Would we like to benefit from privileges coming from our history?

I am deeply shocked by the reaction of several leaders of the Catholic Church who denounce a “Anti-Catholic tropism of the President of the Republic”, or using analogous formulas (The cross April 30). Have they forgotten that state neutrality means that the resumption of public worship can only be allowed in all religions at the same time? Certainly, Catholicism has large churches, not always very full, and where barrier gestures can be easily respected. But we are in the middle of Ramadan; many mosques have been built in old hangars or old garages, where worship cannot be celebrated under such favorable conditions. It is the same for several Evangelical Churches whose places of worship are cramped. So, would we like to benefit from privileges coming from our history? No. Every believer deserves to be treated equally regardless of religion.

Michel Quesnel, priest of the Oratory in Lyon, Rector emeritus of the Catholic University of Lyon


The plant in the bedroom will save love

Astrologers and esotericists talked about the benefits of root crops in the coming months.

On April 26, a period began that will affect many people. Relationship problems may arise at this time. To save love and bright feelings will help one well-known plant. This was reported by astrologers and esotericists.

The other day, Pluto began a retrograde, reverse movement until October 4. Astrologers have warned that at such a time the planet destroys everything that it considers unnecessary. In the best case, this will concern past unsuccessful relationships with which it is difficult for a person to break. Pluto will help get rid of trash. But it may happen that the planet violates real feelings. In such moments, divorces or simply frequent scandals between lovers can occur. To avoid this, you need to appease the planet with its “native” plant, which is considered horseradish.

Esotericists also noted the “magical” properties of the root crop. Together with astrologers, they recommend including horseradish more often in the diet if there are no contraindications from doctors. In addition, the plant should be kept in the bedroom. So it will save love from the negative influence of Pluto. You can wrap the root in a handkerchief and place it anywhere in the room. And the best option would be a living plant. Horseradish, like other indoor flowers, can be grown in a pot.

If the family often has household troubles, something breaks or things don’t go, then the plant will help to establish an atmosphere. Esotericists say that horseradish can hit on any problems. The root crop was not as simple as it seemed at first glance. In the coming months, according to astrologers, horseradish will not hurt anyone. After the retrograde of Pluto, he will continue to regularly perform his protective functions.


Half of those affected by an ERTE have not yet recognized their benefit

The workers of the Public State Employment Service (SEPE) are “leaving the skin”. Not only they say it, but it was recently admitted by the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, who even went so far as to ask this group for applause, similar to the one that every day at 8 in the afternoon is performed by health professionals. Although without a white coat, they are other heroes of this crisis, who work piece-time, seven days a week and double shifts, to try to ensure that none of those affected by this pandemic remains without receiving their unemployment benefits; in fact, in just over a month, they have recognized unemployment to almost 1.9 million affected by a File of Temporary Regulation of Employment (ERTE), although it is less than half of those presented. “There is a great deal of commitment, there is a kind of awareness that we are essential for citizen well-being; Without us people cannot eat, “explains Pilar Seoane, director of an employment office in La Coruña and representative of CC OO.

But despite the important work they have in their hands, such as managing which unemployed people are entitled to a benefit and granting them the best possible, according to Seoane, resources are minimal. Little more than 6,200 officials are currently working to manage a volume of benefits that exceeds 6.2 million.

And it is that if the SEPE’s work rhythm is usually frenetic, because they have to pay more than 2.1 million unemployment benefits every month, their workload has been multiplied by six or seven, since now the more than 4.1 million workers who are affected by an ERTE due to the coronavirus are added – according to data provided by CC OO- and the vast majority are waiting to receive this economic aid from the State. Specifically, from May 16 to April 20, 1,884,816 benefits have been recognized, according to data provided to this newspaper by the public body. This means that if more than 520,000 ERTEs have been filed, affecting 4.1 million workers, barely 45% have been processed.


But this is not the fault of SEPE, which recognizes more than 80% of the benefits that come to it daily, according to its data. In fact, their work rate has intensified to such an extent that if 162,852 benefits were processed in the first week of confinement, they exceeded 800,000 in the last week. Only on Tuesday they recognized 140,000 in one day, an average that they trust to maintain daily until this situation stabilizes. “They are recognizing themselves at a rate like never before in the history of Spain,” praised the minister.

The most important funnel occurs in the competent labor authorities, who are the ones who have to take the final decision on whether or not to authorize these company files, for which the Government gave them a period of five days that in some communities they have extended to ten. Furthermore, many of the ERTEs who arrive at SEPE do so with administrative silence, which is understood as positive.

In addition, the employment offices also report that many of the files that come to them from the consultancies (in Excel tables) contain errors (such as failures in the DNI) and, therefore, complicate their processing and also delay them. in its resolution.

Not everyone will charge in May

“We are making a titanic effort, but we are going to have a very difficult time getting to resolve 100% even though we are at 200% of our activity”, admits Manuel Galdeano, coordinator of CSIF at SEPE, who highlights that in 20 years of work “has not seen anything like it”, not even in the 2008 crisis, which “was already wild.” So, rules out that those four million affected may collect their unemployment in May. “We get to where we are,” he laments, while specifying that each unemployment benefit has a person behind it, with its own personal and work casuistry, so it cannot be assimilated to any other for the purposes of general automation.

In addition to those 1.9 million files processed, the SEPE has attended in the last month 455,953 consultation calls and has given more than 1.1 million previous online appointments of benefits.


Turmeric: beneficial properties for the body

News of show business:Turmeric has a lot of useful properties, so it significantly improves health.

Many members of the ginger family have medicinal qualities and are labeled as “superfoods.” Turmeric is perhaps the most popular and widely used food supplement. Here’s how turmeric protects the lungs, liver, and intestines.

Protects the lungs from acute and chronic diseases

Turmeric curcumin can protect the lungs from fibrosis (scarring) caused by radiation, chemotherapy and toxins. Animal studies show that curcumin has a protective effect against lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and allergic asthma.

Useful, but not for everyone: who should not eat ginger

Useful, but not for everyone: who should not eat gingerRead completely

Improves liver function, especially in people with “fatty liver”

The liver is important for filtering the blood and getting rid of toxins in the body. But for people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), this function may be impaired due to the accumulation of fat, which causes inflammation. As a result, the liver is damaged, its functions are impaired.

According to a recent study, turmeric supplements can help people with NAFLD. They can prevent the progression of the disease by reducing the production of free radicals, which are triggers of inflammation.

We strengthen immunity: what products are worth paying attention to

Colon cancer prevention without side effects

Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Turmeric helps in the prevention of this type of cancer: it inhibits cancer-promoting cell signaling pathways.


Forget Einstein: Better to be a Worker than a Genius | Good Life

It is time to remove the poster of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue and hang a photograph of Thomas Alva Edison looking thoughtfully at a light bulb. Well, it may not be necessary to desecrate the icon of the last century … But it is worth remembering the phrase that recalls the tireless and persevering spirit of the inventor: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. In other words, to get results you have to sweat. And a lot. What Edison never said is that the effort is worth for one and for the others: this kind of person, hard-working and persevering, motivates more than geniuses, according to a work from the PhD student at Penn Danfei Hu University and the professor of psychology from William Patterson Janet Ahn University, recently published in the magazine Basic and Applied Social Psychology.

Researchers at American institutions reached this conclusion through a series of three experiments. In the first, 176 students were read the story of all the difficulties of a renowned scientist. Half of them were told they were vicissitudes of Albert Einstein’s career while assuring the rest that the protagonist of the story was Thomas Edison. Who had the German physicist in mind they thought that the success had been exclusively the result of a privileged skull, and later they were less motivated to complete a series of mathematical exercises.

The researchers repeated the experiment on 162 people with a variation. Instead of half telling them that it was Edison’s story, they told it was that of Mark Johnson, a scientist they had invented. And they observed that the motivation was also greater among those who believed they read the difficulties of the fictional scientist. In the third experiment, involving 288 people, they introduced a third story to make the above three options available. In this case, they also found that Edison motivated students while the genius had the opposite effect.

The objective of the new work is to delve into strategies that help boost vocations in STEM careers (English acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics), disciplines of great projection that, paradoxically, are not among the priorities of most Young. But the proverbial perseverance of Edison, who is said to have failed a thousand times before making his first light bulb, is not key only in this area. According to University of Pennsylvania professor Angela Duckworth, determination, ability to not give up on an endeavor despite all the distractions and difficulties, it is the mark of the winners, whether they are elite athletes, businessmen or students.

It’s what Duckworth calls I screamed in your book The power of passion and perseverance (Uranus, 2016). If you are interested in knowing if a person has the I screamed necessary to stand out, she herself has designed a scale that values ​​it through ten simple questions (The most complicated thing when answering them is using the Google translator). Having a high score is a good sign. If it’s low, you have to get down to business: don’t hang a black-and-white photo of an inventor on the wall who wouldn’t make a funny face even if the lighting in his native Ohio depended on it. But, for your sake, pick up Einstein’s photo now. It is not good company.

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Rob Kardashian’s ex Blac Chyna’s accountant ordered to deliver financial information – NBC Los Angeles

A judge on Tuesday ordered the accountant of three companies owned by the mother of Rob Kardashian’s daughter, who could prove if he lost money after canceling the ex-couple’s reality show, “Rob & Chyna”.

Los Angeles Supreme Court judge Randolph Hammock has granted a motion by lawyers for the Kardashian / Jenner families to force J. Walter Michael & Associates to comply with a defense summons to produce information regarding three companies owned by the actor Blac Chyna. In addition to the objection of Chyna’s lawyer, Lynne Ciani, the judge said that the documents must also include tax returns.

The judge said he would delay the start of the trial scheduled for May 26 if necessary, if the defense is not satisfied they have all the documents they need from Chyna’s companies.

“I know your client is desperate just to have her day in court,” Hammock told Ciani. “He wants to get his justice against the Kardashian clan. ”

Chyna’s real name is Angela White and filed her lawsuit in November 2017. Her claims against Rob Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner include defamation and interference with potential economic benefits. Chyna claims that the four women falsely claimed to have physically abused Rob Kardashian while they were a couple.

In her lawsuit, Chyna claims to have suffered significant damage and that the scandal resulted in the cancellation of her reality show with her ex boyfriend by E! She claims that the network allegedly granted a second season of the show, but for false statements made against her, including the alleged comments from the four women accused of E! representatives in late 2016 and early 2017 that Chyna physically abused Rob Kardashian.

In their court documents supporting their motion, Kardashian-Jenner’s attorneys said that the accountants’ documents could show whether Chyna is sincere when she claims to have lost money in appearances and endorsements after the show’s cancellation. They asked for company records for Blac Chyna Inc., 88 Fin Inc. and Lashed LLC for the years 2014-19.

Ciani told the judge that she was trying to obtain the documents required by the defense from the accountant, who is based in Michigan, and that she had difficulty in doing so. He repeated his previous court statement that Chyna no longer claims damages in connection with that company.

However, Kardashian-Jenner’s attorney Todd Eagan has said he still wants to examine Lashed’s documents to see if the company has lost or made any money since the show ended. In his court documents, Eagan stated that the summons to the auditing firm was duly given to Walter Mosley, who performs unrelated legal activities for Chyna and is identified on the entity’s website as head of the Los Angeles office. Angeles.

Chyna, 31, and Rob Kardashian, 32, started dating in January 2016 and had a daughter, Dream, in November. They broke up in the summer of 2017 and
he sued Kardashian, his mother and three of his sisters in October of that year.

In July 2017, he used social media to publish images of Chyna’s naked breast, back and genitals. He also accused her of sleeping with another man in the “same bed where Chyna and I made our baby.” He later removed some of the photos.


Infections that are far from coronavirus: the flu account has more than half a million deaths per year, and measles

The whole history of mankind is life side by side with bacteria, parasites and viruses. They cause infectious diseases, that is, transmitted through various kinds of contacts: through the blood, as HIV, hepatitis B and C, with insect bites like malaria, by airborne droplets like flu, tuberculosis and measles. Since the end of last year, a new type of coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, joined the group of the latter. The lack of knowledge and therefore the weak predictability of the new enemy is understandably alarming. It’s important that it doesn’t panic, since stress itself affects the immune system, doctors warn. Because of this, our basic defense against infections is weakened.

In order to be less nervous, experts advise, firstly, to take preventive measures (observe hygiene rules, visit places less crowded). Secondly, to face the facts: in fact, we have long been cohabiting with infections that take incomparably more lives than coronavirus (according to currently available data).

Moreover, infectious diseases themselves, which until the beginning of the 20th century were the main killers of people, have now given way to another leader.

– The vast majority of people today die not at all due to infections. And because of the so-called NCDs – noncommunicable diseases, – said Artem Gil, professor at the Higher School of Health Management at Sechenov University, told KP. – Among such NCDs, cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, heart attacks, strokes), cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes are leading causes of death. In general, NCDs account for at least 60–65% of deaths worldwide. And in Of Russia – 90%.

Such diseases are not transmitted from person to person. And while their distribution is largely dependent on the people themselves. From our way of life. Judge for yourself: according to the World Health Organization, about 9 million people a year die from coronary heart disease (CHD), and about 6 million die from strokes. While the deadliest infection – tuberculosis – kills up to 1.3 million patients. Moreover, in the case of coronary heart disease and strokes, we essentially drive ourselves into the grave. It has been proven that the main risk factors for the development of these diseases are smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, overeating and alcohol abuse.


Most important for Russians are HIV and tuberculosis

– Among the infectious diseases for Russia, the most relevant and dangerous are HIV and tuberculosis, – says a professor at the Graduate School of Health Management at Sechenovskiy University Artem Gil. – The prevalence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis strains is increasing. Because of this, the effectiveness of treatment remains at a rather low level. Tuberculosis now affects people regardless of their socio-economic status.

At the same time, HIV infection in our country has gone beyond the limits of traditional risk groups (drug addicts, women of easy virtue) and spreads mainly through heterosexual sexual contacts, remind infectious disease specialists. Therefore, doctors advise against neglecting HIV testing. This can be done for free at the AIDS prevention and control centers that operate in each region. Full list of addresses – on the official portal www.o-spide.ru


Medical TV presenter, ex-head doctor of the Kremlin Hospital, cardiologist Alexander Myasnikov:

– From the complications of influenza in the world, up to 650 thousand people die every year, measles – more than 120 thousand, from cervical cancer, which develops due to the human papillomavirus (HPV) – 270 thousand. Vaccines for these diseases are, tested and safe. However, the Russians are still in no hurry to do these really necessary vaccinations.

“Like a war”: doctors against the coronavirus.In China, more than 170 people have died from coronavirus. Among them are doctors fighting the infection … Moreover, doctors are dying not only because of 2019-nCoV


Map of coronavirus in Europe and in the world: how the disease spreads

We publish the distribution map of coronavirus in Europe and in the world, as well as talk about disease prevention measures (details)

The network has clearly shown the benefits of thorough hand washing for the prevention of coronavirus

Experts recommend rubbing your palms with soap for at least 20 seconds – during this time you can double-play the song Happy Birthday (details)


List of countries with coronavirus that need quarantine after visiting

Rospotrebnadzor approved a list of countries with coronavirus, after visiting which quarantine is needed even in the absence of disease symptoms (details)


Vueling achieved record profits in 2019 despite air control strikes | Companies

Vueling closed the 2019 financial year with record profits, according to the data included by IAG in its individual annual accounts, registered in the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). The company that still runs Javier Sánchez-Prieto, future president of Iberia, achieved an after-tax result of 165 million euros, 11% more than in 2018, which was also a record year. The operating result was 220 million, with an increase of 9%, according to those same accounts. The company was able to improve the management of problems due to air traffic strikes and the relative weakness of markets such as French and Italian.

Despite this record of benefits, the closing figures of the last year for Vueling show a balance with some lights and shadows. In the first, and in addition to the result, the low-cost airline registered the highest turnover of its 15 years of history, with 2,500 million euros, and transported 34.6 million passengers, which also represents the highest level since Your creation

On the other hand, the operating margin fell 1.5 percentage points to 9.8% and the return on invested capital, known as ROIC for its acronym in English, also fell 4.6 percentage points to 13.1 %. “The rise in oil prices and weak demand have led the company to reap an operating margin and ROIC lower than in 2018,” the group justifies in its annual report.

The forecasts for the next triennium are more positive, with a cumulative increase of 12% of the operating margin in three years or 15% in the case of ROIC. “After 15 years of growth and success, Vueling is in a position to continue being the leading airline in Barcelona and other markets of short and medium radio of the first order. It will also position the company to become one of the leading sustainability airlines. ”

The group’s CEO, Willie Walsh, dedicates very complimentary words to the Vueling team in the letter to shareholders that is included in their annual report. After highlighting that all the companies in the group have improved their customer satisfaction rates, he emphasizes: “The increase was particularly strong in Vueling because the team reacted exceptionally to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) strike during the summer last, by adjusting the network, providing additional replacement aircraft and using data analysis to predict the alterations and their effects more precisely from patterns they had observed in 2018. Customer satisfaction increased significantly as a result. “

And later, he adds: “Vueling has done an excellent job in dealing with the incidents I mentioned earlier and has also had to overcome a weakening in key markets, particularly Italy and France.”

Part of the improvement in profitability came from the strict cost control imposed by Javier Sánchez-Prieto, which states in the annual report: “We introduced new aircraft more efficient than the aircraft they replace, we signed a new collective agreement with our crews and We managed to improve the efficiency of our maintenance model without compromising safety. These measures have helped us maintain our solid cost position, “said the first executive of Vueling, who will relieve Luis Gallego as president of Iberia when he becomes an advisor Group Delegate