The Ministry of Labor announced an increase in the average annual pension in 2021 :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS

The average annual old-age insurance pension for non-working pensioners in 2021 will amount to 17,443 rubles. This was reported to RBC in the press service of the Ministry of Labor of Russia with reference to the draft budget of the Pension Fund of Russia for 2021 and for the planning period of 2022 and 2023.

According to the ministry, the indexation of insurance pensions for non-working pensioners is provided “in accordance with the law” at 6.3%, and social pensions – at 2.6%.

The Ministry of Labor explained that in 2021 the Pension Fund will ensure the payment of pensions for 43 million people. In total, it is planned to allocate 7.8 trillion rubles to pay insurance pensions in 2021. 632.7 billion rubles will be allocated for the payment of state pensions, supplements to pensions, compensations, as well as grants for burial.

In 2021, the budget of the Pension Fund will amount to 9.6 trillion rubles. It is planned to allocate 8.4 trillion rubles for the payment of pensions, and 425 billion rubles for monthly payments.

The draft budget was prepared by the Pension Fund based on the forecast parameters of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.


Revealed a link between a mother’s diet and a healthy heart in a child

Great Britain,

12 Sep 2020.

Doctors from the UK conducted a study that helped to understand how obesity in the mother during pregnancy and the future health of the child are related to each other, writes Science Daily.

Experts from King’s College London, together with scientists from the British Heart Association, examined the health of expectant mothers and their children 3 years after birth. Some of the obese pregnant women engaged in the recommended physical exercises and switched to healthy foods, and some continued to lead their usual lifestyle.

The survey showed that children whose mothers began to take care of their health during pregnancy had an average heart rate decrease of 5 beats per minute, which means that the risk of hypertension decreased. The study also helped to understand that mothers maintained a healthier diet even 3 years after giving birth.

According to the authors of the work, maintaining physical activity and proper nutrition during pregnancy are very important components in maintaining heart health. Diet before, during, and after pregnancy has positive long-term health benefits for both mother and baby.

Formerly LIVE24 reportedthat women who gave birth to children ahead of schedule are almost 2 times more likely to die young. The risk of premature death is greatest in the first 10 years after childbirth, but this risk remains elevated for the next 40 years. Swedish scientists have found that having a baby before 37 weeks is associated with an increased likelihood of death from any cause, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


Vendula Pizinger: She revealed the date of the birth

The pregnant boss of Kapka naděje, Vendula Pizingerová (48), spoke openly about her late first husband, Karel Svoboda († 68). It wasn’t until thirteen years after his death that she agreed with him in many ways. She said this in connection with the fact that she now has a man 15 years younger at home.

“I better understand what Charles once said. And I don’t deal with a lot of things in my current marriage, “Vendula said.

Vendula Pizingerová fear for son! Quarantine complicates his future

She is due in October. “I am well, I can handle everything. The baby should be born on my current husband’s birthday, “she added.

Vendula Pizinger drowned in flowers. She took out the robe twice and goes to the auction!


Kevin De Bruyne announces the birth of his third child, a baby girl named Suri (photo)

Kevin De Bruyne has become a father for the third time. The Red Devil proudly announced on social media the birth of his daughter Suri, posting a photo of the new family member alongside his brothers Mason Milian and Rome.

The Manchester City midfielder was absent in Denmark on Saturday night to stay with his wife Michèle Lacroix. KDB’s presence on Tuesday against Iceland remains uncertain.


This little girl beat cancer when she was given 24 hours to live

It’s a little miracle. While being given 24 hours to live, a girl from Quebec overcame cancer. As reported by TVA Nouvelles, little Leya was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia at the age of 4 months. Terrible news for his parents, especially since the doctors’ prognosis was frightening. The specialists thought in fact that the baby would not survive this disease.

“In small babies, these are leukemias which, in general, are indeed quite aggressive. There are patients who have a chance of recovery of over 90%, but there are still subgroups where the chances of recovery may be much less than that, often even less than 30% ”, explained Dr. Sonia Cellot, pediatric hematologist, to the media.

Fortunately, the little girl has beaten all the forecasts! Six years later, Leya is indeed in remission and in great shape. In recent years, she has been very courageous. She underwent numerous treatments and chemotherapy sessions to heal. In 2015, she also had a bone marrow transplant. An intervention which notably made it possible to save her and which was made possible thanks to the donation of a 27-year-old German at the time. Leya’s parents have since found him, to thank him. “ His eyes twinkled. He is the one who allowed my daughter to survive. It’s still extraordinary. He gave life to my daughter as it were ”said Martin Sanders. Happy news and a message of hope for little patients.


a huge vibration crossed the Earth, the birth of a black hole causes an intense cataclysm!

The so-called gravitational wave was picked up by special detectors in Italy and the United States. The measure was published today in two scientific journals.

The vibration consisted of four waves, lasting a tenth of a second in total, but the shock was exceptional. “It has nothing to do with the ‘twittering’ we usually measure. This is ‘bam’, this is the biggest signal we’ve seen, ”said researcher Nelson Christensen.

The shock wave was caused by two black holes that merged around 7 billion years ago, when the Universe was half its age. One of the two black holes was about 85 times as massive as our sun, the other about 66 times as massive.

The fusion created a new black hole about 142 times the mass of our sun. About eight masses of solar energy were projected across the universe, and it is gravitational waves that are now being measured.


A fan gave a pipe to Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I got a reply

The redditor congratulated Arnold Schwarzenegger on his birthday with a smoking pipe in the form of a Terminator and received a pleasant reply. After such gratitude, the fans are sure: Arnie is a simple person. And they cannot take their eyes off the presentation itself.

American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, known to millions of moviegoers for his role in the Terminator film series, turned 73 on July 30. Despite his age, the star continues to delight fans with videos on which demonstrates perfect stretch (well, almost), and shares favorite tracks (sometimes unexpected), which are great for working out in the gym.

For Arnie’s birthday, a fan registered on the entertainment site Reddit under the nickname RadonLab, sent the idol a smoking pipe. But he published the good news about this only on September 2.

The reason for the joy was the response in the form of a photo of the Terminator himself with a gift, which is made in the form of his own head. The pipe’s creator explained to the redditors that he was honored to receive a positive reaction from the celeba.

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Fast RadonLab in a few hours I collected more than 500 comments, in which the redditors appreciated the user’s work. Many people have commented that the pipe looks amazing and is almost perfect.

And the expression on Schwarzenegger’s face and the caption “For Radon. Thank you for the great pipe. Arnold Schwarzenegger “once again confirmed – the actor is sincerely pleased with the gift.

Many commentators thought that giving something to an idol was simply unrealistic. But the redditor not only became an exception, but also received a response from Arnie.

Now people are absolutely sure that the famous bodybuilder has an amazing character and an open mind. And neither popularity nor money could spoil Arnie.

In October 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared with fans photo with colleague Jackie Chan… The whole Instagram exploded from such content, but the absurdity really went off scale when Russian fans burst into the replies.

AND photograph of Terminator surrounded by pets seriously excited the followers. The actor often posts the furry ones on the social network, but people were seriously worried about the dog, the little horse and the llama from the picture.


Monika Bagárová: Panic horror after childbirth! What happened?

Because her daughter was badly filmed in the tummy, the singer and juror of the talent show SuperStar had to undergo a cesarean section. As she admitted, she was not afraid of it at all, because unlike natural birth, she could prepare for everything. “I think the only advantage is that you know what awaits you, you can ask everything and you know the exact procedure, but with natural childbirth you have no idea what and how it will be,” she replied to the frightened fan, who will soon be doing the same.

Caring for little Rumia: Does only Monika rewrap, or does Makhmud put her hand to the work?

She was most worried Bagárová from a scar that is common after a caesarean section. “When I got to the bathroom, I was afraid to look at the scar, so I wasn’t looking. I’m just a little bullshit in some things, “the singer admitted. However, she was completely satisfied with the result. “I have a beautiful scar and on the 5-6 day I was already flying around the house at home and it worked, including getting up at night to a small one,” said the mother, who has a daughter with her partner – MMA wrestler Makhmud Muradovem (30).

Muradov od Bagárové: Why did he run away from Monika from home?


Moderator Sandra Parmová before giving birth: She wrapped her belly in lace

CNN Prima News presenter is slowly getting ready for the maternity hospital, but she still managed to make family photography together with her husband Pavel Pospíšil and daughter Emily (3). The pictures were taken not only because of the memory of the final stage of pregnancy, but the couple had a wedding anniversary on August 10, and Emilka celebrated her third birthday. “I gave my photographer a free hand, we have known each other for a long time and I really like her style. Actually, I still don’t understand how she did it, but I felt like a fairy. Even with so many extra pounds, “Sandra laughed.

Pregnant Parma a Lašková from CNN Prima News: It’s to blame Bouček?

In front of the lens was little Emilka at home, who now has a great period, so she felt like a princess in her dress, “And a sweet bribe helped a lot,” the moderator added. Parmová lives with her family in Brno, where she will also give birth. She gained 17 pounds during her pregnancy, but she still feels great. “Back in the eighth month, I thought I would definitely gain more than with Emilka. The little one was badly turned and the belly was big. But when he finally turned his head down, everything sat down, and his stomach straightened, ”said Aha! presenter.

Moderator from Prima Sandra Pospíšilová: Suspended with 12-year-old pearls for a million!


“They could have saved her”, proclaim the parents

Astrid and Olivier face a tragic situation: the loss of a child. However, the couple firmly believe that the death of their baby girl could have been avoided and that they could have all returned home, with their families, after giving birth.

Unfortunately, things did not not unfolded as planned. “Everything went very well during my pregnancy,” explains Astrid, who gave birth on May 2, at Marie Curie hospital in Charleroi. “I was over my term. It was my 39th week. “

The couple tells what happened next in the hospital: “The impression that I was not being listened to …”

For the couple, the medical staff made mistakes and Maeva could have been saved.

For its part, the Marie Curie hospital provides explanations about what happened.