Weather forecast for Tuesday 22 September: yellow warning for rain in six regions of the Center-North

The rapid descent of a cyclonic vortex from the British Isles will also bring bad weather to the Mediterranean areas. The depression will bring southern winds to Italy which will push perturbations over our country, fueled by the fresh North Atlantic air. The phenomena will be distributed in an irregular way, but may be of strong intensity at the local level. Civil protection: yellow alert in Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. forecasts


Rains and scattered thunderstorms will affect all regions, moderate / heavy rainfall is expected in Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and in the Veneto between the plain and the coast. Temperature in calo with maximums not exceeding 25 degrees. The Civil Protection has issued a yellow alert for Lombardy, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Center and Sardinia

Unstable weather with rains and local thunderstorms on all central regions. Temperatures of 24 degrees in Rome and Florence, 21 in Perugia. Yellow alert of the Civil Protection for southern Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.

South and Sicily

More unstable weather on Sicily where clouds can cause some rain. Compact clouds in the Tyrrhenian area, sun elsewhere. Temperatures below 30 degrees.

21 September 2020 (modified on 21 September 2020 | 16:58)



The French film “Mignonnes” created controversy in the United States

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In the United States, a French film arouses an outcry: “Cuties” or “Mignonnes”, by Maïmouna Doucouré, broadcast on Netflix. The director wanted to tell the difficult construction of a young girl, shared between her family and her desire to join a group of dancers expressing themselves in an unbridled manner. What to provoke the wrath of the ultra-conservatives across the Atlantic. Republican Senator Ted Cruz even seized the US Department of Justice.

In this program, it will also be about the non-standard forest fires still active in California and the resulting controversies. The issue of global warming is taking pride of place in the countryside.

Finally, we are less than seven weeks from the US presidential election. For the moment, Democratic candidate Joe Biden still leads the polls. The one that some described there is little as “too smooth” there any chance to win? We will ask our correspondent, Sonia Dridi. She devotes a book to him which comes out this week.


Puglia, the payment of the “Start” call has started

Puglia Region © Nc

The first 1,100 payments of the applications presented for “Start”, the measure implemented by the Region to support with a grant of 2,000 euros non-repayable, those who had a turnover lower than 23,400 euros in the previous year.

An intervention that was going to be placed together with the others to avoid the economic collapse of the Region. Covid, as we know, has not only brought a health emergency but also an economic one of which, unfortunately, we have perhaps not yet seen the worst part that awaits us in the coming months.

From today approximately 5 thousand payments per day will be authorized and will be made by the accounting office.

The disbursement of the contributions on the «Start» call was delayed enough to raise many controversies. The Director of the Economic Development Department, Domenico Laforgia, has made it known that the cause is due to a request made to the Revenue Agency regarding the taxation of the contribution paid. In fact, while the state ones are not taxable, the regional payments are.

Payments are therefore made at 80 per cent of the total amount (2 thousand euros) and the remaining 20% ​​will be disbursed if the interrogation is successful.

The applications presented so far are 32 thousand and the deadline for the call is set at the end of September.


what Denis Villeneuve owes to David Lynch

Of course, this is only a matter of speculating on a few images taken from a trailer. But the seven mistakes game was so tempting. By re-adapting Frank Herbert’s masterpiece Dune (since its release the best-selling science fiction book in the world), Denis Villeneuve (Hitman, Premier contact, Blade Runner 2049) could only follow in David Lynch’s footsteps.

This is undoubtedly why the IMDB site has allowed itself to add its stone to the already bloated critical edifice swarming on the networks.

By publishing a comparative video, the online database (owned by Amazon and authoritative in terms of cinema data) has fun setting up a system of rhyming images between the 1984 film directed by David Lynch, shunned by the public and scratched by the critics on its release, and the three minutes of this promising first trailer.

It should be noted from the outset that it makes perfect sense to discover visual similarities between the two Dune… since Lynch and Villeneuve drink from the same literary source. And what a source!

So, 36 years apart, a sort of virtual rivalry is established between Timothée Chalamet in Denis Villeneuve’s version against Kyle MacLachlan in David Lynch’s.

The two actors play Paul Atréides, the young hero, son of Duke Leto Atréides who will be brought to reign on the planet Arrakis, otherwise called Dune, and from which comes a commodity as rare as it is precious called “the Spice”.

In most of the scenes, the two actors are filmed close-up, stoic and concentrated, like chess players with their faces closed. In Herbert’s book, the character of Paul must, from an early age, learn to hide his emotions. He is, at first, crushed by a destiny that exceeds him.

Timothée Chalamet and Kyle MacLachlan undergo the ordeal of the box of suffering inflicted by the Bene Gesserit. Screenshot.

By slipping her hand into Priestess Bene Gesserit’s “box of suffering”, or by training with her fencing master equipped with a force field as invisible armor, or even by advancing alone on the shore. from his home planet while immense spaceships rise, Paul Atreides appears as a sort of new galactic Messiah, whose mission is to reconquer the planet Arrakis.

The romance between Paul and Shani seems to be treated in much the same way in both cases. Even though Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya exchange a chaste kiss while Kyle MacLachlan kisses Sean Young more passionately (the unforgettable Rachel of Blade Runner).

the chaste kiss between Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya facing the (more fiery) one of Kyle MacLachlan and Sean Young. screenshot.

The only difference that seems visible and objective lies in the treatment of colors. The Dune by Denis Villeneuve appears darker, with a gray dotted with sandy hues, while David Lynch’s version was warmer, without adopting the “flashy” hues of the 1980s.

Recall that the IMDB site had produced a similar video for Villeneuve’s previous film, Blade Runner 2049, showing that the director never hesitates to highlight his influences, in the face of Blade Runner original de Ridley Scott.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that Villeneuve’s film slavishly plagiarizes Lynch’s. A few months ago, the Franco-Canadian director himself said that, even if she let him “Half satisfied”, Lynch’s version had inspired him. We see here that he was able to pay tribute to some strong moments of the first film.

While waiting to see the film in theaters on December 23, fans can still watch again. the teaser of this new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction masterpiece. Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson and Timothée Chalamet will be part of the Atreides family while Javier Bardem and Zendaya will lead the Fremen. And for those nostalgic for David Lynch’s version, the trailer is available on YouTube. With Sting as a bonus.


Politicians ask for dismissal of Minister Eugénio Laborinho

Politicians and human rights organizations ask for the exoneration of the heads of the police corporation, including the interior minister, Eugénio Laborinho, for attributing moral responsibility for the death of citizens to the National Police (PN), with emphasis on the event that involved the pediatrician Silvio Dala.

Sandpiper Ndomba

September 13, 2020 at 11:08 am

Those interviewed by Novo Jornal argue that positioning is one of the measures that can put an end to the murders that have occurred, especially in this period of Disaster Situation, during the approach of the security forces with the citizens.

The UNITA secretary in Luanda, Nelito Ekuikui, is of the opinion that the agents cannot be “sacrificed” without the responsibility of the interior minister and the PN general commander, since they are the figures that determine the implemented guidelines.

(Read this article in its entirety in the weekly edition of Novo Jornal, on newsstands, or by digital signature, available here and payable in Multicaixa)


internal medicine at Miulli hospital in the international research team

Franco Mastroianni © Miulli Hospital

the department of Internal Medicine of the “F. Miulli “ di Acquaviva delle Fonti is one of the main protagonists of the worldwide study related to Covid-19 published in high profile scientific journals. This double research, just made public, highlights two important aspects: 1) identification of mortality risk factors for Coronavirus patients e 2) the effectiveness of using hydroxychloroquine in reducing the death rate. It was a particularly complex job, which involved 30 centers e over 100 doctors around Italy, for a coordination that involved the Covid Miulli Unit directed by dr. Franco Mastroianni, a multidisciplinary team deployed to face the epidemic.

“The first study concerns the use of a very controversial drug at the time of the pandemic: hydroxychloroquine”, explains Dr. Mastroianni, “and involved, among others, Dr. Andrea Madaro, Dr. Massimo Rinaldi and Dr. Amedeo Venice. The Italian multicenter study was carried out during the emergency, a period in which all of us were directly involved in patient care. Nonetheless, the importance of research has motivated us all to make a contribution beyond the tiredness and sacrifice of those days. The results were really important as we showed that the treatment with hydroxychloroquine reduced in-hospital mortality of Sars-Cov2 patients».

This first study, conducted on more than 3,400 patients throughout Italy, was recently published in the prestigious journal European Journal of Internal Medicine, while a second research that saw spread on Nutrition Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease was conducted to identify any mortality risk factors in subjects affected by Sars-CoV2 infection. Together with dr. Mastroianni, Miulli has fielded the skills of dr. Giovanni Larizza, by Dr. Giulia Righetti and of dr. Antonio Scarafino; The conclusion of the analysis, carried out on more than 3,800 patients, is that renal failure, the severity of the inflammatory state and advanced age were the most important risk factors for in-hospital mortality. «These results confirm that the use of hydroxychloroquine is not only safe, but also effective», continues Mastroianni, «so we can have an extra weapon for the treatment of infected subjects. This allows us to identify risk factors of mortality which, if detected early, can be very useful in planning treatments and understanding which patient is at the highest risk of negative consequences “.

Demonstrating the great scientific ferment of the group of doctors of the Miulli COVID Unit, other studies are currently in progress or are already being evaluated for publication. «The intense and fruitful collaboration started with more than 30 Italian hospital and university centers makes us proud to belong to a high level scientific community», concludes Dr. Mastroianni, “We trust that our research can make a contribution to treatment, prevention and diagnosis in order to improve the health of our patients”.


The story of 5 sisters from the outskirts of Palermo at the Venice Film Festival

“Sisterhood makes me a child again, it makes me think of women in solidarity when someone is successful, of warrior women, of the strength of being together”. Word of Emma Dante, who seven years after the debut ‘Via Castellana Bandiera’ is back in competition at the Venice Film Festival with ‘Le Sorelle Macaluso’. That is Maria, Pinuccia, Lia, Katia, Antonella, five sisters born and raised in an apartment on the top floor of a building on the outskirts of Palermo where we follow childhood, adulthood and old age.

Taken from his play of the same name which received the Ubu Award for Best Show and Best Direction, written with Elena Stancanelli and Giorgio Vasta, it is a Rosamont (Marica Stocchi and Giuseppe Battiston) and Minimum Fax Media production with Rai Cinema arriving in hall tomorrow 10 September distributed by Teodora Film.

In the cast Donatella Finocchiaro and Alissa Maria Orlando, Susanna Piraino, Anita Pomario, Eleonora De Luca, Viola Pusatieri, Serena Barone, Simona Malato, Laura Giordani, Maria Rosaria Alati, Rosalba Bologna, Ileana Rigano, Dante proclaims herself “very happy to be here in Venice, it is a miracle, that we are here and start dreaming again ”. On the genesis of the film: “It was born as a play, the show has traveled the world, the family at the theater was larger, seven sisters, parents and a child, while on the screen there are five and only them. But there is no house on the stage, and since these sisters feel a little like family, I would have liked to give them a residence, a furnished house, a piece of furniture to store precious things. So, let’s talk about this body, the other body of life which is the house ”.

Donatella Finocchiaro speaks of “a long preparatory work on location, with the aim of having the emotion in common,” who underlines the “emotional similarity of the character, not just physical” and of her precise: “Pinuccia has anger, not she is a fulfilled woman, she works as a caregiver for Lia, a sister who is a bit jammed. It’s a role that suits her, but also a wonderful character ”.

There are twelve actresses who play the five sisters in different phases of life, since Dante did not want to “use makeup to age people: we make time the protagonist by making it a great plastic surgeon, who decides how to manipulate bodies. We at eighty will be completely other people than at forty, and it is something that cinema can do well, as long as the audience accepts that it is not the actress herself who plays a character that changes in life. So, not the physical similarity, but for example the way you make coffee, which remains the same for eighty years “.

In that house, the director continues, “we enter three strongest and most traumatic moments in life, namely three appointments with death, three vigils. The parents are not there, on the contrary, the parents are the pigeons who always follow them. The dovecote is the place where the pigeon returns for life, here we have stuck it with visual effects ”.

On the production aspect, Stocchi reveals “three months of workshops with the actresses on the set before starting to shoot”, Battiston highlights “the poetic and communicative urgency of Emma’s work, through very strong, sometimes violent, feelings. Emma is a profound artist and therefore it is not easy to relate to her, but it is an experience that has changed a lot of us ”.

On the literary legacy of Le Sorelle Macaluso, Dante exalts Lia’s “passion for literature, she has been reading Fallaci, Ortese, The Karamazov brothers since childhood”. In particular, the director underlines Anna Maria Ortese’s story ‘The little people’, “which speaks of animals as people who have eyes and personality” and reveals that she “experienced the loss of some animals as family mourning. On the set we pampered the doves more than the actresses ”.

Finally, he specifies: “It is not a themed film, it does not want to think about death, illness, homosexuality, but about the things that happen in the life of any family. Homosexuality for me is not a special theme, but a natural thing like death ”.

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Disney film “Mulan” targeted by multiple boycott calls

Disney’s blockbuster “Mulan” is the subject of numerous boycott calls around the world when it is released on streaming platforms. In the credits, thanks to the Chinese authorities, accused of repressing the Uyghurs, go wrong.

The magic of Disney struggles to operate in the land of the Uyghurs. Disney’s film “Mulan”, which has just been released on the Disney + platform, is the subject of boycott calls aimed in particular at the filming of certain scenes in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, where Beijing accused of violating Uyghur rights.

The $ 200 million blockbuster, based on the legend of a Chinese warrior, was already the subject of controversy last year. Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei, who plays the title role, then expressed support for the Hong Kong police, accused by the pro-democracy camp of suppressing protests.

>> To see: Uyghurs, by force of the camps

But recently, a new controversy has emerged. Last week, when it was broadcast on the Disney + streaming platform, viewers noticed that, in the credits, Disney addressed “special thanks” to government authorities in the Xinjiang region, located in northwest China. .


Among the latter is the public security office in Turpan, a city in eastern Xinjiang in which several Uyghur political re-education camps, according to associations for the defense of human rights.

The department in charge of the Chinese Communist Party in this region is also thanked.

Even before this new controversy, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Thai activists launched a movement on social networks with the hashtag #BoycottMulan.

Dubbed the “Milk Tea Alliance”, it is the result of a gathering of activists who denounce Beijing’s authoritarianism.

“Real Mulan”

This movement highlighted in particular the resemblance between actor Tzi Ma, who plays the role of Mulan’s father, with Chinese President Xi Jinping and called activist Agnes Chow “real Mulan” after her arrest in August.

Since the film was broadcast on Disney +, the phenomenon has grown, particularly in the United States and Europe.

On Twitter, Joshua Wong, who for international opinion embodies the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, called on “people everywhere who love freedoms” to boycott “Mulan”.

For its part, Amnesty International points out that this blockbuster was shot in a region of China where Uyghurs are interned in camps.

Rights groups, journalists and academics have denounced the internment of members of the Uyghur Muslim minority, as well as mass detentions and forced sterilizations.

Disney thanks the propaganda

For Isaac Stone Fish, of the Asia Society, a center specializing in US-China relations, this film is “arguably Disney’s most problematic film” since “Melody from the South.”

When it was released in 1946, the latter had aroused many criticisms which accused it of disseminating racist clichés and of painting in an idyllic light the slave plantations of the old South of the United States.

“Disney thanked four propaganda departments and a public security bureau in Xinjiang (…) which is the site of one of the worst human rights violations in the world today,” he said. he writes in the Washington Post.

Badiucao, a dissident Chinese artist who lives in Melbourne, made a drawing that represents Mulan as a guard at one of Xinjiang’s internment camps.

“This poses a real problem and there is no excuse,” he told AFP, stressing the existence of “evidence attesting to what is happening in Xinjiang”.

Baduicao accuses Disney of “double standards,” by joining movements against social injustice in the West, such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, while turning a blind eye to how China is violating rights.

Other problems

This new version of “Mulan”, released in cartoon in 1998, has known other disappointments. Its release on the big screen, scheduled for spring, has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Disney has therefore decided to broadcast it exclusively from September 4 on its video on demand platform. It is due out in theaters around China this week, where Disney + is not available.

In August, Hollywood was accused in a report published by the Pen America organization of censoring itself to allow its films to reach the massive Chinese market.

Screenwriters, producers and directors practice alterations of all kinds, in the hope of reaching the 1.4 billion consumers in China, according to Pen America, an American association for the defense of freedom of expression. Asked by AFP, Disney has not yet responded to a request for comment.

With AFP


THE BALL – Mozambique close to five thousand infected (Mozambique)

The number of infected by Covid-19 in Mozambique continues to increase, being close to reaching 5,000. This Wednesday, 117 more positive cases were announced, bringing the total to 4764, of which 4481 were local and 273 imported.

The city of Maputo, capital of the country, the most affected by the pandemic, 37 more cases were diagonally diagnosed this Wednesday, only surpassed by the province of Zambézia with 42.

Regarding the recovered, another 48 people were considered free of the disease. Mozambique now has a total of 2763 people, who have undergone new tests and have been negative.

The number of deaths remains at 28.


BOLA – IMF has new resident representative for the country (Mozambique)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has just appointed Alexis Meyer-Cirkel to occupy the position of Resident Representative of this international financial institution in Mozambique, with effect from this Wednesday, 9th of September.

Meyer-Cirkel succeeds Ari Aisen, who has run the institution’s office in Maputo for the past four years, counted since September 2016. Of Brazilian nationality, Meyer-Cirkel joined the IMF in August 2010, having performed several functions.
Cirkel worked in several countries, focusing on macroeconomic policy, public debt sustainability and analysis of the external sector.

“Before joining the IMF, Meyer-Cirkel worked in financial markets at Morgan Stanley, European Central Bank, Allianz Research and at the Central Bank of Brazil,” points out a press release sent by the IMF.

According to the statement, Meyer-Cirkel holds a doctorate in economics from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Germany, has a master’s degree in Development Studies from the London School of Economics, England.