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In August, the gross collection of taxes administered by the National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian) reached the figure of $ 8.36 billion, which represents a 103.1% fulfillment of the goal assigned for the period, generating additional revenues of $ 253 billion.

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This compliance is mainly due to the behavior observed in the collection of withholdings at source for income and taxes associated with foreign trade.

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In the first case, Withholding at source as income contributed 47.5% of the collection for the month, generating revenues of $ 3.97 trillion with a fulfillment of the goal of 107.6% and, in the second case, customs taxes represented a collection of $ 1 , 82 billion with which the assigned goal of 108.4% was achieved.

In aggregate, for the taxes associated with the internal economic activity, A collection of $ 6.54 trillion was achieved with a 78.3% share of the month’s income, while the remaining 21.7% corresponded to the collection of taxes associated with foreign trade.

Similarly, the collection obtained from the use of the Tax Refund Titles – TIDIS stands out, which in the month of August represented the sum of $ 1.71 billion, while in the same month of 2019 it was $ 0, 66 billion, that is, there was a growth of 260%.

It should be noted that The collection results are positive given the rethinking of the goals in the face of the new reality generated by the Covid pandemic19.


In the period January – August 2020, the gross collection of taxes administered by Dian totaled $ 97.12 billion, reflecting compliance with the redefined goal as a result of the Medium Term Fiscal Framework of 101.6%, which represents $ 1.56 trillion more than expected.

84.5% of the total collected corresponded to internal taxes that contributed the sum of $ 82.05 billion, while the remaining 15.5% corresponds to income from taxes related to foreign trade, which, in the observed period, recorded income for a value of $ 15.07 billion.

72% of the collection was concentrated in three concepts: Withholding at source for income with a 34.7% share and an accumulated collection for the period of $ 33.74 billion; the Sales Tax – VAT that contributed 21.8% and income of $ 21.16 billion and customs taxes with a participation of 15.5%.

Regarding the Income and Complementary Tax, A collection of $ 14.39 billion was achieved, which, when compared with the goal assigned for this tax in the evaluated period, indicates a compliance of 110.8% with a surplus of $ 1.4 billion.

It is important to mention that on August 11, the deadlines for the presentation and payment of the Income Statement and complementary corresponding to the taxable year 2019 by natural persons began, Therefore, as of August 31, 1,385,426 returns had been submitted and of these 665,021 taxpayers accepted one or part of the boxes provided in the suggested return sent by Dian.


During the period from January to August 2020, management collection totaled $ 7.26 billion and the collection for control management $ 3.66 billion, for a total of $ 10.92 billion of collection in the fight against evasion, which shows the commitment of DIAN officials despite the pandemic.

In addition to the above, as of August 31, 8,149 requests for payment facilities had been received for a value of $ 931,893 million, of which 3,755 requests for the sum of $ 553,405 million had been resolved. Similarly, in August, 16,411 actions were carried out that allowed taxpayers who were in arrears in the payment of their obligations to catch up, this collection totaled $ 1.39 billion.


Lady Gaga and her masks dominate the 2020 MTV – Music Awards

Lady Gaga and her masks reign over the 2020 edition of the MTV Video Music Awards, the first awards in the entertainment world since the coronavirus pandemic began. During various appearances, the award-winning singer wore an impressive collection of anti-Covid protections inviting the spectators of the awards to do likewise. Gaga has won five awards including Singer of the Year and Song of the Year.

But Taylor Swift also made history, becoming the first female artist to win for directing with the single “The Man” in which, in the era of #MeToo, she challenges the archetypes of machismo by attacking the privileges still enjoyed in the male world. white “alpha” like Leonardo DiCaprio in “Wolf of Wall Street” or the tennis player John McEnroe.
In the background, the issues brought to the fore by the Black Lives Matter protests: The Weeknd accepted the trophies for best video (“Blinding Lights”) and best R&B with an appeal to justice for Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor, two black victims of police brutality.
The tribute to Chadwick Boseman, the “Black Panther” actor who died last Friday of cancer at the age of 43, was touched by awards presenter Keke Palmer described as “a true hero”.
The evening was marked by Covid: little public even in external connections and the introduction of two new awards: for the best video from home and the best performance in quarantine. While other artists sent virtual thanks, Gaga dominated by presenting herself on stage with dramatic costume changes accessorized by “haute couture” masks and a nine-minute tour de force from her latest album “Chromatica” closed off by a duet with Ariana Grande. “Rain on Me”.