Coronavirus: close in GB, super fines in force – Last Hour

(ANSA) – LONDON, SEPTEMBER 28 – The super fines of up to 10,000 pounds announced in recent days against the new guidelines published yesterday by the government of Boris Johnson on coronavirus have been in effect this morning. violation of the mandatory precautionary isolation in case of contagion or contacts with infected people identified by the health authorities with the test and tracing system. The squeeze is part of a wider crackdown on social contacts and the return to the recommendation of work from home decided by Prime Minister Tory in the face of the new increase in recent weeks of Covid-19 cases in Europe and in the Kingdom.

“We will not allow those who transgress to jeopardize the progress made thanks to the majority (of the population) who respect the rules”, warned the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, confirming the strengthening of police controls. While the head of Health, Matt Hancock, reiterated that the government reserves further measures if necessary. According to the Times, among the hypotheses concretely under discussion there is also that of a two-week “lockdown of social contacts” (pubs and restaurants included) extended to a large part of England, and perhaps even London, to curb the a spiral of new outbreaks without stopping the generality of economic activities or calling into question the recent reopening of schools and universities, unlike what was imposed in the spring during the acute phase of the pandemic.

Johnson, however, must face winds of rebellion by some fifty ‘libertarian’ deputies of the Tory majority, who would like to subject future restrictions to stringent scrutiny by Parliament through a bipartisan amendment to the six-monthly legislation on the health emergency whose renewal is under discussion from today to House of Commons. (HANDLE).