The Ministry of Communications decided to create a window for complaints on the state services portal :: Society :: RBC

The ministry believes that the new system will improve the efficiency of processing appeals. Complaints will know how it goes.

Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS

The Ministry of Communications has prepared a bill in accordance with which the government services portal will become a single electronic window for appealing to authorities, Kommersant reports. According to the document, citizens registered in the Unified System of Identification and Authentication (ESIA) will be able to file a complaint.

The draft law provides that appeals sent through the portal will be automatically forwarded to the authorized body. Their authors will be able to receive notifications of the progress of the review. Artificial intelligence will be used to study typical queries.

In addition to the public services portal, a complaint can be submitted through multifunctional centers or by mail.

Oleg Pak, the First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Communications, explained the need to create a window of appeals on the public services portal by the fact that now complaints are sent through forms on various official websites or by e-mail, and applicants often do not even know if their messages have been received. “To find out the fate of the appeal, you need to call the information phones, which are often busy or do not answer. All this works extremely inefficiently, ”he admitted.

The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Media has proposed connecting Avito, TsIAN and to public services

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

Boris Edidin, a member of the digital economy legal support committee for the Moscow branch of the Bar Association, sees another advantage in the new system. In his opinion, localization on a single platform and reliable identification of applications will solve the problem of “planned provocations” in relation to mass and repeated appeals. At the same time, he noted that the bill does not solve the problem of assessing the effectiveness of considering citizens ’appeals, that is, how much the applicant is satisfied with the results of interaction with the state agency, and the official is interested in resolving the issue on the merits.

Another weakness of the system, Nikolai Legkodimov, head of technological practice at KPMG in Russia and the CIS, considers reassignment routes. “They should not violate the basic principle when a complaint cannot be directed to the agency that they are complaining about,” he said.

According to Kommersant, a total of 119 million people are registered in ESIA. At the same time, 69.5 million accounts were confirmed.


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The last US state decided to remove the symbol of the Confederates from the flag :: Society :: RBC

Фото: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Mississippi is the last in the United States to abandon the Southern Confederate flag symbol after mass protests across the country over the death of African American George Floyd after being detained by police. It is reported by the BBC.

On June 27, both houses of the state parliament voted to begin the process of changing the flag. In the House of Representatives 84 people voted “for” and 35 people voted “against”, in the Senate – 36 votes “for” and 14 votes “against”. If the bill is adopted, the commission will develop a new flag, which will be voted for in November this year.

“The controversy surrounding the 1894 flag has become as controversial as the flag itself, and it’s time to put an end to it. If they [конгресс штата Миссисипи] they will send me a bill, I will sign it, ”said State Governor Tate Reeves. He added that the authorities are faced with the task of uniting society.

Trump allowed the arrest of all destructive vandals

Donald Trump

The symbol of the Confederation is a blue cross with stars on a red background and is considered by many in the USA as a racist symbol. The flag was used by the slaveholding Confederate states of America, which lost in the civil war of 1861-1865.


‘Foggia estate in villa’: summer events program

Next Tuesday 30 June 2020, in the area in front of the grove of the Villa comunale, at 10 am, a press conference of the “Foggia Estate in Villa” program is scheduled, the summer events program with over 250 appointments in compliance with anti-covid rules . The mayor of Foggia, Franco Landella, the councilor for culture, Anna Paola Giuliani, and the director of the branch, Carlo Dicesare will be present.

“At this particular stage in community life, there was a need to strengthen the bond that we had nurtured during the lockdown period,” Anna Paola Giuliani, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Foggia launches “Foggia Estate in Villa 2020”, the events calendar of the city of Foggia that starts in a few hours, in full compliance with the anti-covid rules contained in the DPCM in force.

“In recent weeks – the Councilor underlined – we have published an expression of interest to gather all the projects of the territory, involving associations and professionals of art and culture (sector heavily tried by the health emergency), in imagining what we called: Foggia Estate in Villa. The symbolic place of the aggregation of our city becomes a place of healthy relationships and beauty, involving above all children and families “.

“We thought first of all about the children,” added Mayor Franco Landella, “because it was they who paid the highest price for this extraordinary condition of difficulty. Human contact, the relationship with friends and the school, were relegated behind a screen and therefore we thought that with the good weather and the spaces available, they would all welcome a return to a “supervised normality”.

Everything is ready, therefore, for the launch of Foggia Estate in Villa, a billboard that includes over 250 activities, including workers, performances, entertainment, cinema, art and involvement of the city and the people who finally return to meet in physical spaces and not only in the virtual ones of the social channels (remember that throughout the closing period, the Umberto Giordano theater continued with constant “virtual” programming, to be close to its audience and the city).

For participation in the workshops, a dedicated web page was made available to the public, on the civic network website, on the “eventbrite” platform through which, at the following link comune-di-foggia-assessorato-alla-cultura-30328803846, it is possible to easily enroll children and young people in workshops organized for the summer. In addition, the telephone numbers 0881/792908 – 814526 – 814579, active from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 13.30 and on Tuesday and Thursday from 15.30 to 17.30, are available to provide information to users and to guide the booking of the workshops and participation in events.

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All of this will naturally take place in full compliance with the anti-assembly regulations, the rules of presence and physical distance, as well as the use of masks and sanitizing detergents.


What phrases from the script “Brother-2” became prophetic

20 years ago, the philosophical thriller “Brother-2” about the adventures of Danila Bagrova (Sergey Bodrov) at USA. The humor that permeates the picture captivates with spontaneity and simplicity. And then no one could have thought that many of the phrases of the heroes would not only become winged, but would be realized by history. “KP“Gives some examples.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox”

Well then, were there people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? A paradox.”Photo: frame from the movie

The replica of the nervous taxi driver played by Konstantin Zheldin is universal. Whether it’s the economic and social crisis of the 90s or the epidemiological crisis of our time, the darkest forces within people begin to fuss with tripled energy. So at the height of the coronavirus, there were photos of citizens buying toilet paper and buckwheat, as well as versions about the 5G towers, Bill’s chip plan Gates and the pedophile lobby of Hollywood, which should bring employees FBI covid-19.

“You, bastards, will answer for Sevastopol!”

Unique phrase killer Viktor Bagrov (Victor Sukhorukov) came true 14 years after the release of “Brother-2.” Crimea He returned to his native harbor and the Russian people on the peninsula voted unanimously for this.

“The Russians do not abandon their own in the war”

Events on Donbass, lasting more than five years, also confirm the maxim voiced by Danila.

Russians do not abandon their own in the war.

“- Hey, fellow countryman, where do the Russians live here?”

– Moskal is not my countryman!

– Bandera?

– Why ?!

“Alright guys, bye!”

Perhaps Alexey Balabanov wrote the script as a joke. And the “warm” meeting of the Russian killer with Ukrainian colleagues at the airport is just an episode from the movie. But 14 years have passed, and the slogans “Moskalyak on a dime!”, “Hto not leap, that Muscovite ”and“ Bandera come – put things in order! ” became very popular on Ukraine.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger. ”Photo: frame from the film.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”Photo: frame from the movie.

Before a showdown with local black people who did not allow Russian heroes to eat boiled crayfish, the prostitute Dasha suggests that power is not in the truth, according to Danila and not in money, as his brother is sure, but in “them”, in African-Americans. And if you look at the results of most sports competitions, the absolute triumph of tolerance in the United States, Hollywood cinema and Europeabsorbed by African migrants, it is difficult to disagree with the heroine.

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”Photo:

Laughter with a laugh, namely this meme jokingly explains the official representative MFA RF Maria Zakharova some strange accusations of our country by the USA. But how else to react to the fact that Russian hackers are to blame for the results of the American election?

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ” Photo: frame from the film.

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”Photo: frame from the movie.

The phrase prostitutes Marilyn (Daria Jurgens) from the final scene of the film on the plane also became a meme. During the epidemic, Russian citizens, stuck on vacation, began to return to their homeland en masse. It didn’t work for everyone. Those who succeeded reacted in much the same way as the heroine of Brother-2.

“You do not understand – this is quarantine!”

Well, there’s no need to explain anything. American customs officers informing Viktor Bagrov about quarantine teleported in 1990 as if from 2020.


“Brother-2”: How did the fate of the prostitute Marilyn, the hacker Network and Bones Big

The cult picture turns 20 years old (details)


Spain does not earn credit to the EU

Make no mistake, the financial aid from the European Union will be accompanied by some kind of conditionality.

The almost record time in which theHeads of State and Government of the EUTheir last videoconference meeting only allowed us to think about a historical agreement or, as it was soon revealed, that it had been another summit of procedure in which almost everything was left for later. Gaining time at a time is the community custom. Actually, and deserves to be underlined, after a stormy month and a half in which the divisions between blocks question the being or not being of the Union again, a point has already been reached in whichthe twenty-seven agree on the need for a reconstruction plan, from an extraordinary common budget,to face the deep economic crisis that the coronavirus pandemic will cause. However, we are still very far from acommon postureon how the aid to the States should be. Hence, the European leaders chose to meet again for May and, meanwhile, continue to negotiate. Or, as always happens in the EU, try the psychological technique of encouraging one of the parties to end up giving up and giving in. It collides, yes,So much hesitation before the gravity of the situation, which requires speed.

Spain is one of the countries most played, both for the devastating consequences of theCovid-19in our economy as well as by the very low state of our accounts. This has caught ustsunamiwith aunsustainable debt of almost 100% of GDPand atripped deficit; Here is the tremendous setback that the Government has just received due to the 2019 makeup deficit that Brussels has had to correct and raise to 2.8% after an ex-ante examination. This scenario leaves youSnchezgreatly diminished in its credibility and in its ability to defend our interests before the rest of the community partners, and forces it to exercise realism when seeking support, as far as possible. This attitude is not in keeping with the propaganda obsession to put out chest within our country in order to disguise its erratic management of the pandemic. But the Spanish are not better defended in Brussels – quite the contrary – withimpossible dataand even less withhat rabbits that are real tripping. It is what has happened for weeks with thesterile stubbornness in the crown, when as it has been repeated until satietyMerkelthey are not even allowed by the EU treaties. And it is what happens now with that occurrence of theeuropean perpetual debt, which no other leader has endorsed because it is prohibited in the ECB, as he could well have explained to the President of the Government some person in charge of the Bank of Spain if he allowed himself to be advised.

Snchez is evidenced by taking for granted that the rules can be changed, as if at this juncture we could affordlegal adventures in the EU, on whose shared criteria we depend. An Adanist attitude could undermine the efforts being made by the economic vice president,Nadia Calvio, so that Spain gains weight in this tough negotiation in which we play so much. The creation ofan economic recovery fund linked to the EU budget-whose size and financing must be defined- is news that can be welcomed. But, let’s not kid ourselves,the aid will be accompanied by some type of conditionality, and it is unfortunately logical that countries with healthier accounts did not know how they manage the Snchez economy andChurches.

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Facebook launches option for video calls with up to 50 people without time limit – Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra

Facebook revealed that it is launching a tool called Messenger Rooms with which users will be able to make video calls with up to 50 people. This is the latest move by the social network ‘due to the popularity, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, of other applications such as its Zoom or Houseparty with similar group video contact capabilities.

The news was given this Friday by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg through Facebook Live.

Live with Mark Zuckerberg

Tune in here on April 24th at 11am PT, as Mark Zuckerberg goes live to share some new product updates we’ve been working on, to help everyone feel more connected with each other even while we’re apart.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, April 24, 2020

According to our sister station CNBC, the tool will be free will allow Facebook and Messenger users to create group video calls of up to 50 people at a time, increasing the current limit of the Messenger app from 8 people.

According to CNBC, the 50-person limit for Messenger Rooms will not be available immediately. Facebook users will see a lower limit at launch, but it will soon rise to 50 people, a company spokesperson told CNBC. The limit will vary for users at launch, the spokesperson said.

By comparison, Zoom allows up to 100 people to video chat for free for up to 40 minutes. Houseparty supports up to eight people.

Video calls in Messenger Rooms have no time limit and will include features like augmented reality filters that allow people to add masks to their faces. Video call hosts will also be able to block calls and delete users. Facebook and Messenger users can create Messenger rooms, and they can invite anyone to join, including people who don’t have a Facebook account.

Messenger Rooms will begin rolling out to users on Friday, and will expand to more regions in the coming weeks. “You can start and share video calls on Facebook through your wall, Groups and Events, so it is easy for people to visit it. We will soon add ways to create video call rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal too”, explained the social network.

WhatsApp also expands capacity

Facebook also announced that it is doubling the limit of people in WhatsApp video calls from four to eight people.

In addition, the company is introducing a video calling feature on Facebook Dating so that users of that service can have virtual dating.

Zoom improves your security

The video conferencing platform Zoom, which has achieved a sudden popularity success with the COVID-19 pandemic, announced this week an update to its software, where, it says, it has improved the encryption system to respond to criticism received for lack of security.

The San Jose, California-based firm explained in a statement that Zoom version 5.0 adds support for encryption with 256-bit AES encryption GCM, providing “increased protection for meeting data and resistance against tampering. ”

The update available this week will also allow the account administrator to choose which regions of the data center their meetings and webinars use for real-time traffic at the account, group, or user level.

On the other hand, the company has grouped all the options related to security in the same icon, which is accessed through the menu bar of the digital meeting, the “waiting room” option has been activated by default and allows videoconference hosts report a user whose participation has not been allowed.

“I am proud to achieve this step in our 90 day plan, but this is only the beginning. We will earn the trust of our customers and bring them happiness with our firm goal of providing the safest platform, ”said Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan.

Zoom’s success and sudden growth as a result of the increase in teleworking and digital encounters following the confinement orders for the COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by many complaints about failures in communication security and little respect for the privacy of users.

One of the most common problems that its users are encountering is that Internet users who have not been invited appear by surprise in teleconferences, a phenomenon baptized as “zoombombing” and which has caused educational institutions, governments and companies to stop using the platform. and, in the case of Google, their employees have even been banned.


Bill Gates criticizes the tool to contain the coronavirus from Apple and Google




Bill gates, co-founder of Microsoft, has criticized the tool they are developing as a team Google and Manzana to help contain the Covid-19 pandemic. In a recent entry in his personal blog, the magnate and billionaire, claims that employment-based systems of Bluetooth to inform users that they have been exposed to a contagion “may help some” but are somewhat limited.

“The idea is that if someone tests positive, their phone can send a message to others so that their owners can be tested. If most people voluntarily installed this type of app, it would probably help some. One limitation is that the infected does not have to be in the same place at the same time to infect someone: they can leave the virus on the surface. This system would lose this type of transmission, “says Gates.

The tool that Apple and Google are developing, designed for governments and public institutions to make use of it, is based on the connection between users’ Bluetooth to be functional. Both devices with iOS operating system and those using Android. Its operation is quite simple: when a person who has the service approaches another, for example, on the way to shopping or walking the dog, their terminals exchange information. In the event that one of the two becomes ill with coronavirus, you will have to report through the application. At that time, all those who have been close will be notified that they have been exposed to the contagion.

The problem, according to Gates, is that the Covid-19 carrier can leave the virus on a surface with which you have come into contact. It is not necessary to be present to make third parties ill, so the system “would lose this type of transmission.” The Microsoft co-founder, however, shows more hope in the systems to detect infections that are being implemented by the governments of countries affected right now. Especially in Germany.

“I think most countries will use the approach that Germany is using, which requires interviewing all who test positive and using a database to make sure there is follow-up with all contacts. The pattern of infections is studied to see where the risk is highest and the policy may need changes. In Germany, if someone is tested and confirmed positive, the doctor has a legal obligation to inform the local government health office. The doctor must provide all personal data (name, address, phone number) so that the health office can contact the person and make sure they are isolated, “explains Gates.

Then the local health office begins the process of searching for contacts. They interview the infected person, find out how to get in touch with everyone they’ve known in the past few weeks, and get in touch with those people to ask them to isolate themselves and get tested. ”

In turn, the magnate remarks that «each health system will have to discover how to train personnel so that this work is carried out in a timely manner. Everyone who does the work should be properly trained and will be required to keep all information private. Researchers will be asked to study the database to find infection patterns, again with privacy safeguards. “


A general spokesperson in Moncloa


The chief of the General Staff of the Civil Guard, General Jos

The chief of staff of the Civil Guard, General Jos Manuel Santiago, at a press conference in La Moncloa.

There is a certain coherence in the activity asheadhunterofPedro Snchez. First, there is his ability to select his collaborators with the standards of his intellectual level. Then there is the criterion of suitability: a philosopher to take over the management of Health. In exchange, he has a doctor as Finance Minister.Mara Jess MonteroIt is also a government spokesperson, a task for which it is openly contraindicated: it lacks the minimum skills for expression.

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