Mayors call for more support in corona crisis

EIn times of Corona, an ice cream parlor can close overnight. A church cannot do that. It must continue to function. The administration must keep the gear train running – regardless of whether 500 or 500,000 people live in the city. Crisis plans need to be developed. The citizens’ office must also be open at […]

Commentary on Municipalities in Need: The Scholz Debt Bomb

Dhe is called chutzpah. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) not only holds onto the promise without debt to debt-indebted municipalities at the expense of the fund entrusted to him, but he also shows willingness to put an end to the debt brake in the Basic Law. You have to know that the federal states […]

The Scholz Debt Bomb

The finance minister wants to discharge indebted municipalities. His suggestion couldn’t be more contradictory. ,