Candied bodies # 3: self-hypnosis with Catherine Contour

Traumatized by a double fracture of the little finger after having recklessly clubbed on the mixes of Bob Sinclar between the click-clack and the changing table, you are looking today in hypnotic practice for a form of reconciliation, a trance at a time less standardized, more minimal in terms of spatial deployment and more economical […]

Physical activity: upper body

Goodbye afternoon football, outdoor cycling, jogging with friends. Even for the less athletic, it is better to avoid turning into chewing gum during confinement. So what physical activity should you do to stay in shape? “For someone used to playing sports, it takes thirty to forty-five minutes a day. For a more sedentary person, fifteen […]

How ‘deprogramming’ yourself can solve what makes you suffer | Good Life

In recent times, neuroscience is revealing exciting secrets of the brain, but it is also spreading some confusing ideas. For example, Eric Kandel, Nobel Laureate in Medicine, has stated that “the brain builds our sensory experience, our thoughts and emotions, and it controls our actions. “It is easy to interpret these kinds of statements in […]

brain cells that change shape after eating

S. Mencía Madrid Updated:03/05/2020 13: 05h save Related news Why do we feel full when we finish eating? The reason has just been discovered by French researchers and lies in a series of reactions triggered by an increase in blood glucose levels. This study, published in «Cell Reports»It can be very useful for the treatment […]

amino acid could help restore memory

Researchers have just uncovered the crucial role that a metabolic pathway plays in Alzheimer’s disease. And their work shows, in mice, that an amino acid intake, in the form of a dietary supplement, restores spatial memory. A promising avenue for alleviating memory loss linked to Alzheimer’s. Scientists from the Laboratory of neurodegenerative diseases (CNRS / […]

Autoantibodies can also act as body antidepressants

If the immune system attacks your body, it can often have devastating consequences: autoantibodies bind to the structures of the body, triggering functional disorders. Glutamate receptors, a neurotransmitter, can also become the target of autoantibodies. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine in Göttingen investigated the circumstances under which autoantibodies are formed for […]

Resetting immune cells improves recovery from traumatic brain injury

Europa Press Madrid Updated:02/24/2020 19: 52h save Related news Act on hyperactive immune cells and buffer their neurotoxic effects Chronic may offer new therapeutic strategies for traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to new preclinical research in mice, which publishes the ‘Journal of Neuroscience.’ Collaborative research in which scientists from the Dublin Trinity College and of […]

Coronavirus could have leaked from China’s highest biosecurity laboratory alongside the market

Coronavirus may have emerged from a Wuhan laboratory leak, which studies deadly pathogens such as the SARS virus, scientists suggest. Health officials believe the severe acute coronavirus 2 respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2), which causes coronavirus disease (COVID-19), originates from wild animals sold in the Huanan seafood wholesale market in Wuhan city. , which is home to […]