Boca beat DIM for the Copa Libertadores: Xeneize’s scores

Esteban Andrada: 6. They did not demand it. Provided security as usual.

Leonardo Jara: 6. The absence of Julio Buffarini was not noted. He fulfilled in Paraguay and today he was up to the task again. Without complications.

Carlos Zambrano: 6. Sign on the mark. Little by little he is consolidating as a central couple for Izquierdoz. Always attentive in the passing game and when going to the sides.

Carlos Izquierdoz: 5. Without many demands, he was effective in each participation. He committed a dangerous foul at the goal of the area that could have brought problems to Andrada.

Emmanuel More: 5. Firm on the mark and imprecise with the ball when kicking off or going on the attack.

Jorman Campuzano: 6. Boca’s watch in the midfield. He anticipated and recovered as always to give the team balance.

Eduardo Salvio: 6. Discreet game of the best player in Asunción, but key to give his team victory over the end.

Pol Fernández: 5. He played later than usual. Always precise in the pass but lacked presence from the middle forward.

Gonzalo Maroni: 5. He did not have the participation the other day with Libertad. He retired injured 35 minutes into the first half.

Carlos Tevez: 7. The best player in Boca and on the court. Present to hold the ball, to assist his teammates and had the goal in the second half although he defined high.

Franco Soldano: 5. The usual sacrifice and the little usual presence in the area to define. It came out at halftime.

Agustín Obando: 5. He replaced Maroni. It did not weigh in attack. In the only one he tried, he reached the baseline and served the goal to Tevez, who defined over the crossbar.

Walter Bou: 5. Little came into play. He participated in the second half in which the fatigue of the team was noticed. Tevez left him in goal position but he controlled badly and it was long. Today it appears as the alternative to Soldano.

Nicolás Capaldo: 5. He gave freshness to the middle and participated in the play of the goal, although he failed in the definition. I also enter Edwin cardona and played 10 minutes.


Boca and Sebastián Villa: Mineiro regretted the case of Daniela Cortés

Sebastián Villa still does not see a light in his sporting future due to the decision that Boca Juniors made of not aligning him in official games due to his legal problem with Daniela Cortés, his ex-partner, who denounced him for abuse almost six months ago.

The Colombian striker has not left Boca either because the offers that have come for him They did not meet the economic expectations of the xeneize and had to settle for training and receiving a salary, but without competing; something that has him and his representative very upset because their pass is being devalued and they could go to legal litigation with Boca.

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While all that happens, Atlético Mineiro of Brazil led by Argentine Jorge Sampaoli, presented a transfer proposal and then one to buy half of his sports rights for $ 4 million. Boca rejected it and they were preparing an offer of 6 million and now everything has gone to the ground due to the massive request from fans not to hire her after learning in detail about her legal background.

Before the massive request of the fans, the president of Mineiro stood up against Villa, although at first they did want to hire him: “The Atlético of the future needs solid pillars that are beyond the four lines. The Football Commission and Department have independence to evaluate and suggest, but the final word is mine. It will not come,” he said. Sergio Sette Camara on his Twitter account, with the hashtag #VireEseJogo (changes the game) that refers to gender violence in Brazil.

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As for the legal cause, Villa can now leave Argentina and her ex-partner is in Colombia. He is serving a fine and is awaiting a final ruling from the courts that could take a couple of months more due to the expert and prosecution instances that are pending.


UPDATED Leaderboards LIVE | Copa Libertadores 2020: results of the group stage Date 3 LIVE match by match | Football LIVE | River Plate | Boca Juniors | Lima Alliance | Binational | Argentina | Ecuador | Chile | Colombia | Paraguay | Uruguay

After six months, the ball is rolling again in South America. The Liberators cup it restarts after a long stop due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Following a rigorous security protocol, the clubs return to play internationally.

The group stage of the Liberators cup is back and the best teams from South America will seek glory in the continental tournament. The championship is made up of 8 groups of 4 clubs each and the best two from each series will go to the round of 16.

The great teams such as Flamengo, River Plate, Boca Juniors, Gremio, Internacional, Independiente del Valle, among others, will seek to advance in the Copa Libertadores 2020. The only Peruvian clubs that are still in the race are Alianza Lima and Binacional. Likewise, the Peruvians abroad who participate in the tournament are Paolo Guerrero (International) and Carlos Zambrano (Boca Juniors).

2020 Copa Libertadores table of positions


Sebastián Villa: Boca Juniors concern for foot discomfort

Sebastián Villa continues to live bad days at Boca Juniors after the Argentine club has decided not to take it into account for the official games of the local tournament and Copa Libertadores until the justice makes a decision in its controversial case with Daniela Cortés, her ex-partner, who more than five months ago reported him for abuse.

From the surroundings of Villa they indicate that he would go into rebellion against the club to play or to leave Argentine football and that they could even go to court. As this all goes on the Colombian must report to Boca training every day like any player because he still has two years of contract.

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In the midst of all this, concern arose in Villa’s environment for a possible injury which would complicate it even more, since he had to take medical examinations due to a strong discomfort in the ball of one of his feet; this to rule out a possible fracture.

Sebastián Villa is attentive to another offer that would reach Boca Juniors from Atlético Mineiro in Brazil and for more than five million dollars to be able to leave the institution, all this due to the impossibility of playing and the new enmity with the club’s leadership despite their sports capabilities.

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On the judicial issue, it is still waiting for the justice to make a decision while he continues they pay a fee to Daniela Cortés (who is in Colombia). The player already has permission to leave Argentine soil due to labor issues.


Peruvians in the World: With the ‘León’ Carlos Zambrano: Boca Juniors presented a list for the Cop

announced the list of 40 footballers registered to restart the activity in the Copa Libertadores 2020. Among Miguel Ángel Russo’s payroll, our compatriot stands out , who appears with the jacket number five (he already used it in the continental tournament against Caracas in Venezuela)

The Boca box added Edwin Cardona, who joined the first team a few weeks ago. Sebastián Villa is also among those registered, but he will not be considered until he solves his problems due to the complaint of gender violence made by his former partner. Walter Bou, linked to other clubs, also appears among those chosen.

As it is remembered, the ‘Xeneizes’ lived days of uncertainty due to the detection of 22 positive cases of coronavirus among the members of the delegation. Just this week, the team was able to train with most of the players who could have minutes in the second leg of the competition.

This Sunday, Russo also joined the practices in person. The Argentine strategist was absent because he belonged to the population at risk. However, the DT received authorization to jump onto the court with due care and following the protocol. For now it is unknown if the head of the group will travel with the entire team.

Boca Juniors he will visit Libertad in Paraguay on Thursday, September 17. The team led by the Argentine strategist will collide with the leader of group H. So far, the ‘Gumarelo’ added six units. While the ‘blue and gold’ team has four after drawing against Caracas (1-1) and defeating Independiente Medellín (3-0).



Colombian presence in the Boca Juniors list for Copa Libertadores

Boca Juniors presented the first list of 40 players to participate in the Copa Libertadores and the presence of four of the five Colombians in the first team and leaving Sebastián Pérez as a great absentee.

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Sebastián Villa was also confirmed for the list, accompanied by Frank Fabra, Jorman Campuzano and the newcomer, and returned, Edwin Cardona. The Colombians are present in one of the teams with a competitive squad to seek the continental title. Names like Carlos Tévez, Esteban Andrada, Carlos Izquierdoz, among others, represent the base of a team made up of Colombians as it has been during the last two decades.

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Brazilian and Argentine teams have dominated the list of winners for years Copa Libertadores without major risks and, a few days before the resumption of the continental tournament after a six-month break due to the pandemic, the question is renewed: can this hegemony be broken?

The good faith list for the resumption of the 2020 Copa Libertadores.

published by BOCA in Sunday, September 13, 2020

The adaptation to the new scenario by covid-19 will have something to say in this new stage because the group stage will resume not in a bubble, but in each of the ten South American countries, the majority with very complicated health conditions, except for exceptions such as Uruguay.

Of the last 20 editions of the main continental club tournament, 16 were won by teams from both South American powers, a statistic that runs parallel to the economic differences that have deepened in these years.

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Sebastián Villa would give millions to Daniela Cortés, and lawyer

Citing sources close to Sebastian Villa, Asprilla referred to a possible out-of-court agreement between the today forward of Boca Juniors and Daniela Cortés, a woman who reported him in Argentina for alleged gender violence.

“Someone very close to Villa, a very serious person, told me that they asked him for $ 500,000 [a Villa], money that he had to give to that girl, Daniela is her name, and that $ 250,000 was for the lawyer, “he said.

And he added that the player went to Boca to receive help with that amount [equivalente a 1.857 millones de pesos colombianos], but in the face of his refusal, now he wants to leave.

“They also told me that Villa asked that money loaned to the club, to Boca, and they did not want to lend it to him. And I think that’s where anger comes, because they left him alone while they pressured him to deliver that money, “said the popularTino’.

Asprilla’s version quarrel with the one delivered by Fernando Burlando, attorney for Daniela Cortés, which in the same program denied any type of agreement between the parties, although he was in favor of Villa going to another institution, even from abroad, something with which he did not agree before.

Boca Juniors, meanwhile, initially backed Sebastián Villa; then prevented him from playing while his situation was resolved; and later, when there was coronavirus outbreak with about 20 cases on campus, asked him to play.

Faced with these changes of opinion –added the Argentine journalist Juan José Buscalia in the same space of Blue Radio–, Villa said he was not going to play and asked to be transferred to another squad, like Atlético Mineiro from Brazil, which offered 4 million dollars for 50% of its sports rights, an offer rejected by the ‘xeneize’ cast.

For now, Sebastián Villa continues training with the ‘Boquense’ currency, waiting for his situation to be resolved, since in parallel denounced Daniela Cortes for robbery and extortion.

In audio, Asprilla’s words (from minute 44:50):


Argentina: Coronavirus in Argentina | Boca Juniors presented new cases of COVID

has a bad time. The cast of Miguel Ángel Russo has four new infected within its squad, which further shortens the universe of players eligible for the re-release in the Copa Libertadores to strategist Xeneize, Miguel Ángel Russo.

As Olé announced, the four new infected who came out after the last COVID-19 discard test are first-team footballers, so the work group was further reduced in for the last day of training.

Boca Juniors will be measured, this September 17, with Libertad de Paraguay, but Miguel Ángel Russo still cannot put together the scheme, since it is not known, for sure, with how many and with which players he will be able to count on for the aforementioned Copa commitment Liberators.

Carlos Zambrano, a national defender who plays for the Argentine club, is one of those who remains free of contagion, so he trains normally in Ezeiza.

Who tested positive for Boca Juniors?

Esteban Andrada, Agustín Rossi, Javier García, Manuel Roffo, Lisandro López, Carlos Izquierdoz, Walter Bou, Leonardo Jara, Julio Buffarini, Frank Fabra, Pol Fernández, Renzo Giampaoli, Eduardo Salvio, Gastón Gerzel, Franco Soldano, Ramón Ábila, Mateo Retegui and Mauro Zárate would be positive for COVID-19, according to Olé.

Who did not have coronavirus in Boca Juniors?

Agustín Lastra, Marcelo Weigandt, Gastón Ávila, Carlos Zambrano, Emmanuel Mas, Iván Marcone, Jorman Campuzano, Edwin Cardona, Gonzalo Maroni. Agustín Almendra, Nicolás Capaldo, Cristian Medina, Agustín Obando, Enzo Roldán, Aaron Molinas, Alan Varela, Carlos Tevez and Exequiel Zeballos were the players without coronavirus, according to Olé.




Peruvians in the World: Argentina | Boca Juniors: Carlos Zambrano was left out of the list of c

He’s going through his most difficult days so far this year. According to the latest statement released by the Argentine club, more than 18 players have contracted the coronavirus, some of them with mild symptoms, but none with serious complications. From Peru, the wake-up call was raised by our compatriot .

According to the newspaper Olé, Carlos Zambrano He is not on the roster of footballers who tested positive for COVID-19; However, it did not cease to be in danger of a possible contagion, since – as the Argentine media cites – within the club some licenses were taken that are far from what was needed to apply in times of pandemic.

There were poor sanitary decisions in general, since not having isolated the players who had direct contact with Iván Marcone (the first to test positive after restarting training) and not having respected basic isolation rules (such as not having put the players in individual rooms) or continuing training despite cases with symptoms on the campus”, Mentions the journalist Pablo Ramon.

Copa Libertadores starts in September

Two weeks ago when started his workouts, with a view to Liberators cup (since the Argentine tournament does not have a return date yet), Carlos Zambrano, also defense of Peruvian Selection, He was already emerging as a starter for the first match he would have against Libertad, on date 3 of the group stage.

This was announced by the Fox Sports journalist Juan Jose Buscalia, who argued that “will have a year with a lot of prominence. For Russo, he is the undisputed starter, especially taking into account the movements that have occurred behind Boca”, For Movistar Deportes.

However, less than 12 days after the start of the Libertadores, more than half of the ‘Xeneize’ list of good faith must be in mandatory quarantine at least fifteen days, during which time they will not be able to train, to avoid further infections. . “We were a bit lax in some areas of the training”, Confessed the Boca doctor, Ruben Argemi, this week.


Messi singing ‘He’s going to miss me’. (Video: deepfakesar’s Instagram)



Boca Juniors: Sebastin Prez, positive for Coronavirus

Boca Juniors The midfielder will not be able to travel to Portugal to join Boavista

It was not taken into account for this project and that is why everything is ready in Portugal.