Twitter, Kardashians and the democratization of the clinical debate

One of the country’s leading doctors used an old-school editorial to evaluate Twitter’s potential and its ideal role in public discussion of medical research and to outline its influence on the influence that some users acquire – deservedly or not – from legions engaging “followers”. Twitter and other forms of social media have the potential […]

Quadrivalent adjuvanted influenza vaccine, approved by the FDA for the elderly

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first quadrivalent adjuvanted influenza vaccine (Fluad Quadrivalent, Seqirus) to protect adults aged 65 and over from seasonal flu. Fluad Quadrivalent uses the same MF59 adjuvant as Seqirus’s trivalent Fluad vaccine, “which has an extensive clinical legacy, with over 114 million doses distributed and licensed in […]