Paul Pogba ‘signed’ by the Verdansk Sparks in Call of Duty: Warzone

Paul Pogba, the well-known French football player who has been wanted for years by Real Madrid (although he still plays for Manchester United), announced today that “signed” by a new team, the Verdansk Sparks, the most important club in Kastovia, the fictional country that we have been able to visit in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Pogba’s signing is the first for this fictional club to has opened the doors of its virtual stadium with the arrival of Season 5 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone and that, in fact, Battle Royale players can visit in any of their games.

Obviously, we are faced with a curious collaboration between Pogba and Activision Of which many details are still unknown as if from now on we will see Paul do regular Warzone live shows or even organize some kind of championship.

From the outset, the French midfielder wanted to share with the community his favorite equipment in Warzone, which includes:

  • Main weapon: The Glitch Bruen MK9
  • Secondary weapon: Open Season Kar98k
  • Lethal equipment: C4
  • Tactical team: Heartbeat sensor
  • Advantage one: DOE
  • Advantage two: Overkill
  • Advantage three: Tracker

Season 5 arrives loaded with news

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone has arrived loaded with news with, for example, an enlargement of the Warzone map which includes the Verdansk Sparks stadium in Pogba, known as the National Acropolis Arena.

Also arrives the new faction Shadow Company as well as new game modes such as Royale Mini, balance update in all weapons and War Marches, a series of Modern Warfare songs that we can listen to while we travel the Warzone map inside any vehicle.


Technology and medicine, hand in hand to achieve social well-being

ANDWe are in the race to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set in the government’s agenda for 2030. If we have learned something in these months, it is that time management is essential to lay the foundations and achieve our goals, although 2030 sounds far away.

One of these objectives, the third, seeks to guarantee a healthy life and promote well-being for the population of all ages. This 2020 we have experienced first-hand that, for the world to function, having good health is essential. We cannot speak of a sustainable country if the health of its inhabitants suffers.

To achieve this objective there are multiple tools, but, without a doubt, the fundamental pillar is the health system. Today more than ever, medical professionals and excellent researchers are part of that spine that supports health and well-being. Therefore, one of the ways to reach this goal is by researching and developing new tools that help professionals to carry out their work in a more efficient and comfortable way.

One of the serious problems that we have faced in this crisis and that we must monitor closely is the collapse of health. At this time, we are even alert to possible re-growth. Today, the digitization of medicine offers us an opportunity to fine-tune, monitor, respond agilely and move forward efficiently to achieve these sustainable development goals. Telemedicine tools are key to achieving this and avoiding hospital congestion, without affecting the care and continuous care of the patient.

Telemedicine was already on the rise before this health crisis, but COVID-19 has undoubtedly served to show the potential and common benefit of health care on line. At this time, the rates of virtual health consultations have skyrocketed, according to data from mediQuo, by 153% during the first month of confinement. These numbers reveal the need to continue betting on the development of care on line because it is already a reality; the healthcare world is adapting to the context of a society that is fully connected.

24/7 assistance, early detection, ongoing care, relief for hospital waiting rooms € are some of the many benefits of the use of telemedicine, which undoubtedly translate into the guarantee of a healthy life and a state of wellness. These benefits also directly affect the health professional who, with the use of these tools, has the possibility of exercising their work in a more efficient, safe, and comfortable way.

Technology and medicine is an already unbreakable union. We cannot work on health and wellness goals by leaving technology and its many functions aside. Progress must be hand in hand. Doctors, researchers and society as a whole are aware of this. That is why we have to continue working side by side to achieve those goals set for 2030. Telemedicine will be a fundamental pillar for this development of well-being. Health specialists have in it our best ally for the exercise of our profession and patients can trust that they receive continuous care, anytime, anywhere.

* Medical, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of mediQuo


Economy: Tax debts: how to defer outstanding obligations with Suna

Natural persons and companies with pending payment by the public treasury or EsSalud can request the deferral for up to six months or the fractioning up to 36 monthly installments, at a monthly interest rate of 0.40%. In this way, they can count on financial resources to meet their basic needs and carry out their business activities.

In a statement, the indicated that debts due and pending payment can be divided in any state (in collection, claimed, appealed, contentious administrative claim or in the process of protection) such as:

  • IGV, Annual Income Tax.
  • Payments on account of the Income Tax of the third category of the months January, February and March 2020.
  • The balances of previous subdivisions.
  • Contributions to Essalud.
  • Debts for fines.
  • Settlements of collections of customs taxes, linked to determination resolutions and fines.

With the presentation of the application for acceptance of the Deferral and / or Fractionation Regime (RAF), the taxpayer desists from any means challenging the debt (in claim, appeal or pending decision in the Judicial Power or Constitutional Court).

“It should be noted that debts that are not yet due as of the date of submission of the foster care application, as well as the taxes withheld or received, the bankruptcy debt or in judicial or extrajudicial liquidation processes, surcharges and payments monthly payment of Third Category Income Tax for the year 2020, except those corresponding to the periods of January, February and March “, indicated the Sunat.

In order to enjoy this benefit in the payment of tax debts, the collecting entity stressed the importance of knowing the requirements that taxpayers must meet:

  • Be registered in the RUC
  • That, in the case of companies, their net income in March and April of this year is lower than in similar months last year.
  • That they have presented their monthly tax and income tax returns for the tax periods of March and April 2020.
  • That they do not have a balance greater than 215 soles (5% of the UIT) in their deduction account.
  • That they have presented the corresponding declarations for the tax debt for which the fractionation is requested.
  • Those who have delivered or formalized the guarantee, when appropriate.

Taxpayers who meet the requirements can request the fractioning or postponement of their tax debt, for which they must use Virtual Form No. 1704, available on the institutional portal (). The deadline for submitting the application is until September 30.

Sunat specified that taxpayers with a current conviction for tax and customs offenses, the institutions of the national public sector, as well as those included in Law No. 30737 (Law that ensures the immediate payment of civil compensation in favor of the State) will not be eligible. .

Applications submitted

To the date, Nearly 10,000 requests for deferral and division have been received for an amount of S / 855 million.

Of these requests, Sunat reported that more than 56% is for postponement and fractionation, 40% only fractionation and the remaining 4% only postponement. Almost all of the debt to be deferred or divided corresponds to debt with the Treasury (taxes and fines) and the lowest remaining amount to Essalud and customs debts, with 2% and 0.5% of the total amount requested.


Jeff Bezos: How did the owner of Amazon become the richest man in the world?


Pakistan stock exchange building attacked by terrorists :: Society :: RBC

Four armed men attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi, GeoTV, calling them terrorists, said. Police managed to kill at least two of them.

The Dunya News portal writes that three people died: two attackers and one police officer. The attackers blew up a grenade, after which they started firing and burst into the building. People in the building began to be evacuated through the back door.

The surrounding area is surrounded by police.

The material is complemented.


Gref predicted a sharp appreciation of the ruble by the end of the year :: Economy :: RBC

The head of Sberbank proceeds from the assumption that a barrel of oil will rise in price to $ 60, and the dollar will fall in price to about 60 rubles. But the second wave of coronavirus can affect the situation

Photo: Stoyan Vasev / TASS

The head of Sberbank German Gref in an interview with TASS suggested that before the end of the year, the ruble could grow by about 10%. At the same time, he made a reservation that in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, it is rather difficult to make forecasts.

“Our national currency is closely linked to the price of oil, and it’s hard to predict. I trust one of the old and experienced analysts, Henry Grobe. He calls at the end of the year $ 60–62 per barrel. This means that the ruble will be in the range of plus or minus 60 to the dollar, ”Gref said.

The head of Sberbank added that in the case of the second wave of coronavirus, “the ruble may begin to fluctuate.”

Last month, the dollar has fluctuated between 68.20–70.20 rubles. Barrel Brent, as of the morning of June 29, is trading at around $ 40.70.

The Ministry of Economic Development softened the forecast for the fall of the Russian economy in 2020

Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN “Moscow”

Similarly, the pandemic situation will affect macroeconomic indicators. “We made a forecast of a drop in GDP from 6 to 9%, depending on how long the closed situation will last. Today, our forecast is much more optimistic: approximately minus 4.2–4.5% of GDP. Again, if a second wave does not happen, ”Gref said.

The Ministry of Economic Development in mid-June lowered its forecast for a drop in GDP in 2020 from 5 to 4.8%. The economic recovery, according to the updated macro forecast parameters, will be faster: GDP growth in 2021 is expected to reach 3.2 instead of 2.8% according to the previous estimate. In 2022, the Russian economy, according to a new assessment of the department, will grow by 2.9%, in 2023 – by 3.1%.


“LU appealed to the nostalgia of consumers “

The Cross : A brand of cookies has its place in a museum ?

Géraldine Michel : Quite. The brand is a symbolic object, which belongs to the culture. Beyond its commercial aspect, it is a testimony of an era. Many brands iconic are the subject of exhibitions. Artists get hold of it. In the case of LU, there are all the posters, and the logo that has remained virtually unchanged.

→ REPORT. In Nantes, the biscuit became a factory of art

These retrospectives have a sense of direction for the company. They testify to his place in society, and are a source of pride for its employees. They are also important for the consumers, who have a need to anchor and an emotional relationship with brands. They awaken a past and a testament of the sustainability of the company.

The mark LU is 174 years old. How do you explain its longevity, despite the changing times and consumption habits ?

G. M. : The longevity of a brand is the result of a balance between past and present. This is to keep a tradition while updating it. This is the secret of all these brands which have several centuries. The company READ is part of one of the most iconic : the little-butter. This starting point is essential. It is the evidence of the values and the know-how of the company.

In addition, LU has managed to establish itself in the eating habits of all families. It is a mark of everyday life, associated with the taste, in childhood. It makes today’s appeal to the nostalgia of consumers. We all have in mind the shapes of the cakes READ : these products are evidence of a design and of a texture that is very bold and expressive. They are unique and remain etched in the memory of consumers.

The company LU has a strategy particularly focused on the product. However, the couple’s brand/product is essential : a strong brand is nothing without a good product, and vice versa. It is a contract with the consumer. This strategy focuses on the product works all the more in an era where consumers are in search of authenticity. READ advocates the use of natural ingredients, local, simple recipes. It differs in this sense from brands more associated with gastronomy, such as BN.

LU has been taken over by Kraft Foods, now Mondelez, in 2007. The historical museum was closed last November, and a production site is threatened. These developments, is there not a risk of tarnishing the image of the brand ?

G. M. : In reality, few people know that LU belongs to the multinational company. It remains a firm before any French, in the minds of many consumers. When you look at their advertisements or their communication on social networks, we do not see this reference. They do not hide it, but do not communicate it.

Also, I don’t see any changes in the brand image for the moment, in contrast to other companies that have been acquired by Mondelez. For example, Milka. I find that Mondelez manages very badly Milka : in the beginning, it was a brand that is close to LU, with healthy products. Today, it develops hundreds of products snacking. In my opinion, this has distorted its identity.

→ STUDY. Young people subject to the temptation of sugar and fat

In the case of LU, on the contrary, the “trademark girls” as a Small School boy, Mikado, Straw Gold, Prince feed on the ” mother brand “. They come into resonance with his identity, and constitute a lever of enrichment in terms of content and experiences with consumers.


In the US payments coronavirus has received over one million “dead souls” :: Society :: RBC

In the United States because of the rush of recipients of incentive payments were not associated with the database registration of deaths, and as a result of funds received over a million “dead souls”, said the audit chamber of the country

Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The U.S. government paid more than $1.4 billion “to dead souls” as incentive payments on the background of the pandemic coronavirus, says the report of the accounting chamber.

“According to the main inspector of the Ministry of Finance for taxes, as of April 30, nearly 1.1 million payments in the amount of $1.4 billion was sent to the deceased”, — stated in the document.

The authors noted that the IRS and the Treasury “promptly started paying 160.4 million payments in the amount of $269 billion,” but “experienced difficulties in the delivery of payments to certain individuals and additional risks in respect of payments to those who had no right to receive payments is deceased or fraud.”

The chamber found that because of the rush of recipients of incentive payments were not associated with the database registration of deaths, and the tax office found no legal grounds to refuse compensation to those who filed a tax return in 2018 and 2019, but later died.

For payments to families with children up to 16 years will receive more than 270 billion rubles.

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press

In this regard, the chamber recommended that the US tax service “to consider cost-effective ways of warning” about the way of repayment of payments received in error.

At the end of March the US President, Donald trump has signed the law on allocation of $2 trillion to help the economy of the country because of the virus. This financial aid package was the largest in the history of the country. Funds were allocated for additional funding of the health system, business support and direct payments to Americans.

Citizens with an annual income up to $75 million will receive $1.2 thousand, while families with children by $500 per child. Support is provided for those who have lost their jobs and who cut wages. On loans for small businesses, the U.S. government will direct $367 billion, another $130 billion will go to the hospitals.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus infected 2.4 million people. At the same time, the Director of the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the USA Robert Redfield announced that the country may be about 25 million cases, ten times more than official figures. “This virus often causes asymptomatic disease. We’ve identified roughly 10% [от масштабов] outbreak” — he said, reports The Hill.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i

Victoria Polyakova


Trump called Bolton’s wishing all bomb “maniac” :: Policies :: RBC

A former aide to the national security of the US President John Bolton wanted to “bomb people”. This was stated by Donald trump in an interview with Fox News channel.

“Everyone thought he was crazy because he only wanted to bomb the people”, — told the trump. He said that Bolton called “to fight with Russia and China”. The President also noted that during the negotiations the representatives of other countries is always inferior to him if had seen a number of “maniac Bolton”, because he believed that the U.S. was willing to use military force.

Trump said that Bolton do not cope with their responsibilities. “He was not smart, not perceptive. I don’t even remember that he ever smiled”, — said the head of the White house.

What Bolton said about Russia, Putin and trump in his memoirs. The main thing

Earlier in June, Bolton released the book “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house,” which talks about his work on the post of assistant to the President for homeland security.


Rescuers at sea, to renew their appeal for donations

They called Alain, Dimitri, and Yann. All three are at sea, dead during the rescue of a fisherman in the bay of the Sables-d’olonne (Vendée), during the storm Miguel, on 7 June 2019. This drama had aroused an intense emotion and put the spotlight on the Société nationale de sauvetage en mer (SNSM), which operates on a voluntary basis, on the beaches and offshore, to save lives. “Our lifeguards are not compensated, remember Emmanuel de Oliveira, its president. It is a free act and we stick to it. The consideration is that we rely on the generosity of the public.

Unlike other countries, the association lives mainly from private donations (80 % to 20 % of grant). For the year 2020, this proportion has not changed, to the extent that the public authorities and private donors have been more generous. Its budget, which has been growing steadily for the past few years, increased from 44 to € 50 million between 2019 and 2020. It must be said that the SNSM has much modernized its methods of data collection and does not derogate from this year, launching its fourth national day of rescue at sea on Sunday 28 June. Health crisis requires, it will take a digital form, in place of the traditional gatherings.

Aging fleet

“We have no concern, but uncertainties, ensures the president. We do not know if the large companies will help us at the same height as usual. But despite the crisis, we rely on the loyalty of our donors… “ Because the association must confront several issues in order to sustain its missions. Its 8 500 volunteers – including 4,500 rescuers on-board and 1 500 swimmers lifeguards is less from the naval professions, their training is more demanding and costly.

“Over the past thirty years, the proportion of professional sailors among our rescuers went from three-quarters to one-quarter, stresses Emmanuel De Oliveira. Our volunteers are from all walks of life, from doctors to restaurants and through farmers. Only constraint, and not least, living less than 10 miles off the coast to set sail on a boat in less than fifteen minutes. The association must also equip themselves with cutting-edge equipment and to renew its fleet of vessels (140, 40 of which are big stars insubmersibles, each of which costs 2 million euros).

The SNSM can be proud of not suffering a crisis of vocations. “In most of our stations, we receive applications from young people “observes the president. And this, despite the risks. “Our lifeguards go out in the sea when the other returning to port, when the storm comes or when the night falls… “ The best definition of dedication and courage.


‘Le mythe gaullien meets expectations very current “

The Cross : What is the place of the call of 18-June in the mythe gaullien ?

Sudhir Hazareesingh : All the great myths are based on an event that symbolizes the year zero, as the 14 July 1789 for the French Revolution for example. On June 18, is a moment of rupture, where traditional politics is giving way to a political desire new. This is the date founded, and very quickly, moreover, the general De Gaulle commemorates. As soon as the war, he transformed the event into mythology.

On 18 June, in fact, it has been said : those who heard did not understand, and those who have understood it have not heard. In 1940, the general did not invite the whole world to enter the resistance, it simply calls those who wish to join. He maintains the ambiguity on the possibility of staying in the French army, while coming to him, which very quickly becomes impossible.

In 1942, he gives the call a more republican that it did not, it is in fact a call for resistance, deepening the sense and the scope. It is in fact a collective call, as a movement of the French people against the occupation by the Germans. And in 1944, he argues that if the call was successful, is that “the French nation has seen fit to respond “. Thereafter, each year between 1946 and 1968, whether in power or in the middle of crossing the desert, he makes sure to commemorate the appeal of 18 June at the Mont-Valérien.

What is it that remains attached to that date, that is precious for today ?

S. H. : He transformed a military defeat and political collapse of the institutions of the IIIe Republic, so a double failure, in new horizon, and it opens up a new perspective, that of the Fifth Republic. He thus puts forward the willingness, the determination, the courage, the refusal of fatalism. Above all, what is new in the political culture of the French, he calls for the sovereignty of the people and provides at the same time to be the incarnation. There is a tension, almost a break with the republican tradition classic.

Of these virtues, it is the refusal of fatalism, which has emerged through time. In the letters, as in the crowds who go to the Mont Valérien every year, there is the idea that there is no inevitability in politics as at the military level. That there is always a place for the will, the political elites, but especially the general will. For the citizen, it is a call to remain vigilant. This is not a coincidence that the adventures of Asterix are released for the first time at the end of the 1950s, at a time when it returns to power. The scenario takes up the idea of the myth gaullien : the French are Gauls who refuse injustice and oppression.

What is this myth ?

S. H. : This is not exactly a myth, a republican, nor a myth monarchist. All of the republican tradition since the end of the XIXe century opposes to this idea of the incarnation by a single man, attached to the monarchy. In its Memories of warhe writes : “It was necessary that I assume the France. “ But at the same time, each of the ceremonies it organizes is of great sobriety, almost republican. De Gaulle paid tribute to the dead, and does not speak. No speech, triumphalist, nationalist. To his son-in-law, moreover, he would have said that it was a birthday we had to celebrate “but not too much “.

→ DOCUMENTARY. A Republic is made for de Gaulle

Like the other great national myths – the Revolution, the myth napoleonic the IIIe Republic, or communism, plasticity plays a crucial role. The mythe gaullien successfully to reconcile contradictory elements : the order and the movement, power, military and civil, of the Republic and the monarchy, the tradition and the political modernization, is the greatness and the humility. Because in 1958, the general creates a republican monarchy. And the right, essentially backward-looking, and for a large part, attached to the past pre-revolutionary, becomes a movement mobilizing, turned towards the future. The Gaullism does not totally disappear right vichyste, which survives in the OAS and the national Front, but succeeds in the limit.

What changes has he made for the last 80 years ?

S. H. : There are successive layers that mark the enlargement of the seat of the myth. In the 1940s and 1950s, it is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm but mainly by the Gaullists. The communists are going to the Mont Valérien any grudge holding, rightly offended by the appropriation of the resistance by De Gaulle. In his speech as in his memoirs, he denies the role of the internal resistance.

Starting in the 1960s, especially of the 1970s, after his death, Colombey-les-deux-Churches becomes a place of memory, with the construction of the monument of the pharaohs, where go those that is referred to as pilgrims. De Gaulle enters the collective memory as a great national figure, hero of the Resistance, a unifying of the nation. The crucial moment following, it is 1990, with the centenary of the birth. The left as a whole, Mitterrand in the lead, rallied then to the myth gaullien, even if shades remain. When the right to honor the man of order, founder of the Ve Republic, the left prefers the resistant.

At the end of the XXe century, new mutation. This is the man virtuous, incorruptible, we shall convene in order to denounce the frivolity and corruption of the political class today. The myth once again meets expectations very current. It should also be noted the entry into force of the general in the public space : a common one-in-ten in metropolitan France has its street, avenue, or place to his name.

What is the report of the chairman Macron with this myth ?

S. H. : The mythe gaullien, Emmanuel Macron has taken over the verticality and the incarnation of the authority, who had both missed the president Hollande. And the symbolism of silence, trying to stay out of current affairs at the beginning of his five-year term. De Gaulle, himself, could stay weeks, or even months, it’s silent.

And even if the dimension order of mythe gaullien was weakened from the end of the Twentieth century, Emmanuel Macron is also inspired to make the concentration of power at the Elysée palace and the return manifest to the practices of the beginning of the Ve Republic. Soon confronted with the fundamental contradiction of verticality : from the time when everything is brought back to the President, it is the first presentation when things go wrong.

From this point of view, the yellow vests remain a trauma for the president of the Republic who, after having played all the powers after his election, sees his authority challenged by a movement that he has not seen coming and was not able to contain. He concludes that he has an interest in changing the configuration of the political system, especially as his party is not able to support it, as had been the gaullist party in the 1960s, to De Gaulle. This year, Emmanuel Macron has not been completely successful and he is now trying to find other relays.