This diabolical ironclad super-beetle can survive being run over by a car — and help with engineering problems

NEW YORK (CNN) — Scientists developing new materials are studying an unlikely source of strength: a beetle that can withstand being run over by a car.

Researchers from Purdue University and the University of California, Irvine, studied the aptly named diabolical ironclad beetle — Phloeodes diabolicus — to understand the secret behind its strength.

“If you take any beetle, and you want to collapse it with your finger, you can probably kill it,” he told CNN.

But not the diabolical ironclad beetle. “This beetle is so tough that the energy or the force that you can do with your hand, it’s not enough — it’s like a piece of rock,” Pablo D. Zavattieri, a professor of civil engineering at Purdue and a study author, told CNN. “The tire of a car is not enough to collapse it.”

The findings were published in the journal Nature on Wednesday.

Experts wanted to understand why, in the hopes of re-creating such strength in construction materials.

Using advanced microscopy, spectroscopy and in situ mechanical testing, researchers identified the architectural designs within the creature’s exoskeleton.

The scientists discovered that the diabolical ironclad beetle’s super-toughness lies in its armor. The insect has two armorlike “elytron” — used in flying beetles to deploy wings — that meet at a line, called a suture, running the length of its abdomen.

Millions of years ago, most beetles flew, Zavattieri explained. “This particular beetle, as part of the evolution process, it doesn’t fly anymore,” he said.

Though the diabolical ironclad beetle doesn’t use its elyton for flight, the elytra and connective suture instead help to distribute applied force more evenly throughout the insect’s body.

Zavattieri explained that the suture acts like a jigsaw puzzle, connecting the creature’s various exoskeletal blades in the abdomen, which lock to prevent themselves from pulling out.

If the suture is broken, another protective mechanism also allows for the blades to deform slowly. That prevents a sudden release of energy, which would otherwise snap the beetle’s neck.

Using steel plates, the team of researchers discovered that the creature can take an applied force of 150 newtons — some 39,000 times its body weight — before its exoskeleton starts to fracture.

A car tire would apply force of around 100 newtons if driving over the insect on a dirt surface, scientists said.

The team hopes that in better understanding how the beetle withstands such force, they can develop tougher materials.

One of the critical problems in engineering is connecting materials of different compositions, for example, connecting aluminum and steel, in fields like aerospace, Zavattieri told CNN.

For example, when building aircraft turbines, metals are often joined to composite materials with mechanical fasteners, which can add weight, introduce stress and ultimately lead to features and corrosion in the structure.

“We have the materials. One of the engineering issues is how to connect them,” Zavattieri said.

“We can use these sutures — they are showing you the way the beetle does it — to improve the toughness of these,” he said.

“This is a good example of how nature uses this connection,” he said. “Every single time we look at nature, we learn something new.”

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People’s electric car from Renault is sold at the price of the base Creta – Russian newspaper

Hungary was the first EU country to announce prices for the Dacia Spring, the most affordable electric car in Europe, as it is positioned at Renault (Dacia’s parent company).

The price of the debut series of 100 electric vehicles is 3.99 million forints. In rubles at the current exchange rate, this is equivalent to about 1 million and 6 thousand, almost complete coincidence with the base price of Hyundai Creta in Russia.

But outside of the debut series, the base price of Dacia Spring is 6.49 million forints, which is already about 1.64 million rubles.

Prices in other EU countries will be announced soon, and they will vary as taxation and policy on electric vehicles is determined at the national, not the pan-European level.

It is curious that the Chinese analogue of the Dacia Spring Renault K-ZE is offered for only 61,800 yuan, about 718 thousand rubles.

The Dacia Spring is a subcompact four-seater hatchback with a 44 hp engine, 26.8 kWh battery and quick charge up to 80% in 50 minutes.


Why the new Geely Coolray is better than the Patriot for the same 1.5 million rubles – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

“Club Service” has completely disassembled the Chinese crossover of the Belarusian assembly Geely Coolray in the top-end configuration, which costs a little more than 1.5 million rubles. The car, in the subjective opinion of the blogger, turned out to be really good. At least better than new UAZ “Patriot” for the same amount.

In order to establish the truth, Coolray was indeed completely disassembled. There is no anti-corrosion treatment of the underbody – it is only on the “container” for the spare wheel, but it is applied carelessly. All welded points and seams are made accurately, the sealant, moreover, in a very thick layer, is applied where necessary. The gas tank is made of plastic. Let us remind you that even the Patriot has it not made of metal.

The build quality of Coolray can be compared to Korean cars. There is no rust on the body, joints, cavities, in contrast to the same “Patriot”, which just came off the assembly line.

Of course, Geely saved money, but this economy can be called reasonable: the noise insulation of the body panels and the floor is rather mediocre, but the rear wheel arches are trimmed with felt. If you install “Shumka”, then with a lack of experience there is a risk of breaking the fastening of the inserts and plugs of the door panels.

Of all that Geely Coolray has from Volvo, according to the Club Service, there is an adapted “turbo-engine” with a capacity of 150 hp, which, if desired, can be “chipped” up to 200 “horses.” The engine is paired with a 7-speed robotic transmission with two clutches in a wet bath.

After revisions in terms of vibration and noise isolation, Geely Coolray will be sold to a subscriber.

Photo: screenshot from


Carmakers are rioting. They consider further tightening of emissions to be unconceptual

The European Council discussed climate goals and efforts to achieve climate neutrality, which bring further tightening of CO limits.2 to 2030. Representatives of the European Parliament approved the reduction of CO limits last week2 in 2030 by 60 percent compared to 1990.

According to the association, current European efforts will hit the automotive industry hard again in a short time. Average CO emissions2 of the new passenger cars in 2030, according to new proposals, should be at least 50 percent lower than in 2021, while the regulation approved last year envisages a reduction of 37.5 percent.

The situation is not good

“We call on EU representatives to make such fundamental changes predictable. At the same time, we are convinced that all sectors of industry and the economy should contribute to the overall reduction to a comparable extent, “said the executive director of the association, Zdeněk Petzl. According to him, signals of further tightening come at a time of negative impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on production and the vehicle market. He added that in a situation where it is far from clear what the overall consequences of this crisis will be.

At the same time, car manufacturers are demanding the introduction of incentive steps for the purchase of vehicles and intensive support for building infrastructure. The Czech state should significantly support and intensify the development of infrastructure for alternative fuels, especially charging stations, so as to achieve the construction of at least 11,000 charging points by 2025 and 35,000 charging points by 2030, companies demand.

Tax support

The state should also introduce at least temporary tax support for low-emission vehicles, for example by reducing employee contributions for company vehicles used for private purposes from one percent to 0.5 percent. “In addition to increasing investments, a specific measure could also be the reassignment of the charging and filling infrastructure to the 2nd depreciation group and at the same time the acceleration of construction within the building permit procedure,” added Petzl.

SAP brings together the most important manufacturers of vehicles and superstructures, including Škoda Auto, Hyundai, TPCA, Tatra and Jawa. It also brings together manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts and accessories and dozens of special-purpose organizations.

WHERE NOW: The carmaker Škoda has with the new boss a clear goal: Save and stop competing with the group ‘s premium brands.


Hyundai recalls 77,000 Kona Electric due to mysterious fires

This is what they say about the situation in Norway.

Earlier in October, it was announced that Hyundai plans to recall more than 25,000 cars in South Korea as a result of fire risk with the Kona Electric model.

Sources claim to Yonhap News that Hyundai is now considering recalling 77,000 cars worldwide. The relevant copies must be produced between September 2017 and March 2020.

16 reported fires

The recall occurs because in several cases there have been fires in Kona Electric cars in various parts of the world, including Canada, Austria and South Korea. The fire in Canada is also said to have caused an explosion, which caused a garage door to fly several meters through the air. Hyundai is still investigating this incident.

According to Yonhap, a total of around 16 Kona EV fires have been reported around the world.

The process of recalling the more than 25,000 cars in South Korea will begin next Friday. It is expected that the global recall will take place shortly.

Do not agree on cause of fire

The cause of the fires has not yet been determined with 100 percent certainty. According to South Korean authorities, Kona Electric has increased its fire risk due to a fault in batteriseparatoren.

However, LG Chem, which supplies the batteries for the Kona EV cars, denies that such a fault exists. LG states that they are cooperating with Hyundai to get to the bottom of the matter.

Uncertain whether Norwegian owners will be affected

Currently, no Kona EV cars in Norway are affected by the recall, says Øyvind Knudsen, Product and PR manager at Hyundai Motor Norway.

– As of now, the recall applies to South Korea. The company is now conducting research, and is also working to find out how this may affect cars with European specifications. We are confident that the necessary steps will be taken and that this is well taken care of from our head office in Seoul, Knudsen writes in an SMS.



The maximum speed on the entire national road network must not exceed 90 km / h again – – Auto – – iTech

During the summer, the maximum speed on some of the country’s main roads was increased to 100 km / h.

The increased maximum speed in summer was on the Tallinn highway in the section of Saulkrasti bypass and in the section from Jelgavkrasti to Svētciems, on the Vidzeme highway in the section from Riga bypass to Garkalne, on the Daugavpils highway from Salaspils to Ikšķile, on the Jelgava highway from Jelzava to on certain sections of the Jēkabpils-Terehova motorway and along the Tīnūži-Koknese section of the regional motorway from the turn to the Kranciems dolomite quarry to the roundabout at the intersection with the Koknese-Ērgļi motorway.

In the event of autumn weather, LVC urges drivers to take into account that in the morning and evening hours it becomes darker and darker, as well as fog may impair visibility. Due to rain and fallen leaves, the roads can become slippery, and frequent wind gusts can cause broken trees or their branches on the roads.

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an application to analyze the noise of cars

Tested since June 2019 at 245 of the brand’s dealers located in 14 countries, the “Sound Analyzer” application can analyze 10 sounds from a car (power steering, air conditioning compressor, clutch, etc.) to determine any faults. Thanks to a complex algorithm, the application is able to identify a mechanical problem. Intended for the brand’s customers, it also makes it possible to make an appointment in the Skoda network to resolve the problem detected.


BOLA – Government asks for European support to fight terrorism (Mozambique)

The Mozambican government has requested support from the European Union, in logistics and specialized training, to reinforce the military response to terrorism in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

A letter from the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to Brussels indicates that the conflict has already caused 800 deaths, 300,000 displaced people, including 52 young people savagely murdered for refusing to move to the side of the terrorists.

It is through this letter, dated 16 September and signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo, that Mozambique requests the support of the European community to strengthen the fight against the insurgency in Cabo Delgado.

The request comes after the continental organization has expressed a willingness to assist in responding to the conflict.

«Bearing in mind the need to reinforce the military and security response measures, as well as counter the advance of terrorists and restore public law, order and tranquility in the affected districts, the Government of Mozambique considers support in the area of ​​specialized training important to combat terrorism and insurgency, through multiform support: training; logistics for counter-terrorism forces; medical assistance equipment in combat zones and technical training of personnel. »

The Government also asks for help to implement development programs in areas in conflict, as a way of reducing the vulnerability of the population, mainly young people, to collaborate with terrorists.

«The Mozambican Government considers it important to reinforce the support of international cooperation partners to the programs and projects that are being implemented in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula, under the coordination of the Integrated Development Agency of the North (ADIN). This support could also extend to the Implementation of the SADC regional project, through the establishment of the SADC Humanitarian and Emergency Operations Center in Nacala, in the province of Nampula. »

Mozambique assumes that “in recent times, there has been a concern with the tendency of intensifying and spreading terrorist actions to more districts in the province of Cabo Delgado, totaling 9 districts” and details that “so far, the action of this group has resulted in the the death of about 800 people and the displacement of around 300,000 citizens, including about 52 young people who were savagely murdered for refusing to move to the terrorists. The terrorists kidnapped people, including religious, as happened on August 11, 2020, with Brazilian nuns in Mocímboa da Praia. »

Finally, Mozambique reveals that during attacks on the positions of the Defense and Security Forces, terrorists use children and women as human shields.


Ferrari Omologato, a Ferrari like no other

NEW – A name evoking the GTO, a rear hatch covered with louvers: Maranello’s latest bespoke creation offers a journey of nostalgia.


Even in the choice of appellation, the shadow of the famous Ferrari 250 GTO (O for Omologato) seems to have hovered over the design of the latest bespoke creation from the House of Maranello. From the 812 Superfast from which it borrows the platform and the V12, the Ferrari Omologato has kept only the windshield and headlamps. Everything else is new. This is what the informed European collector, at the origin of the order, wanted.


From the first sketches to the delivery of this unique berlinetta, two years have passed. The 250 GTO clearly inspired this unique berlinetta. The sloping and smooth front hood adopts two gills and a flattened oval grille that refer to those of the GTO of 1962. ‘a light car. The rear scrambles the cards. The louvers covering the large bezel suggest that the engine is installed at the rear. The two double lights of the 812 Superfast are replaced by a single equipment.


The interior treatment takes a trip back to the 1960s. Like those in racing cars and the 250 GTO, the leather and jeans fabric seats are electric blue, while the metal parts of the dashboard and the The arch housing the gearbox knobs mimic the crackle paintwork of sixties GTs.

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Elon Musk, the crazy inventor of electric cars who has convinced the planet

The rarest shareholders meeting in the world took place in Fremont, Calofornia, on September 22. Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, the manufacturer of batteries and electric cars, he had invited shareholders to drive their cars to the company’s outdoor parking lot. When I arrive, all 200 cars honked their horns and some drivers put their hands out the window.

Tesla had set up a stage like it was a concert from Madrid Río. Once the meeting was over, the call was held Battery Day (Battery Day), where Musk showed what progress they are making regarding that seemingly simple way to save energy: batteries.

Batteries or batteries are in a huge amount of everyday objects, from the mobile phone to the remote control of the computer. They are products that consume a manageable amount of energy. The challenge was to make the leap and get larger objects to be powered by batteries. Cars, trucks or even airplanes.

Technologically it was possible to do it, but the cost was so high that any project crashed by not being able to lower the price. But since Elon Musk stuck to his craziest projects like building affordable electric cars, the rest of the companies have lagged behind. Those who laughed at his ideas for years and rejoiced at his failures now marvel at how he manages to do ever cheaper cars and ever more powerful batteries. Meanwhile, Tesla’s stock is skyrocketing: a year ago it was worth $ 45. In August of this year, it touched $ 500. In other words, someone who bought Tesla shares in August last year would have multiplied their investment by 10. For those who bought shares in 2010, when it went public, the investment has multiplied by 30.

Many are scared by this ‘rally’. The action of General Motors, the largest US carmaker, is worth just over $ 30. That makes some analysts think that behind Tesla there is what Keynes called “castles in the air”: investors who project their dreams and who are more hung than a cloud.

But with Elon Musk, anything can happen. It is true that he achieves unimaginable achievements, but also you may be the world’s most unpredictable manager. For starters, there is a consensus in the market on something they call the “Musk time”. Einstein had his own concept, where relativity played a decisive role. For Musk, time is not only relative, it is bullshit. If he says that he will launch a car model on day X of year X, it will surely not be that day or that year but much later.

In fact, since it went public in 2010, Tesla has had to inform the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States) about the delays of its launches. The most repeated word in those Relevant Notes is “delay”: delay. In 2017 it released the Semi, a fully electric cargo truck. He stated that he would already be delivering the first units this year, but in April he announced that it was being delayed for another year: for 2021.

The second characteristic of Elon Musk is that he sometimes gives him a shock that shakes his value on the stock market. For example, loves to provoke people on Twitter. In August 2018, he said he was going to withdraw Tesla from the market at $ 420 per share and that he had enough money to do so. The SEC seriously admonished him. Then it was learned that this tweet was posted on April 20, which in the US is considered “Cannabis Day.” It was a joke. To make matters worse, Musk shortly after called the SEC by Twitter as “the Speculative Enrichment Commission” (Shortseller Enrichment Commission).

The entrepreneur and guru of the new economy Marc Vidal.

In May of this year he said: “The value of Tesla is too high, in my opinion.” An investor wrote to him on Twitter that because of that message he had lost $ 10,000 in a few hours. That day the company lost its value on the stock market about 14,000 million euros.

Musk himself acknowledges that he is a bit crazy, as he acknowledged in 2019 saying: “That you know: on Twitter the clamp is going away”. Four days later, she added, she said: “My Twitter profile is absolute nonsense.”

One of his most controversial tweets was in April of this year, when he wrote three words in capital letters: “Free America Now”. Was referring to remove the rules of confinement that were gripping thousands of companies in the country. He defied the coronavirus quite irresponsibly, to the point of announce that at the end of April there would be no more infected. The US is already going through 200,000 deaths and seven million infected.

He once called one of the rescuers of the Thai children who were trapped in an underground cave a pedophile. And to those who accuse him of being an elitist, he replies “Idiot!”

Panasonic, which is the Japanese company with which Musk produces batteries and batteries in the famous Giga Factory in Reno, Nevada, admits that these outlets by Musk baffle him. In Japan it would be inconceivable for an executive to behave like a roller coaster.

On top of all that, Musk is known to get things really wrong sometimes. He presented his Cybertruck, a kind of futuristic truck (“pick up”). The presentation was hilarious After saying that the glass was indestructible, a Tesla technician threw a metal ball against the driver’s window and it splintered.

The crisis of the 70s and the current crisis: why the industry is just the other way around

To make up for that, Musk can be said to be the most ambitious executive in the world in terms of goals beyond imagination. Not only has it managed to put 367,000 electric cars on the roads per year (2019), but it has managed to launch rockets and recover them, and thanks to that it has become the first private company to put NASA astronauts into space, which happened a few months ago.

The famous Cybertruck, the ‘super-armored’ truck, already has, as it announced this week, more than half a million orders, each of which he has pre-ordered … $ 100. The project of link San Francisco and Los Angeles with trains based on supercavitation that accelerates them to about 1,000 kilometers per hour, hopes to jump in the near future from test laboratories to reality. And the factory of batteries of all kinds, the one that aspires to be the largest facility in the world, will begin to produce new cheap batteries to make the Tesla cheaper. That was what he announced this week.

The figures accompany you then last year it sold 367,000 cars, 50% more than the previous year, and had sales of $ 24.6 billion, almost all in the US, which was a huge advance. Despite the fact that it continues to lose money (800 million dollars), and that sales suffered this year due to the coronavirus, and had to make layoffs at its factories, analysts already predict that in the next 12 months the action of Tesla it can skyrocket to $ 800 (according to CNBC). They are based mainly on the fact that it has made the price of batteries much cheaper, and that it hopes to make Tesla models much more affordable for the general public, as announced this week.

Little by little, their dreams or follies are coming true. The most bizarre is traveling to Mars. Years ago he launched a rocket towards Mars from which a Tesla car (a Roadster) with a dummy inside and with a plaque that says: “Made on Earth by humans” fell off. Musk has said that he himself will travel to Mars in a few years.

Next year he will turn 50, so he has enough left to fulfill his dream. Many still think that it is another madness and that there is no point going to that planet. It’s nine months out and nine months back. Werner von Braun already dreamed of the same idea because in 1948 he wrote the book ‘Das Mars Project’ (‘The Mars Project’). Twenty years after writing it, he succeeded in getting NASA rockets to the moon.

Perhaps Musk was left with the return of Mars because he confessed that he prefers to stay there and spend the last days of his life on the red planet. If so, it will be necessary to warn the Martians that a madman will arrive on their planet and that he will revolutionize their way of producing ships.