Boris Johnson hospitalized in intensive care

The UK is holding its breath. Its prime minister, Boris Johnson, only 55 years old, tested positive for Covid-19, eleven days ago, spent the night of Monday April 6 to Tuesday April 7 in intensive care, at Saint-Thomas hospital, located just opposite the Palace of Westminster, seat of the British Parliament. → LIVE. Coronavirus: the […]

First Limburg corona patients included on German ICs | 1Limburg

So far, about ten corona patients have been transferred from Limburg to intensive care units of German hospitals. That says Miranda Dirx of Network Acute Care Limburg (NAZL), the organization that coordinates the transfers. ‘All hands on deck’Dirx works as a coordinator with the Regional Consultation Acute Care Chain (ROAZ). She has no overview of […]

It is quite difficult to investigate how contagious children are

As soon as minister Arie Slob (Primary and Secondary Education, ChristenUnie) announces at a press conference that the schools are closing and staying closed until he knows more about the infectiousness of children, the fate of more than two million students, their parents and teachers is in the hands of her, Susan van den Hof. […]

Psychologists’ umbrella opens helpline for health workers NOW

The Institute for Psychotrauma ARQ IVP has opened a national helpline for healthcare professionals who need psychosocial support due to the corona crisis. The call center is staffed seven days a week by specialist psychologists. ARQ IVP has many years of experience in supporting people and organizations dealing with major events, disasters and crises. The […]

112 beds is the absolute maximum in intensive care UMCG

Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 10:51 PM ‘112 beds in intensive care is our absolute maximum in the UMCG. And we should see if that is enough. ” That says Peter van der Voort, head of intensive care at the Groningen hospital, on the TV program Jinek. “If there is someone on the sidewalk afterwards who […]

Sick corona patients receive antibodies from cured people

Last weekend, the Rotterdam hospital called on people who have just recovered from the virus to donate their plasma. Hundreds of emails were received and the first donations have already been received from the Sanquin blood bank in Rotterdam. Dirk de Korne even drove from Rotterdam’s Souburg to Rotterdam. He received the call from several […]

Cardiologists are deeply concerned about heart patients who avoid the hospital

Cardiologist Wilco Tanis from the Haga Hospital took the phone out of his white coat last week. He doubted: did the thing work? Were there sometimes problems with the connection? Tanis is used to having the cardiologist on duty red hot. GPs then call for consultation if they are unsure whether to refer a patient […]

The epidemic has shaken up palliative care services

Very strong restriction of visits, reinforced health precautions … It is an understatement to say that the daily life of palliative care units is turned upside down. Everywhere in France, they must adapt to the restrictions imposed by the epidemic, in an attempt to answer this question, at the heart of all care in this […]