The pandemic transfers the emotion of sport to the console

Emilio V. EscuderoFOLLOW Updated:03/24/2020 01: 48h save Countries that still host sports competitions in the world can be counted on the fingers of one hand. A void that has removed the emotion from the hearts of the fans, forced these days to seek entertainment to pass the quarantine. Many of them have found it in […]

The rise of men’s intimate cosmetics | ICON

Leaving behind taboos, historical conventions and sexist apprehensions, intimate cosmetics has decided to make its way into the men’s bag. It does so with a growing supply and demand curve in recent years, with dozens of laboratories willing to meet the needs of an audience that finally feels free to take care of their genitals. […]

The gastronomic keys of the decade

The kitchen continues in constant reinvention. In the last ten years, world gastronomy has followed the wave of creativity generated by the Spanish techno-emotional avant-garde. Freedom and respect for local ingredients has been encouraged, but lines of work have emerged, seasoned with social and environmental commitment. And the cooks have demonstrated with facts that talent […]