The troubles of the same jaguar show the condition of the characters, there is nothing to see the new fovi

In 2008, the Jaguar XF sedan began to be sold, and at virtually the same time the emblem, together with its sister Land Rover, began to be sold under the new owner of the Indian concern Tata after twenty years under a Ford. XF was also one of the cornerstones of the novel. For the rest of this time, from November 2010 to this year, the Land Rover group was led by the German manager Ralf Speth.

Speth’s successor is Thierry Bollor, whom the Indians have recruited from Renault to lead British carmakers. Bollor m in front of him easily. The group is in a much better condition, it was not at the time of Speth’s accession, instead of eight, it offered a total of 13 models, and sales have halved in ten years. But you can’t go back to the fact that sales results have been declining in recent years and the carmaker has even fallen into loss this year.

An interesting drill, a facelift of the XF model, came to your senses. The new design looks very sleek and pin lots of new features. However, the car, which was once used by Jaguar, is only a faint reflection of some rushes after half the life cycle.

Paradoxically, European sales culminated in the last year of the first generation career (2014), when 20,609 units were sold. Since then, the XF pad, two years ago, 10,000 pieces were sold, last year at only 6, and this year it will of course go up the mountains.

In the USA, where five meters should always score darkly automatically, the XF never caught on. Ron’s sales between 2008 and 2016 were in the range of five thousand and eight thousand pieces, but then there was a pd and 1,187 pieces in losks. And after a steep entry at the end of 2016, it plunged so sharply from a record 21 thousand to 5 thousand last year.

This is not a situation that a facelift could save. In addition, the XF is not just one car, so there is an XF Sportbrake station wagon for Europeans (it was also available in the USA until this year), and an extended version will be produced again. It is a very bad situation to produce in these body versions only 12 thousand pieces per year.

The depth of the problem is evidenced by the completely reworked engine offer. The transition to a mild-hybrid drive takes off again, but behind it, a thoroughly cut option is selected. The three two-liter diesel (132 and 177 kW) is replaced by a single 150 kW. Tlitr kon, the existing Vagu Jaguar engine shuts down and the new XF engine does not forget, this is a clear signal of a small image.

The two-liter petrol versions in the 184 and 221 kW versions will continue to last, only new ones will receive electric assistance. This is where the same took place in the previous two years, when Jaguar gradually phased out two versions of the four-cylinder liter and the petrol base.

The misery of the same model for Jaguar is all the more so because the XE model in Europe, the USA and the XF store sells. At the same time, both cars use the same clay platform, and the cheap XE is a production costly similar to the XF for the carmaker.

Jaguar sales are now based on SUVs, most likely the E-Pace, which is a trade-off. Magna Steyr provides the distance to drive Ford technology and its production in Austria. As a paradox, sales are mostly the car, which was assembled hastily outside the systematic filling and without technical and production links to other models. At least the sales of this F-Pace are stable, as it shares technology and the factory with XE and XF.

Jaguar XF

There are a lot of tkch beds in front of the new Jaguar. Even customers of these features, in line with trends, deviate to crossovers and, for various reasons, have two advantages in particular cars.

An expected breakthrough with the I-Pace electric car did not succeed, its sales lagging behind the boilers. Two years ago, the city of technical director Wolfgang Ziebart stood up to dissolve the results. The inappropriate diversification of Jaguar’s development capacity with Land Rover is still being achieved, while Ziebart has become a professor at the University of Warwick, located near the Jaguar development center.

There is a lot of trouble for new leaders, but the way back to the sun will be sought. Various SUV offers are threatened by cannibalism on sister Land Rover. The intensive use of BMW technology, with which Jaguar and Land Rover have recently entered into a partnership, is a great pleasure, but it has lost its character. And the expansion towards smaller models or various offers of electric cars will bring primarily development costs without any sales.

As Ralf Speth stated for his departure at the British Autocar: You want to achieve something in life and I have reached my ceiling. We can not hope that Bollor m ceiling v. Otherwise Jaguar (and Land Rover with nm) after a decade of abundance of threat gave a decade tpn. In the end, it would not be in the history of both companies for the first time.


Tesla merges with German automotive supplier ATW

The automotive supplier ATW actually wanted to cut jobs – now the electric car manufacturer Tesla is saving the company: The US group is getting involved in ATW, the cartel office is talking about a merger.

Rescue at the last second: After purchasing the Grohmann company in Prüm in the Eifel in 2016, the electric car manufacturer takes a stake Tesla at another company from Rhineland-Palatinate. The Californian group got the green light to join the automotive supplier ATW based in Neuwied.

This was announced by a spokesman for the Federal Cartel Office of the German Press Agency. “It’s a merger.” He didn’t give any details. ATW and Tesla did not initially comment.

ATW (Assembly & Test Europe GmbH) belonged to the Canadian manufacturer ATS Automation Tooling Systems. This recently announced the closure of its location in Rhineland-Palatinate. The dazzling tech billionaire Elon Muskwho has a factory in Grünheide near Berlin for Electric cars builds, therefore saves jobs at the new auto supplier. With a workforce of around 210 employees, this includes groups such as BMW, Daimler and VW to his customer.

The Neuwied city spokesman Erhard Jung welcomed it “expressly when another international company” settles in his municipality on the Rhine: “Tesla plays a leading role in the Electromobility.”

The mayor of Neuwied, Jan Einig (CDU) argued and pointed out that Tesla Grohmann Automation GmbH in Prüm is only around 100 kilometers away – that could facilitate cooperation between the two locations. The Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economics in Mainz had also expressed itself positively.


The repairer will soon offer a BMW M4 with normal kidneys. Judge for yourself if they look better

The controversial element of the new 4 series and the M4 and M3 sports variants, which will not be seen, will not be a necessity. The editors are working intensively to rework the bow.

About huge kidneys BMW 4 Series, respectively M3 a M4, almost everything was written. Let’s leave aside the speculation as to whether or not we like this license plate on the bow, instead we look at Prior-Design’s efforts today. It wants to offer a solution for owners who are not so completely satisfied with the appearance of Munich news.

We have seen the classic kidneys screwed on the new 4 series countless times, and a number of independent creators have presented their vision. Also in the case of Prior-Design, it is still only a virtual design, but in this case we should pay more attention to it. Why? Because the company is no newcomer to body modifications and has promised to offer customers a similar solution for the BMW M4 (and M3).


The creators even introduced several possible variants. We do not yet know whether only one of them will go into production or the customer will be able to choose. In any case, it seems that the “facelift” of the bow should not be so demanding, and in fact one cleverly adjusted bumper will suffice.

In addition to the kidneys themselves, the holes in the bumper are also modified. On the red specimen, the company shows not only square kidneys derived from the serial design, but also a completely redesigned solution, whose appearance was greatly inspired model M8. You can then view the individual versions of the edits in the photo gallery on the yellow “four”. Let us know which one leads you… or would you rather stay with the series?

Do you like the huge kidneys of the new BMW 4 Series?

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Chaz Davies were hardly given any reasons / Superbike World Championship SPEEDWEEK.COM

If Chaz Davies sticks to his own high quality standards, he will not compete in the World Superbike Championship in 2021. However, a package that is interesting may still be put together for him.

“I race to win and become world champion,” says Chaz Davies, who contested his last event in the Superbike World Championship last Sunday. Because although the Welshman won the season finale and finished third behind Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) and Aruba team-mate Scott Redding, he is without a team for 2021.

When Davies was officially informed on October 14th that he would lose his place at Ducati after seven years to the up-and-coming Michael Ruben Rinaldi, the works teams from BMW, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha were already occupied.

At times he had a signed Ducati contract, with which he would have maintained the status quo. But Davies wanted changes in the team, which in his eyes would have led to more success.

Ducati refused. At some point, Gigi Dall’Igna, as General Manager Ducati Corse, spoke a word of power and thus pushed Davies offside. It is not known whether he acted on the instructions of managing director Claudio Domenicali.

“Nobody gave me a real reason,” said Davies about his departure from the Aruba team. “I could only read certain things between the lines. The only thing Dall’Igna mentioned was my qualifying sessions. I accept that, you were a weakness. You can be divided on whether you want a driver who is bad in qualifying and drives good races or vice versa. I believe there are many positive things about having me. Everyone has weaknesses and I want to work on mine. But I don’t get the chance. It is impossible not to take this decision against me personally. It hurts, it hurts a lot. “

With 32 wins and 98 podiums, Davies is the third most successful active World Superbike rider after Jonathan Rea (99/185) and Tom Sykes (34/112). Fans worldwide and nobody in the SBK paddock can understand that a driver of such quality has no job.

The argument that Davies has not won a title for Ducati in the past seven years is true. But nobody else has won against Jonathan Rea and Kawasaki in the last six seasons. The fact that Davies is dumped just now, when the team has finally put the V4R in such a way that he can win with it, does not seem very expedient for the manufacturer from Borgo Panigale.

“It’s out of my hands,” Davies said of his future. “I’m here for nothing less than at least being able to win. I’m not one of those drivers who are happy with the top 5 or a third place. If I get into a situation where I can achieve less than before, then it doesn’t make me happy to stay in this championship. It has nothing to do with arrogance, I’m just honest with myself. “

In the history of the Superbike World Championship, founded in 1988, only one rider from a private team became world champion, that was Troy Corser in 1996 in the team promoter Power Horse Ducati. In the last nine years only three private teams have won: 2012 Pata Ducati with Sylvain Guintoli, 2019 Puccetti Kawasaki with Toprak Razgatlioglu and 2020 Go Eleven Ducati with Michael Rinaldi.

There is no private team that can meet Davies’ high standards, although the field’s performance density has increased significantly in the last two years thanks to various rule changes.

“I know that,” Davies said dejectedly. «I have to switch off now. Perhaps something will emerge over time that will put me in a position where I’m on the starting grid and can fight for the title with the necessary support. “

You have been managing yourself for years: will you pick up the phone in the coming weeks and discuss options? “No, I’ve done my job,” the 33-year-old told «Do I have something in my hands? No. Are there any talks? Yes. But these depend on many different things. If you don’t drive for a works team, then you automatically don’t have full support. Things that I couldn’t improve in the works team, I will hardly improve in a private team. Although I would be very happy if someone proves me wrong. Then I swallow my own words. Ducati has finished second in the world championship many times. To be more consistent and better, you need more support. Everyone has to step up to beat Rea and Kawasaki. This is not a criticism of any manufacturer, but the simple truth. “

There is still a ray of hope for Chaz Davies.

At the end of September the idea came up to let Rinaldi drive another year at Go Eleven Ducati, but to give him a factory bike and additional support. As we know, things turned out differently.

It is now being determined whether Davies could take this place., the owner of the Ducati factory team, and its partner Feel Racing are behind the Briton. And of course Go Eleven would be delighted to get a driver of his size. The question is what Ducati wants to contribute to this.

In a perfect world, Go Eleven will get a factory machine from Ducati for Davies, all development parts and the best possible personal support for 2021. In addition, IT entrepreneur Aruba could ensure that the three-time vice world champion is paid appropriately.

“In order for this to become a reality, the four gears mentioned must mesh perfectly,” said a Ducati insider in Estoril.


Le Matin – A German in all her splendor

An elegant alternative to conventional sedans, the beautiful German has everything to give a taste for the pleasure of driving to a new urban clientele particularly sensitive to the care given to design.

BMW is counting in particular on its 2 Series Gran Coupé to liven up this end of the year.
An elegant alternative to conventional sedans, the newcomer, recently launched on the Moroccan market, seduces with its assertive character and its refined aesthetics. Offering an experience rich in emotions, it stands out for the innovative character of its control system and its range of
connectivity, by its high suitability for daily use and its dynamism typical of the brand’s models. This four-door coupé with its assertive character is establishing itself globally as an attractive product for discovering the BMW range.
Like the Gran Coupé variants of the 4 and 8 Series, the 2 Series Gran Coupé relies on a unique design characterized by bold and sporty lines, frameless glass doors and a particularly expressive style. The interior of the new model succeeds in the synthesis of a sporty style enhanced with exclusive materials and a space designed for family use and for long journeys.
The various control elements are geared towards the driver, who can easily operate them thanks to their grouped arrangement. This is particularly the case for heating, air conditioning and the various driving functions. The user can access the infotainment offer of the new version 7.0 of the BMW operating system (which notably offers gesture control as an option) via a display concept made up of two screens available in a width of 10 , 25 inches of the BMW Live Cockpit Navigation Pro. The BMW Live Cockpit Navigation Pro is based on a 100% digital display and control system to provide exceptional connectivity and optimal customization. The offer also includes the adaptive navigation system and the multimedia system with integrated hard drive. The optional BMW Gesture Control recognizes seven different gestures, two of which can be personalized.
With its 9.2-inch color projection, BMW’s Head-Up Display (HUD) (optional) allows the driver to see various information without looking away from the road.
The new 2 Series Gran Coupé is offered in three engine variants (one petrol engine and two diesel engines) from the latest generation of the BMW Efficient Dynamics family. These blocks benefit from many improvements. They consume less fuel, emit fewer emissions and, in some cases, gain power. The entry-level engine is the 216d’s three-cylinder block, which develops 116 hp. The 218d has a 2.0l four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 150 hp, while the 218i’s three-cylinder petrol engine delivers 140 hp. The BMW M 235i xDrive is fitted with the most powerful four-cylinder engine from the BMW Group, which produces 306 hp and gives it outstanding sports performance.
A true flagship model, the M 235i xDrive cuts down from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds (4.8 seconds with the M Performance Pack) and records a restricted top speed of 250 km / h.
The prices of the German beauty are between 357,000 DH and 736,000 DH.

Wide range of assistance systems

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé benefits from a wide range of innovative assistance systems that have proven their worth in models from the higher series. These systems rely on images captured by video cameras and data from ultrasonic radar sensors to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and alert the driver to danger or reduce the risk of an accident as much as possible by means of corrective interventions on the vehicle. steering and braking system. The optional collision warning system with pedestrian detection and automatic low-speed braking also detects cyclists. Lane departure warning with active return to lane, which can be activated between 70 and 210 km / h; active cruise control with Stop & Go function, active up to 160km / h; as well as Drive Assist, which includes blind spot detection, rear collision warning and cross traffic warning, are optional.


The new BMW R 1250 RT: benchmark among dynamic tourers

New fairing, lower fairing to improve visibility and, above all, a boxer engine updated to the new Euro 5 directives (which, it is worth underlining, have little to do with the homologation directives for car engines) which guarantees the same driving pleasure and the same performance as the less “ecological” versions.

Features that make the BMW R 1250 RT the touring bike par excellence. Not that this is new, of course: since its debut on the world motorcycle market (dating back more than 40 years ago now), the two-wheeler of the German manufacturer has established itself as one of the most popular and sold travel bikes in the whole world. A record reaffirmed also with the new version, which BMW presented just a few hours ago. As mentioned, the novelties of the new BMW R 1250 RT are different and concern both the fairing and the engine and the technological and optional equipment.

The engine is the “Usual” twin-cylinder 1254 cubic centimeter boxer capable of delivering up to 136 horsepower (100 kiloWatt) and a torque of 143 Nm. The basic difference compared to the previous model is represented by the homologation: the engine designed by German technicians and engineers is in fact approved to the standard of the Euro 5 directive, thus guaranteeing lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. To manage the 136 horses we find three driving modes, among which the new “Eco” stands out.

source: BMW press office

On the handlebar there is instead a very large space 10.25-inch diagonal color TFT display and standard navigator. There is also the possibility of adding the optional “Comfort telefony with extended smartphone connection”, which allows you to synchronize the mobile phone with the infotainment system of the BMW two-wheeler and control some smartphone functions. Simply place it in the special storage compartment to connect it, cool it properly (thanks to a fan designed for the purpose) and recharge it without the need for cables with the wireless induction charge.

Remaining in the technological field, the BMW R 1250 RT offers the Dynamic Cruise Control, which keeps the cruising speed fixed (even if you are going downhill, using the vehicle’s engine brake and braking system), while theAdaptive Cruise Control (available as an option) allows you to maintain the distance from the vehicle in front without the need to use the brake or accelerator. The new fairing gives a more aggressive look to the German two-wheeler and, at the same time, improves its aerodynamic impact ensuring lower consumption.


The BMW 128ti enters the Czech market. Munich’s Golf GTI competitor costs over a million

The most powerful version of the single-axle drive series is called the BMW 128ti and is powered by a 195 kW two-liter petrol.

BMW is expanding its range of compact 1-Series hatchbacks with a new 128i version, filling the gap between the “standard 120i” variant and the top-of-the-range M135i xDrive. The novelty aimed at hot hatches of mainstream brands such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI or Ford Focus ST shortly after its unveiling revealed its Czech award. The BMW 128ti costs 1,051,700 crowns.

Gap between 120i and M135i xDrive so the version powered by a two-liter four-cylinder with an output of 195 kW combined with an eight-speed automatic and front-wheel drive fills not only with its power and character, but also with the price. While for an “ordinary” 120i tuned to 131 kW, you get 812,500 crowns, the top M135i xDrive with an output of 225 kW, an eight-speed automatic, both-axle drive and modifications from the BMW M division comes to 1,203,800 crowns.

Not surprisingly, the price tag surpasses the competition from mainstream hot hatches. Maybe Volkswagen Golf GTI in the current generation it costs 892,900 crowns with DSG. You can then buy such a Ford Focus ST with a machine for 878,900 crowns. The modernized Hyundai i30 N, newly available with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, has no Czech price yet.

In addition, premium competition does not offer a similar type of hatchback, the Mercedes-Benz A 250 4Matic is significantly weaker with 165 kW, while the Mercedes-AMG A 35 4Matic competes with the M135i xDrive with its 225 kW. The Audi A3 / S3 menu is set similarly. In a way, the BMW 128ti can be considered a class in itself.

Compared to the usual variants of the 1 series, the novelty differs not only in its powerful engine, but also in its equipment. The base also includes specific interior upholstery, automatic air conditioning, LED headlights, sports front seats, front and rear parking sensors or cruise control. There are also 18-inch wheels, M aerodynamic package decorated with contrasting details (red or black depending on the body paint) or M seat belts with a characteristic blue-red belt. The specifically tuned M chassis then has a reduced ground clearance of 10 mm and stiffer springs and shock absorbers.


The BMW 128ti is powered by a supercharged two-liter four-cylinder, which is a tuned form of the M135i xDrive engine. It has 195 kW and 400 Nm and its power is sent by the eight-speed automatic transmission exclusively to the front wheels. The manual is not available. There is also a specially adjusted steering and, above all, a Torsen self-locking differential for better agility and traction. Better braking capabilities are provided by the M sports brake system with 360mm discs at the front and 300mm at the rear, respectively.

BMW 128ti – comparison with the competition
Model BMW 128ti Ford Focus ST Volkswagen Golf GTI
Displacement [cm3] 1998 2261 1984
Cylinders / valves 4/4 4/4 4/4
Greatest performance [kW/min] 195/4750-6500 206/5500 (6000) 180/5000-6500
Torque [N.m/min] 400/1750-4500 420/3000-4000(415/3000) 370/1600-4300
Transmission 8A 6M (7A) 6M (7DS)
Max. speed [km/h] 250 250 (250) ? (250)
Acceleration 0-100 km / h [s] 6,1 5,7 (5,7) ? (6,3)
Comb. consumption [l/100 km] 6,1 8,2 (7,9) 6,9 (6,5)
Base price [Kč] 1.051.700 818.900 (878.900) 838.900 (898.900)


Ferrari Omologato, a Ferrari like no other

NEW – A name evoking the GTO, a rear hatch covered with louvers: Maranello’s latest bespoke creation offers a journey of nostalgia.


Even in the choice of appellation, the shadow of the famous Ferrari 250 GTO (O for Omologato) seems to have hovered over the design of the latest bespoke creation from the House of Maranello. From the 812 Superfast from which it borrows the platform and the V12, the Ferrari Omologato has kept only the windshield and headlamps. Everything else is new. This is what the informed European collector, at the origin of the order, wanted.


From the first sketches to the delivery of this unique berlinetta, two years have passed. The 250 GTO clearly inspired this unique berlinetta. The sloping and smooth front hood adopts two gills and a flattened oval grille that refer to those of the GTO of 1962. ‘a light car. The rear scrambles the cards. The louvers covering the large bezel suggest that the engine is installed at the rear. The two double lights of the 812 Superfast are replaced by a single equipment.


The interior treatment takes a trip back to the 1960s. Like those in racing cars and the 250 GTO, the leather and jeans fabric seats are electric blue, while the metal parts of the dashboard and the The arch housing the gearbox knobs mimic the crackle paintwork of sixties GTs.

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Here are the 2021 BMW M3 and M4

The 2021 BMW M3 and M4 are officially presented.

BMW finally introduced the M versions of its 3 Series and 4 Series models this week. As expected, they are decked out with a huge grid that has not finished talking.

In addition to their format, we note that these are now carrying horizontal slats rather than metal uprights. It is true that vertical structures would have accentuated their format, which is perhaps not desirable.

There are also enlarged bodies, a more massive diffuser at the rear and four prominent exhaust tips. The front fenders are fitted with vertically oriented air vents and the side skirts match the rear diffuser. The carbon fiber roof is also back, which is a long-standing signature of the models. This can be replaced with a painted steel roof if the customer wants a sunroof.

Here is Shopicar! All models of the year and all current promotions.

BMW M4 2021, front

The mecanic
Behind the kidneys of the M3 and M4 hides one of the two versions of the 3-liter twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine introduced with the X3 M and X4 M SUVs. Serving the regular M3 and M4, it will develop 473 horsepower and 406 pounds – couple feet. For the Competition variants, we will talk about a delivery of 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. With the first, the 0-96 km / h time will be 4.1 seconds while it will be 3.8 with the second.

The base M3 and M4 are exclusively equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, making it the only manual offering in the segment. This gearbox is also 50 pounds lighter than the eight-speed automatic transmission that powers the Competition lineup. The manual transmission has a speed matching function, but it can be disabled.

All models are rear-wheel drive, but the Competition version will be able to receive all-wheel drive next summer. The system can be set to remain in propulsion mode with the aids disabled. Both powertrains are equipped with electronically controlled limited-slip differentials.

Naturally, BMW has improved the chassis of its cars in order to handle the extra power. The base models will benefit from 18-inch wheels at the front, 19 at the rear. With the Competition liveries, the order will be 19 and 20. Huge brakes will be standard, as carbon ceramic units (even more massive) will be available as an option.

BMW M3 2021, three-quarter rear

On board, unsurprisingly, it will look like what we find onboard Series 3 and 4. No woodwork, however; only aluminum or carbon fiber as trim. A 12.3-inch digital display instrument cluster and a 10.25-inch multimedia screen are standard, as are sportier seats. BMW is offering a new series of carbon fiber power seats as an option, which together take 21 pounds off the equation. They also have cutouts for racing harnesses.

Some bold interior colors are also offered, such as Kyalami Orange with the M3 and Yas Marina Blue with the M4.

BMW M4 2021, interior

The M3 and M4 are expected around March next year, with Competition all-wheel drive variants expected to follow in the summer. As for Canadian prices, BMW has just published them. We therefore know that the M3 receives a starting price of $ 84,300 in Canada, while the price of the M4 is established at $ 85,100.

BMW M4 2021, rear


Forget the kidneys. This way you can embellish the BMW M3 and M4 with top-quality parts

M Performance Parts are an integral part of sharp Bavarians and new M3 and M4 are no exception. How can you further improve sports equipment with original parts?

A pair of new BMW sports cars leaked to the public yesterday – M3 Sedan and M4 coupe. Just a few hours later, we received the official premiere, which in addition to detailed information on technology also brought Czech awards.

Almost immediately after the regular debut of BMW vehicles, it also revealed a list of M Performance Parts, ie branded sports parts with which you can individualize your car not only in terms of design, but also in terms of driving characteristics. All accessories are created in direct cooperation with the BMW M and benefit from experience in racing circuits.

BMW, for example, punches the M Performance titanium muffler. The lightweight exhaust system with an active flap was developed especially for M models and was created on the basis of experience gained while participating in car racing. It weighs about five kilograms less than a standard exhaust and provides a sportier performance thanks to improved exhaust. Of course, there is also a more pronounced soundtrack and four titanium, ceramic-coated exhaust tailpipes, thanks to which you can’t confuse the M Performance performance with the standard.

There is also an M Performance sports chassis available, which Munich tuned on a number of racing circuits. The chassis, consisting of integrated suspension and damping units (coilover), allows to reduce the ground clearance in the range of 5 to 20 millimeters, while the recommended reduction is 10 millimeters compared to the standard “emku”. Without changing the damping settings, the driver benefits from a lower center of gravity, less body roll and higher cornering speeds.


The sports brake pads are derived directly from BMW Motorsport and provide shorter braking distances, better feedback and resistance to high temperatures. This will be appreciated especially by the owners, who like to go on a circuit with their sports novelty.

As is customary with purely sports equipment, even strong and at the same time light carbon was not spared. For example, the front splitter, rails and other aerodynamic surfaces are made of this material. From the side, the carbon M Performance attracts decorative elements on the side air vents as well as the carbon sill extensions. On the lower edge of the rear bumper, we find carbon tear-off pads and a distinctive spoiler on the boot lid. The absolute highlight of carbon M Performance parts is the rear diffuser combined with a titanium exhaust system. However, even the standard exhaust can be individualized with carbon and titanium fittings.

The footwear was not forgotten either. The default M Performance solution is the matte gray Y-spoke 963M forged wheels and 19-inch front and 20-inch combination tires. The specialty is forged M Performance Cross-spoke 1000M wheels in matt gold (or matt black). These are available exclusively through the 20-inch front and 21-inch rear M Performace Parts program.

We also did not forget the interior, which can be decorated with, for example, sill covers with carbon inserts and the colorful inscription M Performance. You can have “em” rugs on the front and back, and there are also carbon paneling and alcantara. The M Performance steering wheel can also be supplemented with carbon shift paddles with an open-pore surface to replace standard chrome-plated parts.

So, would you choose?