State aid for KLM should not be based on false sentiment

It has therefore become a total of 3.4 billion euros in government money for KLM. An amount that is barely noticeable between the tens of billions in aid amounts that have been allocated since March as a result of the corona crisis to keep people and companies afloat. The lion’s share (2.4 billion) of the aid to KLM consists of a guarantee scheme for private lending, the remaining billion is a subordinated loan that will be paid in installments.

This should not only lead KLM, which has long since ceased to be self-employed, to be guided by the liquidity crisis caused by the global corona outbreak, but must also show the company more strongly, the cabinet says. As a major shareholder, the Netherlands has long advocated restructuring the company. Corona is an extra reason for this, as can be seen from the letter that ministers Wopke Hoekstra (Finance, CDA) and Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management, VVD) have written to the House of Representatives.

The € 3.4 billion that is now being made available offers the state the opportunity to impose additional conditions. The question is how hard and realistic these are. All the more when it is considered that national governments around the world are supported by national governments and that the competitive advantage of Dutch aid is therefore relative. But it also shows that the cabinet hardly had a choice. Doing nothing is not an option in this fighting market.

Schiphol and thus the Dutch economy are interwoven with KLM in such a way that the free market model cannot fully apply here. It is not without reason that the Dutch government is a shareholder. That has much less to do with KLM than with Schiphol as the home base of the company. Schiphol simply has its crucial function in the economic structure of the Netherlands. That is, still. The world is not standing still here either, and care must be taken to ensure that the special significance of KLM is elevated to dogma

But support for KLM is inevitable at the moment, although it remains a difficult story. It is paradoxical to want to pursue a stringent and radical climate policy and at the same time support one of the major polluters. That is why the government has made a sensible decision to give sustainability a role in the conditions, although the cautious tone is striking again. After all, the ‘requirement’ for KLM to ‘commit’ to existing (international) agreements to limit emissions and to reduce noise pollution is nothing else than the task to comply with the rules already made.

The condition for major intervention on the cost side is understandable. Waiving dividends and bonuses makes sense for a company on the drip. But that it is also decreed that employees who earn at least three times an average income must surrender at least 20 percent of their salary is beyond the powers of the state. It is up to KLM’s management to determine how the imposed cost reduction is achieved.

Many still speak of KLM as ‘our national pride’. Still, pride, not rational sentiment, should guide rational interest in helping the company. Such interest has its limits. This even applies to KLM.


‘Soil is exhausted and harvests fluctuate if we do nothing’ | NOW

In the morning podcast This will be the news we update you on the most important news of today and we discuss the news of the day.

This podcast is about an advice from the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) about the vitality of Dutch agricultural, forest and natural soils. Because of intensive use, hazardous substances and climate change, everything is under great pressure, with all its consequences.

The Rli has denounced the problem of soil in this advisory report and they also give recommendations on how we can combat this worrying development. We will discuss this with the committee chairman and council member Krijn Poppe.

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Advisory Council: Combine agriculture, forest and water storage for better soil NOW

Due to intensive use of the soil, acidification and desiccation occur. In an advice that the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) offers to the government on Monday, it recommends combining functions such as agriculture, forest and water storage.

Intensive use of the rural soil is not good for the vitality of the soil, as a result of which acidification, fertilization, compaction and desiccation take place, which makes the soil increasingly vulnerable. According to the Rli, this is bad for the climate and the climate goals, but also for agricultural yields.

The current soil policy is insufficient, according to the advisory council. According to the advice, the government should encourage the use of soils for more functions, for example through a combination of agriculture and carbon storage, by looking at which crops are planted that can absorb CO2 in the roots. Forest and water storage can also be combined.

According to the Rli, the government must adhere to the principle ‘function follows soil’. This means that the vitality of the soil is paramount and only after that will it be investigated for which function the soil is suitable. The elaboration would then be a task for the provinces.

The advice entitled ‘Reached the bottom ?!’ With which the Rli wants to put soil policy higher on the agenda, it will be presented to Minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality on Monday.


New Irish coalition sidelines election winner Sinn Féin | NOW

The two major center-right political parties in Ireland form a government coalition together with the smaller Green Party. This puts an end to a four-month political stalemate. Election winner Sinn Féin has been sidelined.

On Saturday, parliament approved the coalition between Fine Gail, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party. Collaboration with the big election winner Sinn Féin was excluded in advance.

Nationalist-left Sinn Féin won the second highest number of seats in February. But cooperation with the former political arm of the militant resistance movement IRA was not an issue for the other winners.

It was still exciting whether the coalition agreement would be approved by the party members of the three. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gail have been rivals since the Irish Civil War and are now working together for the first time.

A deal has been made between the two about the premiership. Micheál Martin of Fianna Fáil will start office. Halfway through the five-year term, former Prime Minister Leo Varadkar of Fine Gail will take over again.

Green Party enforces climate ambitions

Due to the refusal to cooperate with Sinn Féin, the Green Party as a preferred partner was able to impose great conditions on participation in the coalition.

Climate is therefore high on the agenda in the coalition agreement. On average, greenhouse gas emissions will have to be cut by 7 percent annually in the coming period, while the previous ambition was 2 percent.

With the agreement, the country avoids a deep political crisis, because no laws can be passed without a government.

Certainly now that the Irish border is being negotiated in connection with Brexit, it is important that there is a government.


GISMETEO.RU: The new LADA Niva model will be available by 2023 – Auto

New generation LADA Niva (currently still sold under the brand Chevrolet) will be available to customers in Russia in the first months of 2023.

© Yauhen_D /

A source announced a new supplier from Croatia for AvtoVAZ – AD Plastic Group. This company has signed a contract with a domestic auto concern to supply body elements for the exterior design of the future Niva. The amount indicated in the contract is named – 58 million euros. This contract is designed for ten years.

© Yauhen_D /

Croatian company plans to do for the new LADA Niva grilles, bumpers, wheel housing, door side covers and other plastic body parts for the new generation of the Russian car.

© DDCoral /

It is reported that the updated Niva will be released at the same time as the new generation of the 4×4 Lada SUV model. The debut date of the last car in the plans also in 2023.


For or against nature

This is a torrent of mud and other balls stink media has descended on the proposals of the ‘Convention’ for the climate and its authors. This outburst says a lot : we note the power of an idea to the violence that it causes. But what is it that is causing the problem ?

→ FORUM. Convention on climate change : “The pressure has been intense on the citizens “

Own with social networks, the culture clash has taken hold of mainstream media. On the board of JT to an hour of great listening, no one has taken the gloves against this initiative. It is true that it is an easy argument to reach the president. It is also true that she dares to tackle the sacred cows of the system operating current : consumption and advertising. It’s going to take a lot of love. I hope that these one hundred and fifty citizens caught in a tornado pestilentielle. And I thank them.

→ FOLDER. The ‘Convention’ for the climate : our special file

I want to believe in their story : the story of a French company lucid, resilient, capable of making sacrifices even when insufficient. Ready for the adventure of a rewriting of the whole. To know the result. Even if it’s imperfect, even if all you want to. Citizens learned the fate, who do not belong to nothing, have learned, debated, and resulted in a corpus of 600 pages, and 149 proposals to try to deal with a reality that is only beginning to reveal itself. Sunday, thirty-eight degrees to Verkhoïansk in Siberia, this means sunny terraces in Paris. Let’s dance… for now. Yes, I find it hard to understand how one can despise an initiative dedicated to the general interest, except to feel in danger, attacked. But by who or what ?

→ CRITICAL. “Back on Earth” : the manifest ecological intellectuals

Take one of the arguments against the very existence of these proposals : France representing less than 1 % of the world’s population, it would not matter that the people ” consent to work “. It would have nothing to do, because the other ” do nothing “. This would mean that the carbon footprint would be deliciously spread over the globe.

When I think of dealing with the eco-friendly of care bears… The carbon footprint is a marker of social injustice. The two large forks yoke of humanity, poverty, inequality and environmental emergency, walk hand in hand toward the chaos, exacerbated. Ten percent of the richest would represent 43 % destruction environmental when 10% of the poorest would be responsible for 5 % of them (source : Nature, June 2020).

Since La Grande Bouffeno one has also entered the delirious consumerism and the emptiness that it conceals : the banquet of humanity, some have decided to eat until death. Regardless of the finesse of the dishes, it is a deep hatred of life and of this, those who embody it. It would be giving up our “privileges” for the survival of the species. To go against… nature. If interested in this vacuum that devours us. “Do not be so great, Freud said. You are not so small. “

This first half of 2020 has shown how the individual action, sometimes intimate, was essential. How we were then, to rely on the courage and commitment of a few, of persons of flesh and blood. Of choice. It is more a matter of dignity than of the potential impact. What to do with his life “self” ?

For subsequent operations, it would be good to stop seeing the whole thing, an outcome, a solution, a tipping point, the thing that will change everything. Everything counts, because everything is part of a movement. But nothing is enough. It is important to accept this process of learning, of trial and error to a new operating system, maybe, to happen. We live in a great experiment. It is important to try to learn. And start by living it.

→ TO READ. ‘Convention’: “Our proposals are more than ever useful and necessary “

The Covid has revealed to our system its profound vulnerability to the humans of their finitude and interdependence, the world its incredible beauty. It questions us on the essentials, our relationship to time, space and other. Maybe some of us will come out of it stronger. Because the more aware of our fragility. This shutdown will return. We give up too quickly on the masks, and the world reaches half a million dead. Recognize contradictions and errors, to accept our vulnerabilities, fall off the ladder, the magisterium, to admit that we are only a small essential part of a huge learning curve, that maybe it will never be enough, it is to die a little. It is growing also. Not everything depends on us, but everything goes through us. There should be a barrier from his body in order to maintain this curve, it embeds the maximum number of people. Become a mass.

The ‘Convention’ has done his part. This should be our role at all. I return to my remarks last week : allow. That is, we are, in a wave. You will write to me that I see signs everywhere. But here, if we judge the violence of the reactions and the demolition in rule proposals or even the exercise itself, the dam begins to crack.


Climate : the irish citizens against the State


That attack the irish government ?

The Friends of the Environment (FIE), an irish association, seizes justice to protest against the government policy in the area of climate, as they deem low and little ambitious. Today they are supported by nearly 20,000 people who have requested that the case be defended in their name.

Why ?

Ireland is a member of the Paris Agreement on the climate and is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 to 40% by 2020 compared to the 1990 level. However, these emissions have increased by approximately 10 % over the period, and are expected to continue to grow in the next ten years. The Friends of the Environment therefore consider that the State does not respect its commitments in terms of ecology and violates the constitutional rights and humans, in particular the right to life.

And after ?

At a first pass before the courts in 2019, the court had given the government. The activists filed a direct appeal with the supreme Court. Today, they are going to be heard on appeal by seven judges. This is the third time in the world in a matter of climate justice is discussed at this level of court. This has been especially the case in the netherlands with the mobilization of 900 citizens in the first trial on liability climate, as well as the United States, where 21 children have accused the u.s. government of non-compliance of future generations.


The owner compared the LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige 2016 and 2018

Then acknowledged the second sedan “raw”.

Photo: LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige source

The user portal nick ibragim-05 instead of a sedan LADA Vesta 2016 in picking Luxe Prestige bought the same car in 2018. Later, the owner compared both “Vase”.

The first thing he saidthat drive LADA Vesta 16 year three thousand kilometers of eighty, he faced a breakage of the steering column, and then replaced the current-carrying coil and stabilizer. In addition, the lack of climate control did not give the motorist peace. For that reason, took over the new “news” in the configuration Luxe Prestige, as it was confident in its finalization.

First, the owner could not get enough of cruise and climate control, but after driving 1,800 kilometers realizedthat his LADA Vesta 2018 rulitsya heavier than the former: “the steering are given more difficult”. In addition, the quality of materials has deteriorated. This despite the fact that portal users repeatedly talked about “very scratched oak plastic”, “rubber products bad quality” and “low-grade materials used in the seats, even in the Suite”.

According to the owner, on the old “West” in comparison with the new there was no noise in the cabin, nor the howling of the instrument panel. The only thing that bothered him is the limiter the driver’s door, which was too tight. In the end, he said that did not feel a strong difference doorstop, and “buns” in the form of extra bulbs, enlarged glove box, a separate button for heated windscreen, arm rest, changed fuel cap, and seat heating, not met expectations.

If you compare the price of LADA Vesta in picking Luxe Prestige in the secondary market, it turns out that the sedan 2016 will cost 460 000 rubles, and in 2018 — 650 000-730 000. Based on the words of the owner and user, “Drom” leads to the conclusion that to get the old version cheaper than a new one.

Photo: LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige source

Thus, the portal “Lada.Online” reported that brand removed package Luxe Prestige due to low demand. The company’s management did not deny the information based on the information of monitoring of labels and modifications.


GISMETEO.RU One of the most popular brands in Russia for the second time this month raises car prices – Car

One of the most popular automotive companies in Russia — Hyundai — again raised the cost of virtually all its models, except for one car. According to experts of a portal “the Price of Cars” is the second increase in the cost of the model range in the company for one month: in early June, the Korean carmaker has already updated the price list for their cars. The prices increased as the models fresh year of release, and the previous one.


Its original price tag left a sports model Hyundai i30N hatchback, all the other cars in all body styles and trim levels have increase from 5000 to 15 000 rubles, the percentage is from 0.5 to 1.5 % of the previous value of the cars.


Less often (5000 RUB) “hit” model Solaris in the sedan. No less popular Creta added to the cost of 8000 rubles. Crossover Tucson and its sports version Tucson N Line added on 10 thousand rubles, the highest growth was obtained sedans Sonata and Elantra — 15 thousand rubles, as well as a mid-size crossover Santa Fe.



All the proposals of the ‘Convention’ for the climate

The 150 citizens of the Convention for the climate must submit their proposals – are subject to a final vote, for formal adoption at the concluding session of the 19, 20 and 21 June at the economic Council, social and environmental.

The calendar of the convention, which was initially expected to be completed by the end of January, has been affected by the long conflict about pension reform, then the months of containment to address the epidemic of coronavirus.

→ DECRYPTION. ‘Convention’: the proposed shock to the climate

The objective of all its actions : drop d’“at least 40 % of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 “ in “a spirit of social justice “. All proposals will be documented in a report submitted to the executive, which is committed to ensuring that they are submitted “without a filter” either to a referendum or to the vote of parliament, either to a regulatory enforcement direct.