World Paella Day: a particular celebration and the recipe to cook at home

Each country will be represented by a chef and the participants are: China, Australia, Japan, USA, Italy, Romania, France and Spain. The event will take place entirely during World Paella Day, and each meeting will be broadcast on the site, where the user can vote for the winner of each “match”. There will be 7 games with the corresponding quarterfinals, semifinals and final. There will be a confrontation every 30 minutes, the first will be at 10:30 a.m. and the last at 1:30 p.m. (Spanish time), which will have its live broadcast through the Facebook and Instagram profiles of Visit Valencia.

Salvador Boro Ramirez, the Paella ambassador in Argentina

Better known as Boro, a Valencian who for nine years has been the worthy ambassador of this dish in our country, since his gastronomic venture (catering), he is dedicated to spreading the flavors of his land.

Asked about the different versions regarding the preparation of Valencian paella, Boro simplifies this discussion by noting that “Valencian Paella is all that which is made within the Valencian community, as long as the basic ingredients (chicken, rabbit, flat bean, lima beans and white beans, striped tomato, ground sweet paprika, saffron and oil). Since the Valencian Paella is a very old recipe, of rural people who used the products of their corral and their garden, with seasonal products, in winter they used artichokes and when it rained they collected snails incorporating them, even a little more indoors near the mountain, game meat is used, partridge and wild rabbit to which you can also put some mushrooms. “

Boro shares his Paella Recipe – Arroz de la Valldigna


Spanish Rice 350gr

Chicken 400gr

Rabbit 200gr

Rabbit liver 1un

Ground pork 200gr

Chaucha plana 300gr

Pepper 1one

Pallares beans 150gr

White bean 75gr

Crushed tomato 125gr

Garlic 2 cloves

Chopped rosemary c / s

Olive oil 125gr

Ground sweet paprika 8gr

Saffron thread c / s

Sal c/s


First we will place the paella well leveled, using a drizzle of oil in the center of the container, a grapaet of salt (a pinch of salt) we will have the chicken and the rabbit to fry, once 90% cooked and well browned (important) We will continue with the red pepper strips, brown them a little and reserve them.

We will continue making the mixture of the ground pork with the minced garlic, the rosemary ditto with a pinch of salt and the rabbit’s blood (we can use the well-minced rabbit liver), we will make the meatballs and we will fry them a little, reserving them also together with peppers.

We will continue with the bean and sauté well, fry the striped tomato with the ground sweet paprika and some saffron blades, we will put the water over the rivets of the handles and we will add the pallar beans, the white beans and the meatballs. We will rectify the salt a little and let it boil for 25 to 35 minutes over high heat, once the broth is reduced below the rivets of the handles, add the rice well spread over the entire surface of the paella, let it cook over heat I live the first 10 minutes and seeing how much broth we have left, we leave it over high heat or we travel it over medium or low heat, we add the red pepper strips and add salt for the last time if necessary.

Once the paella is dry, we will make the socarrat or socarraet, which is the roasting of the grains that touch the paella with all the concentrated sugars of the entire production. Toasted brown, never burned black.

Boca de Toro, Sea and Mountain Paella

Chef José Manuel Zafra from his kitchen at the Boca de Toro restaurant in the city of Buenos Aires, proposes a Sea and Mountain Paella, scallops and double chin; another option that on the same plate manages to convey the spirit of its author.


Rice BOMBA 160 grs

Sofrito 25 grs

Chopped 10 grs

Red Fumet 20 grs

Half 100 grs

15 g butter

Lime zest c / s

Scallops 8 units

Pork dewlap 5 slices

Prawns c / s

Chives c / s


We put in the paella pan together with the sofrito, the demi and the red stock, chicken broth and bring to a boil, then we cook the rice for about 17 minutes. Outside we will add the minced and the butter and finish by grating the lime when serving. We mark the scallops and the prawns, put on top of the rice next to the 5 slices of pork dewlap interspersed with chopped chives.


After the celebration of a mass, there are 16 infected with coronavirus and 900 isolated in Córdoba

At least 16 people who attended a mass last week in the Cordoba town of Justiniano Posse they tested positive in coronavirus and 900 others, among those attending that celebration and close contacts, were isolated in a preventive manner, while it is being investigated whether the priest promoted not wearing a mask.


Video: Bolsonaro’s son celebrated like a goal like a car runs over an assailant

That the family Bolsonaro has a special inclination for justice by his own hand it is no secret, now, that they celebrate it in the social networks it is something else, quite different, it stings even its most ardent supporters.

Eduardo, the son of the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonro, celebrated as on a soccer field the video that records the moment when a motorist hits an assailant who tried, at gunpoint, to stop his march to rob him.

LThe images are shocking. You can see how the criminal stands in front of the vehicle and threatens the driver at gunpoint to stop the car. Instead of braking, the driver of the car accelerates and lunges at the thief and throws him into a tree.

Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro retweeted the video and wrote in a post: “Golazo”, an emoji of a clenched fist and the flag of Brazil. The publication received numerous samples of support but also rejection on social networks.


Harry is celebrating his birthday. Meghan didn’t deserve this, the fans are angry

For Prince Harry’s birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth wished them. They shared photos on social networks, but Harry’s wife, Meghan, was missing.

Fans of the royal family agreed to deliberately cut the Duchess of Sussex. “There must have been hundreds of photos to choose from, but you decided to publish one with Harry, William and Kate. I’m sure Meghan’s exclusion was intentional,” one of them said on social media.

But other discussants do not see the situation as black. They noticed that the royal wishes usually occur primarily as a celebrant, without their wife or husband. “It’s Harry’s birthday, not Meghan’s. He was born alone and was not attached to her,” said one of the contributors.

Harry and his wife and son celebrate a birthday in Santa Barbara, California, where the family lives. After a lot of work awaits Sussexy – they signed an agreement with the media giant Netflixwhich should bring them about $ 150 million.


You won’t see this in the Sunny series: DOUBLE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

The cameras just went out, congratulators ran to the square. The two heroes of the Slunečná series had a birthday in the week. Eva Decastelo (42) as Zuzana Dolejší and Ondřej Pavelka (65), who plays the mayor.

“We didn’t even have anything ready,” Eva admitted. Fortunately, they could cut an amazing cake. The actress enthusiastically boasted of other gifts. “Jana Stryková she gave me the book Conversations with CG Jung. From Tereza Brodská I got a bead bracelet and my husband and kids also wanted to give me a bracelet, but they couldn’t agree on which one. So I made money on it, they both bought me both, I wear them a lot now, “admitted the actress cheerfully, who of course has to take off her jewelry while filming.

Eva Decastelo: I keep a strict diet! What is it about?

You can watch the video from the Slunečná series here:


Kodetová celebrates »50«: And Šporcl auctioned off her uncle!

If she were to take stock of her life so far and say what she is most proud of, it is mainly the family. “I am glad that I have three healthy children and that we have had a beautiful relationship with my husband for fifteen years.

On video with Barbora Kodetovou you can see here:

I’m actually proud of my life in general, I’m happy in the world, “said Aha! birthday girl at a charity auction for children from orphanages. Her husband, a violin virtuoso Pavel Šporcl (47), even participated in the auction of Bář’s uncle Christian Kodet’s graphics (72). Thanks to him, the final amount climbed to a beautiful 39 thousand crowns.

Barbora Kodetová: I can’t imagine getting into my husband’s cell phone.


A fan gave a pipe to Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I got a reply

The redditor congratulated Arnold Schwarzenegger on his birthday with a smoking pipe in the form of a Terminator and received a pleasant reply. After such gratitude, the fans are sure: Arnie is a simple person. And they cannot take their eyes off the presentation itself.

American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, known to millions of moviegoers for his role in the Terminator film series, turned 73 on July 30. Despite his age, the star continues to delight fans with videos on which demonstrates perfect stretch (well, almost), and shares favorite tracks (sometimes unexpected), which are great for working out in the gym.

For Arnie’s birthday, a fan registered on the entertainment site Reddit under the nickname RadonLab, sent the idol a smoking pipe. But he published the good news about this only on September 2.

The reason for the joy was the response in the form of a photo of the Terminator himself with a gift, which is made in the form of his own head. The pipe’s creator explained to the redditors that he was honored to receive a positive reaction from the celeba.

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Fast RadonLab in a few hours I collected more than 500 comments, in which the redditors appreciated the user’s work. Many people have commented that the pipe looks amazing and is almost perfect.

And the expression on Schwarzenegger’s face and the caption “For Radon. Thank you for the great pipe. Arnold Schwarzenegger “once again confirmed – the actor is sincerely pleased with the gift.

Many commentators thought that giving something to an idol was simply unrealistic. But the redditor not only became an exception, but also received a response from Arnie.

Now people are absolutely sure that the famous bodybuilder has an amazing character and an open mind. And neither popularity nor money could spoil Arnie.

In October 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared with fans photo with colleague Jackie Chan… The whole Instagram exploded from such content, but the absurdity really went off scale when Russian fans burst into the replies.

AND photograph of Terminator surrounded by pets seriously excited the followers. The actor often posts the furry ones on the social network, but people were seriously worried about the dog, the little horse and the llama from the picture.


Iva Janžurová (79): 80th birthday I will not celebrate …

Just no crowd congratulations and cheers. That’s not one of our best comedians at all. “As someone wants a private funeral, I want private logs,” she told the daily Aha! actress.

Iva Janžurová: I always hold on to my colleagues!

And any shooting? “Daughter Theodora said that, but I’m not happy about it. He has different ideas about the film that is supposed to be about me than I do, “Ivuška explained. It is said that her branch enjoys shots that her mother does not intend to release into the world in any way. He therefore expects a fight for every film sequence in the family. “I’m not really happy about my birthday. I am satisfied when the work goes well, “Janžurka smiled. In the summer, she fine-tuned her play Veletoč at the cottage, which the Kalich Theater has in its repertoire. It gave the comedy a swing and the audience laughed. The actress is already working on another topic, she can’t be idle. His – as he says in his fourth twenties he wants to celebrate in full flight. But he will not rent the hall for the celebration.

She is angry with the high pressure
This week, Iva Janžurová had to apologize from the press conference in Kavčí hory. “I had a high blood pressure. I measured high values, so I had to call it off, “confided the actress, who underwent heart surgery four years ago.

Janžurová did not take Leo away: Instead, she felt sorry for her daughter!


Rakitic’s pool that sparked controversy and a shower of insults in Barcelona

Rakitic was interviewed live on Sevilla FC TV after the consecration of his ex-club by beating Inter Milan 3-2 in the German city of Cologne and immediately He threw himself into the pool with pants and a T-shirt.

Consequently, the Catalan media Sport titled: “Rakitic’s celebration of the Sevilla title that will have consequences” with the video and information about the possible return of the Croatian, in exchange for 10 million euros.

Another site, such as Mundo Deportivo, assured that there is “discomfort” due to his “euphoric celebration” and that with his contract close to expiration -June 30, 2021-, added to the 8-2 against in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, it could have “contained such a celebration.”

Likewise, the “blaugranas” fans showed their anger with Rakitic on social networks, giving him insults and criticism for “not showing his face” after the elimination in which he did not participate and a season for oblivion in which he gave up the field in the starting eleven.

Rakitic arrived in Barcelona in 2014 and completed his sixth year without much continuity after the departure of coach Ernesto Valverde, last January. In fact, during the cycle of Enrique Seitén, now also a former DT of the Catalans, he barely played 31 games -15 as a starter- and scored only one goal, his worst record in his time in Barcelona.


“At no time was I afraid”: Nabil Crismatt

On his way to Chicago’s Wrigley Field, where the Cardinals were facing the Cubs, on Tuesday night, at press time, Nabil Crismatt Abuchaibe answered THE HERALD’s call to discuss his auspicious Major League debut on Monday. at night in the defeat of the red birds against the same ‘Cubs’ (5-4).

The Barranquilla pitcher, who worked a full inning without allowing runs and striking out two men, recounted everything that surrounded that special moment in his life, hours before his joy multiplied and he returned to shine in his second game in the Gran Carp (see separate note).

Have you pinched yourself to see if you are not dreaming?

I always knew it was real, it was something I had been looking for since I was a child. God always has the perfect place to put you. I have assumed this with the greatest tranquility. I thank God for having me here and making that dream come true.

Did you ever think of throwing in the towel?

Never. I always fought day after day for a dream. I’m still fighting. I always tried to arrive and I thank God, who never takes the sweat and work of anyone, everything comes in due course.

If you weren’t a baseball player, what would you be doing now?

I would have been a pilot, I love aviation.

Since when did you like baseball?

Since ever. My grandfather played baseball and he passed that on to the family. They all had it as a hobby. I had the opportunity to leave the country at the age of 15 and dedicate myself one hundred percent to my profession. I think it is the best decision I have made in my life. Yesterday (Monday) I was able to fulfill my dream and that of my parents, who gave me the opportunity to leave the house and fly.

What do you remember about your beginnings in baseball?

I am not sure in which field I saw baseball play for the first time. I remember growing up listening to Édgar Renteria. He was always an idol. I had the opportunity to speak with him these days, when I was called up to the Major Leagues, and I told him that I looked forward to continuing his legacy. He is a person who has left the country high. Without a doubt, he is the best of the Colombians who have been through the Major Leagues and I hope to imitate his discipline and effort, which are something incredible. I am here and I hope to stay for many years to come.

How many calls have you received after debut?

I do not have an exact number, but it is very gratifying that people express their affection to you. I will not be able to answer all of them, I have read little by little, but it fills me with great satisfaction to know that there are so many people waiting for one. How cool that.

Did you feel nervous at any point in your debut?

No, honestly not. I have been working my mind in the last months, I feel that the game now becomes more mental than physical and one can never let the emotions be above one. I feel like the mind is everything right now. Play a very important role in this sport, you have to go out and try to manage your emotions, that is what divides you between failure and success.

Not even after Anthony Rizzo doubles on his first pitch in the majors?

No. I went to execute my plan and felt calm. I knew what I was doing. At no time did I feel fear, of nothing. Just as they have a bat, I have a ball. That can happen, the game is like that. Regardless of any result, what you control is throwing the pitch with conviction and confidence. It was a good pitching and he connected very well, I give him credit. I stayed calm and tried to move the situation forward.

Having a figure like the Puerto Rican Yadier Molina as a receiver is not yet given, but he is getting closer and closer …

Yeah right if. I know that with God’s help we will have him back in the team, and all the colleagues who are with the coronavirus problem. I wish them the best and hope they come back soon. I know that at some point I will have him behind the plate and I will try to learn the most from him and all the teammates.

Did you see the video of your father’s reaction when he struck out Ian Happ?

(Laughs)… Incredible. Since I’ve been pitching in the minor leagues, it’s been like this. It fills me with a lot of feeling to see him and my mother get emotional every time I pitch. I have to tell you to calm down a bit, I’m afraid that something is going to happen to you with such great emotions. It is normal, they feel it because I am their son. Bacano that they are enjoying it.

What made you laugh the most about the video?

(Laughter) The thrill of him when I struck out the batter. Amazing to see how he raises his arms and starts to shake them (laughs)… I see him again and I laugh again.

A very Barranquilla celebration …

Yes Yes. It is something that only he feels as a father. It is very exciting to see it. It fills me with great personal satisfaction to see how my family enjoys this.