Ediles de Mérida join the Vaccination Conference in compliance with their social responsibility in public health

This Monday, it was activated in the City of Mérida, homonymous state, the local phase of the National Vaccination Day, promoted by the Ministry of Popular Power for Health, in order to prevent more than ten diseases, with the placement of immunizations for children, mothers and pre-adolescents, an activity in which capital city councilors participated in compliance with their social co-responsibility in public health.

“On this day all the popular clinics of the Barrio Adentro Salud Mission are activated, for the care of pregnant mothers, children and schoolchildren who lack a vaccine,” reported this Monday the president of the Municipal Council of Libertador in the City of Mérida, Grenny Uzcátegui.

He stressed that the councilors of the Merida capital promote these days with the support of the personnel assigned to the Area of ​​Comprehensive Community Health (ASIC) Milla and the Mission Barrio Adentro Salud task that the councilors register in the fulfillment of their social responsibility in matters of public health.

Polio, Pentavalent, Triple viral, Anti-yellow fever and Toxoid are the main immunizations planned for this day of care, aimed at schoolchildren, boys and girls, from two to five years old; pregnant women with more than 18 months of gestation; children and adolescents from 10 to 15 years of age. / JB / XN



CICPC detains an employee of the Ministry of Health for marketing State medical supplies

Officials of the Corps of Scientific Criminal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) arrested an employee of the Ministry of Health for the illicit marketing of medical supplies and medicines. The detainee was identified as Ámbar Jasmín Vargas Hernández, who worked as pharmacy coordinator of the Hugo Rafael Chávez Fría General Hospitals, located in The watchman, state Merida.

It was detailed that the arrest was achieved thanks to the investigative work carried out by the officials based on a complaint. It was announced that the uniformed of the Municipal Delegation El Vigía, raided the residence of Vargas, where they located a batch of supplies and medicines whose labels said “institutional use” and “free distribution.”

Among the drugs and supplies seized are: five units of isotonic sodium chloride solution of 500ml, two units of penicillin of 2,400,000 IU, three units of penicillin of 1,200,000 IU, 24 units of Ibuprofen of 800mg, 40 units of Loratadine 10mg, 60 units Metformin 850mg, eight units Betafortan 50mg, 370 units Metrodinazole 500mg, 40 units Cetirizine 10mg, 20 units Meloxicam 7.5mg each, 80 units acetaminophen 500mg each, two units of Betamethasone of 4mg / 1 ml, 30 units of Acetylsalicylic Acid of 100mg, 40 units of Orvastarin of 20mb, in addition to three pre-printed invoice formats, according to information published by the web portal of Con el Mazo Dando.




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La Sabana Hospital is endowed with supplies and medicines

The hospital board Jose Maria Spain, Located in La Sabana, La Guaira state, it received a shipment of medical supplies and medicines, as part of the elements with which another Community Pharmacy will be activated in the entity soon.

The information was provided by the only health authority in the region, Yadira Castillo, who explained that the merchandise comes from the Jipana automated warehouse, AVN reported.

“Part of the supplies have already been delivered for the next activation of the Community Pharmacy of the Comprehensive Community Health Area (ASIC) 514, thanks to the policy of President Nicolás Maduro for health and medical treatments for chronic patients in the country”, he pointed.

The material, in addition to containing different drugs for the treatment of specific diseases, has accessories and preventive equipment necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Castillo commented that although there is no fixed date for the inauguration of the establishment, the adaptation and space works are already well advanced so that the coastal population can soon enjoy the benefits.



The easiest way to befriend your cat, according to science | Society

If your cat avoids you, is distant and behaves as if you are not interested (probably normal, we already know them), science provides a way to generate a closer bond with the pet.

How? Simple: squinting with a slow blink. A study carried out by psychologists from the Universities of Portsmouth and Sussex, in England, determined that this action, known as the “cat smile”, is the best way to obtain the confidence of the feline.

As they concluded in the investigation, which was published in the magazine Nature Scientific Reports, this would make humans more attractive to the animal because it is assimilated to a genuine smile (known in the academic world as a Duchenne smile).

The results come after conducting two experiments led by specialists Dr. Tasmin Humphrey and Professor Karen McComb.

The first of them found that cats are more likely to blink slowly at their owners, when they have previously done so.

The second, which did not involve the owners, revealed that the animal is capable of taking more confidence and approaching an outstretched hand when they have previously blinked slowly.

The study sums it up like this:

“one. Cats were more likely to blink slowly at their owners if their owners blinked slowly, compared to when the owner was present in the room but did not emit a slow blink stimulus.

2. Cats were more likely to blink slowly when looked at by an unknown experimenter, compared to when they had maintained a neutral expression.

3. Cats preferred to approach an experimenter after having blinked slowly at the cat, rather than the latter if they had maintained a neutral expression ”.

“It’s great to be able to show that cats and humans can communicate in this way. It is something that many cat owners had already suspected, so it is exciting to have found evidence of it, “he said in a release McComb, an academic at the University of Sussex School of Psychology.

He added that “it is something that you can try yourself with your own cat at home, or with cats you find on the street. It is an excellent way to improve the bond you have with cats ”. He further advised “squinting at them as you would with a relaxed smile, followed by closing your eyes for a couple of seconds. You will see that they respond in the same way and you can start a kind of conversation ”.

“Our findings could potentially be used to assess the well-being of cats in a variety of settings, including veterinary practices and shelters,” Humphrey detailed.

He explained that “it could be argued that cats developed slow blinking behaviors because humans perceived slow blinking as a positive thing. Cats may have learned that humans are rewarded for responding to slow blinking. “

“It is also possible that the slow blinking in cats began as a way to interrupt an uninterrupted gaze, which is potentially threatening in social interaction,” he closed.


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Keys to maintaining a healthy heart (+ Diet)

Every September 29, World Heart Day is celebrated and as cardiovascular diseases continue to be the most important cause of death in the world, the Russian cardiologist Natalia Liájova details which foods to include in the diet to keep the main organ of the system healthy circulatory.

To maintain heart health it is necessary to consume foods rich in protein, nuts and fresh vegetables, says Natalia Liájova, a cardiologist at the Botkin state hospital of the Moscow Department of Health.

The chicken breast, he Turkey and the walnuts they have a positive effect on heart function. He fatty fish and the green vegetables —Broccoli and lettuce — are good too.

The doctor recommended including in the diet the whole wheat flour, whole wheat bread, whole grains and wheat flour, refers the Sputnik website.

On the other hand, Liájova recalled that fat and fried dishes, smoked meat, sausages, as well as excessively salty products are not good for the heart. It is also not advisable to consume fast food and carbonated drinks.

It is especially important to follow diet recommendations for people who already have cardiovascular disease. In particular, they have to choose dairy products with a minimum content of animal fat, added the cardeologist.

Sugar, bakery products and other high-glycemic foods are also dangerous for the heart, he warned.


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