Bundestag decides to reform the vehicle tax

Significantly more electric cars are needed to achieve climate targets. So that customers can switch, the vehicle tax is now being changed. But is the reform working? An overview.

From 2021, the vehicle tax will increase for new cars with high fuel consumption. The Bundestag decided on a reform of the vehicle tax on Thursday evening. This is supposed to encourage citizens to buy more economical cars. Cars that have already been registered are not affected. The Motor vehicle tax will be geared more towards how much in future CO2 ejects a vehicle. The CO2 component is weighted more heavily than the displacement. Environmentalists and the Greens criticized that the reform would bring that Climate protection too little.

Part of the reform is that the already applicable vehicle tax exemption for purely electric vehicles will be extended until December 31, 2025, and should last until the end of 2030 at the latest.

In order to achieve climate targets, emissions have to be reduced, especially in traffic. New registrations of e-cars are increasing due to higher government purchase subsidies, but they are still at a low level. The federal government emphasized that the reform would serve to protect the climate, but at the same time mobility should remain affordable. The motor vehicle tax is a federal tax. It brings the federal government in around 9 billion euros a year.

Greens: Reform not ambitious enough

Criticism came from environmentalists and the Greens. Greens parliamentary deputy Oliver Krischer said: “With its poor reform, the federal government will hardly accelerate the switch to clean electric cars or more economical cars.”

A study by the Ecological-Social Market Economy Forum on behalf of the Green parliamentary group comes to the conclusion that the reform planned by the federal government is not ambitious enough to have such a steering effect – namely, to encourage customers to buy vehicles with lower emissions.

On average, the vehicle tax increases by 15.80 euros per year, with many cars nothing changes. In a European comparison, Germany has low CO2-based vehicle taxes, but at the same time new vehicles in Germany emit the most CO2.

The transport expert of the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND), Jens Hilgenberg, said that the reform is not much more than actionism. “There are hardly any incentives to buy lower-emission or even so-called locally emission-free vehicles instead of highly emitting bodies. Driving cars with high fuel consumption must, however, become significantly more expensive and less attractive if the federal government is serious about climate protection.”

ADAC traffic president Gerhard Hillebrand also stated that the current reform could only be a first step. “In the future, we have to consistently and completely align the vehicle tax with CO2 emissions in order to achieve an optimal steering effect.” Nevertheless, the present draft law is an acceptable compromise between more incentives for climate protection and affordable mobility.


Eminence in AIDS was serious from Covid-19 and tells of the hard experience

Miguel Pedrola is doctor, is 52 years old and is an eminence in the early diagnosis of HIV. He serves as scientific director for Latin America and the Caribbean of AHF (Aids Healthcare Foundations), an international organization that works in prevention and comprehensive response to HIV and Page, also installed in Argentina. And in Rosario she achieved in 2012, with a work team, the Guinness record for tests: 3,733 in eight hours. What he never imagined in almost three decades of work against one disease was going to be that another, called coronavirus, I would deposit him in a hospital bed with a really serious picture. Recovered in his hometown, One-Eyed Deer, and still convalescing, tells: “I just realized how bad I had been when I saw the results of the studies that had put me at home at home.”

Pedrola surprised this week with a very emotional message on Facebook, in which he thanks all the health personnel who intervened in his treatment. Many of them with first and last names; to others, in the memory “of their eyes and their words”, and of their forms “behind the suits, glasses, chinstraps and gloves”. From the “various angels of 107” who appeared one Sunday and transferred him to the Alejandro Gutiérrez Hospital, to the doctor who hugged him and let him “cry.”

He had returned to Argentina in March from Miami, the AHF operational center, as a repatriated scientist, when the country had already restricted flights from risk areas. When he arrived at Venado Tuerto, and after passing the quarantine imposed on travelers, Governor Omar Perotti, who always consulted him on the situation of Covid-19 in the United States, summoned him to participate in the provincial teams. “I couldn’t do both activities, so they gave me a consultancy by decree,” he recalls.

He began to work in the south of Santa Fe. With the provincial Epidemiology area, he assisted the town of Carreras when the situation became complex, and he also worked with the Santa Isabel health system. Then came everything else.

In late August, he was diagnosed with moderate to severe pneumonia, which led him to spend two days in the local hospital. Then, feeling better, he withdrew. She wanted to celebrate her birthday at home on the 29th of that month, promising to get checked again the next day. “It was an act of pride, I signed up alone. Now I learned my lesson ”, he acknowledges.

In the early morning hours of that Sunday after the celebration of his 52 years, the situation became untenable. He woke up with a fever, shivering with cold, his whole body was contracted and he could not breathe. “It was like a cramp in the whole abdomen that prevented me from entering the air. It was exasperating ”, bill. Sies immediately fell and he put oxygen on it, something that relieved him. When he arrived at Gutiérrez, the doctor told him: “This time, you won’t leave until I order it.” He was obedient.

Con plasma

Although he did not enter intensive care, something that terrified him (“he had never been hospitalized,” he clarifies), yes Plasma had to be applied to him, and he was subjected to rigorous care. He didn’t have a good time. The first week was difficult. “I saw it in the faces of the professionals, who made every effort not to discourage me, they told me it sweetened, but the parameters obviously weren’t working for me. The truth is that I realized how bad I had been when I returned home and reviewed the studies, which I had not seen before ”, recognize. And it abounds: “If I had seen them in the hospital, I would have been very worried.”

From Sunday 30 to Friday 4 September he did not feel any improvement, but that last day he woke up as “cured”, although he would still have a few days of hospital bed left, until on Friday the 11th he was discharged.

Pedrola assures that the strongest thing, beyond the physical, is how the disease affects the mental and emotional plane. “Everything goes through the head. I cried a lot, I was only relieved when I saw that things improved. I have no explanations from the medical point of view, but it hit me in the spirit “, recalls. He was sensitized by any news about Covid, especially cases in nursing homes. He could not send messages, he referred everything to his wife, who now has them “short”. “You are and you feel very lonely,” he admits.

One thing that did him good was sharing a room with other patients. When he began to feel better, he devoted himself to his companion, bringing him the food that was left for them at the door of the room and taking care of him. That, he says, “helped me forget about myself a bit, it put the problem out of my head. Now I ask every day how this patient is, who is from Santa Isabel and I didn’t even know. These situations are really hinges in life ”, he reflects.

Today, and already with the medical discharge, he takes off “the hat” before the professionals who attended him. “I knew I was where I needed to be, that’s a boost of encouragement.” And there is something that he does not stop remembering: “It was not only the attention they gave me, they were treated in the same way”.

Pedrola prefers not to make considerations regarding the situation of the coronavirus in the country and in the province. Less, after having been “unplugged” for so long while “many other colleagues have been at the bottom of the gun all this time”. But you can talk about your specialty, HIV.

He explains that the UN-AIDS and the World Health Organization had set the goal of eradicating the AIDS epidemic by 2030. A goal that could be achieved because with the advancement of treatments, a person who receives effective care is not contagious. “It was the 90-90-90 project: that this percentage of the infected population was diagnosed early, that ninety percent of them already had effective treatment, and that in a similar proportion they followed it. Extrapolated to 2030, we would take the plan to 95-95-95 ”, he says.

However, he acknowledges that the coronavirus changed all forecasts. “With this pandemic that arouses health care, surely the goals will have to be postponed, and not only in the area of ​​HIV-AIDS, but in many other diseases, which will be left behind and will be stretched. When we realize it, the indicators will all be changed ”, the Mint.


How to have a better internet connection at home – Technology Tutorials – Technology

It is quite a headache for many to have a fast and effective internet connection at home. One in which the image and voice do not freeze when in the middle of a work video call meeting, or that allows another member of the family to download all the information they may have while enjoying a movie on a streaming platform. you need to study without any fright.

And this scenario has become even more prevalent with the pandemic, when millions have had to replace offices and classrooms with the corners of their homes in order to work or study. Which, without a doubt, has meant a greater demand for the internet they have.

And although it is very common to point the finger at the operator that provides the broadband service in the home to blame him for the problems, the truth is that there are many points that are involved when the signal that reaches him is the most optimal. This guide will help you identify what the problem is.

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1. Equipment technology

Do you know what technology your device supports? This can be an important factor when buying a tech gadget for your home.

Currently, most computers or cell phones come with Wi-Fi standards that allow for an optimal connection – either Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6; However, If you have a computer that is over a decade old, the solution to your network problems is probably to find a new one. and the fault is not of your operator, nor of the quality of the signal that your router emits.

On the other hand, it is true that there are devices on the market that can offer you better connectivity, either by supporting a more modern Wi-Fi protocol or by having a more powerful reception antenna.

2. Check the wifi protocol

It is likely that if you have a router that your operator gave you 8 years ago, it has an old and obsolete protocol that is the cause of your connection problems. The best option, if you don’t have your own router, is to call your internet provider for an update. The latest Wi-Fi protocol is Wi-Fi 6, and although it doesn’t represent a giant change in speed, it does allow more devices to work simultaneously.

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Note that the operators in the country do not yet provide routers with this protocol, so the option to obtain it is buy it on your own. Do not forget that both your router and your devices must support this protocol in order to function optimally.

3. Include a router

A good option to improve your internet connection is to buy a router that distributes the Wi-Fi signal in your home, that is, connected to the modem-router that your operator gives you. In the market there are not so expensive options that are better than those offered by the operators. These routers can be between 160,000 and 450,000 pesos, the important thing is that the wifi protocol is at least 5; that operates in 2.5 Ghz and 5 Ghz; that has MU-MIMO technology and that it is from a recognized brand such as Linksys, Netgear o Tp-Link. There are also those with wifi 6 and suitable for mesh systems.

Finding an open and central space in your home, to install the router, and in height, is the general recommendation.

4. Wire

The best way to have a stable connection with the highest speed that your provider offers is to wire. If you can, wire the apartment or the whole house, don’t hesitate, but if that’s too difficult in your case, at least have your main computer, the one you use the most, connected to the cable modem-router.. You will notice the difference. And the rest, by wifi.

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5. House materials

If it works by wifi, it is key that you pay attention to the materials that surround your router and / or that your signal will have to pass through to provide a good connection: concrete, a metal door or a mirror can significantly affect the correct distribution of our wireless signal at home. Wood, on the other hand, is not a great enemy of our signal. And the brick is somewhere in between. Consider this when deciding where in your home to distribute your wireless signal.

6. Location of the modem-router

Finding an open and central space in your home, to install the router, and in height, is the general recommendation. The other option is to put it near where most of the devices that are going to use the internet are concentrated and cover the rest with signal repeaters. The closer your computer or device to the modem the more speed you will achieve.

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7. Do the signal extenders work?

They can be a cheaper solution if more coverage is needed, especially in large houses with two or more floors, since it is very possible that the signal that the router gives you will not be enough to effectively reach every corner.

“Although it is a coverage option, there is the possibility of having jumps in the network. That is, if I am on a video call and go up to the second floor, it is possible that due to the jumps between the router and the extender the communication will drop”, Indicates Jorge Rueda, commercial manager for the Andean Countries of Linksys, who explains that in this case a degradation of the signal and “If on the first floor I have 100 megabytes, on the second I can have 50 megabytes.

8. Measure your signal

Currently there are several free applications to download to your cell phone or laptop that allow you to measure the strength and stability of your Wi-Fi signal at different points in your home. An example is WiFi Analyzer, but there are many more. This will let you know which is the best position for your router or if you need to change transmission channels because there are many neighbors on your channel.

How to improve the WiFi signal?

Wood, on the other hand, is not a great enemy of our signal.

9. More speed in loading and unloading

It is important to know what you need your network for. For example, download speed is important to download files faster or stream content without problems. On the other hand, if you need higher quality live broadcasts or uploading content, loading speed is the key. Some operators offer symmetrical upload and download speeds, ask yours for better plans with higher speeds.

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10. Mesh or mesh wifi systems

It is the latest technology and allows not only multiple simultaneous connections without any loss of speed, but they come in independent modules or stations that can be located in different parts of the house, with which the ‘dead zones’ (with poor signal, unstable or null) will end forever. It’s a more expensive alternative, but it guarantees excellent Wi-Fi throughout your home. And the best: without forcing your equipment (cell phone, tablet or laptop) to jump from network to network as you move, as it happens with old signal repeaters. Internet operators sell them, but also in Unilago and on the web.

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Rapper 50 Cent talks about his success on television – Film and TV – Culture

In 2003, everyone in music was talking about 50 Cent.

He was one of the rappers who literally broke it in that year with the album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and two years later with ‘The Massacre’. His story resembled that of many of his colleagues: a difficult childhood, drug problems, and the shadow of everyday violence that could only be exorcised through rhymes.

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In a very short time, this artist shaped the image of a megastar with millions in his pockets and a nose not only for making songs, but for other businesses related to entertainment.

After a period of ups and downs, 50 Cent’s nickname faded to give way to the name Curtis Jackson. The time when everyone placed him on the lists of the best of the 2000s is now a memory for this 45-year-old New Yorker who did not stand still and explored, step by step, his possibilities in the cinema and now in the TV.

He flirted almost from the explosion of his fame with this medium. He participated in films, television series and even documentaries, but in this last stage as an artist he has devoted himself more to projecting the ‘Power’ series and its second part, ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ forward.

The double life, the world of drug trafficking in the streets and the need for a change and a redemption plan that is not so easy to achieve configure the context of these productions, which are alreadyThey are available on the StarzPlay platform, and they reaffirm the transformation of a musician who wanted much more.

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Curtis Jackson spoke to EL TIEMPO about that turn in his career.

Curtis Jackson, also known as 50Cent.

Musician, actor and producer of a series. What’s the next step on your wish list and goals?

I still don’t know what else life brings me and the next projects. I don’t think I ever say no to anything. I always try to try something new. I am very grateful to life because it has given me the opportunity to do all kinds of things, to innovate in my career and take a step forward, and I can say that I have succeeded in several things.
It will be a lucky song perhaps, because there are artists who put out a song that becomes famous and then they disappear and we don’t know anything about them. I have been able to stay in time, fortunately.

The music detonated everything …

Music has allowed me to open the way to my career, to my finances for other projects and to make myself known.

Then I started to get more involved in film projects and I realized that I was capable of doing it and that, in addition to being a very profitable subject, it was good for this. At the beginning I was not convinced to accept a series like Power, but I realized that I could take it forward and I said to the producer: ‘Okay, let’s do it and it will be a success’.

And now that you’re into film and television, how much has your idea of ​​it changed?

It really changed my perception. I would watch a movie and see it only from the viewer’s angle. Now I have become more involved in the artistic part and as a business. You know how much a movie costs before you shoot it only because of the actors who are involved in it. And all this transformed my perspective in the world of entertainment.

Everything is so well planned and planned months in advance … So when I get involved in a project I can know in advance if it is really worth it or if not, if it will be attractive enough to the public to recoup the investment. I don’t really care if the character is big or small, when a series or a movie has a future, I really want to be in it.

Is the plot of ‘Power’ and ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ tied to episodes in your life?

I would believe that on the part of family relations. The father and son relationship seen in ‘Power’ and ‘Ghost’ resembles my life story. In ‘Power’, for example, we show something very interesting, which is the power of education. When you give your children a quality education, perhaps this can change their destiny, because they grow up with a different mentality and values.

On the other hand, I have a terrible relationship with my oldest son. For many reasons we argue and fight. This I think is a bit like the father and son relationship revealed in the series. Many times you ask God to have everything to give to your children, but you realize that not only is something material they need, but there are many more issues behind that you must take care of. You must teach them to earn things, to appreciate what they have, it is a responsibility that they grow with values.

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The ‘Power’ universe is a franchise. There is already talk of new productions, what has it been like to build your own series and watch it grow?

It is very exciting, also because we have too much talent in the ‘show’, for example, Mary J. Blige or Method Man, who are part of ‘Ghost’ in this new season. I’m excited to see people’s acceptance of the show. I think people are struck by the fact that there is always something new and there is always a different character who joins the story.

What is the great challenge of being involved in all this?

I do not see it as a great challenge, but as a way to adjust to the needs and what was within the production. There are always challenges when you start a new project, but with the experience that you build, it becomes less and less difficult. I have worked in more than 20 movies.

You don’t fail when you do what you love

This always brings situations to deal with, and that is why I only accepted to participate per year in one or two productions and then dedicate time to music or other projects. Perhaps a challenge is having the time.

You spoke of children, education and the power of change, but what would you advise these children or new generations?

There is something that I always think about and I advise young people, and that is that you have to enjoy the process and understand the moment in life that you are going through. Not everything is achieved quickly and easily, but there is a path that you must take and learn. This is what the learnings bring you, not the end result. You never think that what you have won is everything you wanted and that’s it. Rather, you think about what changes having achieved that has brought to your life.

He went from being a musical idol to being the creator of a series. What is the success of your career?

The success of my first album, ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, was due to all the effort and effort I put into it to get it done. And, well, music really is my passion, it’s what I love to do. You rarely fail when you do what you love the most and what you are good at. With ‘Power’ it was, as I said, a process. At the beginning it was not so successful, but every time we demanded more of ourselves, we worked harder, we innovated.

Not everything is achieved quickly and easily, but there is a path that you must take and learn. This is what learnings bring you, not the end result

The team, the company around the ‘show’ began to invest time, money, good ideas, very good ideas, like mine (he jokes). All the success is the result of a great effort and the idea of ​​showing myself that I am capable of doing anything.

On Twitter: @AndresHoy1


Open the account and find a surprise income of 2,080 million | Companies

Opening the bank account and finding an unexpected income is a reason for joy, but if the amount rises to 2.45 billion dollars (2.076 million euros), the surprise turns to disbelief.

This is what has happened to a Bank of America customer, who a few days ago found an income from the entity of this amount. According to Bloomberg, the user, from Massachusetts (EE UU), initially thought that the bank would realize the error, but it was not, so he decided to contact his manager to find out where this gigantic amount of money came from that appeared so much in the statements of his account on the bank’s website as in the mobile application.

The bank has already fixed the error and ensures that in reality, these more than 2,000 million were never in the customer’s account. “It was a display error and nothing more,” company spokesman Bill Haldin told Bloomberg. However, it is not the first time that Bank of America has faced a failure of this type: at the beginning of the month, the entity had certain display problems that caused customer inquiries made on the web or in the mobile app will show incorrect balances. Although then, the errors were not in their benefit, since their accounts showed that there was not a single dollar left in them.

In both cases, the bugs were easily fixed, unlike the legal battle facing Citigroup after also making an accidental transfer a few days ago, in this case to a group of investment funds. The bank, administrative agent of the cosmetics firm Revlon, transferred 900 million dollars (750 million euros) due to an “operational error” to the accounts of the creditors of the firm, in a bitter battle between them and the company over debt restructuring.

Although some of the funds have already returned the money they received, others like Brigade refuse and argue that the operation corresponds to the repayment of the loan. However, the bank indicates that it only wanted to pay the interest but transferred amounts 100 times greater.

All this has led to a legal battle and contacts with supervisors. The bank has begun to inform the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Reserve about how he could have made such a mistake, according to people familiar with the matter. Likewise, Citigruip filed a lawsuit on Monday against Brigade Capital Management, in which, however, it does not explain the reason for the error made.


Colombia’s economy collapsed due to the coronavirus pandemic – Sectors – Economy

The pandemic gave the country’s economy the highest collection account since the Dane makes the quarterly measurement. According to the entity, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the second quarter of the year had a fall of 15.7%, compared to the same period in 2019, due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

In total, during the first semester of 2020, GDP shows a decrease in
7.4%, compared to the same period in 2020.

Juan Daniel Oviedo, director of the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), assured that “This is the most important negative growth in the recent history of the country.”

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The economic activities that were hit the hardest were cWholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, transport and storage, accommodation and food services (which decreased 34.3% and contributes -6.6 percentage points to the annual variation); manufacturing industries (which decreased 25.4% and contributes -3.1 percentage points to the annual variation), and building, which decreased 31.7% and contributes -2.1 percentage points to the annual variation).

Of the -15.7 points that the Colombian economy contracted during the second quarter, -11.8 were contributed by those sectors; According to the director of the Dane, these effects “They are directly associated with the restriction of economic activity related to the management of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With respect to the immediately previous quarter, GDP decreased 14.9%. According to the Dane analysis, this variation is mainly explained by the following dynamics:

– Artistic, entertainment and recreation activities and other service activities; activities of individual households as employers, which decreased by 34.9%.

– Wholesale and Retail; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; transportation and storage; accommodation and food services, which decreased by 33.7%.

– Construction, which decreased 24.8%.

The ones that do grow

Meanwhile, real estate activities managed to grow 2% compared to the second quarter of 2019; financial and insurance activities grew 1%, and there was a slight increase of 0.1% in agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry and fishing.

By sectors

The growths or falls in the different branches, compared to the same quarter of the year were:

Real estate activities, 2.0%

Financial and insurance activities, 1.0%

Agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry and fishing, 0.1%

Public administration and defense; compulsory social security plans; education; human health care and social services activities, -3.7%

Information and communications, -5.2%

Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning; water distribution; wastewater evacuation and treatment, waste management and environmental sanitation activities, -8.6%

Professional, scientific and technical activities; Administrative and support service activities, -10.2

Mining and quarrying, -21.5

Manufacturing industries, -25.4

Construction, -31.7

Wholesale and Retail; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; transportation and storage; accommodation and food services, -34.3

Artistic, entertainment and recreational activities and other service activities; Activities of individual households as employers; undifferentiated activities of individual households as producers of goods and services for their own use, -37.1

Economy and business


Bill Gates’ prognosis for the end of the coronavirus pandemic

The founder of the global computer giant Microsoft, told students of the Tec de Monterrey private school, that “The damage during this time will be incredible and will exacerbate almost any kind of inequality.”.

Gates, head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife, left room for optimism by noting that in sometime during 2021 “the great effects of the pandemic will fall” and finally in 2022 the end will be reached.

“In one or two years we will be able to return to the state we had before the pandemic and some governments will have to make a greater effort”, he pointed.

In his view, the plague of the century tested governments around the world, and some will not rise to the challenge and will fail.

Among the big losers are small businesses and sectors such as tourism and restaurants, for which he urged to grant them credits.

Among the positive results left by this health crisis, he pointed out, are the increase in the use of information technologies: “Like a war we have accelerated innovation and as in war great public policies will be needed”.


Bill Gates estimated when countries will end the coronavirus pandemic

“This makes me feel like the rich world sure should be able to end (the pandemic) by the end of 2021, and the rest of the countries by the end of 2022.”said the mogul in an interview with Wired magazine.

The co-founder of the Microsoft company was optimistic about the effectiveness of a coronavirus vaccine: “This disease appears to be highly preventable with vaccines”. Right now, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding medical research and vaccine programs.

On the other hand, Bill Gates believes that some vaccines in development are going to help the richest countries due to their way of production and the difficulty of distributing them, and stated: “They will not be a low-cost, scalable solution for the rest of the world.”


The withdrawal of 100% of the funds from the AFPs advances in the Peruvian congress

The issue of the withdrawal of funds from the AFPs in the midst of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus has not been exclusive to Chile. In Peru it has also been addressed and much earlier than in our country.

While in Chile the payment of the withdrawal of 10% of the funds has just begun, in the neighboring country 25% of the funds of the affiliates has already been withdrawn and now another bill is debated in congress to authorize the withdrawal of 100% of AFP funds.

In fact, the initiative has already been approved by the consumer defense commission and now the only thing missing is a vote in the room for the initiative to become law.

According to the project, it is stipulated that those who choose to withdraw all their money from the pension administrators must receive 34% of the money within 10 days of submitting the application. 33% within 90 days of the request and the last 33% within 90 days after the payment of the second installment.


The Ministry of Communications decided to create a window for complaints on the state services portal :: Society :: RBC

The ministry believes that the new system will improve the efficiency of processing appeals. Complaints will know how it goes.

Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS

The Ministry of Communications has prepared a bill in accordance with which the government services portal will become a single electronic window for appealing to authorities, Kommersant reports. According to the document, citizens registered in the Unified System of Identification and Authentication (ESIA) will be able to file a complaint.

The draft law provides that appeals sent through the portal will be automatically forwarded to the authorized body. Their authors will be able to receive notifications of the progress of the review. Artificial intelligence will be used to study typical queries.

In addition to the public services portal, a complaint can be submitted through multifunctional centers or by mail.

Oleg Pak, the First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Communications, explained the need to create a window of appeals on the public services portal by the fact that now complaints are sent through forms on various official websites or by e-mail, and applicants often do not even know if their messages have been received. “To find out the fate of the appeal, you need to call the information phones, which are often busy or do not answer. All this works extremely inefficiently, ”he admitted.

The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Media has proposed connecting Avito, TsIAN and Avto.ru to public services

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

Boris Edidin, a member of the digital economy legal support committee for the Moscow branch of the Bar Association, sees another advantage in the new system. In his opinion, localization on a single platform and reliable identification of applications will solve the problem of “planned provocations” in relation to mass and repeated appeals. At the same time, he noted that the bill does not solve the problem of assessing the effectiveness of considering citizens ’appeals, that is, how much the applicant is satisfied with the results of interaction with the state agency, and the official is interested in resolving the issue on the merits.

Another weakness of the system, Nikolai Legkodimov, head of technological practice at KPMG in Russia and the CIS, considers reassignment routes. “They should not violate the basic principle when a complaint cannot be directed to the agency that they are complaining about,” he said.

According to Kommersant, a total of 119 million people are registered in ESIA. At the same time, 69.5 million accounts were confirmed.