Writer and musician Víctor Nubla dies

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 – 23:13 The Males Herbes publishing house highlights that he was a thinker and promoter of Barcelona’s underground culture for 50 years The musician and writer Víctor Nubla during an interview in 2009.SANTI COGOLLUDO Mythomanias. The Barcelona of dreams, according to Javier Calvo Writer and musicianVictor Nublahas died, as reported in […]

The best movies, series, books and museums to enjoy at home

CINEMA, BY LUIS MARTNEZ FANTSTIC CINEMA ‘CRCULO’ How far is the human being able to go in an extreme position, such as an alien abduction or, why not, a pandemic? Surely they have heard of the old prisoner’s dilemma (the one that places us before the dilemma of cooperating and earning a little while we […]

The new Huawei nova 7i is the perfect home companion

Tell me – Huawei announced the latest addition to its series of smartphones Huawei nova, the new Huawei nova 7i phone in Jordan, to be the perfect companion for all those who spend this period in their homes! Learn professional photography while you are at home The phone comes with a quad camera supported by […]

What to do in the quarantine in Spain: books, series, movies and pear for today

BOOKS, BY LUIS ALEMANY LIDIA CHUKOVSKAIATE ‘SOFIA PETROVNA’ Going through the shelves of the books released by their publishers is as fun as browsing a bookstore of opportunity and seeing everything happen:best sellersforgotten, romance novels, outdated academic books … and then, by surprise,a book that once touched our hearts, How is it goingSofia PetrovnawhatGive Errata […]

A book brings the Gospels closer to society through Twitter threads

Journalist Antonio Moreno brings the Gospels closer to today’s society with his book The box of threads, which collects the main tweets embedded by the Malaga for two years and dedicated to explain Christmas, Lent or the origin of Christian holidays with a simple language and a way of speaking that people now understand. It […]

Graham Moore’s The Holdout book review

The Holdout – Graham Moore The Holdout it has an excellent premise that quickly brings you into an intriguing situation. And it’s not just the introductory introduction that introduces you to Maya Seale, a defense attorney who defends a woman who was arrested while walking around with her husband’s beheaded head in the glove compartment. […]