Liverpool won the championship of English, 30 years after the last coronation

The wait has been long, thirty years of which three months to ask if the coronavirus was not going to spoil everything, but the Liverpool of Jürgen Klopp is back on English football after the defeat, on Thursday, June 25, from Manchester City to Chelsea (2-1). “It is a moment so important, I’m completely overwhelmed “responded the coach before you dedicate this title to the fans. “This evening, it is for you “, he added.

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In the night, hundreds of fans have braved the authorities ‘ recommendations and Klopp himself for the party. Smoke bombs, fireworks, flags, scarves, the whole panoply scarlet red of the supporter of LFC was there as people embraced and kissed with joy in the street.

A victory without the public

“The whole season so far has been amazing.”launched Virgil van Dijk, who arrived on the banks of the river Mersey in 2018. “Being a part of this group of players and have this career since I joined the club, I’m really happy with this title. ” The Manchester City-Liverpool in a week, for the 32e day will be the tunes of the award between two teams who throw the championship for the past two years.

We can still regret that the Reds are sacred without playing, and without an audience. But “honestly, I don’t care “had answered by anticipation Klopp when he was asked if it would ease his joy.

Many disappointments

This epilogue planned long-standing erases three decades of frustration, punctuated by disappointments in 2009, 2014 or even last year, when 97 points had not been sufficient in the face of the Citizens. At the end of the winter, the question was no longer if, but when the Liverpool 2020 would reach that of 1990, the last champion.

At the time, the Premier League had not yet been launched and the championship that English was not this competition to the power of huge financial followed everywhere in the world.

Collective strength

This year, the Reds have crashed the Premier League with a thirst for victories unquenchable, which allowed them to often break the locks of the toughest. Despite a plethora of stars – Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, or the trio Salah-Firmino-Mane – it is their collective force that has impressed, in the image of the club’s slogan : “You’ll never walk alone (You never walk never alone ).

Several records fell in the path testify to this domination without sharing. Liverpool is, after 31 days, the champion earlier in the story, since it had to be 33 to Manchester United in 2001 and to the City in 2018. And this is not finished ! They can still improve 100 points achieved by City in 2017/2018, and the gap of 19 points on United, 2nd.

A few shadows to the table

This season, where the Reds have also won their first World club in Qatar in December, will be undeniably a beautiful place in their very rich history. Some shadows remain at the table, however.

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The elimination from the knockout stages in the Champions League, facing Atlético Madrid (1-0, 3-2, after extra time), when they were title holders, has been a great disappointment. To a lesser degree, the courses in domestic cups ended in the eighth for the fa Cup and in the quarter for the League Cup disappointing.

But for the eternally dissatisfied as is Jürgen Klopp, no doubt that these small reserves will be used as sources of motivation to try to bring the Reds even higher next year.


England Football Championship may resume June 12

The matches of the English Premier League are scheduled to resume on June 12, according to the newspaper The Telegraph. The championship of England was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, May 11, a video conference of the Premier League is due to be held to discuss the resumption of the season.

On the eve of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that from May 13 in the UK will begin to mitigate the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. In particular, people will be allowed to play sports on the street an unlimited number of times, and car trips around the country will also be possible. According to the latest data, more than 220 thousand people have become infected with the virus in the country, more than 31.9 thousand have died.

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