Costa, the Champions and the covid-19 cases: ″ Not in Lisbon, but in the neighboring areas ″



Prime Minister of Portugal confident that the capital can receive the final stage of the race.

António Costa gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia and was convinced that the increase in the number of cases in the Lisbon area will not affect the final stage of the Champions League.

“It has nothing to do with the center of Lisbon, where the Champions League will take place,” said the prime minister.

“It is not in Lisbon, but in neighboring areas. There is no aggravation. In these areas there was no general reduction that occurred throughout the territory. There are 19 parishes out of a total of 3,091 in the country. Our measures aim to decrease the number of cases, which affect the young and asymptomatic population, only detected by the proactive tests we carried out. The hospital occupancy rate is at 63% “, pointed out António Costa.

The Lisbon and Tagus Valley region is responsible for 85% of the new cases of covid-19 released this Sunday by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), housing 391 of the 457 people infected in the last 24 hours.


Sporting Toulon : Claude Joye ready to sell the club, Mourad Boudjellal

INFO le FIGARO – Yet another twist in the takeover of the club, Azure and Gold. According to our information, the current president of SCT has signified, by their attorney-in-common, Mourad Boudjellal that the Sporting Club Toulon was for sale. It will however lower the price initially set at € 6 million.

From our correspondent in Toulon

New twist in the soap opera Sporting Club Toulon. After being torn apart by the media in which they last week, Claude Joye and Mourad Boudjellal are again spaced by their lawyer in common. And the club of the Harbor is this time… to sell !

The audit scheduled for their first agreement, before a new fâcherie, will be done this week. What relaunch the crazy dream of the supporters of the Rascasse largely in favour of an arrival of the former president of the Rugby Club Toulonnais. A rendezvous between the two men to finalize the agreement would be provided during the week.

Claude Joye released by the mayor and partners private

What explains this sudden reversal of the situation ? According to our information, the current owner of the SCT does not have a lot of support around him. Even if he said not wanting to mingle with a possible redemption, the mayor of Toulon Hubert Falco wants to reduce drastically the subsidies allocated to the football club. This year, the amount paid by the city exceeded 500,000 euros. A hard blow for Claude Joye, who had about the same amount in its next budget.

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Excited about a possible arrival of Mourad Boudjellal, some of the sponsors of the SCT, which has a strong present on the jersey last season, have served to Claude Joye that they no longer wanted to work with him. New stalls of private actors who had already de facto in great difficulty of finances, Azure and Gold. To accentuate the pressure, Mourad Boudjellal is expected to unveil this week two important partners who are willing to accompany him in his dream of football.

Relegated to National 2, Claude Joye was well separate a dozen players still under contract to re-launch a positive dynamic. The players that are considered undesirable would be roughly € 700,000 in payroll. Yet another problem for the accountant of training, few players want to go to the Sporting Club Toulon at the present time. They would be even willing to honor their contract. Another pebble in the finances of the SCT which remains very precarious.

This succession of impacts has been flexing Claude Joye from its initial position. Then he said he was only “ready to collaborate” with Mourad Boudjellal, the scenario of a sale is income more than ever on the table. Contacted this evening, Claude Joye has not responded to our requests. As to “MB”, he only replied that “everything is for sale, it is a question of price”. A price that will certainly not the six million claimed by the current president of SCT.

Reproached by a supporter of Sporting on Twitter – “what are you going to live at the Sporting will be 1000 times greater than to all the emotions that you have been able to live in your different lives… Mourad king of Toulon…. Look forward to the first trip to the Velodrome” -, Mourad Boudjellal responded without mystery : “Yes, but this time it will not be a relocation, promised.” A sign that the situation is truly shifting.


Redemption of Sporting Toulon : Joye and Boudjellal will give a week to find an agreement” – Fil Info

Claude Joye, the current owner of the Sporting Club Toulon and Mourad Boudjellal, the former president of the RC Toulon, which is applied to a buyout of the club, have been received this Monday by Hubert Falco, mayor of the city, to make a point about the current situation of the entity, Azure and Gold. For weeks, a battle around the club at la Rascasse, relegated to National 2 this season, raged between Joye, who does not wish to sell, and Boudjellal. “Mr. Joye is the main shareholder and it remains so. Mr. Boudjellal can bring his dynamism. I told them that “more and more, it was,” said Hubert Falco at the end of this meeting. Men of quality are able to converse, work together, to exchange. There we are. I asked them now, it’s been weeks that we are expecting agreement. They both agree that their legal and financial advice write to this agreement. I gave them until Friday to write it. This is where we are. Me I want that they work together and that we have a Sporting worthy of the city of Toulon.” And to add : “We are on the right track. I trust them to put this track. What was important this morning (Monday), it’s that they leave not one behind the other, but that they are so together.”

Claude Joye, for his part, argues that it “has a week to find an agreement in the interest of the club. Mourad is on the same wave length as me. We will do everything for. (…) There has never been a question of sell or buy, but to collaborate. The purpose is not to disperse the money, but to bring back the most for the club. The whole thing now is to find an agreement on the mode of governance.” Mourad Boudjellal has admitted that he “agrees to be in a company, without being a majority shareholder. This never happened to me in my life. (…) There must be a mode of governance exclusive, on which I will not discuss. I have the impression that it was a little bit of progress on it. The lawyers will draft an agreement, but to me this is the governance essential element. If this is the case, things will be done. If this is not the case, they will not…” After the next episode.


Boudjellal : the track of the Athlético Marseille away – Over Info

We knew that Mourad Boudjellal had two projects redemption of clubs : Sporting Toulon, france (National 1), and, in default, the Athlético Marseille, promoted sportingly in National 2. Gold on Tuesday, the regional Commission of control club (CRCC) of the League of the Mediterranean sea of Football has announced in its minutes the relegation in Regional 2 of the small club player, whose accounts are proven to be very onerous. Mourad Boudjellal, who dreams to go up in League 1 in the next few years, so has certainly abandoned this track. Still remains one of the Sporting Toulon. A crucial meeting – one more… – is scheduled for Monday, June 15, between the mayor of Toulon, Hubert Falco, Claude Joye, the main shareholder of the SCT, and the ex-boss of the RCT. But, here again, the DNCG has considered the accounts and the federal commission of control of the clubs has decided, Tuesday, a “supervision of the payroll of Sporting for the next season.


Belarusian Championship stopped, Accambray champion with Meshkov Brest – Fil Info

The Belarusian Handball Championship was finally stopped six days before the end due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The classification was frozen and it was Meshkov Brest by Frenchman William Accambray who won a twelfth coronation. “There were 6 matches left and we should have been champions in 1 or 2 days. We are champions now! And the Cup is postponed to the start of next season, “reacted the former international with joy. The triple world champion, also Olympic and European champion, who arrived in Belarus a year ago, will probably not have the opportunity to win the Belarus Cup, since he signed up with Aix-en -Provence from next season.


The “green people” in support of Robert Herbin – Ligue 1

Since the announcement Friday afternoon of Robert Herbin’s hospitalization in Saint-Étienne in a state considered worrying, messages of support have been pouring in.

Hospitalized since Tuesday at the CHU of the northern hospital in a state considered worrying, the coach of the heyday of ASSE, now 81 years old, suffers from heart problems. He would be in intensive care in the cardiology department of Cécile Romeyer-Bouchard, the daughter of Roland Romeyer, the current president of the executive board of ASSE. According to those around him, the state of health of the “Sphinx”, his nickname, would be considered very worrying. Player of a single club before becoming his coach three times (he returned to second Pierre Repellini during the 1997-1998 season), Herbin allowed Saint-Étienne to win nine of his ten championship titles and his six French Cups.

Former ASSE players like Laurent Paganelli, who evolved under the orders of Herbin from 1978 to 1983, reacted on social networks.

And of course, the “green people did not fail to support his legendary trainer. Of “Who is the strongest obviously it is Robert”. at “Courage M. Herbin you will win this match”


PSG: Neymar, it’s “164 million euros” according to his former agent – Transfers

Wagner Ribeiro talks about the situation of the Parisian superstar on ESPN.

We’re talking about the future of Neymar. This time, it’s not the Spanish press, but his former agent, Wagner Ribeiro. Questioned by ESPN, the interested party first reviews the beginnings of the career of “Ney”, courted by many clubs before saying yes to FC Barcelona, ​​in 2013. Chelsea, Bayern Munich or Juventus Turin had approached him, he swears. What about Real Madrid? “I have been to Madrid several times because Florentino (Perez) had the dream of signing Neymar,” said the Brazilian agent. Just last year, I was with him, in May, in his office, and he told me that he had this dream of signing Neymar. ” President Perez’s interest is not new. The interested party has never hidden it, even if it seems that Kylian Mbappé has his favors now. In the meantime, only Barça made an offer in 2019. Refused, we know.

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It must be said that at the time, Paris Saint-Germain was in a position of strength, with another three years of contract for its player – until 2022 – and no release clause provided. “PSG could very well have asked for € 500 million,” said Wagner Ribeiro. Leonardo actually asked for a little less than that … Too much for Barcelona, ​​however. Except that two years from the end of his engagement, Neymar could leave without the endorsement of Paris Saint-Germain in 2020, thanks to a provision of FIFA. “Today, he can leave for 164 million euros,” promises Wagner Ribeiro.

“Neymar is happy in Paris”

Wagner Ribeiro

A sacred sum, although much lower than the 222 million euros disbursed by the PSG in the summer of 2017. Especially that it would have to be settled in one go… In these times of lean cows, coronavirus obliges, imagine Barça (or a other club) aligning this kind of amount is unlikely. “There will be very few transfers over 50 million euros this year,” agrees Wagner Ribeiro, who was careful not to give clear indications on the future of the 28-year-old Brazilian international. “He won everything in Barcelona, ​​there are his best friends, but he is happy at PSG,” he said, before stressing that “a player must be professional”. As Neymar has been since the start of the season. To the point of returning to its best level. And to overtake Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the world hierarchy? In any case, this is the opinion of Wagner Ribeiro, who sees his former foal “much better” than the two long-time rivals. This remains to be confirmed…


An owner with blood-stained hands in the Premier League

“I have a terrible moral dilemma. My dream was to lose sight of our owner, who has collapsed the club. And now that new owners are coming in, it turns out to be a dictatorship, ”Norman Riley told the football podcast this week. True faith. Newcastle United, one of England’s traditional clubs, is negotiating to be bought by a consortium that includes Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a deal worth more than € 340 million. could turn the North East England club into one of the most powerful teams in the Premier League. Different actors, however, try to torpedo an agreement that generates moral debates among fans.

“No matter what happens, I will keep going to the stadium. I didn’t agree with Mike Ashley either. But I admit I’m worried about the arrival of the Saudis. I have a master’s degree in human rights and I can’t take kindly to these people. Now, at the same time, I wonder why the Premier League should not allow the arrival of Saudi capital, when it has already opened the door to money from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, which are not very democratic, precisely, ”explains Riley , in reference to Mike Ashley, probably one of the most hated men in English football. Ashley is a self-made businessman who did not even finish high school, but who was able to build an empire in the world of sports products, especially tracksuits. His company Sports Direct has made him one of the 20 richest Britons while continuing to add complaints from workers and unions. These days, for example, he has been accused of forcing his employees to work despite covid-19, while raising the price of sports products he has sold using the services of distributors to whom he has reduced his salary.

In 2007 Ashley bought 41% of the shares in Newcastle. And within a few years, he was a majority shareholder in a club that had felt important again in the previous decade. Four-time league champion from 1905 to 1927, Newcastle managed to become runners-up in 1996 and 1997 and play in the Champions League, in which they were able to defeat teams such as Barça or Juventus, with players such as Shearer, Asprilla and Ginola. Ashley, however, bought a club that had hit the roof and was accumulating debt. And his management confronted him from day one with the fans, as he did not hide the fact that he wanted to resell the club to get rich. In a few months he saw the coach, Kevin Keegan, much loved by the fans. Over the last decade the club has suffered two relegations to Second, but has returned to First in the midst of a social crisis that led more than 14,000 fans to not want to renew the season ticket in an attempt to knock out an Ashley who he kept saying that he was negotiating to sell the club, but that he never found the buyer to get rich. Now it has arrived. And he, who passes the confinement in Florida, is already rubbing his hands imagining that he will be even richer.

More executions than ever

“The fans have been waiting for a new buyer to arrive for many years, with hope. But we did not imagine that the solution would be this “, says Riley. Just when the covid-19 crisis began it was discovered that Ashley was negotiating to sell the club to a Saudi consortium. Amnesty International has already warned the Premier League that it should not authorize the operation. Behind the PCP Capital Partners consortium is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is increasingly in charge, using sport to improve the overall position of his kingdom and clean up its image. This year, for example, he has already organized the Spanish and Italian Super Cups, as well as the Dakar. “The Premier League is risking becoming complicit in covering up an operation in which the Saudis want to use the glamor and prestige of football to cover up immoral actions that break international law,” recalls Amnesty International. In 2019 this state “executed 184 people, the highest figure recorded in a single year in a country since we collected data,” they say.

Qatar-based television channel BeIN Sport, which owns the rights to the Persian Gulf premier, has also come under pressure. He has repeatedly denounced that a website authorized by the Saudi government is illegally offering the Premier League to Saudi Arabia. Thus, the Saudis avoid having to hire a Qatar television at home, as these two states do not maintain diplomatic relations and are protagonists of the Yemen war.

The Premier League has not yet given final permission to close the deal. In 2017 the Premier adopted a new regulation to try to prevent their clubs from being bought by sources with a criminal record, the so-called Owner’s and director’s tests. In Newcastle, most fans seem to be in favor of closing the deal. In the rest of the clubs people are against it. Some for a moral issue and others to avoid having a neighbor richer than them.


Olympiakos relegated due to match fixing? – Info thread – Foreign

According to local SNDA media, Olympiakos, current leader of the Greek championship, could play in the second division next season due to a match-fixing case dating back to 2015. The ethics committee in charge of the investigation would have asked for the relegation of the club from Mathieu Valbuena and the payment of a fine of three million euros. Evangelos Marinakis, owner of Olympiakos, could even be banned from football for life.


Mediapro dreams of Platini – News feed – Ligue 1

Future channel of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, Mediapro is trying to recruit journalists and consultants for next season according to The team. In charge of interviews, Jean-Michel Roussier relies on his network within clubs, the media and institutions to provide the services of the best. Among the names mentioned, there are notably two names from Canal +, Habib Bey and Eric Carrière, but also Laurent Blanc, who has been without a club since he left PSG in 2016. Jean-Michel Roussier even dreams of seeing Michel Platini on the set of Mediapro , the two men have even already discussed on the subject. Several other personalities are still in discussion or have refused, such as Marie Portolano, Mohamed Bouhafsi and Messaoud Benterki.