Agricultural death Mooroopna: the collapse of the silo claims the life of man

A man died after being crushed by a silo in his family’s dairy in Mooroopna The 23-year-old man is believed to have been working under the silo on his own when he collapsed on him around 16:00. WorkSafe is investigating. The fatality brings the number of deaths in the workplace to 14 this year, which […]

HSBC interim chief Noel Quinn may remain CEO

Noel Quinn The transition boss becomes a permanent solution. (Photo: AFP) London The board of directors let him fidget for a long time, but now the decision has been made: Noel Quinn became permanent on Tuesday with immediate effect HSBCBoss promoted. The 59-year-old has only managed the business as interim boss. With Quinn’s appointment, a […]

The psychologist explains the purchase of panic in the toilet paper

The death toll from coronavirus is increasing by the minute, global equity markets are losing billions of dollars and Australia appears to be on the cusp of a recession. But the takeaway key from the week’s news is that people are crazy about their toilet paper. The virus has caused thousands of victims worldwide, but […]

Apple closes Australian stores to fight COVID-19, Samsung counters

DO NOT drop your iPhone or wash one of your AirPods for the next two weeks. The tech giant Apple closed all its 22 Australian stores today (Sunday) in an unprecedented worldwide shutdown of outlets outside Greater China in an attempt to stem the spread of the new coronavirus. The two-week shutdown, announced by the […]

WHO hopes to curb coronavirus epidemic

The youngest brother of Tedros Adanom Gebreisus died at the age of four. When Gebreisus began to study medicine, he realized: most likely, measles killed her brother. “I have not come to terms with this even now,” he complains of injustice: there is a vaccination against measles, they can treat the disease … But the […]

Flights canceled, flying half empty on the fears of viruses

As a passenger seated on a budget, perhaps on a flight to Los Angeles or en route to London, the chances of landing a seat that turns into a full line lies somewhere between thin to none. But the industry has entered an unexplored phase that is perhaps not seen since 9/11 when global air […]

Mauro Grimaldi, the luxury man who has to internationalize Spring

While the Qatari shareholder has just separated from CEO Paolo de Cesare, Mauro Grimaldi, formerly Pucci, recruited by the latter, remains responsible for developing the brand’s establishments outside of France. With an ambitious goal. If international has always been his playground, it is a turning point in the career of Mauro Grimaldi who had mainly […]

The two annoyingly famous men missing from the new video

Qantas may have just released an impressive new flight safety video that traces its glorious 100-year history, but Australians seem more concerned about what isn’t in the video: the two expats who buy coffee from the last one. The new eight-minute security video presented yesterday marks the centenary of Qantas showing how much aviation has […]