Britney Spears has arranged a date on the beach

The singer decided to completely protect yourself from coronavirus, even away from strangers.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari. Photo:

Britney Spears along with her lover, Sam Asgari enjoyed the day on the beach. The pair did everything possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus and confront him.

“All you need is love and the beach” — wrote pop star in your account in Instagram.

Lovers in the photo holding hands, looking at the ocean and lie on the towels side by side. All in protective masks.

We will remind, last week the Governor of California ordered the wearing of masks everywhere.

Spears previously said how much she missed her boyfriend when they were far away from each other at the beginning of the pandemic.

“I’m in quarantine since I got back from Louisiana a few weeks ago. I actually lost weight because I miss him, now none of my pants or shorts do not fit me!” — then added Spears.


Bangs rejuvenated Britney Spears

Popular American singer Britney Spears decided to radically change their image and made themselves ragged bangs which much refreshed its image. Your photo Britney published on the page in Instagram.

The singer said that “finally cut off his bangs,” which has caused a surge of enthusiasm among subscribers.

Many users wrote that Britney is even younger. Some fans of the actress said that this picture as if they were made 15 years ago.

Members noted that it is not only a new hairstyle as Britney Spears spends a lot of time and effort to keep in shape. She eats healthy food, active in sports. The singer also said that does not use harmful products.

Pop Princess Britney Spears is under the influence George Clooney, Kate moss and Scarlett Johansson decided to do charity work and put himself up for auction, rather, only his chest.


Porridge Radio’s haunted mantras

On March 27 were praised in these columns the merits of the first album of the Londoners of Sorry, carried by the young Asha Lorenz, distant cousin of the PJ Harvey of the beginnings. The news offers us another excellent album of English female rock, on which also hangs the shadow of the singer of Dry. The four Porridge Radio come from Brighton and are on their second album, in a similar style but drier and more abrasive than Sorry.

From the opening with a fanfare Born Confused, Dana Margolin rehearsals several times “I’m bored to death, let’s argue” (“I’m bored to death, let’s yell at each other”), as if she had sensed the inconvenience of confinement. Then his song ends with these words in a loop “Thank you for leaving me, thank you for making me happy” (“Thank you for leaving me, thank you for making me happy”), like the inner monologue of an independent and proud woman, just like PJ Harvey yelling at her lover “You let me dry” in his second album.

This process of words doubled like a mantra often returns throughout an album on which the guitars are always more visceral and haunted, even when a small keyboard released from the 80s comes to slide its ghostly layers, as in Give Take. Sometimes, at the bend of a scathing intro like that of Lilac, one of the album’s epic tracks is the shadow of the wildest Nick Cave hovering before a Velvetian violin and haunting drums nicely complicate the matter. But the album also offers some more caressing titles like the melancholic Pop Song or heady Circling.

Strangely, the disc ends on Homecoming Song, whose vintage synthesizers evoke a sick version of the In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins without being able to disgust us with one of the most exciting albums of the moment. Who said English rock was dead?

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A feminine British post-punk classic, dissonant and abrasive like out-of-tune nursery rhymes. Still as strong forty years later.

Essay, master stroke and short blow (or rather slap) felt while listening to the inaugural album of PJ Harvey, manifest of one of the greatest voices of the 90s.

An American living in Canada whose freed records look like a gigantic pile-up of American pop, from the Ronettes to Britney Spears to Joan Jett.

Alexis Bernier

The Raincoats The Raincoats (1979)

PJ Harvey Dry (1992)

U.S. Girls Half free (2015)

Porridge Radio Every Bad (Secretly Canadian)


Young Gun Silver Fox, FM band

What a funny guy, this Shawn Lee. Hyperactive musician, jumping from one style to another, with a manifestly pronounced taste for records from the 70s, especially soul, funk, pop or jazz. Hands-on discography as plethoric as labyrinthine (we talk about forty albums in twenty years), multiplying projects, from his Ping Pong Orchestra to the Young Gun Silver Fox which occupies us today.

Shawn Lee is a talented melodist as well as a studio and stage musician who has worked with Jeff Buckley, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse or Alicia Keys. A guy able to participate in an album tribute to Georges Brassens and then resume Toxic by Britney Spears in a very personal psychedelic version. With a similar CV, we are surprised that this 56-year-old American with (very) long ash-colored hair that gives him an air of hippie debonair (and who also composed for cinema and video games) is not better known .

Fortunately, in addition to his “virtuoso zikos” side which can seem off-putting, Shawn Lee is distinguished by his humor and his taste for covers and pastiches. Since 2015, he has launched a duet with Andy Platts, singer of the London neosoul group Mamas Gun, in a strange project: to magnify FM pop from the 70s and 80s. The “Californian” soft rock sound, which does not always have a good reputation, of Hall & Oates, Steely Dan and other Fleetwood Mac, which they gladly tint with soul in Mowton style.

Canyons is already Young Gun Silver Fox’s third album. Its title is a reference to the Los Angeles district of Laurel Canyon where all the American folk intelligentsia of the 70s lived. As the genre wants, the songs of Canyons are as sunny as discreetly melancholy, syrupy as divinely written and arranged. A pastiche perhaps, but of an original quality. Great art.

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Steely Dan The Royal Scam (1976)

To definitively change your opinion on West Coast rock and never again assert without knowing that these New Yorkers (and not Californians) play an excruciating jazz-soft rock for yuppies.

Liam Lynch Fake Songs (2003)

A whole album of rock “in the manner of”, where Bowie, Björk, the Pixies or the Beastie Boys go to the reel of this American actor / rocker passed by MTV. Useless but hilarious.

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra Hits The Hits (2007)

A very varied cover album in which Shawn Lee revisits with inventiveness and a lot of humor Gorillaz, Amy Winehouse or Missy Elliot.

Alexis Bernier

Young Gun Silver Fox Canyons (Slight Recordings / BigWax)


Soccer Mommy, emotions dribbling past

Discovered in 2018 around Clean, a first official album after several drafts in the room, the American Sophie Allison and her funny pseudonym Soccer Mommy (“soccer mom”) has everything from the ideal indie-girl, of a line whose traceability goes back to Liz Phair and refreshed herself recently with Courtney Barnett. The combination of rough guitars and nerves in balls, softened by a tangy song, remains winning because never annoying, and offers enough breathing space in the proximity imposed by severely intimate texts. Because, even more than its elders, Soccer Mommy goes straight to the point, and this Color theory that she is developing here is not a feel-good color chart for female newspaper readers.

There would thus be for her three colors of which her self-portrait would be painted: the blue of depression, the yellow of physical and moral pain and the gray of darkness and mourning. So it’s this young girl (23) weighed down by tons of complexes, family files and internal scars, blood on her cheeks from the start (Bloodstream), which deploys with an unstoppable melodic spirit songs that often hide their suffering hearts.

In the context of 2020, the Crawling in My Skin or Lucy have little hope of playing on the radios or breaking record streams, but it’s also their slightly backdated side, as if the grunge surge had just passed, which makes it wet and shivering beauty. Unlike a Cat Power which aligned its ranges of blues on its mood, Sophie’s tunes and her misfortunes are the color of candy and only the aftertaste lets persist a slight bitterness.

Raised to the sounds of Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne, admirer of Taylor Swift, the singer originally from Nashville has no intention of denying her pop addictions in the turmoil. Even if we somewhat regret the awkwardness of Clean, here well framed by the same producer (Gabe Wax, already charcoal at War on Drugs and Deerhunter) probably on the order of the record company, Color theory remains a very edible mille-feuilles of contrary emotions, which would however have benefited from being packaged in a less ugly pouch.

Christophe Conte

Soccer Mommy Color theory (Caroline / Universal).


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Britney Spears shows the neckline in white dress, contemplates the removal of the tattoo

Britney Spears went to Instagram on Monday to share a new selfie with her fans, showing off her wide neckline and thinking of removing one of her tattoos.

For the photo, Britney was standing in front of a red background and wearing a white, lace and low-cut dress. The outfit was characterized by a white strip of material that stretched across the chest, showing off its neckline. A similar white stripe around the neck was also visible, which looked like a choker. He wore his long blonde hair in a wavy style. She put on her makeup beautifully, wearing an app that included black eyeliner and pink lipstick.

As seen in the snap, a tattoo of two pink dice was visible on Britney’s left arm, although it is not clear what numbers were on display. Although there is nothing wrong with the design, she has admitted that “she doesn’t even like ink”.

“God does not play dice with the universe,” he wrote, quoting Albert Einstein.

Britney added that perhaps she should never have gotten the ink, asking her followers if she should have removed it.

Within the first four hours of publication, the post received over 131,000 comments from Britney’s over 23 million followers. Along with the likes, the photo also had over 4,200 comments.

In the comments, Britney fans came into contact with love for the pop princess.

“If you don’t like it, get rid of it! Otherwise keep it. Anyway, shake it Britney :)” wrote a fan.

Others intervened and told her not to remove the tattoo, calling it “iconic”.

The singer “Toxic” got tattooed in 2004 during a trip to Ireland. Typically, this wouldn’t be a reason someone wants to remove the tattoo, but it turns out it was a coordinated design that she got with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. They are not entirely identical, however, since Britney’s dice tattoo is pink – a color that appears to be her favorite – while Kevin’s dice were inked in blue.

The new photo is similar to the one he shared earlier this month. Posing with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, she was wearing the same dress while spending some time with her man. He had a huge smile on his face, clearly evident in the photo.


Justin Timberlake defends his denim outfits and those of Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake defended the denim dress he wore with Britney Spears 19 years ago.

The 39-year-old singer, who has just released two new songs by Trolls World Tour soundtrack, opened on her infamous fashion moment on the podcast of former NSYNC band member Lance Bass on Monday (March 23).

During the interview, Timberlake not only defended the denim over denim look he wore at the 2001 American Music Awards, but admitted he did it because he was “young and in love” with his ex-girlfriend.

“I don’t know a friend, you might be a little rock today,” he said to Bass, before revealing the real reason why he agreed to wear the dress. “Look, friend, do many things when you’re young and in love, friend. That’s what you do.”

As many will remember, the couple wore matching clothes that consisted of Spears wearing a strapless dress with various shades of blue denim and Timberlake wearing a tuxedo jacket and jeans with several denim patches.

The ex-couple’s outfit may have been a controversial fashion choice at the time, but today it is so iconic that other celebrities, including Katy Perry, have tried to recreate it on the red carpet.

The most iconic Grammys couples over the years


Justin Timberlake defends the denim dress he wore with Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake has no regrets for the iconic denim look he and Britney Spears wore at the 2001 American Music Awards.

39-year-old singer “Cry Me a River” appeared on the podcast of former NSYNC band member Lance Bass to discuss the matchy-matchy moment, which insisted on being considered fashionable in 2020.

“You can play that a little today,” said Timberlake, for E! News: A good topic, considering the current pop culture obsession with cowboy hats, western boots and other aspects of the so-called “yeehaw couture”.

As for why the pop star agreed to wear all that denim in the first place? “You do many things when you’re young and in love,” he joked.

Despite standing next to those matching blues, Timberlake has some regrets when it comes to her hairstyles for more than years, which have included pigtails, bleached blonde curls, bandanas and more.

Although perhaps polarizing, the coordinated denim ensembles of Timberlake and Spears have inspired countless tributes; Katy Perry and Riff Raff made dance by combining Versace with the 2014 MTV VMA looks and YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau dressed as a couple for Halloween in 2019.


Britney Spears offers to help three “troubled” fans during the Coronavirus pandemic

Pop star Britney Spears made it to social media this week promising to help three fans who have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic that cannot afford food and other essentials.

“So our world is going through such difficult times right now, and my sister just named me to help people, whether with food or I’m getting your baby diapers or whatever it is, DM me, and I’ll help you, “Spears said in a video shared with Instagram on Friday.

Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn Spears named her to participate in the #DoYourPartChallenge, a tag that tends to encourage celebrities and others online to donate or help others during the global pandemic. Once nominated, the candidate has the task of recruiting three others to participate.

Will Smith has named actor Will Smith, his boyfriend Sam Asghari and Cade Hudson, a talented agent, according to reports from the New York Daily News.

The singer “… Baby One More Time” joins a host of other celebrities who have donated and brought to social media to raise awareness of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have pledged to donate $ 1 million to two food banks to help older adults and low-income families struggling in the midst of the pandemic. Kevin Bacon invited people to share photos of themselves using the hashtag #IStayHomeFor in an attempt to encourage people to stay home to slow down the spread of the virus, among others.

Coronavirus has infected nearly 300,000 people worldwide and at least 12,784 have died in the midst of the pandemic.