Photo 1: Scandal! Cristian Castro closes his Instagram account after being accused of mistreatment by several women

Screenshots of Cristian Castro’s alleged mistreatment of other women have been published on the Instagram profile @cristiancastromaltratador The Mexican artist Cristian Castro has closed his Instagram account by surprise just …

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What is the Minnesota Protocol: the regulation they claim to apply to the body found near Bahía Blanca

The forensic doctor and Academic Director of the Forensic Sciences Expert Consultant, Virginia Creimer, spoke about the importance of the Forensic Anthropology Corps acting and the need to apply a …

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nearly half of Americans breathe unhealthy air

A report by the American Lung Association released Tuesday states that about half of Americans breathe unhealthy air and there is environmental pollution in nine cities in the west of …

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Medical school official says new doctors are not serving in needy places

Gustavo Quintero, president of the Colombian Association of Medical Schools says that they offered to graduate nearly 2,700 doctors early to incorporate them into the workforce in the midst of …

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Towards the new normal in Miami

In South Florida, authorities are considering reopening beaches and public parks, toward a “new normal” scenario. With more than 23,300 infected with COVID-19, in that state, hospital occupancy is 42%. …

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Story: “Lie” that sanctions prevent the purchase of medicines or food – Voice of America

Story: “Lie” that sanctions prevent the purchase of medicines or food Voice of America.

How to take care of COVID-19 in older adults and what medicines to avoid?

WASHINGTON – Around the world, the population of older adults has been the most affected by the coronavirus. The pandemic has forced millions of them to isolate themselves from their …

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