes photos with cars in his Instagram.

Here are the messages Sobchak in social networks, in which she comments on the protests in the United States. In the online edition of the German Business Insider contains two hyperlinks to Instagram presenter, in which she criticizes the looting of shops “fighters for justice”.

There is a quote from one of the posts: “Those who managed to realize that to be successful you need [вкалывать]have become conditional Naomi Campbell, Obama and Winfrey. The rest will always find an excuse for themselves and their laziness and stupidity.

On the evening of 24 June, the newspaper Deutsche Welle reported that Audi took the decision to break a promotional contract with Ksenia Sobchak. With reference to the representative of the Audi of Werner Neuhold claimed that the incidents of Instagram Sobchak, “unacceptable”.


The Russians began to return currency to the banks :: Finance :: RBC

The same opinion analyst at BKF Bank Maxim Osadchy. According to him, in previous months, the citizens formed a “canopy” of cash, which is now converted into account. The main contribution to the growth of deposits in foreign currency in may has made Sberbank, which raised $381 million, says Osadchy. He does not exclude that some players still recorded the outflow of foreign currency savings. The majority of Russian banks have not published their balances on 1 June.

“It is possible that some customers bought the currency. This is supported by the fact that the rouble share of deposits of physical persons has decreased,” — said the Director of analytical group Fitch of financial organizations Anton Lopatin. According to him, citizens also have no reason to open new deposits in foreign currency due to low interest rates. These two factors confirm the version flow of ruble savings in foreign exchange, says the interlocutor of RBC.

Sberbank lowered interest rates on deposits in US dollars

Ruble deposits in may decreased slightly: their volume decreased by 0.4%, or 92,14 billion rubles, follows from the data of the Central Bank. As noted by the regulator, the outflow in may was associated with long holidays and lower incomes. In June, the situation has stabilized: retail customers accounts increased by 0.5%, growing balances in rubles and in foreign currency.

See what the banks themselves

  • VTB in may recorded a growth of foreign currency deposits by 17%, said the representative. In ruble terms the increase amounted to 28 billion rubles. More than 25% of new deposits in foreign currency were opened with the newly received Bank funds.
  • May the flow of money in foreign currency deposits and current accounts in Sovcombank considered insignificant. “About the trend or change it to speak while early”, — says the Chairman of the Bank Alexei Panferov.
  • Tinkoff Bank has observed the growth of foreign currency deposits in may and in April, says the representative of group “Tinkoff”. “This is not a flow of funds from one account to another — in April and may we capture the increase in the total balance of attracted funds of physical persons”, — he said.
  • The amount of funds in foreign currency deposits remained stable and foreign exchange savings in current accounts in may have ceased to decline, said the Director of the Department of design and savings products PSB Natalia Voloshin. “On the eve of the summer season, the population returned to the currency that is in checking accounts, not to keep their savings at home,” she said.

  • Bank “Zenith” has not fixed the flow of funds on foreign currency deposits and demand accounts, said his spokesman.
  • Raiffeisenbank declined to comment. Other major banks did not respond to a request RBC.

What happens to the profitability of deposits

On customer behavior could be impacted by the falling yield on ruble deposits, noted a senior analyst at Moody’s Semyon Isakov. “The renewed decline in interest rates on ruble deposits, the sharp appreciation of the ruble against the background of still low oil prices and the announced tax on deposits — all of this dramatically reduced the relative attractiveness of ruble savings. Given the new balance real rate of return in rubles and potential risks, the increased part of investors prefer foreign currency,” he explained.

By June the average maximum rate on ruble deposits in the largest banks renewed its historical minimum, having fallen to 5.01% per annum. Central Bank has not yet disclosed information on the profitability of foreign currency deposits in may. According to the latest data, the average weighted rate for deposits in dollars in April, was 0.63% for deposits up to one year, including demand, and 0.85% on deposits from year to year. The yield on dollar deposits fell from the beginning of last year. The weighted average rate on “long” deposits in Euro have risen sharply in January 2020, to 0.72%, and in April fell to 0.24% per annum. The yield of deposits in euros before the year in April, on the contrary, returned to growth — the weighted average rate rose to 0.08 percent, but still remains at a very low level.

Central Bank warned of losses of banks from investments in the Euro

Photo: Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

Banks began to stop accepting deposits in euros last summer. Market participants explained that in the conditions of negative rates in the Eurozone are savings products become unprofitable.

In March 2020, some banks have excluded from their rulers deposits in dollars due to the sharp decline rate of FRS of USA. But in may some of our players have improved on savings products in foreign currency, according to reports in the portal

Mitigation of sanitary measures and government support will increase savings activity of the population in June, predicts VTB. In Tinkoff Bank believe that talking about a trend growth of currency savings early. “Markets are still waiting the development of the situation with the virus and the pandemic”, — said the representative of the group.

The Russians for a month took deposits $5 billion

Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS

“The total volume of foreign currency deposits still substantially below the level of the beginning of the year, and rapid recovery of this figure is to be expected,” said Proklov from the Agency of the NKR.


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The Ministry has decided to resume production “aircraft taxi” Il-103 :: Business :: RBC

According to Cherenkov radiation, the company was ready to offer to the market an updated Il-103 at a price of $150 thousand to $200 thousand “This is the bomb price”, — he noted, adding that “the prospects for the Il-103 is good.”

Il-103 — four (pilot and three passengers) single-engine piston passenger “aircraft-air taxi”. The dimensions of the Il-103 is small even for its class. Its length is 8 m and a height of 3,135 m. Without load the plane weighs 765 kg, and maximum takeoff weight is limited to 1460 kg. the Total weight of passengers or cargo must not exceed 395 pounds.

Modernization of the Il-114 will be engaged in United aircraft Corporation

The Il-103 was putting in the engines of American manufacturing IO-36ES, with a capacity of 210 HP, the Aircraft can accelerate to 250 km/h, but cruising speed is limited at around 225 km/h During takeoff the necessary run not less than 405 m, for planting you will need about 575 m to full braking. The service ceiling for the Il-103 is 4000 m and the flight distance can reach 1070 km.

The production of Il-103 was conducted in Russia from 1997 to 2007. During this decade, it produced 66 aircraft. The main operator of the machine was Russia. Just purchased 30 aircraft of different variations. They are used for work in forestry and intelligence activities in the border areas. From foreign countries of interest to the aircraft showed Belarus, Laos, Peru and South Korea. If the first three States in total bought a total of 13 cars, South Korea has acquired 23 aircraft for the air force.


Peskov called the error of divergences in multi-lingual versions of the article Putin :: Society :: RBC

Dmitry Peskov

(Photo: Global Look Press)

Discrepancies in the number of losses during the Rzhev battles in versions in English and Russian language in the article of President Vladimir Putin about the great Patriotic war is a mistake. About it journalists were reported by his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Journalists drew attention to the fact that the English version published in the journal National Interest, says 1 154 968 dead, while the article in Russian (published on the Kremlin website) we are talking about 1 888 342 of the dead.

“This error, I’ll explain. The fact that National Interest article was sent in advance for a few days, and work in the archives to clarify the numbers of dead continued virtually to the last hour, when the publisher went Russian authentic text”, — said Peskov.

He added that the figures that appeared in the English version, to be modified in accordance with the data, “which was clarified in our archive, have Artizov”. “So Yes, indeed, there are different figures, but the most complete published in the Russian language”, — explained the spokesman.

Reporters also noticed that the historian and publisher of the archives Igor Petrov said that the quote attributed to Putin to Adolf Hitler, is unconfirmed. They said Peskov, did someone write an article. “The wrong comment of one historian. Everything that is used in this article is not conveying someone else’s words, and direct cite documents from the archives”, — said the press Secretary of the President.


A quarter of all Russians found patients with coronavirus friends :: Society :: RBC

According to the survey, the behavior of those who have the sick among relatives and friends, different from those who do not believe in the epidemic and has no ill among the entourage. Respondents who have familiar cases, carefully observe measures of prevention and believe that it is too early to get out of isolation.

Faced with coronavirus illness friends are sure (43,4%), which restrictions during his isolation had to be more among the skeptics, this statement was supported by only 15%. Wear a protective mask outside the house of 70.1% from the first group, and only one-third (33.1%) from the second.

Attitude to the regime of isolation is changing as more and more people in their environment are confronted with cases of infection, said one of the study’s authors, Deputy head of the Directorate for expert analytical work, HSE Ruslan Artamonov. “There is a reassessment of risks and priorities, the safety of life and health comes to the fore. These people already understand the need for isolation, for what purpose it was introduced, and often seeing how often these measures are not met, even I agree that measures of self-isolation had to be more,” — said Artamonov.

The second wave, and the reluctance to be vaccinated

In the event of a second wave of the coronavirus more than half of respondents (54.4 per cent) will comply with the regime of self-isolation in the same way as the first time, and 4.5% of Russians are going to do it even stricter. Don’t be in such a situation, to follow a policy of isolation on their own is 14.2%, with another 8.4% are going to comply with only those rules, violation of which will fine. Tenth (9.8 per cent) of Russians will not be able to observe a mode in the second wave for a variety of reasons, primarily because of the need to go to work. According to the study half of the respondents (51,3%) for all time of existence of the regime of self-isolation continued to go to work.

To the question about whether the Respondent to be vaccinated against coronavirus in the case of in the near future the Russian vaccine, only 15.8% said that they would do such a vaccine immediately. Wait for foreign vaccine intend to 4.4% of respondents, and 10.6% and will make a decision about vaccination next year. A third of respondents (37,7%) is not going to be vaccinated against coronavirus never before.

The data about the Russians, who do not intend to be vaccinated against coronavirus, the HSE coincide with the data of the opinion poll, which was conducted in may. Thus, according to the poll, 35% of Russians would not get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

According to Artamonov, the vast majority of those who will not vaccinate, are Russians who do not believe in the epidemic, as well as principled opponents of any vaccinations. In addition, the solution-thirds of Russians to refuse to vaccinate against coronavirus has a relatively mild form of the flow with a smaller number of severe and fatal outcomes than in Europe and the United States.

“Russia decided to mass vaccinate only of the most deadly diseases — tuberculosis, measles, etc., and mostly in childhood. Children in the case of coronavirus not included in the risk group. Vaccination against milder disease with a small mortality are usually made by individual decision and not carry mass character”, — concluded the expert.