BMW will fulfill the dream for fans. For the first time in history, it will sell the M3 Touring

The BMW M division has begun testing the car that many fans have been calling for for years. It is a fast estate M3 Touring.

The BMW M3 Touring has been the dream car of many fast car fans for many years. However, the Munich carmaker has long rejected such a car, the BMW M division twice offered a fast station wagon only through the larger M5 series, for the E34 and E60 generations. Who wanted a car like the M3 Touring, had to go to Alpina for its alternative in the form of the B3 Touring. But now the management of the Munich carmaker has changed its mind and confirmed the arrival of the M3 Touring.

It will be the first production BMW M3 with a station wagon body. In the past, only a prototype of such a car was created, exactly 20 years ago, based on the M3 generation E46. In the sixth generation M3, however, the station wagon will no longer be just a theoretical possibility, but a reality.

The station wagon will complement the M3 series as the last body variant, sometime during 2022. It is currently beginning its intensive testing on racing circuits and on public roads, which will last approximately two years. The first to arrive is the M3 sedan and the derived M4 coupe, which will be presented together this September. Next year, the M4 Cabrio will follow.

The BMW M3 Touring will share the mechanical parts with the sedan, which specifically means the use of a three-liter in-line six-cylinder turbocharged with the internal designation S58. The engine is already used by SUVs X3 M and X4 M, while in M3 it will provide 353 kW and 375 kW, respectively, in the top version of the M3 Competition.

The use of all-wheel drive is also confirmed, which will certainly be seen in the station wagon. It will be available at an additional cost from the M3 Competition, where the exclusive option will be an eight-speed automatic with a hydrodynamic converter, instead of the existing seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

However, the carmaker has so far refused to provide more information about the M3 Touring. Further speculation about the engine and driving performance is welcome, but premature, writes in a press release announcing the arrival of this news. BMW certainly guessed its fans well in this regard, there will be a lot of talk about the M3 Touring now. Anyway, we are looking forward to it too!


The photo of the electric BMW iX3 provoked a debate about its real range

A comparison of the battery condition and the estimated range in the official interior image of the electric BMW iX3 has sparked a debate on the actual range. However, the explanation can be very simple.

The Munich carmaker recently published a picture of the interior of the BMW iX3 electric SUV on its Facebook profile, which captures the central part of the dashboard and the infotainment screen with information about the battery charge status and the remaining range.

It is quite clear from the picture that the system shows a battery charged to about 75% (blue out of a total of 20 fields showing the battery capacity) and the on-board computer shows the remaining range of about 238 kilometers. At first glance, nothing special, at least if you do not start counting.

As Frederik Keppens pointed out in the comments to the picture, if the range would correspond to 238 km at about 75% of the battery level, then the range per charge would climb to a maximum of 317 kilometers when the battery was fully charged. And that is definitely not enough, especially in comparison with the official parameters stated by the carmaker.

In a comment on the same photo, it reminds that the range of the electric BMW iX3 according to the NEDC test cycle is around 520 kilometers. According to a more realistic and accurate WLTP test cycle, the range of the electric BMW should be around 460 kilometers, which is a real difference.

As a reminder, the floor of the BMW iX3 houses a battery with a total capacity of 80 kWh, of which 74 kWh is available to drivers. And that’s quite a decent amount of energy for longer trips. So what about the real range?


Of course, we will get the best idea only when we will be able to sit behind the wheel in person. However, the relatively low remaining range in the photo can already be explained in at least two ways.

The car was obviously photographed in the studio, where it could stand for several hours. The on-board computer could thus be significantly affected by the long standstill in a presentation (if you want a demo) mode when calculating the remaining range. At the same time, however, it is possible that someone with the presented model drove in a very sharp mode, or otherwise bothered his system, which ultimately led to the computer’s surprisingly low value.

However, it is very premature to draw conclusions from a studio photo presented on social networks, and we will definitely wait until the first rides to evaluate the actual range.


The BMW driver pointed the finger – received a 75-fold fine

On German motorways, it is allowed to drive as fast as you want / dare / manage in some places. The Autobahn is widely known for its stretches without speed limits.

But it is still the case that there is actually a speed limit in most places, also on the Autobahn. And just like in Norway, many cameras have been set up to ensure that motorists adjust their speed.

The driver of the BMW X5 pictured at the top of this case was driving too fast. The 26-year-old was measured to be driving in the 81 km / h 70 zone in Kulmbach, southern Germany.

The violation is basically not that serious, and is usually punished with a fine of around 20 Euro. Yes, you read that right! There is a slightly different level of fines in Germany.

But then there was this picture, then. For the driver was clearly dissatisfied with being photographed – and managed to express that dissatisfaction. He simply points the finger at the long arm of the law.

We guess he regrets it now.

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From 20 to 1,500 Euro

The speeding offense took place in April, but it was recently taken up in court in Kulmbach. The local police were obviously not happy with the behavior of the speeding offender.

Long story short: The fine was increased from 20 to around 1,500 Euros! And not only that. The 26-year-old was also deprived of the right to drive a car for one month.

Even in Norway, this may seem strict.

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Great commitment

Here we can probably state that they wanted to set an example. And we guess both the BMW driver, and everyone who reads the case, think twice before doing something similar. Because it can sting properly on the scrotum.

The police have posted a picture and told what happened to theirs Facebook Fan Page. The reactions have been many. In a short time, around 1,000 comments have been received. Opinions are, not surprisingly, divided around the way the case was handled.

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Free speed-living dangerous

Meanwhile, the debate about free speed continues on some parts of the Autobahn. This has been up for political consideration a number of times, already.

But until now, the proposals to introduce a speed limit everywhere have been voted down.

Thus, selected parts of German highways are still one of very few places in the world, where you can legally drive just as fast as you want.

Just remember to follow the signs, when the free speed sections cease.

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The new BMW M5 Competition got a cool new shock absorbers

This is the new, facelifted BMW M5 with the Competition. An improved version of the sports sedan of BMW. Looks the same, but there is something special.

The main is a brand new set of shock absorbers. BMW claims that the new M5 Competition “benefits from the experience gained in developing the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition”.

Naturally, these dampers operate in three modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport+, giving rise to madness, which causes every next click of the controller. Sport, as they say, reduces the suspension travel to create a better connection between the vehicle and the road. Sport+ “maximizes the dynamic characteristics on a flat pavement, for example, on the race track”. Obviously the route you need to go to a two-ton sedan. Well, just need to test this new suspension. In mode, rear-wheel drive. At maximum speed.

Thus, better control of body roll and adjustable suspension that reduces ground clearance from 5 to 20 mm M5 Competition also gets unique engine mounts – they are more durable – which means less structural losses. Or something like that.

This beauty drives the turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 with a power of 625 HP and 750 Nm of torque. This is the same as the previous M5 Competition, so that the chiding is the same – 3.3 seconds up to a hundred (one-tenth quicker than the regular M5), from 0 to 200 km/h in 10.8 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h (or 305 km/h with M Driver package). So still fast.

And he’s still eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive (xDrive configured unit M) preimushestva the rear axle, as well as the active M-differential. There’s also M Dynamic Mode, which allows you to “go in a controlled drift, or to drift” and, of course, switch to 2WD mode, for the “traditional experience rear drive BMW M5”.

The M Sport Exhaust? Is. M Compound Brakes? Is. Nameplates M round and around? Oh yeah! At the Competition the black border grille, updated front bumper, adaptive led lights, a new rear bumper with a large diffuser and a little more Competition.

There is a choice of colors and new optional steering wheel, while a Central display is now larger, 12.3 inch. There are a couple of buttons like the M8, which give access to some system settings. Or as M Mode, which means you can choose between settings for Road, Sport and Track, and adjust individual mode.

This confuses a lot of settings? Let’s be easier. In Russia will be offered only M5 Competition and it will cost depending on the level of equipment 8 9 650 000 to 850 000.


Low car sales new European 56%

The European car market has witnessed a decline of 78.3 percent in April.

Recorded sales declines in the double digits in all markets of the European Union, in Croatia, Portugal and Spain reported the largest declines by 26.2 percent and 47.7%. 72.7 percent, respectively.


Data showed on Wednesday that European car sales fell in May, but the decline was not as steep as the previous month owing to easing of restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic MERS-CoV.

Data showed automobile industry association, European that in May, decreased new car registrations 56.8 percent, to 623,812 policy in the European Union, Britain and the countries of the European Free Trade Association.

The European car market has witnessed a decline of 78.3 percent in April.

Recorded sales declines in the double digits in all markets of the European Union, in Croatia, Portugal and Spain reported the largest declines by 26.2 percent and 47.7%. 72.7 percent, respectively.


The German press writes about Vettel’s contract with McLaren

The decision of Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari to stop cooperation at the end of 2020 in the near future will launch a wave of transitions riders. British and Italian journalists have little doubt that Vettel at Ferrari will be replaced by Carlos Sainz, and Daniel Riccardo will take the place of the Spaniard in McLaren, but the German press has different information.

Edition F1-Insider claims that Sebastian Vettel has long been negotiating for McLaren with team leader Andreas Seidl and is close to signing a contract with a team from Woking. The parties can sign the agreement this week, and then Sebastian will replace in McLaren Carlos Sainz, who will be open to Ferrari.

Vettel’s possible contract with McLaren is designed for one season with the possibility of extension for a few more years. The variant with McLaren looks attractive enough for Vettel – the team has long been declaring its desire to return to the leader’s list after the transition to the new regulation, next year Mercedes power plants will again appear on Woking cars, and Vettel has had a good relationship with Seidl since the time of collaboration at BMW Sauber.

Earlier, Bernie Ecclestone, a good friend of Vettel, advised the rider to switch to McLaren: “I would have moved to McLaren in Vettel’s place to build a new team. He has no future at Ferrari. ”


BMW M-cars will become more powerful, but “mechanics” surrender – Autoreview

Over the past five years, sales of BMW cars with the letter M have more than doubled. If we consider not only full-fledged “charged” M-models, but also less powerful cars of the M Performance series and ordinary cars with M-packages, then the M division is now related to half of BMWs sold worldwide. And the head of this direction, Markus Flash, told the Australian publication Which Car about future prospects.

The main thing is that full-fledged emki will become even more powerful: the company does not have any formal restrictions in this regard. One of the ways to increase power is to switch to hybrid powertrains, and in the M unit they will definitely use it. Following the power will be improved and dynamic performance, but not at the expense of security. Thanks to the development of electronic systems, current models with a capacity of more than 600 forces are much easier to manage than predecessors of ten to fifteen years ago.

The main premieres of this year will be the new generation BMW M3 and M4 models. Both cars will see the light near the end of the year, and the start of sales is scheduled for the 2021st – such a “schedule” is necessary in order to manage to conduct a full cycle of summer and winter tests before starting production. The new M3 and M4 for the first time will acquire all-wheel drive: structurally, it will be the same M xDrive system as the M5 model, with a multi-plate clutch for connecting the front wheels and drift mode.

But the mechanical gearbox of the new “emoks” will remain in only one market: buyers in the USA insist on maintaining this option. In other countries, BMW M customers have almost abandoned the “mechanics” in favor of more efficient automatic transmissions. For example, according to Autoreview, last year all 47 BMW M4s sold in Russia were equipped with a “robot”.

By the way, last fall, Marcus Flash said that there will be no full-fledged BMW M-models with a transverse engine. These “emki” can only have a classic layout with rear or all-wheel drive, and the youngest model will be the rear-wheel drive coupe BMW M2.


Phase 2: Bmw, Di Silvestre, ‘Electrified but also sustainable diesel models’ – La Gazzetta dello Sport

The president and CEO of BMW Italy, Massimiliano Di Silvestre, explains the plan for phase-2. #Riaccendiamoimotori

The president and CEO of Bmw Italia, Massimiliano Di Silvestre, tells a Gazzetta Motori plans to restart after the lockdown in March and April. Many themes and a red thread, the need and desire to reactivate the car sector, summarized by the hashtag #Riaccendiamoimotori, launched by Journal in the last weeks. In the case of BMW Italia the plan is clear. Dealers ready to start again from 4 May by combining the (physical) offer in the 130 Italian stores and multimedia tools. An expansion of the product range which by 2023 will include 25 electrified models, of which 12 will be 100% electric. A vision of sustainable mobility which, together with zero-emission and hybrid cars (plug-in and mild hybrid), also includes increasingly environmentally friendly petrol and diesel engines.


“Since 2007 when we started the ‘Project-i’ (with the presentation of the electric sports car i8, ed) up to 2013 i3 we wrote the history of premium sustainable mobility – explains Di Silvestre -. With our motto The Power of Choice we promote an integrated vision because our concept of sustainability does not only mean electric or hybrid cars, but also to continue developing highly efficient petrol and diesel cars. Our Euro 6 diesels are part of the concept of sustainable mobility “. Therefore, the CEO of Bmw Italia anticipates the commitment of the propeller company in this direction. “BMW has confirmed 30 billion euros of investment in this perspective – he analyzes -. By 2023 we will have around 25 electrified models, 12 of which are purely electric “.


Starting from the so-called phase 2, which from 4 May 2020 will allow the reopening of different industrial sectors, what is the role of the sales network? “More than dealers, for us they are real partners with whom we share a vision and sales and marketing initiatives – details Massimiliano Di Silvestre -. The closure has allowed us to better explore digital channels: the customer is looking for more and more an omni-channel experience which starts from browsing the website, goes from visiting the dealership, includes live chats with qualified figures such as our ‘product genius’, enthusiastic product experts of our brand. All tools we have ready ”together with compliance with a protocol in line with government measures for social distancing and safety measures in the dealership.


From 100% electric models to electrified ones, the Bmw and Mini range will already be expanded in spring 2020 thanks to several new features. Starting from the “relaunch of the electric Mini, which we had started to present shortly before the lockdown, a model that confirms the classic go-kart feeling and the uniqueness of the Mini brand, bringing them into a new dimension with zero emissions” explains the CEO . and president of Bmw Italia. “Then we will continue the launch of the new 2 Series Gran Coupé and the presentation of new engines and novelties that we will reveal later – he details -. Advances? By the end of 2020 the new iX3, 100% electric, which will allow the customer to choose the X3 model from an electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel powertrain. At the beginning of 2021, however, it will be time for the new i4, very close to the concept already revealed, and for the i-Next which will open a new chapter of sustainable mobility “.


Audi will leave the DTM at the end of the season

The crisis of the German DTM bodywork series was emphasized by Audi, confirming its departure from the championship at the end of this year. Just two years ago, three leading German automakers struggled in the series, and in 2021 only BMW will remain in the DTM.

Audi executives explained the breakup with the once-strong championship with a desire to become “a supplier of premium cars with neutral emissions.”