Asturias. The first “free” Spanish community for the new coronavirus

These 14 consecutive days without registered cases mean that Asturias managed to overcome the barrier of the incubation period, meaning, in theory, that none of its inhabitants is infected. Something that could change with the flow of people entering and leaving the community in the summer.

The two-week barrier without cases is an important milestone during a pandemic. Still, a second incubation period that will also last 14 days will allow a margin for Asturias’ epidemiological bulletins to confirm that the country is effectively free of the virus.

The first bulletin to reveal the absence of new cases in this Spanish community was last Friday, something that has been repeated since then. Only Ceuta – a much smaller and more isolated region, with 85 thousand inhabitants – had already achieved this feat, just one day before Asturias, where a million people live.

“The tests [ao novo coronavírus] are persistently negative ”, guaranteed the Asturian health official Luis Hevia. The community university hospital, where most tests are carried out, has analyzed about 800 harvests daily to ensure that the virus is not circulating silently.

“We are working so hard and with the same routine to detect cases and define protocols that we were not even aware that we reached two weeks without new infections”, he admitted to the The country Rafael Cofiño, director of Public Health for the principality.

“The incidence was almost always very low, except when there were peaks. If we look at the graph in its entirety, the peaks were always times of a lot of testing, because when we found a case we tested the whole surrounding environment”, He explained. Something that happened last in late May, when an outbreak was detected in a nursing home.
Vacation zones under surveillance

At the moment, the principality’s health authorities are also attentive to the holiday home areas where many people arrive at this time of year, coming from outside Asturias. “The idea is to continue what we are already doing, detecting cases both in the most populated areas and in more tourist places, very quickly”, clarified Cofiño.

“After this great effort that we have made, we do not want to let our guard down,” said Blanca Aranda, chief of staff of the Ministry of Health. “We know that, with the summer, outsiders will arrive and that the virus is very likely to return, so we have to be very attentive so that we can locate it in a timely manner and interrupt the transmission chains as soon as possible ”.

In the whole of Spain, after several weeks of improvements in the number of cases, the situation has recently worsened due to localized outbreaks. On Sunday the country registered 118 new cases. In the past seven days, 343 infections have emerged, more than double the number seen a few days earlier.


LADA XRay and Largus are in short supply in Russia

AvtoVAZ lacks workers.

Photo: LADA XRay Cross, source: AvtoVAZ

LADA dealers in several regions of Russia faced interruptions in supply passenger versions of Largus, as reported by Motor. Along with this, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes that to some official dealers of AvtoVAZ unable to order For customers, neither the standard XRay nor the “off-road” XRay Cross. Our editors decided sort out the reasonsfor which LADA XRay and Largus were in short supply.

Representatives of AvtoVAZ did not comment the difficulties encountered with the supply of XReus and Largus. However, an article appeared on the LADA official website on June 25, in which the automaker reported that shipped over 1,000 new LADA Largus vans for Russian Post. Most likely, therefore, there was a delay in deliveries to private customers.

ADA LAY XRay ambiguous situation: some dealers report that they were able to order hatchbacks for a warehouse in August without any problems. Other managers claim the opposite. However, there are more and more facts in favor of the fact that AvtoVAZ lacks working personnel to collect a sufficient amount LADA XRay и XRay Cross.

Thus, the community “Atypical AvtoVAZ”, citing readers close to the plant, writes that SKP Kalina not enough workers. In addition, the director of assembly line B0 in an order of June 23 acknowledges that the production plan is not being implemented. It is on this line that LADA XRay and Largus are produced.

Photo: LADA Largus, source: AvtoVAZ

It is also worth noting that AvtoVAZ decided to refuse from paying bonuses to staff for the first half of the year, and from July 1, the auto giant will no longer index salaries and tariff rates, as reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Thus, the company counts reduce costswithout firing employees. Probably, there is simply nowhere to reduce staff.

Earlier, at the Volga Automobile Plant, they planned to introduce 4 day chart, but decided to shift part-time work to autumn. It can also be an indirect confirmation that the company needs working hands today.


The British Embassy in Moscow raises the LGBT flag :: Company :: RBC

Photo: ukinrussia / VK

The British Embassy in Moscow posted a rainbow LGBT flag in honor of the 50th anniversary since the first gay pride parade in new York in 1970. This Embassy reported in Telegram.

“Today at the Embassy we raise the LGBT flag in support of LGBT community, their rights and freedoms. <...> We absolutely do not accept any form of discrimination on any grounds, including sexual orientation and gender identity”, — stated in the message.

Foreign Ministry reacted to the photo with the LGBT flag at the U.S. Embassy song El Bimbo

Photo: usembru / Instagram

Previously, the LGBT flag posted to the American Embassy in Moscow. In response, the Russian foreign Minister left under the post of the Embassy in Facebook a link to the video with the song El Bimbo. This track is known as the song that played in the movie “Police Academy” when entering characters in a gay bar “the Blue oyster”. The foreign Ministry explained in the comments that he did it to support US “in a joyful and cheerful mood” in difficult times for America time.


The community of Bose wants to ” ask forgiveness for the scandal “

“We are not the best” : this is the title of a book in 2002 of its founder brother Enzo Bianchi and the community of Bose has chosen to explain to the relatives of the monastery of the recent vicissitudes that it has just been through.

“We want to ask you for forgiveness for the scandal that we have raised and the counter-witness we gave,” say the brothers and sisters of Bose in a text published on 19 June on the website of the community where they emphasize the quality of the sound of the three apostolic visitors appointed by the Holy see ” on the basis of a series of communications about the deep suffering in the fraternal life Bose “.

→ TO READ. Enzo Bianchi was invited by the Vatican to leave the monastery of Bose

Decisions personally approved by pope Francis at the end of this apostolic visit ” to identify the root causes of a severe discomfort relating to “the exercise of authority, the management of the government and the brotherly atmosphere” at Bose “, the community pointed out two key points.

“A unit seriously compromised “

First, the appointment of one of the three visitors, the religious clarétain Amedeo Cencini, an expert in human relations, such as ” pontifical delegate with full powers “.

“And not as “commissioner,” “, this specifies the community that stresses ” that it was not deemed necessary to revoke the prior, brother Luciano legitimately elected in 2017 – and confirmed by the Community two years later, as provided for in the statute – but to support him in his ministry of presidency of the unity of the community “.

“A unit in which the visitors had found that she was seriously compromised, seeing the deep suffering daily, discouragement and lack of motivation caused among many brothers and sisters “, insist the brothers and sisters of Bose.

Then, and this is the decision that has had the most impact on public opinion, the community of Bose is explained on the setting aside of the brother Enzo Bianchi, who, with two other brothers and a sister, he has been asked ” to take a distance with the community and the fraternities, while remaining brothers and sisters of Bose, to live for a certain period of time, each in a different place, not necessarily monastic “.

“No eviction, no foreclosure “

“No eviction no eviction, but a temporary removal of some members of the community who continue to belong to it “, insists strongly Bose, who adds that ” these provisions are not concerned with issues of doctrinal orthodoxy “.

Apart from the request to move a time the community Enzo Bianchi and the three members are not subject to any prohibition ” to exercise the ministry monastic listening, coaching, preaching, study, teaching, publication, research, biblical, theological, patristic, spiritual “.

These provisions indicate, therefore, before any interpersonal difficulties between the members of the community.

“We believe that the answer can not be found in the attribution of guilt and responsibility to one or the other, but rather in the finding lucid that “we are not the best” and as the Divisor, we have not been spared, and that we did not manage to face him with enough faith, hope and charity “, conclude the brothers and sisters of Bose, who invite their friends to the prayer that ” we can resume the path of conversion and implementation to the suite of the Lord “.


Iss gives the go-ahead for ‘do it yourself’ masks – Politics

Green disc from the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) to the ‘do it yourself’ masks that can be used by citizens and made on their own, while there is still some confusion about prices. The draft of the Raising Decree sets a maximum recommended price for masks and disinfectants which – as written in the working document – cannot however exceed € 1.50 for sale for surgical masks up to € 9.50 for FFP3 with valve. Then the clarification of the Ministry of Economic Development. “There is no intention to go back on the price of the masks. The part of the text relating to the roof for personal protective equipment from Covid – they emphasize – dates back to before the order of Commissioner Arcuri.” On the price of the masks and which typology citizens can or must use – the virologist of the University of Milan Fabrizio Pregliasco tells ANSA – there is still a great deal of confusion. The invitation to the institutions is to clarify. “Of course there is that, with phase 2, the use of masks has become mandatory for citizens when traveling on public transport or in any case indoors.
In the meantime, however, citizens will also be able to use handcrafted masks made from T-shirts or scarves, as also indicated by the Center for Disease Control (Cdc) in Atlanta: the important thing is that they are multifilter and multilayer. The more sophisticated Ffp2 and Ffp3 masks, or even the surgical ones, are instead intended for different uses and must be used mainly by healthcare personnel. The masks with more complex filtering levels, explained the president of the Higher Institute of Health Silvio Brusaferro during the weekly press conference to take stock of the epidemiological trend of the epidemic, “are qualified as Personal Protective Equipment and are constructed in such a way such, with or without valve, that it can also prevent the transmission of the virus by air, ie they have a higher complexity and are therefore recommended in the healthcare field, where there is a risk of being exposed to aerosols or patients at high risk. In other contexts, these masks are only recommended where there are very specific risks. “