Ecobonus building 110 percent, the platform for tax credits

Roma – Construction eco-bonus 110 percent, there is a digital platform where tax credits will be negotiated. CRIF, the company that deals with credit information systems and Workinvoice, an Italian fintech active in the exchange of trade receivables, makes it. The birth of the marketplace is part of the concessions provided for by the Relaunch Decree, in particular with a view to the new 110% building Econobus: on the marketplace it will be possible to sell and purchase, as a tax credit, the tax deductions provided for by the legislation, creating, for for the first time, a market dedicated to tax credits (now open to those related to the Ecobonus, in the future also to other types), facilitating the transformation of credit at market prices into liquidity, accelerating the spread of the use of incentives and, ultimately, by supporting the construction sector.

The new 110% Ecobonus legislation allows, as an alternative to the direct use of the deduction, to opt for an advance contribution in the form of a discount from the suppliers of goods or services, or for the transfer of credit corresponding to the deduction due. This is an important innovation that is already creating great turmoil in the world of the credit market, also because the subjects who receive the credit (for example construction companies) will, in turn, have the right to transfer, thus opening the way to creation of a market where supply and demand will meet in order to exchange credits that may have already been the subject of a transfer between subjects for the first time (in this case we speak of the “secondary market” of credit).

The marketplace can operate: – Private subjects interested in the sale of the Super Ecobonus credit to transform it into liquidity or because in the absence of sufficient tax debts to offset, in particular: a) Construction companies and related supply chain, which obtain the credit as a counterpart for the interventions facilitated; b) Banks and other lenders, which acquire credit from individuals who have accrued it or who obtain it as a counterpart of the loans granted to meet the needs of working capital of the construction companies; – Private subjects (corporate, insurance companies, banks, funds, etc.) interested in the purchase of credits in order to optimize their tax burden.


Bad weather in the south of France. Heavy rain in Greece, 2 dead – Europe

A motorist is missing in the Gard district, in the south of France, where torrential rains of exceptional intensity hit the Cévennes chain during the night, causing floods. Meteorologists estimate that 450 millimeters of water fell in a couple of hours. In the area the waterways, including the Gardon and Anduze rivers, have swollen and other smaller ones are flooded. Several closed roads and several hundred people were evacuated from the risk areas and taken to safe places.

Two people have died and a third is missing in the Central Greece due to heavy rains that flooded the region. According to Kathimerini online, the victims are a woman found dead in her home in the city of Farsala, in the Thessaly region, and a 63-year-old farmer dragged by water in the city of Karditsa. A woman who was traveling in her car is missing. Several buildings were damaged due to the overflow of rivers. The rains, which fell overnight, also disrupted rail services linking northern and southern Greece, rail service operator Trainose said.