Coronavirus: over half a million deaths worldwide – World

There are over 500,000 coronavirus victims worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The infections have exceeded 10 million in the past few hours. In detail, the deaths for Covid-19 in the world are 500,108I

The Colombia yesterday recorded 4,149 new cases of coronavirus, the third daily record in a week and a balance that brings the total number of infections to 88,591: the South American country thus exceeds China, which has 84,726 cases. At the same time, reports the CNN, in Colombia the deaths caused by the virus increased to 2,939 (+128 compared to Friday).

The Brazil it has recorded 38,693 new coronavirus cases and 1,109 deaths in the past 24 hours. The country’s ministry of health reports, quoted by the Guardian. Brazil, where infections increase by tens of thousands every day, currently has a total of 1,313,667 confirmed cases and 57,070 victims. The South American country is the second in the world in terms of number of deaths and number of infections, after the United States.

China has recorded another 17 coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, of which three ‘imported’ and 14 of internal origin in Beijing: the National Health Commission (NHC) has announced. According to the NHC, reports CNN, China to date has a total of 83,500 infections and 4,634 deaths.

L‘India it has recorded 19,906 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours: this is the strongest daily increase since the start of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health announced today, which was accompanied by a further 410 deaths. The new data bring the total balance of infections to 528,859 and that of the dead to 16,095. To date, 309,712 people have been healed in the country. The state of Maharashtra marks the highest number of cases (159,133) followed by the capital Delhi (80,188).

The use of masks will be mandatory in Iran in enclosed spaces crowded with next week: Iranian President Hassan Rohani has announced today, who has also authorized numerous provinces affected by the coronavirus to reintroduce restrictive measures. To date, the Islamic Republic – which records 220,180 infections and 10,364 deaths – has not implemented total lockdown measures to deal with the pandemic and the use of masks and protective equipment has been optional in most of the country. From tomorrow, however, and at least until 22 July – said Rohani – the masks will be “mandatory in closed spaces where there are crowds” of people. The Ministry of Health has already developed a list with the places concerned but has not gone into detail.

The death toll caused by the coronavirus in Russia has exceeded the 9,000 threshold: this is what emerges from the count of Johns Hopkins University. According to the data of the American university in Russia 9,060 people have died so far out of a total of 633,542 confirmed infections. There are 398,311 people healed.

The situation of the coronavirus epidemic in Beijing is still “serious and complex”, after the new rebound of the infections recorded in the last few weeks. Local authorities explained that they have placed the lockdown for almost half a million people in an area near the Chinese capital. With the aim of averting a second wave. The confinement took place in the canton of Anxin, located 60 kilometers south of Beijing in the northern province of Hebei. Eleven cases related to the outbreak of the epidemic in Beijing have been identified there, the semi-official Global Times newspaper reported.

Algeria records a negative daily record for the second consecutive day regarding the growth of coronavirus infections. In fact, 305 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the last 24 hours, bringing the total balance of infected people in the country to 13,272. The Ministry of Health of Algiers has made it known through the words of the spokesman of the Special Commission for monitoring the spread of the disease, Djamel Fourar, specifying that the deaths have risen to 897. “The situation is likely to explode and become uncontrollable”, said the head of the cardiology department of Chu Nafissa-Hamoud (ex-Parnet) d’Hussein-Dey in Algiers, Djamel Eddine Nibouche, given the “exponential growth rate of the disease”. For this reason, Nibouche recommends increasing the isolation centers where you can host and treat the positives, so as not to overload the hospitals.

In Croatia, where in a week voting for the legislative, 67 new cases of Covid-19 have been registered since yesterday and one death, the first in two weeks. The Civil Protection Crisis Unit reported. After almost a month in which the epidemiological situation in Croatia had remained at very low levels, with on average one or two cases of positivity per day, for ten days the coronavirus has started to circulate again and now there are between fifty and one hundred cases a day. There have been 108 deaths so far. 435 active cases of infection.

The hopes placed on the torrid heat, which some in the past few months nourished to curb the coronavirus, do not seem to find confirmation in Balkans where precisely with the arrival of high summer temperatures, the advance of the infections has regained vigor. The increase in cases is widespread and in several countries of the region the reintroduction of restrictive measures abolished in recent weeks is expected. In Serbia, where legislative elections were held a week ago and the stadiums began to fill up with crowded and turbulent fans, 254 new infections and three more deaths have occurred in the last 24 hours, with total numbers rising to 14,046 and 230. Intensive care has increased again and is now 31, three times more than a few weeks ago. 291 new cases of coronavirus have been reported since yesterday in Romania, where 23 more deaths have occurred. In this country, the hardest hit in the region, there are 26,313 infections, 1,612 deaths. Even in North Macedonia the upward trend of the infections continues, which have been 176 yesterday, nine dead. There have been 6,080 cases of Covid-19 so far, with 274 victims. North Macedonia will vote on 15 July for parliamentary elections. Since yesterday there have been 112 new cases of infection in Bulgaria, with the total rising to 4,624, while another death has brought the number of victims to 216. Contagions are also growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 108 more since yesterday, for a total of 4,189, the victims have been 178 in all. The recovery of cases also concerns Slovenia, on the point a few weeks ago of proclaiming the end of epidemic. There have been nine outbreaks since yesterday, the number of deaths has stopped at 111. Twelve new outbreaks in Montenegro, which the end of the epidemic had officially declared and where 157 new infected people are now registered.

Israel it is “at the beginning of a new wave of disease”: health minister Yoel Edelstein said in a televised speech today, at the end of a first ministerial consultation on the fight against coronavirus which will continue tomorrow. “I submitted to the government today – he said – some unpleasant measures but made mandatory by the situation to stop the virus now, and not have to resort to a market lockdown”. In particular, he mentioned new restrictive measures to religious events such as weddings, Jewish ceremonies of age or circumcisions. There are also restrictions on prayers in synagogues and other groupings of people. Particular measures should be taken, in his opinion, also in universities. Work from home will also be encouraged, particularly among civil servants. Concrete measures to that effect could be announced tomorrow.

While Palestinian authorities express growing alarm over the spread of coronavirus in the West Bank, the governor of Bethlehem Kamil Hmeid has anticipated that from tomorrow even Bethlehem, like Hebron and part of Nablus, will be closed temporarily, as in March. For now, according to the Times of Israel, it is a 48-hour closure. In recent days, the authorities had also imposed the closure of the populous refugee camp of Aida, near Bethlehem. According to data released today by the Minister of Health Mai al-Khaileh, the positive cases among the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem reached today the figure of 2,112: more than double their total number of just a week ago. The main outbreak is in Hebron, where according to the local health ministry the situation is now alarming. In 60 per cent of cases, the authorities attribute the sudden surge in infections to a failure to observe social distancing. For this reason, Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayeh explained, the closure of the most affected areas is necessary.


Congress will vote on the question of the transformation of Washington into the 51st state of the USA :: Politics :: RBC

Nancy Pelosi

(Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

The house of representatives Friday, June 26, will vote on the creation of the city of Washington a separate state. This was announced by the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, TV channel Fox News channel.

“We will correct this injustice which confronts our democracy,” she said, speaking about the upcoming vote.

As noted by Pelosi, residents of D.C. pay taxes, serve in the army and contribute to “economic viability” of the US, but they have no right to participate in the vote.

The authors of the initiative the vote were the congressmen from the Democratic party. To date, American capital has the status of district of Columbia and is not included in one of the States that gives residents the right to elect their representatives in the Federal Congress.

The law entered into force, it must support both chambers of the Parliament of the United States, and then approved by the President of the country. If that happens, Colombia will become the 51st US state.

Washington extended the curfew because of riots during protests

Photo: Samuel Corum / Getty Images

In the capital of the United States has about 700 thousand people — more than in the States of Vermont and Wyoming, and almost as much as in Alaska. In November 2016, residents of the district of Columbia in a referendum, held simultaneously with the election of President of the United States, supported the change of status district in the state. For changing administrative status voted 86% of the population, opposed by 14%.

8 section 1 article United States Constitution establishes the power of Congress over the district which is the seat of government, residents of the district until 1961 even had no right to vote in presidential elections. One of the founding fathers of the United States, the fourth President James Madison wrote that it is important that the capital of the country was not in any state to avoid the risk that he is being treated better than in other States.

The residents of the district have traditionally supported Democrats, so the opponents of the transformation of Washington in the state believe that the change of his status will lead to an increase in the number of representatives of the Democratic party in the U.S. Congress.

Among the opponents of the appearance of Washington — US President Donald trump. In an interview with the New Yourk Post, he said that Washington is 100% owned by the Democrats. However, he noted that its transformation into a state I can only vote “very stupid Republicans”.

“You mean the district of Columbia, state? Why? That is, we can have two democratic Senator and five congressmen? No, thank you. This will never happen,” said trump.

At the request of the office of management and budget the White house (Office of Management and Budget, OMB), which deals with the assessment of legislative initiatives, said that the bill is unconstitutional. If the bill were presented to the President, the trump’s advisers in the White house would recommend that he veto the bill, the document says.


Pompeo denied US involvement in an attempt to invade Venezuela :: Politics :: RBC

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Venezuelan authorities of misinformation. Washington did not lead the invasion of the republic, and Caracas’s efforts to introduce Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as a victim are incorrect, he said

Photo: Andrew Harnik, Pool / AP

The United States is not involved in an attempted armed invasion of mercenaries in Venezuela, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in an interview with reporter Ben Shapiro. The transcript is published on the website of the State Department.

“We did not manage this. I know that [президент Венесуэлы Николас] Maduro is trying to present everything in this way, ”said Pompeo.

According to him, an attempt to introduce Maduro as a victim in this situation does not look right. “I won’t be surprised if in the end we find out that the regime [в Каракасе] long recognized [о предстоящей попытке] and took this opportunity to misinform, ”said Pompeo.

The US National Security Council also announced that the United States was not involved in what happened in Venezuela. “The US government had nothing to do with the recent events that allegedly took place in Venezuela. Statements to the contrary are not credible. If it were a US-planned operation, according to Maduro, who is charged with drug-dealing, it would be open, direct and effective, ” declared in advice.

Maduro announced the detention of two Trump security officers

Photo: Matias Delacroix / AP


Maduro announced an attempted assassination attempt during the invasion of mercenaries :: Society :: RBC

According to the President of Venezuela, a group of militants trying to land off the coast of the country planned to kill him. These are trained mercenaries, their training was funded by the United States and Colombia. Attempted Maritime Invasion May 3

Nicholas Maduro

(Photo: Matias Delacroix / Getty Images)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the militants from Colombia planned to land in the sea zone in the north of the country to kill him, reports El Universal.

Maduro said a group of mercenaries attempted a naval invasion. He added that they studied in Colombia, as evidenced by evidence, including video. The militants were funded, according to Maduro, by the Colombian authorities with the support of the US government.

The mercenaries, according to Maduro, were about to kill him, which was the main goal of their operation. “A terrorist act in the midst of a pandemic … a terrorist attack against the tranquility and peace of Venezuela,” Maduro described the attempt to land militants in the country’s marine zone. The president added that more details about the preparation of the attack and evidence will be presented on May 5.

Venezuelan Interior Ministry Reported Colombian Militant Invasion Prevention


Venezuelan Interior Ministry announced the prevention of the invasion of militants from Colombia :: Politics :: RBC

Venezuelan law enforcement agencies prevented an attempt to land militants from Colombia in the northern zone of the country. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Nestor Reverol. His appeal posted on the department’s Twitter page.

“On the morning of May 3, an attempt was made to prevent a sea invasion by a group of Colombian terrorist mercenaries who were planning to carry out terrorist acts in the country, kill the government leaders, and bring chaos among the people and organize a coup,” Reverol said.

According to him, speedboat militants planned to launch an attack on the coast of La Guaira. The attack was averted thanks to the operational response of the Venezuelan Armed Forces and Special Forces. As a result, several mercenaries were killed during the clashes, several more people were captured.

In connection with the incident, the country’s armed forces were put on alert, the Ministry of Defense of the Bolivarian Republic reported. The ministry confirmed the military’s readiness to immediately respond to any threats, as well as guarantee the sovereignty and independence of the state.

Maduro called the president of Colombia an enemy of Venezuela

In turn, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected Venezuela’s allegations of involvement in an attempted naval invasion of the country. Diplomats called the charges “unfounded” and noted that they were aimed at involving the Colombian government in a “speculative conspiracy.” According to them, in this way the Venezuelan authorities want to divert attention from the real problems in the country. By them, diplomats understand the internal crisis.

“We urge the international community to reject such allegations,” the ministry said.

In early April, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the mobilization of artillery to defend the country. Then he declared that armed groups financed by the USA and Colombia want to take advantage of the situation with the coronavirus epidemic and “carry out terrorist acts and a coup d’etat.”


Travel advice for the United States

Entry and residence formalities

Since January 27, 2017, a presidential decree on the “protection of the nation against the entry of foreign terrorists into the United States”, which aims to restrict the conditions of entry into the United States, is applied.

It is strongly recommended that you regularly check the website of the U.S. Embassy and contact the airline to verify the measures it is taking at its level.

• Reminder of the provisions of the decree of January 27, 2017

Nationals of seven countries (Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq) are prohibited from entering the United States, except under specific conditions.

Holders of French passports who are also nationals of one of the seven countries concerned are exempt from restrictive measures if they are in possession of a valid visa on their French passport.

Residents of the United States with a green card who are nationals of one of these seven countries are also affected by the new provisions. They are nevertheless still allowed to enter the United States but are subject, upon arrival, to an examination of their situation.

If in doubt about your situation, it is strongly advised to contact the American consular authorities in France before your departure.

Visa-free stay

Visa Waiver Program: Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

Since April 1, 2016, only people with an electronic or biometric passport can benefit from the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) which allows French nationals to access American territory without a visa, but with an electronic travel authorization (ESTA), either in transit, or for a tourist or business stay of 90 days maximum (meaning the possibility of signing contracts, placing orders, participating in seminars or meeting customers).

Persons holding other passports must request a visa from the competent American diplomatic and consular authorities (see explanatory table on the site – information on visas (site in English).

NB : The emergency passport does not allow entry to the United States without a visa.

For more information on the types of passport, it is recommended to consult the following link:

1. Electronic travel authorization: ESTA

The French national who travels to the United States by air or sea and who benefits from the VWP must obligatorily request, via the Internet, an electronic travel authorization before departure (Electronic System for Travel Authorization – ESTA).

The ESTA can be obtained by answering the questions asked on the website (multilingual), the only site authorized by the American authorities and allowing online payment by credit card.

The form must be completed in English, but the instructions are available in French.

The authorization request can be made at any time before the trip. However, the United States Department of Homeland Security recommends that you complete this formality at least 72 hours before departure.

ESTA allows travel under the VWP but does not constitute a right of entry into the United States, which remains granted or refused on arrival by the immigration officer.

The authorization is valid for 2 years from the date of issue, but must be renewed in the event of a change in situation (name, first name, sex, nationality, passport, different answers to questions asked, etc.), or if the date the validity of the passport is less than this period of 2 years. For any new trip during the period of validity of the authorization, it will be necessary to update via the Internet certain information (flight number and destination address) in your ESTA file and of course to travel with the passport declared on the ESTA form. .

2. Exclusion of VWP from certain categories of travelers

Travelers who have visited Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen or Sudan since March 1, 2011 and people with Iranian, Iraqi, Sudanese or Syrian nationality cannot benefit from the visa waiver regime .

These people must apply for a valid B1 / B2 visa, as the case may be, for several years from the US diplomatic and consular authorities.

Given the delivery times, it is recommended to anticipate these steps which can take several weeks.

According to the United States administration, people who need an emergency visa for business travel or medical or humanitarian reasons will be able to benefit from an accelerated processing of their visa application.

A permanent exception for full-time agents of civil or military state administrations on official missions is implemented. These agents continue to benefit from the visa waiver for travel to the United States. The administration has also defined five other situations in which travelers to the four target countries may eventually continue to benefit from the visa waiver.

These situations concern travel:

• on official mission on behalf of an international, regional or subnational organization;

• on official mission on behalf of a humanitarian organization;

• as a journalist;

• for Iran, for legitimate business reasons, if the displacement took place after July 14, 2015;

• for Iraq, for legitimate business reasons.

For these situations, the maintenance of the visa waiver will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Given the delays in obtaining this exemption, it is recommended that steps be taken to obtain the necessary guarantees from the US consular services at least two months in advance.

According to the American authorities, travelers who have declared the nationality of one of these seven countries and already benefiting from an ESTA will be informed by email of its revocation, and invited to apply for a visa.

Other people affected by the reform who are considering short-term travel to the United States are strongly recommended to apply for a visa as soon as possible. For people currently benefiting from an ESTA, it is possible to check its status at this address: (multilingual).

Travelers affected by these restrictions, who plan to travel to the United States for a longer term, are invited to consult the website of the United States Embassy before booking their flight ticket (https: // fr. Maintenance/ to stay informed of changes in progress.

3. VWP restrictions

The slightest overshooting of the time limit under the VWP during a previous trip to the United States results in immediate expulsion of the territory and, in general, the ban on re-entering American soil for a period which may be several years.

It does not allow the exercise of a professional activity (paid or not). Indeed, all French people wishing to work must have a visa from France authorizing them to hold a defined job.

The American immigration services are very vigilant with regard to the application of regulations which prohibit the exercise of a professional activity, whether gainful or not. It is therefore strongly recommended that French nationals entering the United States for tourist or linguistic purposes avoid to bring or carry anything that could create a misunderstanding or a suspicion on the reasons for their stay, and which could suggest that they come for another purpose than that stated.

The VWP does not in any case allow you to register as a student, under penalty of administrative retention before the visa expires. The questionnaires to be completed before entering the United States must be completed with precision.

Any violation of the legislation in force exposes the perpetrator to expulsion and a ban on access to American territory for several years.

It does not allow a change of status on the spot (example: obtaining a visa to pursue studies or exercise a professional activity).

Stay with visa

A traveler who is not strictly within the framework of the VWP or who has not been able to obtain the ESTA must apply for a visa.

In the United States, the family that can accompany a visa holder is understood only as the married spouse and the unmarried children. De facto spouses, including civil partnerships, are not recognized by the American immigration services and must either travel within the framework of the VWP under the conditions mentioned above, or apply for a visa which will be dealt with individually. An exception exists only for same-sex partners of holders of A or G visas.

The French must therefore obtain a visa from the American consular authorities to go to the United States:

• for a transit or a stay of less than 90 days if you do not have the type of passport required under the VWP;

• for a stay longer than 90 days;

• for stays the object of which is neither tourism nor business, but corresponds to the exercise of a professional activity, an internship or studies.

NB : a medical examination is compulsory for foreigners applying for a long-stay visa in the United States. Anyone with a contagious disease that poses a threat to public health can be refused a visa.


According to US law, the validity of a foreign national’s passport must cover a period of six months beyond the date scheduled for departure from the United States.

Pursuant to this law, the United States has signed agreements with countries, including France, under which their nationals are exempt from the 6-month obligation and must only present a valid passport covering the duration of their stay in the United States. United States. (

However, to avoid any complications, it is advisable, as a precaution, to have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months on the date scheduled for his departure from the United States, even for holders of long-term visas valid duration: large fines have already been noted (over 500 USD).

Do not joke with officers from CBP (Customs and Border Protection) or the police. Words, attitudes or jokes that may seem innocuous in some countries can lead to immediate arrest and legal action in the United States.

Refusal of admission or visa

In case of refusal of admission or visa, the Department of Homeland Security invites travelers who feel that they have been treated unfairly to lodge a complaint online on the DHS website (TRIP procedure: Travelers Redress Inquiry Program, in English).

Customs regulations

Amounts over USD 10,000 must be declared to customs.

American customs are very vigilant on food products: entry with non-sterilized products (such as cheese or cold meats) or green plants is strictly prohibited.

( / in English).

As the constraints linked to the possession of a pet are rigorous, it is preferable to consult the Embassy of the United States of America before any plan to travel or stay accompanied by a pet.


For more information: (in English)


nearly half of Americans breathe unhealthy air

A report by the American Lung Association released Tuesday states that about half of Americans breathe unhealthy air and there is environmental pollution in nine cities in the west of the country.

The annual “State of the Air” report describes that climate change continues to worsen air pollution and notes that amid the coronavirus pandemic, which strikes the lungs, the state of air quality is “of great concern.” .

The document, which analyzes data collected in 2016, 2017 and 2018, says that these three years are among the five hottest on record in history, and climate change patterns promote forest fires whose dangerous fumes contribute to increased pollution.

“The report found that air quality in some communities has improved, but … there are still too many people breathing in unhealthy air,” said the president and CEO of the American Lung Association, Harold Wimmer.

This degraded air quality threatens everyone, particularly children, older adults, and people living with lung disease.

“Air pollution is linked to an increased risk of lung infections,” added Wimmer. “Protecting everyone from COVID-19 and other lung infections is an urgent reminder of the importance of clean air.”

The annual reports of the American Lung Association focus on the two most common outdoor air pollutants: ozone and particulate. Both are dangerous to public health and can be deadly.

The unhealthy particles in the air come from forest fires, wood stoves, coal-fired power plants, diesel engines, and other sources. These microscopic particles lodge deep in the lungs and can even enter the bloodstream.

Contamination with particulate can cause asthma attacks, cardiac arrests and heart attacks, and cause lung cancer. New research also links air pollution to the development of serious diseases like asthma and dementia.

Ozone pollution, often referred to as smog, is a powerful respiratory irritant whose effects have been described as heat stroke of the lung.

Breathing ozone can cause shortness of breath and cause coughs and asthma attacks that could shorten life. The warmer temperatures caused by climate change make ozone formation easier and more difficult to clean.

The report has two lines for particulate contamination: one for “short-term” particulate contamination – or one-day increases – and another for the “annual” level that represents the concentration of particles day after day at each location.

The report notes that the 10 cities in the United States with the highest long-term particulate contamination are: Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California; Bakersfield, California; San José-San Francisco-Oakland, California; Fairbanks, Alaska; Yakima, Washington; Los Angeles-Long Beach, California; Missoula, Montana; Redding-Red Bluff, California; Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem, Utah, and Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona

The 10 cities with the highest annual particulate pollution are: Bakersfield, California; Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California; Visalia, California; Los Angeles-Long Beach, California; San José-San Francisco-Oakland, California; Fairbanks, Alaska; Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona; El Centro, California; Pittsburgh-New Castle-Weirton, Pennsylvania-Ohio-West Virginia, and Detroit-Warren-Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The 10 cities with the highest ozone pollution are: Los Angeles-Long Beach, California; Visalia, California; Bakersfield, California; Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California; Sacramento-Roseville, California; San Diego-Chula Vista-Carlsbad, California; Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona; San José-San Francisco-Oakland, California; Las Vegas-Henderson, Nevada, and Denver-Aurora, Colorado.

The report also mentions the four cities with the cleanest air in the United States: Bangor, Maine; Burlington-South Burlington-Barre, Vermont; Honolulu, Hawaii, and Wilmington, North Carolina.

“The science is clear,” said Wimmer. “The nation needs greater limits on ozone and particulate pollution to safeguard the health, especially of children and people with lung diseases.”


Medical school official says new doctors are not serving in needy places

Gustavo Quintero, president of the Colombian Association of Medical Schools says that they offered to graduate nearly 2,700 doctors early to incorporate them into the workforce in the midst of the pandemic, but that some are being sent to other areas where the need is not high.


in Colombia, the red rags of anger and hunger

At Comuna 13, tourists have deserted the streets. The famous escalators that made the reputation of the neighborhood are stopped. And the colorful walls of street art look very dull without their Covid-19 visitors.

→ LIVE. Coronavirus: the latest information in France and worldwide

Street vendors, servants, tour guides, restaurateurs, most of the inhabitants of barrio live on informal jobs. At first, without saying anything, they followed the recommendations of the Colombian authorities hammered by helicopters or by police vehicles: ” stay at your house “. But after a month of confinement, families have run out of food and anger rises. Without resources since March 20, they are waiting for food and financial aid that does not come.

Broken promises from local authorities

“Two weeks ago, a few families got together and started hanging rags, fabric or even red flags on their houses to say” here there is nothing left to eat, help us ! ”. And the movement has spread throughout the city and even in other Colombian cities “says James Zuluaga, coordinator of the Comuna 13 Human Rights Committee.

With these red rags, Colombians express their anger and their distress. They are calling on the authorities to ask for food aid or to call the neighbors for more solidarity. “We have been waiting for weeks and demanding the food aid promised by the town hall of Medellin and the Antioquia region. But still nothing! For many, it is a meal of rice once a day, the children are hungry “, says Maria del Socorro Mosquera, head of the Association of Independent Women, which takes care of single mothers and children of Comuna 13.

Associations to the rescue

Neighborhood associations work hand in hand to identify families and organize private food aid. They canvass individuals, businesses and authorities. For the past three weeks, two young French people have answered the call. In 2016, they launched Café Cliché, a café-restaurant in Medellin. Despite the closure of their establishment and the financial difficulties it causes, they cook hundreds of meals twice a week for families in Comuna 13. “We couldn’t do nothing during this confinement when there are so many people in need. And this is an opportunity to discover French gastronomy! “, adds Sylvain Lefèbvre, owner of Café Cliché.

Since April 10, the town hall distributes food kits and financial aid of one hundred thousand pesos (24 €) to 120,000 poor families. The first phase of an aid plan that will reach a total of 600,000 people. As in all major Colombian cities, it also launched a fundraising campaign on April 12, which raised more than three million euros.


Towards the new normal in Miami

In South Florida, authorities are considering reopening beaches and public parks, toward a “new normal” scenario. With more than 23,300 infected with COVID-19, in that state, hospital occupancy is 42%.

JOSE: The return to open public spaces is a scenario contemplated in South Florida. The authorities consider a “new reality” to be the reopening of parks and beaches in Miami-Dade.


Carlos Gimenez

Miami-Dade County Mayor

“We are considering how parks and other locations in our county can be opened when the time is right, we want to do it gradually and always with contagion prevention in mind, we don’t want to cause a second wave of contagion now that the number of patients is going down ”

In Miami-Dade, over 8,200 people and 772 patients are registered in hospitals for COVID-19. During the last 11 days these figures have produced a decrease and stabilization in the local registration curve. This county continues to top the list of highest impact in Florida. The parks and beaches of the jurisdiction have been closed for almost a month.


Carlos Gimenez

Mayor Miami-Dade County “All experts agree that it is good for physical and mental health that people go outside to exercise and get fresh air”

Bridge camera

Possible regulations to apply include jogging and walking, sports between only two people and sustaining physical distance. In addition, they warn about a zero tolerance protocol for violators.


In cities such as Miami Beach, they suggest the generation of tourist packages, in the future of the ‘new normal” to encourage the visit of people from other places and gradually reactivate the industry in that sector. On the other hand, Florida Governor Ron Desantis says there are conditions to gradually return to work.

The state government issued 33,600 unemployment aid checks. The forms for your request continue to be distributed in public libraries.



Video Package Cut Sheet


INTRO TEXT In South Florida, authorities are considering reopening beaches and public parks, toward a “new normal” scenario. With more than 23,300 infected with COVID-19, in that state, hospital occupancy is 42%.

INTRO SLUG: Towards the new normality in Miami


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Carlos Gimenez

Miami-Dade County Mayor

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José Pernalete

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