Why taxi drivers “bells and whistles”? Is it worth it to overpay for the updated Skoda Rapid

Due to overpriced demand for the new product may fall.

The Czech liftback appeared on the Russian market in 2012. In this body “Rapid” is available only for Russians and is assembled at the Kaluga plant. Due to the availability and ease of operation, he found his place among ordinary drivers and taxi services. But with the release of the updated Skoda Rapid, its cost has increased significantly. Such changes will not please many motorists.

According to the Czech manufacturer, the 2020 liftback received a completely new version. So, the Rapid body was galvanized, which allows it to be protected from corrosion. From external changes Skoda Rapid received a more sloping hood, a modified grille and new LED optics. Technical characteristics of the car remained the same, and the main changes affected the interior.

Starting with basic equipment costing the Skoda Rapid has two airbags, a four-speaker audio system and a 6.5-inch multimedia display. In a more expensive version, fog lights, cruise control, climate control, heated windshield and washer nozzles, light and rain sensors, as well as rear parking sensors will appear.

Comparing the characteristics of the updated Rapida with its predecessor need to pay tributethat it turned out to be more modern, but because of additions it is more expensive than competitors in class. Many motorists will not like such an overpayment for “bells and whistles” in the budget segment, especially taxi drivers.

While motorists decide whether to overpay for the updated Skoda Rapid 2020, and in the meantime, the start of liftback sales is expected in the near future – official dealers of the brand are already taking pre-orders for the car.

Dobrov Roman

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New details about Toyota Land Cruiser 300 leaked to the network

Novelty will receive dramatic changes in both the external and technical parts.

Toyota Land Cruiser is considered the longest series of the Japanese brand. Since 1951, SUV sales worldwide have exceeded 6.5 million units. The car owes such demand to proven reliability, endurance and survivability, which is tested in the most difficult climatic conditions. And now new details about the “three hundred” leaked to the network.

At the end of 2019, Japanese news outlets published information on the appearance of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 model in the summer of 2020. After some time, company representatives denied these rumors and said that the serial production of a new generation of SUVs would begin no earlier than the summer of 2021. Despite this, detailed details about the technical part of the car appeared on the network, and not everyone will like this “Cruiser”.

So, the new generation of the SUV will lose the 4.6-liter V8 engine. It will be replaced by a V6 hybrid powertrain with a volume of 3.5 liters and 299 “horses” of useful power, which is combined with a 100-horsepower electric motor. Toyota made this decision due to the changing trend in the technical component of modern cars. As a transmission, a variator will be presented. So fans of the “Cruiser” will be disappointed.

As for the 2.8-liter diesel turbo engine, it will remain unchanged and will be equipped with a classic 8-speed gearbox. In addition, the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will be built on a modern TNGA platform, which will increase body stiffness, achieve a center of gravity shift and distribute the correct axle load. Thanks to this, the new Cruiser will become 8 cm lower and 6 cm longer than its predecessor.

As a result, the SUV will receive a modified frame design, permanent all-wheel drive, and the maximum set of security systems and driver assistants.

Dobrov Roman

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Why the Chevrolet Niva update will not change the market situation

A popular Russian SUV, despite the stylistic changes, will remain auto-trash.

Last year, AvtoVAZ acquired a 50 percent stake in GM-AvtoVAZ, which specialized in the production of the legendary Chevrolet Niva. Such a deal means that the production of Shnivy is now in the hands of Togliatti developers.

And the changes were not long in coming – first of all, AvtoVAZ launched the production of the popular Russian SUV under the brand LADA Niva, and also decided to release the Shniva update. Recently, the network showed renderings made by independent designers, where the Chevrolet Niva is presented in the guise of a LADA 4×4 Vision.

The Shnivy body survived the most changes, which has acquired more features inherent in the corporate identity of LADA. In particular, the Russian SUV can acquire chrome X-shaped trims that will separate a large radiator grill and massive head optics with “halogens”. In addition, the designers endowed the Chevrolet Niva with a front bumper with an integrated large air intake, which is typical for LADA 4×4 Vision. In the side of the Russian SUV, the wheel arches widened and the rims grew in size.

The restyled Shniva received no more changes, but this modernization suggests that this style does not guarantee high build quality, especially when it comes to AvtoVAZ. So the Chevrolet Niva update will not change the market situation – in the desire to earn money, the Togliatti developers, as always, will save on materials, but will make a catchy design to splurge.


Until Meladze sees, Brezhnev dresses up in latex and kisses girlfriends

Faith is cheating on Costa already publicly, without embarrassment.

While Konstantin Meladze is completely busy promoting the members of the collapsed MBAND group and does not see what his wife Vera Brezhneva is doing, the singer certainly does not miss being alone. After a series of her recent publications, it became clear that in her free time from fulfilling marital duties, the ex-participant of “VIA Gra” dresses up in latex and kisses girlfriends.

In the video published by Brezhnev, it is noticeable that she chose a playful cat costume for herself, clearly intended for role-playing games in bed. It was in this form that Vera came to her friend’s birthday, who licked her cheek in one of the published videos. A kind of friendship! But it’s one thing if the singer did this quietly and secretly, but Vera, on the contrary, was not embarrassed by her adventures, and the series of videos of a piquant nature is like a slap in the face to her husband. However, even this seems a trifle in comparison with the adventures of Constantine himself.

In the family of the Meladze brothers, apparently, there is a rule that they must betray their wives. While the younger Valery does not appear at home with Dzhanabaeva, the elder cheats on Brezhneva with ward Erica Herceg. According to rumors, she had already managed to have a baby for her, and judging by Vera’s revenge, Kostya’s lawful wife found out about it.


2020 pension collection date: advance and changes of the banks for the payment of the retirement pension

After advancing the payment of unemployment benefits, banking entities have focused on pensioners, the group most vulnerable to Codiv-19, with means that in many cases include the advance payment of the pensions. Although the Royal Decree of urgent measures against the coronavirus of March 14 does allow travel to any branch, the entities have redoubled efforts to facilitate, according to the recommendations of the health authorities, their older clients can avoid any movement that does not be indispensable.

Among the measures adopted by almost everyone, although they are not only designed for pensioners, he highlights strengthening the telephone and digital channels for customer service. They have also done so by reinforcing information on security measures to prevent a group perhaps less used to operating on the Internet from becoming a victim of fraud. Some have also incorporated health advice or good habits during confinement into their regular communications. They have also increased the payment limit with contactless cards without entering the PIN, which has been established at 50 euros.

Collection of pension at Laboral Kutxa

Laboral Kutxa has decided to automatically postpone the payment of any rental of housing or auction house owned by the entity until July 1 for tenants who are up to date with their payments. In addition, it has split the payment of purchases of more than one hundred euros made with a credit card as well as Lagun Aro insurance and, most innovatively, it offers all its policyholders (no matter which branch) a home delivery medicine service if the user cannot travel to a pharmacy. On the other hand, it has also launched a service that delivers credit and debit cards to the client’s home and offers the possibility of making an appointment at branches or even being attended by a video call to continue receiving advice from their usual managers. and to have any documentation electronically.

Collection of pension at Kutxabank

Kutxabank is one of the entities that have decided advance the payment of the pension, if applicable from the 26th to the 25th. It already did it in March and will do it again in April and May. Also, while the Alarm State lasted It will allow your clients to withdraw money by debit without paying commission at the ATM closest to your home, regardless of the network to which it belongs. On the other hand, even before this crisis, it offered its clients the possibility of making an appointment to be attended by their managers, which now, in addition to saving us waiting, allows us to be away from home for as little time as possible.

Collection of pension at BBVA

BBVA is also one of the entities that have chosen to advance the payment of pensions, if applicable from 25 to 21. Also, pensioners who need have cash can do it for free from any ATM, whatever entity it is, until April 30. The entity assures that it is also studying to expand the measures aimed at this group, the most vulnerable, depending on how events evolve.

Collection of pension at CaixaBank

CaixaBank joins the use without fees of any ATM during the Alarm State and when advance payment of domiciled pensions, which this month was paid on the 15th. In your case it is an advance on the advance, since the usual date is the 25th but in March it has already passed to the 20. In addition, the bank will not charge commissions for the use of other ATMs, it will not return the basic receipts of older customers 65 years (supplies of electricity, water, gas, etc.) even if your bank account is overdrawn. This measure is actually already part of CaixaBanak’s usual offer for its older customers, along with discounts on both health and leisure services. It has also enabled its ATMs so that those over 75 who may be little used to its operation can withdraw the same as other months (the system calculates the average amount with their history) in a simple way. If in any case, the pensioner chooses to go to the branch, the entity makes it easier for them to make an appointment with their manager to avoid waiting and stay away from home for the shortest possible time.

Collection of pension at Banco Sabadell

Sabadell Bank He has also made two advances on the usual date of entry of the pension, which in his case is day 1. In March he changed it to 25 and now, in April, he has modified it again to leave it at 21. In addition, a system (Instant Money) is available that allows you to withdraw money at ATMs using the keys that are sent to your mobile phone via SMS, which allows you to obtain cash even if you do not carry your card with you.

2020 Pensions: this is the minimum pension in Spain


Marine indicators of ecological change

” NOTwe are today French laboratory hosting the most scientific programs supported by the French Polar Institute “, points out Christophe Guinet, director of the CEBC. A situation inherited from the specialties of the first researchers assigned to this CNRS research unit, now associated with the University of La Rochelle.

“The CEBC is 50 years old and this longevity is one of its characteristics. We rely on observations, some of which, for the TAAF, started seventy years ago. We are the third generation of researchers to work on this data ”, specifies Christophe Guinet, who points out the trend reversal operated by his supervisors with regard to a laboratory whose usefulness was questioned in the 1980s.

→ ANALYSIS. Marine indicators of ecological change

“Some doubted the value of continuing to follow, for example, populations of large albatrosses, once established that they lived to sixty years of age, breed every two years and other descriptions of the species. “ Today, these long series of observational data on about thirty species of birds and marine mammals have become a real asset, an essential basis for understanding environmental changes. The laboratory installed in Chizé is one of the rare in France, but also elsewhere in the world, to have such series over the long term.

Ocean State Sentinels

“In Deux-Sèvres as in Kerguelen or in Adélie land, our teams have in common to work in evolutionary ecology: how species adapt – or not – to changes in their environments. Knowing that today things change very quickly due to human activities: alteration of habitats, pollution, overexploitation of natural resources, global warming. “

Albatrosses, penguins, orcas, elephant seals are sentinels of the state of the oceans in which they evolve, and the observations of the CEBC, which developed fine techniques of bio-telemetry and bio-logging, allow to deepen knowledge on these marine environments. “While monitoring the behavior of elephant seals that can dive to – 2,000 m, the devices transmit oceanographic parameters such as temperature, water salinity, diffuse oxygen, density of phytoplankton. This shows us how the biology of the ocean is changing. “

Informal coast guard

The CEBC director highlights the contributions of researchers working on marine predators in terms of species conservation: “Our observations provide the basis for considering regulatory measures. ” Some contributions are more unexpected. Observing howler albatrosses foraging has revealed the presence of illegal fishing vessels in some areas of the vast southern ocean. Large seabirds act as informal coast guards.

→ READ. The albatross, a precious ally against illegal fishing

Overall, the ecological research carried out by Chizé’s teams is fueling awareness “Of an unprecedented and less publicized biodiversity erosion crisis than global warmingt climatic ”, notes Christophe Guinet.


Insurance assumes changes in its future policies due to the impact of the pandemic

The balance left by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has forced insurers to take out the calculator to estimate what the evolution of the business may be when the confinement ends and, above all, when the activity returns to normal at medium and long term. And one of the first changes that the sector will face will be a reordering both in the offer of products to customers, and in the conditions of the insurance of the different branches, as well as in the price. Everything will depend on the commercial policy of each entity, but financial sources admit that insurers will have to carry out an evaluation exercise to adapt their business to a new reality.

Statistics show the link between the evolution of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the insurance premium income of the Non-Life branch of insurers. When in the middle of the 2009 recession the economy fell at a rate close to 4%, the billing of these general insurances (cars, health, death, home, etc.) also fell that 4%. With the recovery, the volume of premiums increased above what the economy did until 2017, according to data from the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds. The sector assumes that growth will be less than in recent quarters due to the contraction in consumption itself.

In the case of car insurance, the sector is verifying, on the one hand, how the accident rate is much lower than before the state of alarm, which generates savings for companies. But, at the same time, premium income has decreased due to paralysis in the sale of vehicles, among other circumstances. From Mutua Madrileña, one of the main companies, which saw its Auto market share grow to around 14% in 2019, admit that “it will be a difficult year” because this industry will decrease the total volume of premiums for the entire sector. “It will take a lot of work so that in the following years” the situation will stabilize again, they indicate in the firm.

Different perspectives face health insurance. The health crisis has caused, among other circumstances, that a good part of the services contracted by clients (outpatients, dental clinics, etc.) cease to operate. In this sense, Mutua Madrileña has provided a support fund of 160 million euros (in addition to the package of support measures for 50 million to overcome the crisis). It will serve to provide liquidity to the professionals of your medical staff and hospital providers of Adeslas. In this way they try to mitigate the current situation, but also “facilitate the recovery of their activity” once the crisis is over.

But health insurance will also experience another reality when the pandemic passes. The type of active products, as well as their conditions, will change. This is what Francisco Valencia, director of the Communication and Sustainability area of ​​Línea Directa, explains as “a moment to reflect on the strengthening of coverage and analyze well the needs that may arise” derived from this crisis. He indicates that the future situation “will force exploration of routes” such as that of telemedicine, until now a minority, but whose weight will increase in the future.

The rate at which the economy itself returns to normal will determine the volume of premiums contracted by citizens and, therefore, the insurance companies’ own exit from the crisis. In the previous recession, their solvency levels were reinforced in general terms.

Suspend dividends

Now, the Ministry of Economy has asked insurers to paralyze the remuneration of their shareholders and not to assume irrevocable payment commitments or carry out operations that, like share repurchases, may have a materially equivalent effect, while the crisis continues. . The S&P agency considers that this decision does not imply any credit risk, but shows caution. Mapfre approved that deal at its March meeting, before the state of alarm. It will decide whether to suspend the 2020 dividend, as some banks have announced, depending on the situation.

Línea Directa –controlled by Bankinter– also maintains its plan to go public in the last quarter. And it is making progress in all legal, financial and administrative procedures to materialize the operation.


The Furloughed casino worker family shares their experience – NBC Connecticut

The Cepeda family, like many across Connecticut, is settling into a new normal.

“Only about a day has passed,” said Christian Cepeda via FaceTime. “As for the future, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Cepeda and her mother Josefina both work at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Cepeda’s sister works in Mohegan Sun. All three family members are temporarily out of work due to the historic closure of the COVID-19 casino.

“We should all be concerned because we don’t know exactly how long it will last,” said Cepeda. “At some point you don’t know when things will pile up too high.”

Cepeda has spent the past five years working on world-class Monza Karting in the resort. Cepeda’s sister is a Mohegan Sun reseller and her mother, Josefina, has worked on Foxwoods’ maintenance team for 19 years.

“As you can imagine, his routine is completely out of his mind,” said Cepeda.

Casinos are closed for two weeks. According to a spokesman for the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Council, all members of the Foxwoods team were fired for the two weeks. I am able to use the benefit time, with all the benefits remaining in place.

Mohegan Sun president and chief executive officer Jeff Hamilton said he had made no layoffs due to the temporary shutdown.

“This is a difficult and arduous moment in which we find ourselves, even if the top priority of our leadership is to bring all the interested team members back to a reopening, at which point we have the utmost confidence that we will return stronger than ever in providing an unparalleled experience for our guests, “wrote Hamilton in a note.

Cepeda said his family is grateful that the casinos have closed to keep everyone safe. Their jobless time so far has been filled with extra family time, enjoy each other’s company.

Cepeda and her sister applied for unemployment and also helped the mother to apply for unemployment. He fears for his colleagues who don’t have access to a computer or understand how to apply for unemployment.

“My mom is lucky because my sister and I are here,” said Cepeda. “But there are many other families, many other immigrant workers and then they come to find that they lose their jobs for an uncertain number of weeks. Some don’t even know how to sign up for unemployment. You have to do it through online.”

The Connecticut Department of Labor has received over 52,000 unemployment claims since Friday March 13, which is approximately 20 times the normal amount of claims. The DOL usually received 2,500 requests per week.

According to the DOL, they are continuing to move resources to devote more staff to processing new complaints. The governor also authorized the use of overtime for this purpose.

With more unemployed people across the state, soup kitchens are preparing to serve even more meals.

The St. Vincent de Paul Place team in Norwich made changes to make meals safer. They only serve meals in travel containers and some of their older volunteers stay at home, but don’t slow down. They are preparing for even more people in the area to need help due to an increase in the laid-off workers.

“Many of these people could come to the food pantry once a month, they just needed a little bit to get over the hump,” said Jill Corbin, executive director of St. Vincent de Paul Place Norwich. “Now that I’m without those jobs, we’ll see many more.”

St. Vincent de Paul Place is asking for more volunteers to work in the kitchen and volunteers to help prepare sandwiches. The meal center serves breakfast and lunch daily. At each meal people can also take a sandwich to go.

They are also asking for supplies including travel containers and sandwich bags. Pasta, pasta sauce and jelly are just some of the items that will help keep the pantry.

The ministry canteen normally works Monday through Saturday, however, a crowded-style meal will be served on Sunday in the parking lot of downtown Cliff Street. The meal is usually served at Lee Method United Church. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the meal could not be hosted in the church. Community and faith leaders came forward to host the community meal on St. Vincent de Paul Place instead this Sunday at 1:00 pm.

Cepeda said his family is doing well and are grateful that they don’t have to take advantage of the canteen’s services at the moment. Her family is worried about their colleagues.

“He wants everyone to know that this is serious,” said Cepeda, translating for his mother. “He hopes that he returns to normal because there are many families who depend on their complete control and now their life is completely turned upside down.”


Coronavirus requires public health emergency in Boston – NBC Boston

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Sunday declared a public health emergency due to the coronavirus epidemic and announced radical changes for bars and restaurants in the city in an attempt to protect residents.

The emergency declaration will help the city’s marshal’s resources, Walsh said on Sunday at a press conference in the town hall. The city’s restaurant regulations come after a series of South Boston restaurants and bars decided to close on Sunday after people were seen packing them on Saturday.

Walsh has also strongly urged city residents to keep social distances, the practice of interacting as little as possible with others is less likely to spread the new coronavirus, which has already killed more than 60 people in the United States and thousands abroad .

“Social distancing is not a vague and ambitious strategy. It is backed by science,” said the mayor, adding later, “it will save lives.”

During a press conference on Sunday, Walsh launched an urgent appeal for residents to engage in social distancing during the coronavirus epidemic.

Following his Friday announcement that the Boston Public School buildings would be closed on Tuesday, Walsh said two school campuses will not open on Monday due to possible exposure in their communities: the Eliot and McKinley schools.

He acknowledged the difficulties families will face when school closes and said that among the ways it could help, the city will distribute food through places established in the city’s neighborhoods.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has announced that the city’s public schools will close Tuesday, March 17, for over a month, in an attempt to protect students, their families and staff during the coronavirus epidemic.

The changes for the city’s bars, restaurants and clubs in the future are vast, including:

  • They will have to cut their capacity in half by removing tables and chairs to encourage social distancing.
  • No line can form outside.
  • Closing before 23:00, excluding restaurants offering drive-thru, take out or delivery.
  • Any restaurant that has not been allowed to make food can now do so – “basically we are allowing every single establishment that serves food in the city of Boston to take away,” he said.
  • The beer gardens will not be able to open for the season until the crisis has passed.

Violators will remain closed for 30 days, Walsh said.

He explained that he wants people to still be able to get food during the period of greatest social estrangement and does not want the city workers to suffer too much. He also thanked the 14 or more bars and restaurants that agreed to close after Saturday’s full rooms on Sunday.

On Sunday, Walsh gave advice on how best to achieve social distancing.

People arriving at U.S. airports from overseas on Saturday night reported that waiting times were online for the necessary medical visits during the coronavirus epidemic.


26 new coronavirus cases in Massachusetts take the total to 164 – NBC Boston

There are currently 164 coronavirus cases in Massachusetts, state health officials shared on Sunday, and the number of residents tested went from 475 to nearly 800.

The 26 new cases were announced in a Commonwealth attempt to speed up testing for coronavirus after restrictions have been relaxed on the test protocols.

New guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires doctors only to present a nasal swab instead of presenting previously required nasal and throat swabs. With the modification of the clinical test protocols, the state laboratory test capacity has doubled from 200 to around 400 patients per day.

Massachusetts doctors also now have greater flexibility to determine which patients should be tested without having to call DPH’s Epi Line.

With multiple clinical laboratories in the Bay State working to obtain FDA approval, health officials say that even more testing capabilities will soon be available.

As of Sunday, the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory has tested 799 patients, officials said, compared to 475 the previous day.

Forty-five of the 164 positive state cases were subsequently confirmed by the CDC.

Governor Charlie Baker is expected to provide an update on Sunday night about state testing efforts and what is being done to slow the spread of coronavirus in the Commonwealth.

Governor Baker and Governor Lieutenant Karyn Polito will join Health and Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders and Commissioner of the Public Health Department Dr. Monica Bharel at the State House at 18:00. The Baker-Polito administration says that, contrary to popular rumors, it is not preparing a refuge in order.

Four of the 26 new cases announced on Sunday are related to the employee meeting held at a Boston hotel by Cambridge Biogen biotechnology company last month. Health officials say 108 of the 164 cases are now related to the February 24-27 meeting held at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel, which has since closed “in the interest of public health”.

In new cases, a healthcare professional is included at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The hospital announced the case Sunday morning and said that patients and staff who may have had contact with the infected worker are being contacted.

Eight more cases are associated with travel, bringing the total to 13. Eight remain associated with a cluster in western Massachusetts and 35 of these are currently under investigation, health officials say.

Of the 164 cases in the state, 74 are women and 90 are men. Middlesex County residents still account for nearly half, 75 of the cases across the state. The counties of Norfolk and Suffolk both have 31 cases, while there are nine cases in County Berkshire. There are now six cases each in the Essex and Worcester counties.

The counties of Plymouth, Hampden, Barnstable and Bristol have one case each. Two cases are of unknown counties at the moment.

Two other patients have been hospitalized, bringing the total to 13 so far, although another 36 cases are listed as being investigated, according to Sunday’s data.

The update in coronavirus cases on Sunday came shortly after Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declared a public health emergency for the coronavirus epidemic and announced radical changes for bars and restaurants in the city in an attempt to protect residents.

Boston EMS urges people not to call 911 to request COVID-19 tests. People are asked to call their primary care providers, the mayor’s hotline at 617-534-5050 or the state DPH hotline at 211.

Virus-related symptoms include fever (100.4 ° F or higher), cough, breathing difficulties or shortness of breath.

Do you have coronavirus symptoms and want to get tested? We want to know your experience. Please share contact information with NBC10 Boston investigators here or email tips@nbcboston.com.