Farina celebrated her birthday in style with a rain of money and a virtual party

After his participation in the musical reality ‘The X factor’, the Colombian singer Farina, has been gaining recognition in different parts of the world with his talent, presenting collaborations with famous artists such as Maluma, Wyclef Jean, Bryant Myers, Ñengo Flow, Sech, Fanny Lu, among others.

Now he is enjoying the success he has worked for for several years, celebrating his 34th birthday in style, taking into account the biosecurity measures due to the pandemic, which is why, instead of reuniting with his friends, family and work team, enjoyed a virtual party that gave him a surprise.

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Through your account Instagram ‘The fine babe’, as it is also known, shared some photographs surrounded by a striking decoration with gold and white balloons, several tables with desserts and a very particular cake.

“Yesterday I had the best birthday of my life”the artist wrote in the post and added: “I feel so grateful and fortunate to have such a beautiful family, my lifelong friends and those who have come to stay, fans and the team I always dreamed of. They all virtually connected to celebrate my birthday.”

The celebration ended with a shower of bills that she threw herself into the air and then ended up walking on them.

Her followers and other colleagues joined the celebration by writing several messages of congratulations on social networks for the artist highlighting her talent and expressing their affection.

“I love you! Happy bday, baby. ” wrote Thalia.

In May 2019 Farina She appeared again on Colombian television as a special guest on ‘The voice Kids’ by the singer Fanny Lu, with whom he launched the collaboration ‘You were alone’. Viewers quickly reacted on social media surprised by the physical change it has had in recent years.

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Harry is celebrating his birthday. Meghan didn’t deserve this, the fans are angry

For Prince Harry’s birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth wished them. They shared photos on social networks, but Harry’s wife, Meghan, was missing.

Fans of the royal family agreed to deliberately cut the Duchess of Sussex. “There must have been hundreds of photos to choose from, but you decided to publish one with Harry, William and Kate. I’m sure Meghan’s exclusion was intentional,” one of them said on social media.

But other discussants do not see the situation as black. They noticed that the royal wishes usually occur primarily as a celebrant, without their wife or husband. “It’s Harry’s birthday, not Meghan’s. He was born alone and was not attached to her,” said one of the contributors.

Harry and his wife and son celebrate a birthday in Santa Barbara, California, where the family lives. After a lot of work awaits Sussexy – they signed an agreement with the media giant Netflixwhich should bring them about $ 150 million.


You won’t see this in the Sunny series: DOUBLE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

The cameras just went out, congratulators ran to the square. The two heroes of the Slunečná series had a birthday in the week. Eva Decastelo (42) as Zuzana Dolejší and Ondřej Pavelka (65), who plays the mayor.

“We didn’t even have anything ready,” Eva admitted. Fortunately, they could cut an amazing cake. The actress enthusiastically boasted of other gifts. “Jana Stryková she gave me the book Conversations with CG Jung. From Tereza Brodská I got a bead bracelet and my husband and kids also wanted to give me a bracelet, but they couldn’t agree on which one. So I made money on it, they both bought me both, I wear them a lot now, “admitted the actress cheerfully, who of course has to take off her jewelry while filming.

Eva Decastelo: I keep a strict diet! What is it about?

You can watch the video from the Slunečná series here:


Kodetová celebrates »50«: And Šporcl auctioned off her uncle!

If she were to take stock of her life so far and say what she is most proud of, it is mainly the family. “I am glad that I have three healthy children and that we have had a beautiful relationship with my husband for fifteen years.

On video with Barbora Kodetovou you can see here:

I’m actually proud of my life in general, I’m happy in the world, “said Aha! birthday girl at a charity auction for children from orphanages. Her husband, a violin virtuoso Pavel Šporcl (47), even participated in the auction of Bář’s uncle Christian Kodet’s graphics (72). Thanks to him, the final amount climbed to a beautiful 39 thousand crowns.

Barbora Kodetová: I can’t imagine getting into my husband’s cell phone.


Charlie Sheen: What does the “Hollywood bully” do?

Updated on September 3, 2020, 10:37 a.m.

Charlie Sheen kept making headlines for his drug and alcohol excesses. Previously, the sitcom “Two and a Half Men” made him the highest paid series actor in the world. Sheen will celebrate his 55th birthday on September 3, 2020. What is the scandal actor doing today? © 1&1 Mail & Media/spot on news

Even as a teenager, Sheen didn’t like to stick to rules. Shortly before his graduation from Santa Monica High School in California, he was kicked from school in 1983 because of poor grades and unexcused absenteeism.

© picture alliance / newscom / John Barrett/PHOTOlink

But that wasn’t a problem for the young rebel. At the age of 13 he accompanied his father to the set of “Apocalypse Now” (picture) and decided to become an actor too. He made Super 8 films with his school friends Rob Lowe, Sean and Chris Penn.

© imago images/United Artists AF Archive Mary Evans

He made his first appearance in front of the camera in 1974 at the side of his father Martin (right) in the television film “The Execution of the Soldier Slovik”.

© imago images/ZUMA Press

It wasn’t the only time Charlie Sheen was in a movie with his father. In “Wall Street” (1987) he played the stockbroker Bud Fox, who was involved in criminal insider trading. Martin Sheen also played his father, Carl Fox, in the film.

© imago images/20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

Charlie Sheen was very well received by audiences and critics with the lead role in the anti-war film “Platoon” from 1986. The film grossed more than 138 million US dollars, making it the third most successful film to focus on the Vietnam War. The strip also won four Academy Awards.

© imago images/Orion Pictures Corp/Courtesy Everett Collection

A short appearance remains unforgotten to this day: In “Ferris makes blue” (1986) Sheen can be seen as a drug addict in a police station. To make the withdrawal as credible as possible, he had not slept for 48 hours.

© imago images/Prod.DB

But Charlie Sheen’s real profession is comedies. In “The Indians of Cleveland” (1989) he played Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn (middle).

© imago images/United Archives

His best-known role up to now was that of topper Harley in the slapstick comedy “Hot Shots! – The mother of all films” (1991). In it, numerous action and war films such as “Top Gun” or “Rocky” are fooled.

© imago images/Mary Evans AF Archive 20th Century Fox

The successful sequel followed in 1993 with “Hot Shots! The second attempt”. There was also a lot of parody here – especially Sylvester Stallone in “Rambo 2 – The Order” served as a template.

© imago images / KPA/United Archives

Charlie Sheen also proved his love of slapstick in 2003, 2006 and 2013. In the years he worked in the third (picture), fourth and fifth installments of the “Scary Movie” series. Horror flicks are parodied in the films.

© imago images/Dimension Films/Courtesy Everett Collection

Charlie Sheen’s greatest coup came in 2003 when he landed the role of Charlie Harper on the CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. Not only did the series become a huge hit, it made Sheen the highest-paid television star in the United States and even the highest-paid series actor in the world.

© imago images/Cinema Publishers Collection

The character of the womanizer Charlie Harper is tailor-made for the eccentric actor. His performance earned him four Emmy nominations and two Golden Globe nominations from 2006 to 2009.

© imago images/Cinema Publishers Collection

But the soaring came to a bitter end: After publicly insulting producer Chuck Lorre (3rd from left), Warner Bros. Television announced the dismissal of Charlie Sheen in March 2011. As a result, the production of the eighth season was stopped after 16 episodes – 24 were actually planned.

© imago images/UPI Photo

But not only the insult played a role in the termination. Charlie Sheen was also repeatedly conspicuous on the set for his substance abuse. What had to come came: Charlie Harper died a serial death, Ashton Kutcher (middle) then took his place in the new lead role, Walden Schmidt.

© imago images/CBS/Everett Collection

The next offer was not long in coming. Shortly thereafter, Sheen received the lead role in the television series “Anger Management,” which aired from 2012 to 2014. The series is about former baseball player Charlie Goodson.

© imago images/Everett Collection FX Networks/Courtesy Everett Collection

As successful as Charlie Sheen’s acting career is, his personal life is nowhere near as rosy. When Sheen was 19 years old, he and his high school girlfriend became parents to a daughter. Then he was engaged to actress Kelly Preston (picture). However, the relationship broke up after he shot her in the arm in 1990.

© imago images/ZUMA Press

A little later he entered into a relationship with the former porn actress Ginger Lynn. In 1995 he married the model Donna Peele (picture), only to get divorced just five months later.

© imago images/ZUMA Press

In 1996, Sheen beat his girlfriend and porn actress Brittany Ashland unconscious. The result: The actor was sentenced to probation and community hours. His next wife Denise Richards (picture) also left him in 2006 after four years of marriage because of threats of violence.

© imago images/J. Cummings/Cinema Publishers Collection

More scandals with women followed. But Sheen was also repeatedly troubled by drug abuse. An alleged overdose in 1998 opened his eyes. He had to interrupt his career again and again for rehab and stays in drug clinics.

© imago images/UPI Photo


Private World Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: You don’t know the daughter of Pitt and Angelina Jolie like this

Little Shiloh’s ability to motivate and inspire others is said to make her popular with other children as well. “She has lived all over the world and found a lot of friends wherever she has been, including London, France and even Cambodia,” said Angelina, adding that Shiloh stays in touch with friends via Skype and email.

Shiloh has spent most of his time in California since his parents separated. “She loves it there,” says the source, adding that Shiloh has his dearest friend in America, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. “She likes to skateboard with her, go swimming or play football,” the source continues.


Thalia turned 49 and celebrated with a revealing photo modeling her new lingerie collection | Celebrities and Royalty

Thalia is one of the most famous Latin artists around the world, standing out not only in acting in iconic soap operas such as Maria from the neighborhood, but also in music.

The Mexican has been able to reinvent herself over the years and her popularity does not seem to diminish. This is reflected in her Instagram account, where she adds more than 16 million followers.

And it was recently on the same platform as the interpreter of You did not teach me shared a post celebrating a very special date: his birthday.

Last Thursday Thalia turned 49 And the pictures she posted showed that she is more stupendous than ever.

In the captures, the Mexican appears modeling a set of her lingerie collection that will soon be released, also anticipating that she will launch her new song called The light.

“Happy Birthday to me! (…) What happiness everything! Happy, grateful, stronger than ever, looking for a balanced, healthy, positive and loving life “, started counting.

Then, the artist indicated that her 49 arrived in this year “so strange and different”, but from which all were going to come out “more intuitive and stronger than ever”.

“Thank you for so many proofs of love and so many virtual gifts that you have sent me. They make me very happy! I love them”, closed the post, which adds up to almost 300 thousand ‘Likes’ and hundreds of compliments in the comments.


Iva Janžurová (79): 80th birthday I will not celebrate …

Just no crowd congratulations and cheers. That’s not one of our best comedians at all. “As someone wants a private funeral, I want private logs,” she told the daily Aha! actress.

Iva Janžurová: I always hold on to my colleagues!

And any shooting? “Daughter Theodora said that, but I’m not happy about it. He has different ideas about the film that is supposed to be about me than I do, “Ivuška explained. It is said that her branch enjoys shots that her mother does not intend to release into the world in any way. He therefore expects a fight for every film sequence in the family. “I’m not really happy about my birthday. I am satisfied when the work goes well, “Janžurka smiled. In the summer, she fine-tuned her play Veletoč at the cottage, which the Kalich Theater has in its repertoire. It gave the comedy a swing and the audience laughed. The actress is already working on another topic, she can’t be idle. His – as he says in his fourth twenties he wants to celebrate in full flight. But he will not rent the hall for the celebration.

She is angry with the high pressure
This week, Iva Janžurová had to apologize from the press conference in Kavčí hory. “I had a high blood pressure. I measured high values, so I had to call it off, “confided the actress, who underwent heart surgery four years ago.

Janžurová did not take Leo away: Instead, she felt sorry for her daughter!


Competing Worldly Property with Rieta Amilia, Raffi Ahmad and Nagita …

Instagram / @ raffinagita1717

Compete against worldly treasures with Rieta Amilia, Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina Borong One Floor Apartment for Rafathar’s Birthday Gift!

Report from Grid.ID Journalist, Maria Novika Diah Siswari

Grid.ID – It’s no secret if Raffi Ahmad | and Nagita Slavina has fantastic wealth.

Even the public seems to agree with the amount of wealth Raffi Ahmad | and Nagita Slavina indeed exorbitant.

The nickname of Sultan Andara is clearly pinned to Raffi Ahmad | and Nagita Slavina not without reason.

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It is known that Raffi and Nagita have businesses in the entertainment sector such as Youtube, animation, music, playgrounds, and others.

The money in their pockets seems to keep turning until it turns into a successful business empire.

In addition, they also bought several assets for investment.

Also Read: Nagita Slavina is engrossed in carrying Rafathar, netizens are even puyeng observing the collection of Raffi Ahmad’s wife’s branded bags crammed in the cupboard, the price of one bag reaches Rp. 300 million

After a while ago, Rieta Amilia just bought up property for investment, Raffi Ahmad | now as if not wanting to lose.



Boldi “Disappointed by Avati, he replaced me without warning me” – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 11 – “I learned of Pupi Avati’s choice to replace me with my fraternal friend Renato Pozzetto, who took my role, told me on his birthday. A choice that finds me d okay, he’s my teacher, but I would have preferred Pupi to give me a phone call to tell me, and instead … “. Massimo Boldi entrusts in an exclusive interview published by the weekly “Chi” in the issue on newsstands from Wednesday 12 August his bitterness for what he considers an injustice on the part of an old friend of his, the director Pupi Avati.

Massimo Boldi was supposed to play Vittorio Sgarbi’s father in the film dedicated to the art critic’s parents. The film was inspired by the book She speaks to me again, which Giuseppe Sgarbi wrote thinking of his wife Rina Cavallini, who passed away after 65 years of love. A choice that everyone agreed, starting with Vittorio, whom he already called Boldi “dad”, given the extraordinary resemblance to his father. “In spring 2019, I was contacted by Pupi Avati and his brother Antonio, producer, to make a film on the story of Vittorio Sgarbi’s parents”, says Boldi “In June last year I received the screenplay, the shooting was scheduled for October-November 2019. I was available for almost a year (…) We met after the quarantine, which had blocked all productions for months. On July 6 I did the costume fitting. But I didn’t know anything more. “On July 14, Pozzetto’s birthday, Boldi calls him to wish him good wishes.” It was he who told me that as a birthday present he had agreed to act in a film that I was supposed to make. I was left like a jerk. For me, a handshake is worth more than a contract “. And Avati’s reaction?” I wrote him a message asking him how we were going to explain this change in progress to the newspapers and he replied: ‘Do as you wish’ ” (HANDLE).