Cough, runny nose, hoarseness: flu, cold – or Covid-19?

Sneezing, sniffing and coughing – this is nothing unusual in spring. Temperatures are rising – and some are reacting to the change in weather with a juicy cold. In times of the corona virus, however, this can cause a great deal of uncertainty. Because just the distinction between flu and cold is often difficult for […]

How do corona, cold and flu differ?

Health! Is it flu or the corona virus? It’s hard to tell apart without a test? Picture: dpa Cough, runny nose, fever: The symptoms that also apply to infection with the coronavirus are similar to those of the seasonally rampant cold and flu. But there are a few differences. Dhe uncertainty is great: In this […]

Different symptoms of Covid-19, cold and flu – coronavirus –

14.03.2020 13:57 (Act. 14.03.2020 17:42) Corona virus spreads rapidly © APA Flu is often used for comparison when discussing measures against a Covid 19 pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) now lists important similarities and differences: The form of infectious diseases is similar. Both are respiratory diseases caused by a virus, the course of which […]

Covid-19: Coronavirus, Flu or Cold – The Symptoms at a Glance

science Covid-19 Coronavirus, flu or cold – the symptoms at a glance As of: 2:53 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes You should pay attention to these symptoms now In the laboratories, things are going very quickly. One quick test after another. Who has the corona virus, who is positive, who is negative, how great […]

Coronavirus outbreak: myth and facts | India news

NEW DELHI: Since the coronavirus novel, also known as COVID-19, spreads from Wuhan, China, to 109 countries, so do all kinds of myths and rumors surrounding it. In order to prevent disinformation from spreading further, WHO has published a list of myth-busters. Here is a look at the most pervasive myths and why they are […]

«Coronavirus in children is very mild, like a cold»

ABC Health Updated:03/05/2020 11: 19h save Related news The coronavirus affects the children so “very mild, like a catarrhal picture», So, from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics they send a message of tranquility:«There is no mortality or children in the ICU», According to the cases published so far. This was explained to Efe by pediatrician […]