The students of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Granada will retake the practices

The students of the biosanitary area studies in the University of Granada They will resume the practices in the Granada health centers, which will adopt all the security measures and precautions against Covid-19 “that are necessary to resume teaching activity and student practices, with the maximum possible safety for students, health professionals and patients ”, According to a note from the Board. One of the first measures taken in March, even before the state of alarm, was the suspension of practices in hospitals and health centers. In the UGR There are 827 students enrolled in Nursing plus another 1,677 in Medicine, according to data from the latest academic report. The students of the last years of these degrees develop training practices in health centers, as well as those of other degrees (Dentistry, Pharmacy or Physiotherapy) and students of training cycles.

Before resuming the practices, the Ministry of Health and Families has already sent the health centers the document that contains the instructions for the resumption of face-to-face teaching activity and practices in the Andalusian Public Health System.

“The security measures provided are rigorous and diverse in nature, since they refer to the health requirements of the participants in the teaching activity and the means for their verification; to the mandatory regulations, and to organizational aspects, such as the establishment of certain circuits or the safe use of spaces ”.

For several months, the Ministry of Health and Families, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Andalusian universities and the health centers themselves, have worked “in an intense and coordinated way. The first goal was to successfully complete the practical training started during the last school year, and which was affected by the state of alarm and the consequent confinement measures derived from the pandemic, ”the statement said.

“Various adjustments have had to be made and those activities that require attendance have been meticulously planned,” the Ministry details.


Solar system that seemed habitable is actually lethal

The star GJ 887 it is one of the brightest. It is a low-mass red, which apparently provided the planets that orbit it with an appropriate environment for them to be habitable.

In fact, a study of exoplanets in transit (TESS of the NASA), found that GJ 887 exhibited no detectable flares during 27 days of continuous observations. This favors the survival of the atmospheres on the orbiting planets.

This data caught the attention of astronomers Parke Loyd and Evgenya Shkolnik. They were suspicious that the GJ 887 was so stable and so they decided to do a new study using ultraviolet light.

What astronomers at Arizona State University found with This new study is that this star actually shoots up every hour. This makes the solar system lethal to any life form..

“If the genesis of life on a planet is more or less a roll of the dice, then the M stars are rolling those dice much more than any other type of star,” explained Loyd, one of the two co-authors of the study. “It is fascinating to learn that observing stars with normal optical light (as the TESS mission does) does not come close to telling the whole story,” Shkolnik added.


Students from the Health area see practical training as necessary

Guanajuato /

Classes have returned, but the situation for some students has been very complicated, since virtual classes are not the same and practices are very necessary to reinforce knowledge in their area: only at the University of Guanajuato is the demand to enter to the Faculty of Medicine this year he presented more than 2 thousand 603 applications, divided into the different health areas.

Joana Frausto, a nursing student, commented that experience is essential for her future.

“Right now it is very difficult for us, because the practices are very essential for the health area and right now what we are doing are the zoom classes and the practices will be postponed from last semester in October and from this semester in November” Joana Frausto pointed out.

He assured that there is still no confirmation for the return to claes, but yes propose dividing small groups with protection measures soon to return to activity.

“At the moment no, last semester what they were going to do, is that we have a laboratory and there they were going to gather us in groups so as not to infect us so to speak”

In the case of Janeth hernandez He has tried to carry out the practice from home, despite this they cannot develop it well, due to lack of materials.

“Make models to replace it with mannequins, then things that we do at home, we begin to do the practice, the teacher does it with the materials, because they told us not to spend buying all the things and that is how we are doing it” Janeth expressed.

They do not complain about the theory that they promote, however the students on their own have decided to gather at home in groups of at least five people, so that they can work and learn in a better way.

“Regarding the theory, we have done much better, because we have gotten deeper into things, they have looked for new ways to support us, but in a matter of practice it has affected us a lot, we have gathered in working groups, maximum five people to try to do the practices between us, because the teachers are not allowed to see us “ he claimed.

They ask teachers to be able to carry out this type of activities in schools, having all the protection measures to complement their learning.

“If we have been struggling and we are asking that at least the practices let us do them at school even if it is five people too” commented.

Without a doubt, virtual classes have worked so that students do not fall behind in their subjects, but even so, some need to go to classrooms to carry out their practices.


860 students take the entrance exam to enter Medicine

Morelia, Mich. (OEM Infomex) .- This Sunday morning the third application of the new entrance exam was carried out for those interested in being part of the Bachelor of Surgeon and Midwife at the Michoacan University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH).

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This second day of examinations of the same degree It consisted of 860 students, who, like yesterday, were divided into two shifts, morning and evening, to avoid an agglomeration of people and maintain sanitary measures to avoid contagion by Covid-19.

The applicants met in groups of 8 to 12 people per classroom and upon entering Ciudad UniversitariaAntibacterial gel was applied to them and their temperature was taken to ensure that they were in optimal health conditions to enter the facilities.

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It should be remembered that it will be up to next August 18, the date on which the second round of exam application for the six bachelor’s degrees ends they had a higher number of applicants.


Scholarships Abroad: Stanford University Announces Aid for Latino Students – Education – Life

The business school of the Stanford University announced that it will expand admissions opportunities for students from all over Latin America interested in pursuing a master’s degree in business and administration (MBA) through financial support and waiver of application fees.

Stanford was recently ranked the second best in the world according to the ranking QS, and its business school is considered one of the most important globally.

(In pictures: The best universities in Colombia, according to Times Higher Education)

With this initiative, called ‘Yes, Latin America can be’, it seeks to encourage young Latin Americans to access this institution more easily. These grants were possible thanks to an alliance with the firm Ribbit Capital.

The support consists of the following: students who earn less than USD 40,000 a year (about 150 million pesos) will be exempt from paying the cost of the application fee, which normally costs USD 275 (a little more than a million pesos).

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Students who are selected to take the MBA will be able to access a scholarship and financial aid program offered by the university.

“During our time abroad, we have had the opportunity to interact with many Latin American graduates from Stanford GSB. We have seen that many returned to their countries of origin and had a great impact on their societies and businesses. We believe the region is home to many more people who are capable of creating that kind of impact, given the opportunity, “said Micky Malka, managing partner of Ribbit Capital.

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“This is why we are working with Stanford. ‘Yes, we can Latin America’ aims to remove barriers to applying to the MBA program and encourages applicants from across Latin America to take the next step. By helping students apply and attend Stanford, we hope to attract those who want to make a difference in their communities and the world, “she added.

People from the entire region, including Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands, can apply for this call.

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It should be remembered that Stanford is also considered one of the best destinations to study abroad. It is estimated that currently 40 percent of MBA students at Stanford are from countries other than the United States



Universidad Michoacana designates places for medical interns

Morelia, Michoacán- (OEM-Infomex) .- On July 26 and 27, the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH), through the Directorate of Linking and Social Service, gave the places to 503 graduates of the Medicine career of the Faculty of Medical and Biological Sciences “Dr. Ignacio Chávez “, who will begin their period of social service next July 3 and will end in July 2021.

Under a strict health protocol where distancing, taking the temperature, the use of face masks and a mask were mandatory, the medicine interns entered the University Information, Art and Culture Center (CIAC), where they chose the community where will offer medical service for one year.

This assignment was planned to take place in two days to comply with state and national sanitation guidelines. Although at the beginning it was thought to serve half of the graduates Monday July 26, only 160 places were assigned that day, as commented by a medical intern who agreed to speak with El Sol de Morelia.

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The interviewee stated that on Tuesday, July 27, the groups of 60 people to enter the building to designate the missing places. This action expedited the process, however, it reduced the time available to choose the place where they would carry out their social service.

“Everything about the health protocol was handled well, the healthy distance was respected, and you also had to wear a mask and mask to enter. The problem was when choosing the place, there was almost no time to decide, it was around two minutes to choose between more than 200 options”He commented.

The graduate stated that in order to carry out social service tasks during this pandemic, they were required to take two courses where medical personnel are trained on the care and management of Covid-19 patientsas well as symptom detection, patient referral, illness stress, and the ideal way to report a death.


Library of the University of Los Andes would become public – Education – Life

The library of the University of the Andes It would soon become part of the District Network of Public Libraries of Bogotá, according to the rector of this institution, Alejandro Gaviria.

It is one of the most important book collections in the city and, if its transformation were to take place, it would go on to accompany others such as Luis Ángel Arango, Virgilio Barco, El Tintal, among others the so-called BibloRed.

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This was announced by Gaviria in the middle of a conversation he had with the mayor Claudia lopez and the city’s secretary of culture, Nicolás Montero.

“We are going to work with the Secretary of Culture of the District so that the library of the University of Los Andes becomes a public library, so that the entire community can access it,” said the rector of Los Andes.

Gaviria also stressed that it is expected to make the library available to the community in the shortest possible time and that, with this, it is expected to encourage reading in Bogota: “It is a small way to find that these resources, books, reading , are available to more people ”.

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For her part, Mayor López applauded the initiative and pointed out that “an act like this of making the universe of books available to the public that the university is going to change the lives of many young people, boys and girls in Bogotá.”

Currently, BibloRed has 23 public libraries throughout the city, as well as 12 biblio stations in Transmilenio, 91 book stops in public parks, plus a mobile library.



Princeton University has removed the name of Wilson from the name of the faculty :: Society :: RBC

Princeton University was expelled from the names of the faculty and the College name of the 28th U.S. President Woodrow Wilson because of racism. A statement published on the website of the institution.

The rector of the University Christopher Eisgruber reported that this decision was taken following a meeting of the Board of Trustees on June 26.

Travelers and confederates, whose monuments are demolished in the United States and Europe

“The Board of Trustees came to the conclusion that the racist views and politics of Wilson make him a name suitable for the Department of public and international Affairs and residential buildings of the College, faculty, students and graduates need to stand firmly against racism in all its forms,” said Eisgruber.

The rector added that this decision may seem harsh, because it is thanks to Wilson and the educational institution received the status of a leading research University. However, according to Eisgruber, faculty and the building of the University College it was named after the American politician “regardless of his racism or rather in spite of it”.

“Princeton is a part of America that is too often ignored or justified racism, allowing you to save system that diskriminerad blacks. When Derek Showin (police officer who used choke hold during the arrest of the deceased in the Minneapolis black Americans. — RBC) almost nine minutes of pushing with the knee on the neck of George Floyd, when witnesses noted its cruelty, it could be assumed that the system will ignore or justify his behavior, as was done in response to his previous complaints,” — said the rector of the University.

The authorities decided to dismantle the monument to Theodore Roosevelt in new York

George Floyd was killed in late may during the arrest police in the city of Minneapolis (Minnesota). Law enforcement officers suspected a black man in the reckoning of counterfeit checks. In the end, one of the officers pushed Floyd the knee on the neck. At the time of arrest he was screaming that he can’t breathe, but the policemen ignored his words. In the end, the 46-year-old man died in the hospital. Was subsequently dismissed four policemen, and one of them was accused of murder by negligence.

On the backdrop of the death of Floyd in a number of cities in the U.S. and Europe demonstrators demolished the monuments of those whom they consider involved in slavery and genocide. Among them — the monument to the discoverer Christopher Columbus, the only President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis, the third US President Thomas Jefferson,the 18th US President Ulysses Grant, as well as the author of the US national anthem Francis Scott.

The monument to the head of the Russian Alaska proposed to remove from founded the city

The Monument To Alexander Baranov

The US President Donald trump was allowed to arrest anyone who damages or destroys sites. He also reminded that the perpetrators of the vandalism could face up to ten years in prison.

Subsequently, he signed the Executive decree on the protection of monuments, which provides for “long prison terms” for vandals.


Hello and goodbye

The baby of the family returns to the nursery. Today ! After three months of silence, it’s confirmed : she is ready to welcome all its little ” clients “. Or should we say “users” ? But this baby no longer has much to do with that to which, in march, we closed the door in his face. Let’s face it, this is no longer the same man. I have on my phone a short film on the eve of the containment. He is walking a little said, it looks rather that it wanders gently, checking, sometimes with a glance that his father follows the movement. He is still trying to come to the world, some would say. Now, he knows where he is going ! And her tiny world is populated by animals that greet hennissant, barking, barrissant or meowing, according to the pages of the illustrated books that litter the floor of his small room.

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Since the menagerie, which also re-opens (half-open, rather) its doors to the Jardin des plantes, we went there. The animals also have changed. Better ! Three months without seeing a cat – so to speak –, they rested. They saunter, casual, almost players… The macaws scream at the top of your lungs, the turtle trot, the monkeys imitating, the lazy are lazy. And the baby, silent, notes critically that the images of the books, where the elephant takes up the entire page but on the back the lizard also correspond to these beasts small and large that breathe like him, and generously offer to his eyes.

Since, without masks, we return fully in the life, I need to focus, to concentrate, on these sweet things, and unlikely to upset anyone. I know that the reality of the health crisis, it is the anxiety, the tension, illness, death. I know that in order to limit the danger, we have agreed to lead our fellowmen to bankruptcy, unemployment. I also know, too bad, that none of the contentions of before has been relegated to the background by the test imposed. And I see the efforts made in particular by the traders, and those who lead places of culture to bring us back to them. I hear the questions used over & over again on what we will do if ” it ” starts all over again in six months.

But we have, and we support each other, we need a force that does not draw in the concern. The protests and riots, their violence, their number, since so long now, are not for me hope. The figures that emerge, for good or bad reasons, succeed one another at such a pace ! The hero of yesterday returns the previous to the shadows where he was to join him the next day. Ecology, racism, health care, social justice, equality between men and women, all these causes deserve better than the bouts of fever without a diagnosis and without a cure. Nothing is done fast, even when it might seem easy. Work to change a society requires to incorporate in its motivations, the possibility to never see this change happen in his lifetime, while preserving the desire to contribute to it.

→ THE FACTS. With the coronavirus, a false air of back-to-school in June

Reopen really kindergartens, schools and colleges, even for a few days, bet was a essential. It was necessary that children and teachers find themselves, to say hello… and goodbye, and so establish a date for the start of the year. It was also essential for parents to get out of the diy day-to-day and the obsession of the family organization, which condemned to live mentally, at the close. In this world weakened, the adults can finally meet the eyes and let their eyes carry far in front of them. Children who have grown up, the beasts who are settled, guide them without knowing it.


it affects not only the lungs, but the whole body

The first 10 days after the onset of symptoms of the disease, the 38-year-old American was feeling quite well. He was not at risk; he had no chronic diseases.

– The man was examined, the disease was mild. The patient had a slight cough. Therefore, he was sent home for treatment, ”says the head of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Westchester Medical Center Sean Wengerter.

And then the incredible happened.

One morning, a man woke up with icy and numb legs. The body was constrained by terrible weakness; there was not even the strength to get out of bed.

The examination showed that the patient had aortic occlusion – a large blood clot formed in the main artery at the place where the artery diverged in two directions – to the right and left leg. Because of this clot, blood enriched with oxygen did not enter the iliac arteries.

“This is extremely dangerous.” From this can die from 20% to 50% of patients, – notes Vangerter. – But such things are not typical for 38-year-olds.

An emergency operation to remove a blood clot could save the patient’s life. But doctors working with patients with COVID-19 are everywhere faced with rather strange and frightening phenomena in infected patients. For example, the formation of blood clots (actually blood clots) of various sizes throughout the body, renal failure, inflammation of the heart muscle and malfunctions of the immune system.

“Coronavirus occurs in each patient in its own way,” notes Scott Brackenridge, associate professor of emergency surgery at the College of Medicine at the University of Florida. – In some cases, the patient has a problem with breathing, in others, the internal organs begin to fail. In children, the immune system as a whole begins to rebel.

Coronavirus is not just a respiratory diseasePhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


A new type of coronavirus is considered to be a respiratory virus, although it is already becoming obvious – the infection affects the entire human body. The most common symptoms are fever, pneumonia, and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

In this case, the virus attacks some organs directly. First of all, the mucous membrane of blood vessels, which entails unnatural coagulation of blood.

– COVID-19 provokes a local inflammatory reaction that leads to the formation of blood clots, – explains Wengerter. – This is due to the direct effect of the virus on the arteries.

A number of doctors recorded strokes in young patients with coronavirus, as well as the formation of blood clots in the lungs. Blood clots were found even in the smallest vessels.

“Since each organ feeds on blood vessels, and the virus attacks them first and foremost, we end up with damage to internal organs,” adds Dr. Scott Brackenridge.

Another serious symptom that is observed in some patients who become ill with the new coronavirus is the “co-fingers.” The infected toes swell, becoming red or purple. It is possible that the reason for this is blockage of blood vessels. But doctors say that usually this does not have serious consequences.

Kawasaki Syndrome

One of the most alarming reactions to COVID-19 is observed in children. It has already been named as a children’s multisystem inflammatory syndrome. In newYork Doctors have identified more than 100 cases.

This syndrome is characterized by a rather long fever, inflammatory process, malfunction of one or more internal organs, as well as the general condition, which is usually observed with shock. Pediatricians also compare these symptoms with the syndrome. Kawasaki.

Kawasaki syndrome is a rare disease that affects children aged 3 to 10 years. It is characterized by damage to the medium and small arteries, thrombosis, the formation of aneurysms and rupture of the vascular wall. Cases of infection are rare. However, recently, doctors have noted an increase in the number of patients with this syndrome.

Both childhood multisystem inflammatory syndrome and Kawasaki syndrome lead to an overly aggressive immune system response to coronavirus. This may be accompanied by inflammation of the blood vessels and heart muscle.


However, scientists note that coronavirus is not able to cause a strong immune response, but, on the contrary, suppress the entire immune system. And this can allow the infection to freely attack the internal organs.

Partly this theory was confirmed by Chinese experts, led by Dr. Zhang Zhang. Scientists analyzed samples of immune cells taken from the lungs of 9 patients infected with coronavirus. The results of the study showed an abnormally high level of leukocytes – macrophages and neutrophils responsible for the destruction of harmful pathogen – in severe patients. At the same time, these patients had a rather low level of CD8 T cells, which are called killer cells. They are responsible for killing virus-infected cells.

But doctors are reassuring, noting that they have drugs that can thin the blood, and also help the work of white blood cells that resist infection.


Sergey Mardan: In the USA, the clinic would simply go broke if the ventilator apparatus exploded and people died