Russia kicks new anti-doping chief and strains legs on itself – It’s raking around her

THIS SUMMER wrote the Russian high star Marija Lasitskene in desperation an open letter to Vladimir Putin. Together with two other world champions in athletics, she asked the Russians’ Great Father to intervene directly in the country’s long-standing doping dispute with the outside world so that she could still compete internationally.

Now the answer has come, and it does not give the Lasitskene and the other Russian sports heroes much hope:

  • Russia refuses to give in to international pressure. In practice, they reserve the right to cheat as before, and weed out their own critics.

This week, the troublesome Yuri Ganus became the head of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA). removet from his job. The official explanation is economic rot, but regardless of details about taxi bills and trips abroad that became too expensive, it is tricky to interpret the firing as something other than that the Russian authorities do not want sporting reconciliation with the rest of the world.

With Ganus out of work, they have got rid of another one critic.

THIS this time it happened in the mildest possible way. Last week, the report came from the Russian Special Commission set up to check online rumors about the RUSADA chief’s spending:

All I can say at the moment is, unfortunately, that what we feared has been confirmed, said the head of the Russian Olympic Committee Stanislav Pozdnjakov when he presented an audit report recommending that he fire RUSADA chief Yuri Ganus.

Exactly the «fearWas hardly that big. For a long time, outspoken Ganus has challenged the leadership of Russian sports.

TRULY one does not go unpunished. When the scale of the Russian Sochi scam began to become known in the winter of 2016, died two former central RUSADA employees suddenly mysteriously in just a couple of weeks. Simultaneous demanded some Russian politicians that the defector Grigory Rodchenkov – the mastermind behind Russia’s fraud who had fled to the United States – had to be tracked down and executed as the defector they thought he was.

Several times the clear Yuri Ganus has been asked by international reporters if he too is not afraid:

This is dangerous, but it’s my job, to he to the news agency AFP when the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) late last autumn again banned the Russians from international sports and Ganus raged against the politicians who had allowed another manipulation of the material in the doping laboratory in Moscow.

AFTER that Yuri Ganus became head of RUSADA in 2017, no one in Russia has been so direct in his criticism of the country’s rotten sports morale than him. He seemed so different and honest that the international anti-doping experts have discussed whether Ganus really only played a double role – that he acted as a false facade in a Russian narrespill.

Last autumn, the RUSADA boss took a deadly historic confrontation with Russian sports at a ski seminar in Trondheim:

Scams. Just scams, he concluded, and was more right than the astonished audience knew.

Soon after, it became known that the Russian authorities had again cheating with doping tests in the famous ex WADA-approved laboratory in Moscow.

And Ganus was just as ruthless towards them. While Russia struggled with the outside world to compete internationally again, fight The RUSADA boss with the attitudes among his own.

Given the strong position of elite sports in a centrally controlled Russian system, such an internal disagreement could not product.

GIVES rumors this summer began to circulate online about the mess in RUSADA’s economy, Ganus guessed where this would end:

We expected such attacks because some are unhappy with what we have done, to he to the international press, adding:

The question is why do they do there? RUSADA actively cooperates to correct the errors that the outside world points out. We have talented, young employees that we are proud of. It’s not very popular here, concluded have.

The kicking suggests that it was a precise conclusion.

FOR Russia has been replaced by a new setback. It gives no confidence that Russian sport itself can decide who will be in charge of what is meant to be an independent national control. Thus, RUSADA again has no credibility, and in November comes the ruling in the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) on whether Russia should be excluded from all major championships.

The management of WADA has requested the audit report that allegedly felled Yuri Ganus. They want to look at the Russians in the cards, but are hardly allowed. The outside world is still waiting for the Russians’ own report on what was really going on in Sochi. That report is not public.

ALT this means that Marija Lasitskene will hardly be able to jump high in the championship again. Russian athletics has been given a new deadline of 15 August to pay the World Athletics fine of approx. NOK 60 million in order to have the opportunity to continue competing with some so-called “neutral” athletes.

But even if the money comes, even Russia’s biggest athletics stars no longer believe that anything will help. To that end, they have seen too much of the dark forces that really reign in Russian elite sports, and how the home country refuses to take the consequences of its own fraud:

This is just a new prank on the practitioners from those who really should have taken care of us, to an angry Marija Latsitskene to TASS yesterday.

For again, it is the Russians themselves who choose to isolate themselves.

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No new deaths, 133 more cases

Quebec reports 133 additional cases and no new deaths, bringing the total to 60,133 infected people and 5,687 deaths.

The situation in Quebec as of August 6:

5,687 deaths

60,133 people infected (+133)

165 people hospitalized (-2)

19 people in intensive care

The samples taken on August 4 amounted to 17,042, for a total of 1,308,053.


Bas-Saint-Laurent: 70

Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean: 368

Capitale-Nationale: 1962

Mauricie-et-Center-du-Quebec: 2100

Estrie : 1084

Montréal : 29 095

Outaouais: 691

Abitibi-Témiscamingue: 180

North Shore: 126

Northern Quebec: 8

Gaspésie – Îles-de-la-Madeleine: 211

Chaudière-Appalaches: 573

Laval : 6103

Lanaudière : 4573

Laurentides : 4003

Montérégie : 8929

Nunavik : 17

Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James: 10

Outside Quebec: 21

Region to be determined: 9

Total: 60,133 confirmed cases


Bas-Saint-Laurent: 2

Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean: 26

Capitale-Nationale: 194

Mauricie-et-Center-du-Quebec: 212

Estrie : 26

Montréal : 3447

Outaouais: 33

Abitibi-Témiscamingue: 4

North Shore: 0

Northern Quebec: 0

Gaspé – Îles-de-la-Madeleine: 9

Chaudière-Appalaches: 8

Laval : 674

Lanaudière : 212

Laurentides : 233

Montérégie : 604

Nunavik : 0

Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James: 0

Outside Quebec: 0

Region to be determined: 3

Total: 5,687 deaths


very cheap and long-known drugs help save the lungs with coronavirus

Cloving hospital on the basis of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center (ISSC) Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov took the first patients on April 21 and completed his work on June 13. It turned out that it was possible to achieve the best treatment results for COVID-19 in Moscow. Over the entire period, 4 patients died, and among severe patients who got mechanical ventilation, the mortality rate was less than 14% (for comparison, the average for the city and the world was up to 70 – 80%). Eighteen doctors out of 220 employees of the hospital were infected with coronavirus, there were no deaths among the medical staff.

What approaches were used at the University Hospital of Moscow State University to achieve such results? We continue the conversation with the head. Department of Therapy, Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, Moscow State University, Head of the Department of Age-Associated Diseases, Medical Scientific and Educational Center, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Cardiologist Yana Orlova.


– Most of those who are ill or are afraid to get sick are worried about fibrotic changes in their lungs. They say that you have developed special therapy that can reduce the risk of developing fibrosis. Is it possible?!

– Yes, we launched an appropriate clinical study. There are no final results yet, but we have developed clinical practice.

“What did you do to save the lungs?”

– We used a combination of bromhexine and spironolactone (both are long-known very cheap drugs. – Ed.). Bromhexine is an expectorant that has been prescribed to patients with pneumonia and cough for many years. At the same time, experimental data showed that this drug can block a specific enzyme and impede the penetration of coronavirus into cells. True, it was on this effect that we counted to a lesser extent in inpatients, since such an effect is important mainly in the early stages of the disease. But the expectorant effect of bromhexine really helps patients with COVID. I heard that our colleagues in Peter launched a study of bromhexine for prophylactic purposes. We will wait for the results.

Coronavirus infected 18 doctors from 220 employees of the hospital, there were no deaths among the medical staffPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


– The second drug – spironolactone – is traditionally widely used in cardiology for the treatment of heart failure, severe hypertension. It has a small diuretic, magnesium and potassium-preserving effect, continues Yana. Orlova. – It has several mechanisms through which it can be useful in coronavirus infection.

Firstly, a mechanism that prevents the development of fibrosis in general in the body. There are works that, in particular, show that spironolactone reduces fibrosis in the heart. At the same time, it is known that the tendency to fibrosis is not local, but systemic – where there is more inflammation, there will certainly be fibrosis. And we see, of course, fibrotic changes in the “covide” in our patients. Therefore, we prescribed spironolactone as a drug for the prevention of this process.

Secondly, this drug blocks sex hormone receptors, in particular testosterone. Some published studies suggest that “high-testosterone” men suffer from “covid” more often and develop more severe fibrotic changes. Therefore, blocking these receptors for several weeks during COVID treatment may be useful in reducing the severity of complications. We are not talking about a longer intake, since male patients are unlikely to agree with a decrease in testosterone levels in the long term.

And perhaps the most important point. In almost all of our patients, we observed hypokalemia (a decrease in potassium levels. – Ed.). With coronavirus infection, potassium is intensely excreted from the body, and scientific articles even suggest that hypokalemia serves as the trigger for a cytokine storm. So spironolactone has a real chance to reduce the risk of this dangerous complication. But the main thing, in my opinion, is that lowering the level of potassium in the body is extremely harmful to the heart and triggers life-threatening rhythm disturbances, increasing the risk of sudden death. We, like all others, replenished potassium with droppers, but it was more effective to retain it in the body with the help of spironolactone.

Men certainly get worse than women;  the elderly are heavier than the young;  overweight people are heavier than patients without excess weight Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Men certainly get worse than women; the elderly are heavier than the young; overweight people are heavier than overweight patientsPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


– Yana Arturovna, how many patients did you have on average?

– About 10 – 14 days. But someone and 50 days.

– Have you noticed signs by which it can be assumed that the disease in the person brought is likely to go the hard way?

– Such studies were carried out in the world, our clinical practice confirmed them. Men certainly get worse than women; the elderly are heavier than the young; overweight people are heavier than overweight patients. Men with a classic male type of baldness, a lot of facial hair, we can say brutal men get sick harder.

– Under what conditions did you discharge patients?

– We acted as close as possible to the recommendations Ministry of Health: so that the temperature for three days was not higher than 37.5 degrees; so that C-reactive protein (an indicator of inflammation) is lower than 10 mg / l, and saturation, that is, the level of oxygen in the blood, is higher than 96%.


– How often do you get sick doctors and nurses?

– In the first month no one got sick at all. We have a very powerful epidemiological service. The head of the sanitary-epidemiological department, a senior researcher, correctly organized the whole process, and for the first two weeks she personally worked in the sanitary inspection room at the exit from the “red zone” and helped doctors and nurses who were exhausted after the shift safely remove protective clothing.

Then both people’s fatigue and viral load accumulated. By the middle of the second month, sick people began to appear. There were no seriously ill patients. We treated part of the staff in our observation, part of it was treated at home. In total, 18 people were infected from the medical staff (less than 10%).

– Doctors take something for prevention? Vitamins C, D, Zinc?

– I saw the recommendations of American nutritionists, they speak out positively about taking zinc, melatonin and vitamin C. There were somewhat conflicting data on vitamin D. But we did not give any such recommendations to our employees. We have all the prevention was associated with minimizing contacts and other measures of epidemiological safety.

Physicians are the heroes of our time.“If you think that you are special and that a pandemic will not affect you, you are deeply mistaken,” listen to what the doctors who are fighting with coronavirus say


“They used a cure for gout against COVID”: How patients were treated in a hospital that showed the best results in Moscow

The results of treatment at the university clinic of Moscow State University were the best in the capital. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” learned the details of how doctors and scientists saved severe patients [Часть 1]

Virologist told whether it is possible to disinfect masks from coronavirus in sunlight

And also why the epidemic is gaining strength in southern countries and whether the sun affects the incidence – all this in an interview with George Vikulova (details)


Suspense over the judgment in the Fillon case

► Why is it not safe to have the judgment Monday, June 29?

Following the trial, following the trial in March, the judgment of François Fillon, his wife Penelope and his former deputy in the National Assembly Marc Joulaud is expected to be returned to the Paris Correctional Court on Monday, June 29.

→ READ. Fillon case: controversial judicial reports

But recent statements by Éliane Houlette, former patron of the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF), now retired, have changed the situation. On June 18, before a commission of inquiry of the National Assembly on the independence of the justice, she explained that she had undergone many early 2017 “Pressures” of his hierarchy, via the Attorney General, who wanted to have a “Fast transmission” various investigative acts concerning François Fillon, then in the midst of the presidential campaign.

These requests for feedback of judicial information are legal and relatively common. But since this Prosecutor’s Office is under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, some have then considered that the “ pressures “Evoked are proof that the Fillon affair was indeed used politically. To put an end to the controversy, Emmanuel Macron asked the Superior Council of the Judiciary for an opinion.

Defense lawyers, who believe that the investigation has always been a charge, have seized this new episode to request the reopening of the proceedings, so as to admit the statements of Éliane Houlette, as well as the future opinion of the Superior magistrate counsel.

It is therefore up to President Nathalie Gavarino to respond to this request, from Monday June 29 at 1:30 pm If she refuses it, she will render her judgment. If she accepts, the deliberation could be postponed for several months.

► What are the facts that led to the trial?

January 25, 2017, while François Fillon is LR candidate in the presidential election, The chained Duck reveals that Penelope Fillon was employed as parliamentary assistant to her husband and then to her deputy Marc Joulaud, from 1998 to 2007 for a total amount of € 500,000. The article adds that Penelope Fillon also benefited from a fictitious job between May 2012 and December 2013 at the Revue des deux Mondes, property of billionaire Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, a close friend of the couple.

→ BENCHMARKS. Fillon case: fictitious job revelations at the request to reopen the trial, key dates

The same day, the national financial parquet, suspecting a fictitious job, opens an investigation for “Embezzlement of public funds, misuse of corporate assets and concealment of these crimes”.

The candidate then greets a “Particularly quick decision” who “Will silence a slander campaign”. The next day, he said he would give up if he was indicted.

1is February, The chained Duck publishes a new article revealing that Penelope Fillon has in fact been employed since 1988 and has received a total of more than € 900,000 gross. Two of her children, Marie and Charles, were employed as parliamentary assistants from 2005 to 2007.

On February 2, France 2 broadcasts extracts from an interview granted in May 2007 by Penelope Fillon to Daily Telegraph, in which she declares to have ” never been the assistant ” from her husband.

On March 5, as defections accumulated on the right, François Fillon declared on France 2 that ” no one “Cannot” prevent being a candidate ».

On March 14, he was indicted for “Embezzlement of public funds”, “concealment and complicity in the abuse of social property” and “Breach of reporting obligations to the High Authority for the transparency of public life”. On March 28, it was Penelope Fillon’s turn to be indicted, in particular for “Complicity and concealment of embezzlement of public funds”.

On April 23, after a campaign greatly disrupted by the affair, the candidate of the right came third by obtaining a little more than 20% of the votes.

► How was the trial?

Questioned by the court from February 26 to March 9, the Fillon couple tried to convince of the reality of the work of parliamentary assistant of Penelope in the service of François. Each in his own way, him all returned anger, she more shy. The salaries mentioned represent € 613,000 net of public money for three contracts between 1998 and 2013. According to the defense, it managed its local agenda and the mail, was a « relais » and “Eyes and ears” from her husband in the riding. The spouses produced testimonies from former collaborators or attestations from 34 inhabitants or elected officials of Sarthe.

But tangible evidence of this work has remained tenuous. Thus, at no time were written traces of written notes produced. Penelope Fillon also did not remember the names of the many people received. In addition, in Sarthe, obviously, neither the journalists nor the elected officials nor the inhabitants, nor even the other collaborators knew that Penelope Fillon was the assistant of her husband.

Unconvinced, the two prosecutors of the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) pronounced, the March 10 and 11, 2020 heavy requisitions, asking for five years in prison, including three years suspended, € 375,000 fine and ten years of ineligibility against François Fillon. For his wife, they demanded the same fine and a three-year suspended prison sentence. Finally, against Marc Joulaud, the Public Prosecutor’s Office asked for a two-year suspended sentence and a € 20,000 fine. The lawyers are pleading for release.


Coronavirus: over half a million deaths worldwide – World

There are over 500,000 coronavirus victims worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The infections have exceeded 10 million in the past few hours. In detail, the deaths for Covid-19 in the world are 500,108I

The Colombia yesterday recorded 4,149 new cases of coronavirus, the third daily record in a week and a balance that brings the total number of infections to 88,591: the South American country thus exceeds China, which has 84,726 cases. At the same time, reports the CNN, in Colombia the deaths caused by the virus increased to 2,939 (+128 compared to Friday).

The Brazil it has recorded 38,693 new coronavirus cases and 1,109 deaths in the past 24 hours. The country’s ministry of health reports, quoted by the Guardian. Brazil, where infections increase by tens of thousands every day, currently has a total of 1,313,667 confirmed cases and 57,070 victims. The South American country is the second in the world in terms of number of deaths and number of infections, after the United States.

China has recorded another 17 coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, of which three ‘imported’ and 14 of internal origin in Beijing: the National Health Commission (NHC) has announced. According to the NHC, reports CNN, China to date has a total of 83,500 infections and 4,634 deaths.

L‘India it has recorded 19,906 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours: this is the strongest daily increase since the start of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health announced today, which was accompanied by a further 410 deaths. The new data bring the total balance of infections to 528,859 and that of the dead to 16,095. To date, 309,712 people have been healed in the country. The state of Maharashtra marks the highest number of cases (159,133) followed by the capital Delhi (80,188).

The use of masks will be mandatory in Iran in enclosed spaces crowded with next week: Iranian President Hassan Rohani has announced today, who has also authorized numerous provinces affected by the coronavirus to reintroduce restrictive measures. To date, the Islamic Republic – which records 220,180 infections and 10,364 deaths – has not implemented total lockdown measures to deal with the pandemic and the use of masks and protective equipment has been optional in most of the country. From tomorrow, however, and at least until 22 July – said Rohani – the masks will be “mandatory in closed spaces where there are crowds” of people. The Ministry of Health has already developed a list with the places concerned but has not gone into detail.

The death toll caused by the coronavirus in Russia has exceeded the 9,000 threshold: this is what emerges from the count of Johns Hopkins University. According to the data of the American university in Russia 9,060 people have died so far out of a total of 633,542 confirmed infections. There are 398,311 people healed.

The situation of the coronavirus epidemic in Beijing is still “serious and complex”, after the new rebound of the infections recorded in the last few weeks. Local authorities explained that they have placed the lockdown for almost half a million people in an area near the Chinese capital. With the aim of averting a second wave. The confinement took place in the canton of Anxin, located 60 kilometers south of Beijing in the northern province of Hebei. Eleven cases related to the outbreak of the epidemic in Beijing have been identified there, the semi-official Global Times newspaper reported.

Algeria records a negative daily record for the second consecutive day regarding the growth of coronavirus infections. In fact, 305 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the last 24 hours, bringing the total balance of infected people in the country to 13,272. The Ministry of Health of Algiers has made it known through the words of the spokesman of the Special Commission for monitoring the spread of the disease, Djamel Fourar, specifying that the deaths have risen to 897. “The situation is likely to explode and become uncontrollable”, said the head of the cardiology department of Chu Nafissa-Hamoud (ex-Parnet) d’Hussein-Dey in Algiers, Djamel Eddine Nibouche, given the “exponential growth rate of the disease”. For this reason, Nibouche recommends increasing the isolation centers where you can host and treat the positives, so as not to overload the hospitals.

In Croatia, where in a week voting for the legislative, 67 new cases of Covid-19 have been registered since yesterday and one death, the first in two weeks. The Civil Protection Crisis Unit reported. After almost a month in which the epidemiological situation in Croatia had remained at very low levels, with on average one or two cases of positivity per day, for ten days the coronavirus has started to circulate again and now there are between fifty and one hundred cases a day. There have been 108 deaths so far. 435 active cases of infection.

The hopes placed on the torrid heat, which some in the past few months nourished to curb the coronavirus, do not seem to find confirmation in Balkans where precisely with the arrival of high summer temperatures, the advance of the infections has regained vigor. The increase in cases is widespread and in several countries of the region the reintroduction of restrictive measures abolished in recent weeks is expected. In Serbia, where legislative elections were held a week ago and the stadiums began to fill up with crowded and turbulent fans, 254 new infections and three more deaths have occurred in the last 24 hours, with total numbers rising to 14,046 and 230. Intensive care has increased again and is now 31, three times more than a few weeks ago. 291 new cases of coronavirus have been reported since yesterday in Romania, where 23 more deaths have occurred. In this country, the hardest hit in the region, there are 26,313 infections, 1,612 deaths. Even in North Macedonia the upward trend of the infections continues, which have been 176 yesterday, nine dead. There have been 6,080 cases of Covid-19 so far, with 274 victims. North Macedonia will vote on 15 July for parliamentary elections. Since yesterday there have been 112 new cases of infection in Bulgaria, with the total rising to 4,624, while another death has brought the number of victims to 216. Contagions are also growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 108 more since yesterday, for a total of 4,189, the victims have been 178 in all. The recovery of cases also concerns Slovenia, on the point a few weeks ago of proclaiming the end of epidemic. There have been nine outbreaks since yesterday, the number of deaths has stopped at 111. Twelve new outbreaks in Montenegro, which the end of the epidemic had officially declared and where 157 new infected people are now registered.

Israel it is “at the beginning of a new wave of disease”: health minister Yoel Edelstein said in a televised speech today, at the end of a first ministerial consultation on the fight against coronavirus which will continue tomorrow. “I submitted to the government today – he said – some unpleasant measures but made mandatory by the situation to stop the virus now, and not have to resort to a market lockdown”. In particular, he mentioned new restrictive measures to religious events such as weddings, Jewish ceremonies of age or circumcisions. There are also restrictions on prayers in synagogues and other groupings of people. Particular measures should be taken, in his opinion, also in universities. Work from home will also be encouraged, particularly among civil servants. Concrete measures to that effect could be announced tomorrow.

While Palestinian authorities express growing alarm over the spread of coronavirus in the West Bank, the governor of Bethlehem Kamil Hmeid has anticipated that from tomorrow even Bethlehem, like Hebron and part of Nablus, will be closed temporarily, as in March. For now, according to the Times of Israel, it is a 48-hour closure. In recent days, the authorities had also imposed the closure of the populous refugee camp of Aida, near Bethlehem. According to data released today by the Minister of Health Mai al-Khaileh, the positive cases among the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem reached today the figure of 2,112: more than double their total number of just a week ago. The main outbreak is in Hebron, where according to the local health ministry the situation is now alarming. In 60 per cent of cases, the authorities attribute the sudden surge in infections to a failure to observe social distancing. For this reason, Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayeh explained, the closure of the most affected areas is necessary.


Coronavirus, Ausl Bologna: ‘Bartolini outbreak with 107 cases’ – Emilia-Romagna

Two positives are guests of the migrant center: carpet screening at the hub begins

“There are 107 total cases of positivity recorded at Bartolini: 79 are the employees found positive at Covid-19, 28 are family members or acquaintances. At this point we can say that we have done all the checks, on the last 109 swabs performed between administrative staff and drivers, we have 12 positive ones “. Paolo Pandolfi, director of the Public Health Department of the Local Health Authority of Bologna, told ANSA at a point on the outbreak discovered in the Bologna logistics company.

ALSO POSITIVE TWO DRIVERS – Not only warehouse workers and family members, but also two drivers from the Bartolini logistics center in Bologna tested positive for Coronavirus. The Bologna Local Health Authority reports. Of the 107 positives, in fact, 79 are workers (77 warehouse workers and two drivers). 28 other positive people were identified, including relatives and contacts. An employee and a family member / acquaintance are hospitalized, while the others are home trustee isolation.

CARPET SCREENING IN MIGRANT HUBS – From tomorrow the screening with 200 swabs for the coronavirus will take place in the hub for migrants in via Mattei in Bologna after the verification of two positive cases among guests of the structure, warehouse workers for Bartolini. Paolo Pandolfi, director of the Public Health Department of the AUSL of Bologna, says it to ANSA, but he specifies: be careful to attribute origin to Bartolini. “We are already on a war footing – Pandolfi underlines – I am organizing buffers for all those who are in that structure, almost 200 people for tomorrow. We do a mega thing in a short time. There are two positive cases at Covid-19: these are the cases of the subjects who worked at Bartolini “, as anticipated today by the Bolognese edition of Repubblica. “If any case should come out, at that point, it will be necessary to be very careful to say that it originates, perhaps, from Bartolini. At the reception center the context is completely different from the others: it is a family context, it is not a working context. It is a particular community context that possibly influences the evolution of the infection. It has a different history from the Bartolini outbreak “. “We are in contact with the Prefecture and the cooperative that manages the structure – concluded Pandolfi referring to the possible closure of the hub – We will do everything tomorrow afternoon”.

BARTOLINI FIREPLACE IN CONTAINMENT WAY – The one at the Bartolini logistics center in Bologna “is a hotbed that is about to be contained”. Raffaele Donini, health councilor of Emilia-Romagna says so. “Our regional health system knows how to fight the virus when it occurs – he added – but nobody should think that Covid-19 is a phenomenon that is now behind us”. Bartolini made 328 swabs, highlighting 107 positives, of which 95 asymptomatic and 12 symptomatic, only two of which were hospitalized. In fact, a contact tracing survey with swabs was put in place to act on at least three concentric circles of case contacts, starting from the people who had developed symptoms, and continuing to also test family members and contacts of positive and asymptomatic people. “With the arrival of the last 190 tampons of today – continues Donini – referring to the company’s staff, we can affirm that in this region we have the ability to identify and circumscribe any outbreaks. The ongoing investigation makes us optimistic as regards the existing outbreaks “.