Know what are the medications that endorsed to fight Coronavirus

By approval of MinSalud, specialists who are treating patients infected with Coronavirus will be able to use two drugs that could potentially help combat the damage caused by the virus in patients. These are chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, two drugs with proven efficacy in patients suffering from moderate and severe pneumonia. However, it should be clarified […]

Colombia extends quarantine until end of April

Poly Martinez Correspondent in Bogotá Updated:04/07/2020 16:26 save Related news The debate was strong: reactivate the economy or deactivate the Covid-19. Finally, the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, gambled for life and informed Colombians last night that the mandatory quarantine throughout the country extends until 00:00 on April 27, extending in another 13 days in […]

Maduro offers Colombia Chinese equipment to combat the coronavirus

The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, offered to Colombia the donation of two Chinese-made equipment for the diagnosis of the new coronavirus, which affects more than 900 people and claimed the lives of 16 others in that South American country. “We are going to do one thing: with the machines that are going to arrive from […]

Existing medicines, the shortest route to a cure for coronavirus

With the toll of deaths from the coronavirus exceeding 20,000 this week, accelerated efforts to develop treatments for COVID-19 are primarily focused on adapting existing medications to combat the disease. “The shortest path to treatment, we believe, is to reuse something that already exists based on our knowledge of its mechanisms of action,” said Dr. […]

Maduro insists that the US and Colombia plan to attack Venezuela

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced that there is an alleged violent plan that is woven from “power” in Colombia and under orders from the United States, to attack Venezuela in the midst of the pandemic by COVID-19, which has registered 91 infected. “A terrorist nucleus that trains in Riohacha (Colombia), which is compiling […]

“History of drug trafficking”, souls cameo

Far from being the preserve of criminal organizations alone, drug trafficking has long been an instrument in the hands of states. This geopolitical prism serves as the common thread for an exciting documentary series in three episodes broadcast on Arte from March 31, the first of which is available in preview all day this Tuesday […]

The value of Cuban medicine is highlighted in Colombia

Bogotá, Mar 23 (Prensa Latina) Colombian fighter and former senator Piedad Córdoba highlighted the value of Cuban medicine, while highlighting the work that specialists from the island are doing today to support the confrontation with Covid-19 in other countries. ‘Who explains to me how an island seized, blocked (by successive United States governments) and impoverished […]

Blockages multiply globally as the virus affects health systems

BERLIN (AP) – Streets, squares and highways were abandoned in most of the world on Saturday, while curfews and blockages multiplied in the face of a rapidly advancing virus that is testing many health systems. Three American states with a combined population of 70 million are moving to limit residents to their homes to prevent […]

Colombia begins to suffer from Covid-19

Poly Martinez Correspondent in Bogotá Updated:03/19/2020 14: 25h save Related news When you read this note, Colombia will already added 100 cases of proven coronaviruses. The speed with which the pandemic spreads makes the prevention measures announced the night before look out of date in the morning. One of them, «Bogotá stays at home» seeks […]