Confirmed! Ford says goodbye to Mondeo production to build Bronco Sport

Ford announced the termination of Ford Mondeo production at its Hermosillo plant in Mexico to give priority to the new off-road SUV

It was already well known that Ford would start to implement its stop manufacturing strategy autos Sedan type to dedicate itself fully to SUVs and now it is showing it again in one of its plants located in Mexico.

Last year, Ford stopped producing the famous Ford Fiesta, while in Argentina the production of the Ford Focus. Now it’s the turn of another sedan, and it’s the Ford Mondeo, a model that said goodbye to its production at the Mexican plant in Hermosillo.

The classic oval sedan gave up command to the new Bronco Sport, a model that would arrive next year in Argentina imported from Mexico.

Ford Mondeo Electric Hybrid. / Photo: Courtesy Ford.

“As promised, Ford is reinventing the automobile to meet consumer preferences and expanding our business, significantly expanding our North American sport utility portfolio with the new Bronco and Bronco Sport, Mustang Mach-E, Escape (the new Kuga) and Explorer, America’s best-selling SUV of all time. As part of this change, Ford ended the production of the Fusion (as the Mondeo is known in other markets) on July 31, ”reported the brand.

According to the portal Windshield, the Ford range of cars and SUVs It will be made up of the Ka, Ecosport, Territory, Kuga, Bronco Sport and Bronco. Regarding the range of pick-ups, it will be made up of the Maverick, Ranger, Ranger Raptor, F-150 and F-150 Raptor models.


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The 7 famous cars that you could buy

These celebrities have a lot of money, enough to buy the most expensive luxury car but this is the one they have.


You might think that celebrities spend large amounts of money buying cars, however, this is not always the case …

And it is that we generally associate celebrities with expensive and exclusive cars. Brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti or Rolls-Royce come to mind when we think of the cars they drive every day, however, some of them own or owned common and accessible cars.

Next, we present this list with those celebrities who drive cars that we see every day driving through our cities, demonstrating that the driver makes the car and not the other way around.


Britney Spears: Mini Cooper S Convertible

The famous American singer, famous for the 1999 album Baby One More Time, owned a Mini Cooper when she had just risen to fame. She also owns a Mercedes-Benz G-Class and a Maserati Gran Turismo, but was often seen cruising around the open roof in a Mini, a car that once cost no more than $ 25,000.


Leonardo DiCaprio: Toyota Prius

Known for appearing in blockbuster movies like Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, or, more recently, The Wolf of Wall Street, the already winner of an Academy Award for best actor is known for having environmental ideas and wanting to help the environment, along with Throughout his career and since he was very young, he has had several generations of one of the best-selling hybrids in the world, the Prius. We know the Prius isn’t a cheap car, but it doesn’t come close to the thirsty and exclusive supercars of other stars in its class.


Justin Timberlake: Volkswagen Jetta

Known for being part of the band NSYNC And most recently due to his solo career, Timberlake is said to have revenues of tens of millions of dollars a year, yet his everyday car became a fourth-generation Jetta that was, in fact, made in Mexico. It is not a millionaire car, but we understand why you chose a Jetta, it is an efficient, safe and practical car.


LeBron James: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Striker for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA and with more collective and personal titles than we could list, he does not drive Porsche and Mercedes-Benz like other high-level athletes. James purchased a Wrangler Unlimited that he painted orange and customized in 2010 for less than $ 35,000. It also had Maybachs, Bentleys, Hummers, and Ferraris, and while the Wrangler is not cheap, it doesn’t come close to its other cars in price.


Daniel Radcliffe: FIAT Punto

Better known as Harry Potter, Radcliffe made millions of pounds thanks to the starring role he had in all 8 Harry Potter films before he was even 18 years old and when it was time to choose what would be his first car, he did not buy a supercar, but a FIAT Punto, a car that was for sale in Mexico and that did not exceed 250,000 pesos.

It happens that, like DiCaprio, he is passionate about caring for the environment and that is why he bought the Punto with a turbodiesel engine, as this model registers CO2 emissions less than 150g / km.


Jennifer Lawrence: Volkswagen Eos

Known for films such as X-Men and The Hunger Games, the 25-year-old actress’s fortune is estimated to exceed 40 million dollars, however, she is also known for being a simple person, with a conventional routine and that’s why he chose a very sensible Volkswagen Eos.


Mark Zuckerberg: Volkswagen Golf GTI

Founder and current Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg, doesn’t own a supercar (though he might as well), but one of the best and most effective hot-hatches ever, a seventh-generation Golf GTI with a manual transmission. Not only is he apparently a tech and computer whiz, but from how he specified his car, he also appears to be a car enthusiast, and boy does he have good taste.


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PREVIEW of Project CARS 3: steering wheel in hand, are our first impressions good?

Developped by Slightly Mad Studios (who belongs to Codemasters) and edited by Bandai Namco, Project CARS 3 will arrive, August 28th. While our first preview was mainly focused on presenting new features in the game, and before delivering a final verdict, we had the green light to give you our first impressions of the controllers and steering wheel (not at the same time!) in hand. Key on the ignition? Let’s go !

The FTUE (First Time User Experience) is an effective tool that provides beginners with an optimal setting to quickly start driving without the hassle.

For this preview, we had access to FTUE (First Time User Experience) which is a new tool allowing the player to fine-tune the way he wants to enjoy the game without having to go through all the parameter settings (driving assistance, difficulty, AI …). Intelligent, this tool is efficient and provides beginners with an optimal setting to quickly get started in driving without fuss. Of course, even if the FTUE does the job well, manual settings are essential, very complete and it would be a shame to do without. On this subject, and this is a good point as the previous ones were not, the menus of Project CARS 3 are exemplary in terms of accessibility and clarity.

Another accessible point, and not least, the mode Career. If the previous opus already had one, it was clearly not their strong point. This time around, there is a profound change and the concept is clearer, organized and more motivating. It is divided into ten categories of races (E, D, C, B, A, Hyper Car, GT C, GT B, GT A and GT Open), another called “by invitation” and finally a last “challenges”. For this first grip, we could only progress to level B (at the request of the publisher), but to get there, we still needed no less than eighty races! Indeed, each category is divided into four parts each offering three races and a mini championship including two or three.

Project Cars 3   Screenshots Maison 06 2In addition, each of them has three objectives to achieve to earnXP, or 48 per category. To make their simulation a little more fun, the guys from Slightly Mad Studios offer, alongside traditional races, three original modes: Breakout (break the polystyrene targets that line the path), Pace Setter (make the best average over three laps without committing any fault) and hotlap (achieve the best time in a single lap, rolling start). If it brings fun, winning these events is not always easy and that’s fine! In short, from what we could see, the mode Career is on track to keep its promises in terms of content and playing pleasure. Note, rally cross and karting no longer seem to be part of the game … Too bad.

New for the license, the “Rivals” mode allows you to face, asynchronously, other players in the three racing modes Breakout, Pace setter and Hot Lap which we talked about a little above in daily, weekly and monthly events. The ranking, established at the end of the month, is divided into several divisions in order to allow everyone to have a chance to shine against rivals closer to their level. and thus earn pointsXP. Finally, the last preview of racing modes available was “Custom Event”. It allows you to create a race with all the parameters of your choice, including with vehicles not owned. Convenient for training or to have fun with dream vehicles without having to drive for hours to be able to unlock or buy them. This gave us the opportunity to ride in Porsche 935 2019 or with a Aston Martin Vantage GTE when we were far from having the means.

Controller aficionados will be able to really enjoy themselves more easily than with previous games.

Project Cars 3   Screenshots Maison 08 1Another novelty of Project CARS 3 what will appeal to all enthusiasts is the personalization of vehicles. It will be possible to buy and upgrade your vehicle mechanically in order to improve its performance in terms of power and handling, but also, this time, on its visual aspect. It is thus possible to change the color of your car, to stick decals on it if you like it and to personalize the license plate. There are even complete racing conversion packs that completely change the look of the car and boost its performance with just one click. It remains to have the necessary credits. Small very practical detail, it is possible to save your “style” in order to apply it directly to all new vehicles purchased.

Otherwise, graphically, Project CARS 3 offers superbly modeled cars, magnificent reflections, very successful environments, nice weather effects and our retinas could not but appreciate. The only downside is the rain, which arrives in a very abrupt manner (suddenly, without logic, the radio announces that it is raining and bang, there is water on the road …). In addition, it results in particularly ugly water trails behind each car. Too bad, but this is really the only negative point in the field that we have noticed on this test version.

The level of gameplay, the handling with the controller has been redesigned to make the title more affordable for players who do not have a steering wheel and pedal combo. Even if a passage through the settings of the sensitivity of the joysticks is almost mandatory to achieve better control of the trajectories, the aficionados of the controller can really have fun more easily than with the previous games. However, and we will probably repeat ourselves, nothing beats playability with a steering wheel. In this configuration, Project CARS 3 offers the best of itself and driving really takes on another dimension, that of simulation. Otherwise we are well in line with previous titles and we found the qualities of realism further improved with a myriad of possibilities as to the configuration of its conduct. With the assistance that can be configured as desired, it is really easy to control according to your level and to progress little by little by removing them. Unfortunately, there is also the return of recurring flaws with AI-driven drivers who still have some tendency to confuse racing and stock cars.

Our new impressions: strongly!

Preview First Impressions Preview Gauge Reviews Zoom images ban (5)

The announcement of the release of Project CARS 3 had challenged us and we were really interested in the promises made during this initial presentation. After a few hours in his company, with a controller or a steering wheel, we can only be impatient to see if what we have touched will be confirmed on the final version. If so, this title will clearly find its place in all the toy libraries of racing fans.

Project CARS 3 is available for pre-order from our partner Gamesplanet at a price of € 53.99 for the standard version and € 80.99 for the Deluxe Edition which gives, in addition to a ton of bonuses, a three-day early access.


Renault is forced to abandon some models – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

In February 2020, it was announced that Luca de Meo, who previously worked at Fiat and Volkswagen, would become Renault’s new CEO. It became known how the new manager will optimize the model line of the French brand.

As reported AutoWeekLuca de Meo, immediately after taking office, revised the development of the Renault lineup, excluding unprofitable projects, urging to rely on cars of growing segments. The CEO of the company sees potential in compact cars, but does not want to depend on cars of the subcompact category.

Nevertheless, he will have to put up with the Renault Clio for now, since the model provides good sales, but the Twingo may be without a successor. The same fate can await Espace, Scenic and Talisman.

The intention of the head of Renault to develop C-segment cars and larger models gives hope that the new Megane will be a fundamentally different model. Significant advances in design and technology can also be expected from the Kadjar crossover.

Renault’s new design philosophy demonstrated on the Morphoz concept. According to his templates, two crossovers should be tailored, and it is possible that they will be based on the new platform of the CMF-EV Alliance. Here you can see the relationship with reality and plans of Nissan: the company introduced an electric crossover Ariya and planning a car in the segment of large SUVs.


Cars finally come to Fortnite Battle Royale with 4 new vehicles that promise to give a lot of play

Epic Games also adds radio stations to the game, as a travel accompaniment.

After much expectation, and a delay of several weeks in between, the vehicles finally arrive at Fortnite. The popular battle royale of Epic Games get the v.13.40 update once and for all which, you guessed it, adds the long-awaited cars and trucks to the island to travel it at full speed, and with more style than anyone, together with your squad mates.

With a weight close to 2.3 GB (at least on PC), the new Fortnite Battle Royale v.13.40 update add four different vehicle models to games: a mudflap truck, a Bear truck, a Prevalent car and a Whiplash sports car. All of them with different values ​​of speed and handling, as well as with different life and resistance, which give rise to new game dynamics, with more possible strategies when facing the games. Especially because its use requires gasoline, something that can be found at gas stations or in fuel cans.

The arrival of cars brings with it another novelty that is giving much to talk about Radio stations! Because nothing is better than traveling by car with some background music, and in the new Fortnite update, drivers will be able to switch between various radio stations to race faster than anyone else. At the time of writing, it appears that Epic Games has temporarily limited the selection of songs to the themes of the game, although before that, users on the networks claimed to hear songs from people like Drake, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga or even de Bad Bunny.

So you know, Cars They await you in Fortnite. All except the police cars, which they retired from the game in June for the protests in the United States. Looking at the new generation of consoles, Epic Games has already confirmed that Fortnite will have a version for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and that in addition, the game will migrate its engine to the new Unreal Engine 5 in 2021. If you have not seen it yet, or want to witness it again, this was the Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo for Next Gen.

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THE BALL – Filipe Nyusi extends State of Emergency for the third time (Mozambique)


The particular moment we live in determines the permanence of people at home, in addition to the closing of all commercial stores, dramatically altering people’s habits when it comes to reading and accessing information.

In this moment of great difficulties for everyone, we are working 100% to continue to keep you company every day with your newspaper A Bola, the website and on the channel A Bola Tv.

But this work is only worthwhile if it reaches its usual customers without whom it makes no sense and is not economically sustainable.

Therefore, we need you to be with us, to keep us company, by signing the digital version of A Bola and taking advantage of our subscription campaign.



BALL – Iran asks Interpol for help to capture … Trump (Iran)

Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr accused the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and more than 30 others, for his involvement in the air strike, with a drone, on 3 January, which killed General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, Iraq.

According to the state news agency IRNA, Alqasimehr asked Interpol for a red warning to Donald Trump and the rest, which represents the highest level of urgency for the court order.

The United States carried out an air strike in Baghdad on January 3, which killed Qassem Soleimani, the general who oversaw operations in Iraq for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, increasing tensions between the two countries, which prompted Iranian forces to retaliate. with a ballistic missile attack against American troops present in the region.


THE BALL – Africa with 12,140 more positive cases in 24 hours (Africa)

According to the African Union’s Disease Control and Prevention Center (Africa CDC), the number of people infected in Africa is 371,548, plus 12,140 cases in the last 24 hours, with an additional 201 deaths, bringing the total number to 9,484, It should be noted that another 5,350 people were recovered (totaling 178,407).

Southern Africa has the highest number of cases: 137,028 and counts 2,477 deaths, while North Africa leads in the number of deaths: 4,007 in 94,388 cases. West Africa accounts for 1,248 deaths out of 71,969 infected, East Africa reports 1,041 fatalities in 35,249 cases, while in Central Africa there are 711 deaths in 32,914 infections.

Egypt, the African country with the most fatalities, accounts for 2,708 deaths and 63,923 positive cases, followed by South Africa and Algeria, with 892 fatalities and 12,968 infected. Nigeria has 558 dead and 24,077 infected, and Sudan 572 deaths in 9,257 positive cases.

As for the Portuguese-speaking African countries, Guinea-Bissau has more infections: 1,614 and 21 fatalities. Cape Verde has 1,091 infections and 12 deaths, while Mozambique counts 839 infected patients and five dead (no changes in the last 24 hours).

São Tomé and Príncipe accounts for 713 cases and 13 deaths and Angola has 259 confirmed cases of covid-19 and 10 deaths.

Equatorial Guinea, which is part of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), has 2,001 cases and keeps 32 dead.


Mishustin approved new rules for granting subsidies on preferential car loans

Certain categories of citizens will be able to get a discount of 10 to 25 percent on a new car when it is purchased under a preferential car loan program. Lost revenue for banks is compensated by the state.

According to the decree signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, subsidies will be given to credit institutions that offer loans at a discount of 10 percent of the cost of a car to families raising at least one child and employees of state medical organizations. A cheaper new car will also cost those who rent their old car for a down payment, but the TCP must be at least six years old and must be owned by the borrower for more than a year. For residents of the Far East, the discount is increased to 25 percent.

In addition, the maximum cost of a car that can be taken on credit has been increased from 1 to 1.5 million rubles. This will allow large families to acquire modern roomy vehicles.


Preferential car loans expanded to electric cars – Business – Kommersant

The government has officially increased the budget of the preferential car loan program to 22.5 billion rubles. and approved new rules for access to such state support. For example, families with at least one child, health workers and those who give the car for a trade-in on the down payment now have the right to a discount of 10–25% of the price of the car. You can take a soft loan only for a car no more than 1.5 million rubles, localized in the Russian Federation. Although formally the program now extends to electric cars, it is actually impossible to purchase them because of the localization requirement, since such cars are not manufactured in Russia.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the amendments to the “First Car” and “Family Car” preferential car loan programs, as follows from Decree No. 907 of June 23. The government’s website notes that the program budget this year will be 22.5 billion rubles.

As part of preferential car loans, the buyer is entitled to a 10% discount on the cost of the car, but for the Far East its size is 25%. Now the maximum discount can also be obtained when buying an electric car. At the same time, there remains a requirement for the localization of cars purchased on credit in Russia – they must gain 1.4 thousand points under the 719th decree.

Since electric cars in Russia are not produced at all, in practice it is impossible to buy them with a soft loan.

New rules reinforce the opportunity to buy a car with it worth up to 1.5 million rubles. Price limit of 1 million rubles. acted in 2015, after which the cost steadily increased until 2019, when it was again reduced from 1.45 million to 1 million rubles. In fact, this fact, coupled with additional requirements for the level of localization of cars, significantly limited the list of cars covered by the preferential car loan program – the main financing was focused on Lada. From foreign cars, only Renault, two Hyundai models (Creta, Solaris), as well as one model Volkswagen (Polo), Skoda (Rapid) and Kia (Rio), fall into the program.

At the same time, with an increase in value, the range of brands acquired through preferential car loans did not increase.

Under the new rules, access to preferential car loans was given to families raising at least one child (previously two children), employees of medical institutions, as well as those who handed over the old car for a trade-in in payment of the initial payment.

Only a car older than six years old, which was owned by the borrower for at least a year, can be handed over to the trade-in, the resolution says.

In May, in the first month of easing restrictions amid the coronavirus, according to the United Credit Bureau (OKB; it also has data from Sberbank), citizens took 28.2 thousand car loans worth 22.4 billion rubles. The number and volume of loans issued compared with April more than doubled.

In practice, both the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the concerns participating in the programs informed about the launch of new access rules even before their approval – from the beginning of June. In addition, the document itself says that the new maximum cost of a car in preferential car loans (1.5 million rubles) applies to cars purchased from March 1, 2020.

Olga Nikitina

In Russia, there is a short-term surge in demand for cars after an almost two-month downtime of the dealer network. Against this background, AvtoVAZ postponed the transition to a shorter work week until the end of summer. The manufacturers and dealers interviewed by Kommersant agree that sales have grown compared with the failed April-May indicators, but this is due to temporary factors in deferred demand and increased government support. The real picture will be clear only in September. So far, the industry believes that by the end of the year the market will fall by 30%, with some players assessing this scenario as optimistic.

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